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A MIRACLE is happening around the world,

an evolution in the minds and hearts of children and grown ups, embracing SPIRITUAL principles of raising our little ones through embedding positive images and life affirming messages in the learning environment.

And I am proud that the ASTROLADA tribe is part of it all directly!!

Since Jupiter entered my 12th house of charity, I finally made a dream of mine come true!!

I have always wanted to give back and be part of a worthy cause! But I never felt compelled or drawn fully to any, till now!

But this year I finally found a charity that inspires me (actually it found me, by introduction to a very special woman) and I will be donating 10% of all Astrolada’s income(from youtube, orders, courses, readings, etc)

This means, YOU, our clients and viewers are also supporting this NOBLE and BEAUTIFUL cause!
See where part of your money is going!

Be PROUD of being part of this deed! Or even join directly by volunteering your skills or time!

“I love my school” mission is to create harmonious and positive environment with high vibrational colors, images and Affirmations for schools! They have 20 completed and working on 20 more! The change in children’s attitude and behavior is school has been extraordinary!


Did you know that the biggest character and behavior forming influence on us comes from images! This charity is trying to reverse the negative influence of media on children, by bringing inspiring, calming, uplifting and natural colors and shapes to the learning environment!

Albena Spurling, the woman (and dear friend to me) creating all this, is a spiritual Master, Healer, Light worker, an exceptional human design specialist on top of being a graphic and interior designer!

I call her an earth angel! With her Virgo Sun and Taurus moon she knows exactly what one needs to bring nature colors and vibrations into the class room and what is the most natural environment which stimulates learning and growth!

I had the chance to go visit a school myself and talk with the children and teachers, they were amazed at what the beautiful images and inspirational positive Affirmations drawn all over the school, have done for the morality, attitude and character of everyone there! Remarkable results within weeks!

Just by watching our videos on youtube or buying any of our products you contribute to this amazing endeavor!

We are already changing the lives of over 20 000 children in the world! 



Create a positive and motivational environment in schools.


The advancement of education by providing comfortable and relaxing learning environments in schools designed to enhance and promote the realisation of the creative potential and awareness of children under the age of 18.



To promote a beautiful, balanced and relaxed learning environment in schools.
Increase the student’s awareness through the use of bright colors, positive affirmations, beautiful images, inspirational quotations and educational information on photo-wallpaper in the schools.

LightSource charity

It is so inspirational! 

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