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No More Generic, General Horoscopes!

This is your personal UNIQUE transit break down, which NO ONE else in the world has at the same time as you! This is HOW Special you are! 

The information here is what a professional astrologer would tell you during a live reading! I have used my years of experience and those of my teachers to include the most practical, relevant and possible advice and predictions! 

You will have the do's and don't of the period, what the best approach is and how to go about it to benefit the most or to avoid further complications.

You can see MONTHS in advance if it will be the best time to do something significant, or how things will go for that period. 

But most importantly, you will notice that NOTHING IS BY CHANCE and that you are an important a part of GOD's plan, your existence programmed in the Universe from the start of its creation!

If every little thought and action of ours is guided and pre-ordained, then there is nothing we should fear, just learn to feel the flow of LIFE and go with it, rather than against it, as indicated by the transits. 

Following your transits will also make you way more SELF AWARE because you are paying attention to your daily feelings, motivations, analyzing the events and the role you play in their unfoldment with your reactions. It is a kind of active meditation which fills you will detachment, amazement and sometimes amusement at your own humanness .Because many time you will read, something of the sort " Today you can be easily provoked by a close person, try not to react too intensely or things can get out of control" and will still do it, in the heat of the moment. 



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