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The Age of Leo - the End of Atlantis. The coming Age of Aquarius- a New Cataclysm? 

The Age of Leo - the End of Atlantis. The coming Age of Aquarius- a New Cataclysm?

The Age of Leo - the End of Atlantis. The coming Age of Aquarius- a New Cataclysm?

Rather enjoying Ancient Apocalypse on Netflix. Graham Hancock masterfully proves how many of the most ancient archeological sites were built around 11 -12 000 years ago, at the end of the last Ice age and deluge, commemorating and leaving signs about the end of one epoch and the start of another.

All these ancient structures depict and are aligned to the stars’ positions as per 11-12 000 years ago…only astro-archeology can correctly date such sites because all ancient sacred sites were aligned with astrological and astronomical phenomenons…

Wonderful that Graham Hancock is using this method to correctly date…

From esoteric/ occult history and investigation (for more read Anthroposophy) we know that this was exactly the time when the Atlantean root race ended and the post Atlantean culture started.

Towards the end of the age of Virgo and the start of Leo- The ancient apocalypse happened and the post Atlantean Cultural Root Race started in the age of Cancer with the ancient Vedic civilization and the 7 Rishis as the leaders—wise Masters who taught the relevant knowledge from Atlantis and brought the new direction for the so called Post Atlantean culture.

It was followed by the second post Atlantean subculture- age of Gemini with leading power- ancient Persia-under the spiritual guidance of Zoroaster, followed by the 3rd- age of Taurus- ancient Babylon-Egypt- under Hermes/Toth, followed by the 4th post Atlantean subculture- Age of Aries- Greco-Roman under the initiate Orpheus and Buddha, followed by the 5th Piscean age- Anglo-Saxon- Jesus is the Master…

We are still in the Post Atlantean root race(each one has 7 sub cultures), on the verge of the 6th one- which will blossom in the next 2100 years- during the Aquarian age…(master Beinsa Douno gave the teachings for it, Eastern and Central Europe will give the paradigm to the rest of the world over the next few hundred years, which will spread around the world).

According to spiritual science, sub cultures don’t suddenly end and new ones begin. They run parallel for a few hundred to a thousand years. For example: while the Anglo Saxon (western type civilization) was in its infancy, the first 500-1000 years after Christ, the old Greco-Roman type civilizations and empires were still present but in their descending cycle (the old pagan kingdoms)

So the current western type civilization and mentality which is present everywhere on the world now, will carry on for probably another few hundred years but weakening more and more, while a new type of consciousness and way of living will be growing parallel, till the peak of the 6th post Atlantean culture of brotherhood and equality comes in about 1000 years and almost everyone around the world embodies its energy and consciousness.

In about 2100 years the 7th and last sub culture of the post Atlantean period will start- its inception will be north and south America. And after that, a proper apocalypse to clear way for the next Root culture with 7 sub cultures… Masters describe that the next Root Race, will be the civilization of The Glowing humanity (people will have halos like saints, access to higher Realms by will, control over life span and physical body and matter with their mind, etc something like a transition between humans and angles ????)

Something interesting- we are entering exactly the opposite constellation of the one in which the Ancient Apocalipse (sinking of Atlantis, melting of ice age) the Leo: Aquarius Polarity. Exactly half a platonic cycle— are we in for neo-Apocalypse…?

The ice melted when the spring equinox was in the constellation of Leo- makes sense it got warmer then- the hottest fire sign…the ice melted, Atlantis sank, maybe huge fireballs from the sky…comet debri…

What could Aquarius energy apocalypse be like? Aquarius is a human sign but also symbolizes sudden changes- Shaking, earthquakes?! Human caused? Technology caused?

Interestingly, there was some mini apocalypse pretty much when every sub culture of the post Atlantean root race was changing.

Just speculating there, maybe nothing will happen, or maybe we are in for Mother Earth Rock and rolling a bit…a few quick Aqua like spasms… sudden and rapid makeover, to launch us vibrationally into the Aquarius age…? Most prophecies talk of a big earthquake for this age…but always preceded by a big sign in the skies. A bright body of some sort…

Or maybe the sudden shake up is happening in the human consciousness and awareness….

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