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Article by Natalia Kobilkina

Why Am I NOT Seeing Results?!

Why Am I NOT Seeing Results?!

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Why Aren’t You Getting Results? 

Have you ever been to a workshop or meditation, where you hear something explained and you say to yourself: "Well, that's exactly what I have been looking for for so long. Now I know how to change!" Initially, after the course you are full of enthusiasm and you commit to applying 100% of what you have learned. However, you don’t always get the expected results and things just go back to where they were before. And you start asking yourself the questions:

- Am I doing something wrong or what I am doing is just not enough? 
- Has the coach made everything up ...or is this psychology thing complete nonsense that simply doesn’t work? 
- Maybe it is because my case is so complicated and I am the only one that nothing works for, or even worse – maybe it's my karma? 
- Maybe I should wait ... but how long do I have to wait? I want results NOW!

Really, why is it that you don’t get the desired result, if you want it so badly, and why nothing seems to be changing?

1. Mission and identity- Who are you and what are you living for?
All changes that happen in this life start at the identity and mission level or, to put it simply, when you become aware of WHAT YOU ARE LIVING FOR and who you want to be.
For example, you say to yourself - I am a happy and healthy woman with a loving husband and two children.
A coach can give you a new direction, but it is important that you START LIVING in a new way.
Answer for yourself the following questions: How would a woman who feels loved behave? How would she communicate with men? How would she organize her time and what would her priorities be? What criteria would she use to determine whether she is living the life of a loved woman or not?

2. Repetition

The mind is a computer that really hates changes. The more things are familiar for it, the better. When the mind of a woman, who has lived for 30 years as someone who doesn’t like men and manages to do everything in her life by herself, is suddenly told: “I love men and I allow them to take care of me”, the mind decides, that it is being deceived. It does not believe her and waits until this goes away. Usually, if we don’t use repetition, the effect of a workshop wears off within 3-6 months!

3. Trust yourself and the Universe

Believe that what you want is possible. Believe it exactly in the moment when nothing is happening, believe when no one else does, believe not because, but in spite of everything! Leave your home without taking any money with you, completely trusting that someone will take care of you that day. Envision something happening at the beginning of the day and then just watch how the universe will help you turn it into reality. Reality is what you believe in! 
Trust the universe, trust that everything happens exactly when you're ready and when it is the right time for you. 
Every time you think that this doesn’t work - it really stops working for you! You don’t need doubts - you only need trust!

4. Visualization 
When talking about love, for example, the moment you wake up, imagine embracing your beloved and preparing breakfast for him, or imagine your kids waking up, or the nice smell of wood in your beautiful new house. It is important that you do this every day for at least 20-40 minutes (after waking up, before falling asleep, while driving your car). 

5. Environment 
Surround yourself with people who already have what you want. This means they have reached the higher vibrational level, necessary for having it and the fact that you are communicating with them, means you are coming closer to getting it, too. Minimize your interaction with people who constantly complain and keep pulling you down, or at least, if you have to see them, ask them to share with you only positive things. 

6. Should our self-assessment be based on the results or the process?
Sometimes we are so focused on the results, that we stop noticing the process. Very often the process is much more important than the result itself. Of course, that depends on a person’s outlook. People in the East are process oriented, while people in the West (including Bulgaria) are result oriented. It is no coincidence that there are so many neuroses in our society. Pay attention to your own path of personal development! The very fact that you have taken some steps and done things like attending a workshop, buying a new book, just feeling happier more often, or at least, becoming much more aware on the whole- is already an achievement! Congratulate yourself on everything you have done for yourself, even on the smallest of things. Appreciate what your inner self does - it keeps working for you all the time. Praise and respect yourself for completing something on time, for having a friend, for wanting to develop, for believing in yourself. 
Please, GIVE YOURSELF PRAISE and ENCOURAGEMENT FOR EVERYTHING! That is the path to your dreams! I wish you success on this PATH!

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