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4th, 8th and 12th HOUSES: the Battleground for your Soul and Gates to True Happiness!

4th, 8th and 12th HOUSES: the Battleground for your Soul and Gates to True Happiness!

4th, 8th and 12th HOUSES: the Battleground for your Soul and Gates to True Happiness!

4th, 8th and 12th HOUSES: the Battleground for your Soul and Gates to True Happiness!

The best/ most fortunate houses in the horoscope are the 1st, 5th and 9th houses which show your true essence and spirit- the Self houses.

If you unfold the light and potential of these houses, you live your best life- truly joyful, knowing who you are deep down, receiving inspirations from your Higher self and acting on them without a care in the world what others think.

That’s when the magic happens, the flow, the joy, the magical synchronicities, being at the right place at the right time, the ability to shine and feel alive and happy.

But in order to activate the potential of these self houses, we need to pass through the Shadow houses!

Right before each of the Self / Inspiration house, there is one of the so called water or soul houses. That’s where the real work and battle for the soul happens.

That’s where you work through the past karma, trauma and unprocessed feelings in order to get to the light and ease of expression of the self houses. These are the houses of the SHADOW psychological processes of alchemizing the soul.

To get to spirit (the self actualization houses 1,5,9) you need pass through the soul (the emotional houses:4, 8 and 12th) and do the purification and release of feelings process. And that is real painful and requires going within, staying present with uncomfortable feelings, rather than distracting your self with media, busy tasks, addictions, self medicating etc.

4th House

You see the 4th house of roots, family, ancestry and emotional stability is before the 5th house of joy and creativity. If the 4th house is not worked through internally, it undermines and blocks the access to the joy and flow of expression of the 5th house.

First we start with look within our own emotional reactions: 4th house. What triggers us personally to get angry, sad, deflated, etc?

You become aware of these triggers and start connecting them to the source: usually family conditioning, early childhood experiences, ancestral patterns.

Maybe you have constant low self confidence which blocks you from your creative side because your parents had low conference and drummed it into you.

Or maybe you can’t have romantic happiness because everyone in your extended family got divorced.

Sometimes the issue might come even from ancestors you don’t know personally: like aunts, great grandparents.

For example it has been observed by psychologist and energy workers that if someone is having problem getting pregnant (another of the 5th house manifestations of creation) it might be connected to someone in the family line who had abortions or lost a child. This intense feeling of life destruction imprinted on the astral of the person and works like a program blocking the 5th house. That’s is just a simple example.

One of the best work with 4th house, is family constellations and of course therapy, realizing these patterns, processing the feelings and energetically untangling this imprint from the early childhood and ancestors. Forgiving the transgressions of our parents and ancestors, even if they are departed, realizing they did the best they could, feeling what could have pushed them to do what they did.

Thus healing of the ancestral karma and ending the repeating patterns.

Then the flow and joy of expression and creativity of the 5th house starts to flow. Relationships with children improve. Romantic love picks up, new ideas appear, new inspirations, joy from life, depressions disappear, etc.


The next house of shadow work is the 8th. It precedes the 9th house of connection to Higher self, expanded consciousness and alignment to spiritual/moral principles, alignment to your soul purpose.

Before we can gain access to higher knowledge, powerful intuition (knowing what is right for us)-9th house, we need to pass through the dark spaces of the 8th house.

8th house is where the unprocessed traumas are stored in the field: abuse of any sort, psychological manipulation, predatory energies, obsessions, unhealthy attachments. But these are not just your own traumas they are the ones of the whole society we live in.

Here is where some of the most painful work is done. Shamans, healers, enlightened psychologists and body work therapists can help with processing these hidden and deeply buried traumas.

Usually one gets activated into doing this deep work after some tragedy, shock or big reversal in life: illness, accident, death of someone near, divorce, bankruptcy, etc.

Intellectualizing this process does not work, understanding mentally the reasons does not work, it is a visceral and even physical experience. It feels like a death of sort, like you are torn into pieces and there is no other way but to try and restore these fragments of your psyche or you are never going to be whole.

For some this can happen more easily, for others it is a very scary process.

The moment you start trying to heal on this path, temptations, old obsessions, attachments and fears start attacking you. Predators, abusers or attackers might trigger old traumas.

Challenging your efforts of purification ,Healing and empowerment.

That’s the reason vedic astrology calls this house: the battle field.

8th house is where the process of the Battle for your soul is happening.

It is the house where we also have to start discriminating between evil and good, or what we believed till now was good and bad.

This is where you reality gets shattered into million pieces, by the swirling and fast spinning destructive energies of the 8th house. Old believes and patterns are smashed, one starts questioning reality. One starts seeing through the cultural indoctrination, the propaganda, the lies, everything that is dark, painful and wrong with the world and one self. It is scary to lose one’s innocence, faith in goodness and nativity.

Often people on this step of the evolutionary ladder get into forbidden knowledge, conspiracies, the occult, astrology. Looking for deeper answers. But what one finds is really disturbing.

If you retreat in fear from this process, trying to get back to normal, to take back the blue pill, this can be deadening to the soul. Total stagnation and energy blockage is the result, till one makes up their mind to proceed without fear and eliminate the psychological, emotional and physical attachments to the past (the 8th house rules the process of excretion and detoxing)

This work never finishes but with every untangling of the shadow layers, one activates stronger and stronger the 9th house: the Higher consciousness and connection to intuition and Source knowledge.

You can nor have true wisdom without having encountered the dark side.

An example of unprocessed 8th house and thus weak 9th house is someone who teaches that all truth is relative (moral relativism), who believes it is all love and light, that there is no evil (yes maybe on the level of God, but on earth there is duality and we live here).

After 8th house periods in life, that dark and scary night of the soul of fragmentation of reality, being stripped of all emotional security, comes a sense of rejuvenation, lightness, seeing the Bigger picture, a Caterpillar to Butterfly effect.

An initiation into higher expanded sense of reality follows, after the tests of the initiate. One emerges with new believes, realizing the interplay of shadow and light and setting new moral boundaries and principles aligned with this deeper and higher understanding of reality.

And, yes this can happen a few times in life. People with planets in 8th house are especially familiar this process of death and rebirth and feel viscerally that any moment, life can shatter. Everyone will have activations of their 8th house, and such processes but the 8th housers are specialists in that area. No wonder many of them become emergency workers, psychologists, astrologers, healers, etc.

But the rewards of the 9th house are worth it. The wise teacher and morally evolved version of yourself takes over there. Looking with wisdom and calmness on life, recognizing intuitively truth from untruth, darkness from light. Seeing how even the worst and most painful situations have a meaningful purpose. Nothing can overwhelm the person who has activated their 9th house, because they see the whole tapestry, not just the threads. They become teachers and advisors to others.


And the last alchemical or moksha (liberation and healing of the soul) house is the 12th. This is the final transmutation of the soul.

Once you have done the psychological healing of the 4th and 8th houses: family and ancestral patterns, traumas and shadow work healing, one is ready to deal with the past life karma and patterns.

12 house work can happen through dreams, past life regressions, psychological and psychic work and spiritual practices like meditation, awareness etc. It is more gentle in its energy than the 8th house, and often it is a process which happens on its own of the previous work has been done.

It is where we pay our debts and give back, where we work through our own and collective karma by service, helping others, unconditional giving. Such people can become truly selfless, devoted and spiritual, without complaining.

But most often when this house is activated before deep inner work and detachment from emotional and psychic traumas, then it is experienced painfully too. Loss, confusion, depression, spiritual crisis, confinement, isolation or addictions.

Such events are very karmic and indeed purify the astral field. The process can feel painful again but it is actually how the soul released past karma and becomes lighter.

Once the period ends, one can move to the exhilarating energy of 1st house: life force, strength, a new beginning, new path, rebirth, improved health, new vision for life…

Activation of the soul houses processes happens when powerful planets transit these houses: especially Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. With the most intense being saturn and Pluto because the work is most difficult then.

The work and progress is especially intense if you already have planets in the 4,8 or 12th houses.

For example all fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius currently have Saturn transits their 12th, 8th or 4th houses till 2025. They are called to do serious work, with potential to restructure and streamline the astral body.

In the next 20 years all water signs will have Pluto in their 4th, 8th or 12th house: they will be doing some deep psychological transformation work: it is the deepest clean that Pluto does. For reference the Air signs had Pluto activating their soul transmutation houses since 2008.

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