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Levels of Consciousness and Astrology and How to Figure Your Vibration

Levels of Consciousness and Astrology and How to Figure Your Vibration

Levels of Consciousness and Astrology and How to Figure Your Vibration

Levels of Consciousness and Astrology and How to Figure Your Vibration

The same Transits affect us differently depending on the vibrational level we are at.

For example a Pluto transit when in overall low vibrational state can be a nightmarish experience, meeting with the shadow side of life, one’s biggest fears, the darker and dangerous (people in the 100s level of consciousness) in extreme cases if someone is aligned to abusive/victim states, Pluto transit can be a life threatening or even demonic possession.(below 100s vibration).

Thankfully very few people are in such levels of consciousness permanently.

For normal people (200s vibration) Pluto will be more of an emotional experience which triggers self searching, introspection, therapy, looking for answers to hard questions like is there life after death, what is the meaning of life. Eventually the more crisis prone experiences or Pluto lead the person to gradual transformation.

For people of higher vibration (in the 300s levels) Pluto transit can be a spring board into success, trigger of super will and focus for achievement

For people in the 400s Pluto transit can activate profound discoveries, knowledge and transformations)

For people in the 500s Pluto transit can be a spiritual initiation, higher states of consciousness, incredible downloads and creativity)

How to determine your current level of consciousness? See which state below resonates for you the most.

This has to be a constant state for you for at least a few years to be the constant level. Not just a temporary state.

0-50- often suicidal, clinically depressed, serious mental health problems, destructive of life, criminally insane, no hope

50-200- fear, anger, pride, anxiety, depression, dissatisfaction, victim hood state, lying, addictions, life is a struggle, things happen with lots of efforts, everything feels like an uphill struggle.

200s- normal level- pretty content person, boredom, works hard, normal struggles and mundane matters of life occupy the mind, focused on entertainment-tv, food, sex, sports, shopping, “it’s ok” state of mind, life is still a struggle but one copes with it and manages to deal with most problems. These people are the salt of the earth. Usually employed.

300s- worldly success and wealth topics preoccupy the mind, such people are usually successful professionally and financially in life, have many interests, take care of themselves well, know how to provide for themselves. Usually employed in higher positions or self employed. Usually kind and friendly people. Focused on family, conservative in views. Usually great management skills in life.

400s- the mental field. Such people constantly study, learn, take courses, read on self improvement, use scientifical advancements and knowledge for self growth, the mind and reason is the King! They solve problems cleverly through science and analysis. They are very confident of their abilities to create abundance and success and they know the cause and effect steps how to do it. Usually leaders in their field. Scientists, writers, researchers, for ever students. Life and the world makes sense intellectually.

500s- less than 1% of humans are in constant such state- they are visionaries, creatives, artists. They live from the heart, more for others and what they can contribute to the world than for their own worldly success. They are very happy people and nothing brings them down for long, they are the ones whose thoughts and feelings can manifest very fast. (The higher up the scale one gets the faster the law or attraction manifests their thoughts). These people are creators of beautiful things. They always find the beautiful and positive in most things. They don’t have to think and analyze but discern negative from positive with their heart and intuition.

They are not concerned with external success and feel content and happy, but they can be very successful because they put their heart in everything they do. They are in the present rather than in the past or future.

600s and above- maybe just a few hundred incarnated people on earth are constantly in 600s. Saints. Blissed out state, non duality, total peace…access to higher dimensions.

Now, don’t think that one can’t access for shorter times lower or higher dimensions. Someone in 200, can hold a baby or see an amazing sunset or fall in love and sense for a bit the 500s of love and awe.

Someone in 300s can have their closest person pass away and be immersed in 50ties of desperation and grief for a few months, but then one usually goes back to their normal state of consciousness. Prolonged focused in another state can make it permanent.

The higher up the scale one is, the easier it is to change one’s vibration by will up or down.

Sometimes someone in the 500s will lower their vibration to the 300s if they need to develop a business or some goal, to muster the worldly drive for success, which dissipates at 500s.

Another time a 100 will be lifted up to the 200s and even make it their constant state if they get a stable and decent job, a stable predictable life.

A normal or high energy person can be thrown for a bit into the lower 50ties by a psycho spiritual attack, maybe to awaken their awareness of lower energies..

A 200s person can transcend into the 400s if they find passion to study something which fills them with enthusiasm and new found level of meaning and clarity in life and if they keep this state they will make it permanent (that’s how I moved from a low 100 in my early 20ties, into 300s and 400s, when I discovered astrology, first studied it, then became successful with it (300) and it has helped me stay at 400s, but too much in my own head ????)

We all have pockets of 50ties(something we feel total resistance to, trauma or dread about) 100s(addiction to or worry about sth), 200s (something we feel meh about, but are pretty ok with it) 300s something we are very skillful and successful with in the world, 400s something we are very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, 500s something which we are totally inspired by and love, 600s sth which can give us moments of bliss and transcendence).

There are activities which can raise/lower our vibrations, because their measure at higher or lower.

For example: taking up performing arts, singing, acting or painting can temporarily lift you into the higher 400s and lower 500s, of course it depends a lot on the nature of the art, but even lower vibrating pieces of art show that the artist during the moment of creating it was vibrating higher. Many psychologists use art therapy…with a good reason.

Charity work or helping those in need from your heart and for no personal gain will take you to the 500s. Having and caring for a pet you love can take you there more and more often. Having a child can take you there at moments spent playing with her.

You can take up some sports which raise vibration: skiing, surfing, snowboarding, windsurfing, diving all vibrate in the 400s and 500s, as some yogic exercises. Soccer since it is a team game and needs skills is in the 300s, very good still for aligning vibration for worldly success. So it aerobics and running.

Weight lifting is in the higher 200s, also very good, for worldly success, body health.

You can listen to classical music (500s), more refined jazz, house, rock (400sand 300s) or pop and rock (200s), gangster rap and metal is below 200.

Watching some movies can raise you up a lot- apparently movies like Titanic and Avatar rank high. Comedies which bring you to tears of laughter can range up into the 600s of ecstasy! Of course just a normal predictable and genetic but feel good Hollywood movie is within the 200s, which can be great if you are currently feeling frustrated, upset or sad (below 200s). It will help you feel normal.

Laughter from your heart is one of the fastest way to visit higher vibrations as laughter is 600!! Heartfelt prayer is 700s…

I will be doing a course on Pluto in Aquarius and how it will if influence you personally by transits and houses, where I will look at every Pluto’s transit from the different levels of consciousness and what can be expected. (Coming in late February).

To learn more about the levels of consciousness read Frederic Dodson’s book: “Levels of Consciousness”, incredible work! As with everything, always see what resonates with you for the moment and take what feels right only…

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