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The stages of development of the Human! Every parent should read this! 

The stages of development of the Human! Every parent should read this!

The stages of development of the Human! Every parent should read this!

According to the clairvoyant research of the High initiate Rudolf Steiner, humans develop in cycles of 7 years.

From birth till 7 years (when the teeth start falling out), the etheric body of the child is being developed. The etheric body is the energetic matrix which imprints and organizes the physical organs and body. 
That’s why it is imperative that children till 7, must be very physically active (which they usually are), they should interact with nature constantly, avoid using any technology (so hard!!!) and focus on living things: plants, sticks, bugs, animals. 
These are the proper tools for the etheric body to unfold correctly. If the etheric body does not develop correctly, later in life- decades later, is when health issues appear. 
Actually locking children up In dusty and office like school rooms, till 7, can affect the development of the etheric body negatively. First they cannot be active there, second there is no natural sun light and clean air. The etheric/pranic body thrives in contact with the natural elements- dirt, air, sun, rain, plants, etc.
Allow children to run bare foot in the grass and beach in the warm months, teach them by natural toys: sticks, pine cones, leaves, wooden and woolen materials, anything that comes from the living nature. This is the period they form their connection with the natural world and learn to love it, to extract the pranic energies from it and charge their pranic body. If children are disconnected from the natural elements in this stage, they become more sickly later in life and unable to extract the healing energies from nature. 
One old school respected doctor said that the healthiest young children are the ones that can’t sit still, are outside all the time and constantly move. We tend to label such kids ADHD, but actually the body really needs to move during these first 7 important years. 

During these first 7 years children learn only through example, they are like sponges who absorb what they see and feel. Their state of consciousness is in the alpha state- that of being hypnotized and very suggestible. There is no point in moralizing children not to do something if the parents or those around them do it, even secretly. For example telling children not to swear, but doing it yourself. Or telling them not to be rude or shout, but the child seeing others or the parents being rude to someone. Or saying to the child not to lie, while it sees you lying to someone to him/her. 

The emotional state of the parents, especially the mother is extremely important on how the child will feel itself in the first 14 years but especially the first 7. The child is still enveloped in the astral body of the mother and also the father, the child astral body only starts to be come independent from 7 years of age. If the mother is angry, upset, depressed or stressed most of the time, these patterns will imprint on the child and can become default states for it later in life. Even if the parents don’t show it to the kid.

It is imperative that the parents are examples of kindness and compassion towards other humans and living beings during these 7 years. The more love they give off and feel, the more stable and healthy adults the children will turn to. Example: you see a drowning bee in a pool, go with your child and help it out to dry. Or sometimes kids like to stamp on little bugs-instead tell the child that the bug has a family and its mommy and daddy will be sad if he does not come back home. 
Teach the kids till 7 to respect life and anything living. Or you see a beautiful flower, the kid runs to pick it up- tell the child that the flower will die if it is picked up. 
These are the years you teach the kids good hygienic habits for their body- how to eat, what to eat, brushing teeth, taking showers, being active physically, etc. if you instill this by example at that age, they will always come back naturally to the healthy options, even later in life, even if they have moments of junk food etc, eventually they will always return to the healthy natural foods you started them with. 
It is not advisable to force the child to read or write during this period. It is not part of the natural process for it. Actually Rudolf Steiner said that his clairvoyant abilities developed very powerfully thanks to the “misfortune” that he could not read or write almost till the age of 14. He recommends that children are not forced into reading before 7 at least, because some of the psychic abilities get locked - since focus on the left brain (the analytic one) blocks the balanced development of the right (imaginative, psychic brain). ideally children would not have to focus much on anything analytic and abstract like pure maths, reading and writing until 14, after which the time for the analytical brain to unfold comes naturally, but it is impossible to apply this in the current system, so 7 is the minimal age. 

7 to 14 years of age 
This is the period during which Rudolf Steiner saw how the astral body of the child starts to unfold. It gradually gains independence from the parental astral body. The astral body is the one of feelings. During this period, the emotional health of the child develops.
Appropriate teaching tools during this period are stories, fairy tales, arts and crafts, anything which enhances and ennobled the sense of beauty, right and wrong and awe in the hearts of the children. Moralizing will not work! Only something that touches the heart and imagination of the child in this period impacts the child, so songs, music, art, stories, dance, these are the most appropriate tools of education in this period.
Abstract and logical thinking should not be a main focus- like abstract maths, philosophy, academics, etc. When such subjects are taught they should do it through music (like singing the alphabet and multiplication tablet), art (for example drawing the cell, the flower structure, the body organs, or maps of the world), by stories (for example telling captivating history stories). 

He also advices that children in these ages have a little plot with a few plants and edibles to take care of and grow, it teaches them patience, awe from nature, ability to connect emotionally to living things, intuition 
The growing of veggies and taking care of fruit trees can be used as a real life, living tool to learn mathematics, geometry, etc. All subjects should be taught in a way which is not abstract but living- in the process of doing something, creating something. 
Then it has meaning for the child and it learns it for life and not just as information to cram for an exam. 

It is not a disconnected process for the child, but the child sees the whole process from beginning to end.

 Otherwise education prepares factory workers kind of mentality- where they see just one part of the process, not knowing the other parts, not caring what happens before and after and what it is used for. This creates an emotional disconnection from the process of work, devoid of love, imagination and emotional involvement, which later in life can translate into disinterested, depressed workers, with mental health issues. 

No wonder our education system was started to prepare obedient and dull factory workers when the industrial regulation began. 

Music and art should be the main instruments which help the astral body to unfold. 
(Unfortunately most schools have phased these out and diminished them to extra curricular subjects, while focusing on analytical and abstract education from 7 to 14. No wonder so many of us suffer from depressions, emotionally and relationship problems, lack of connection and lack of awe for life. 

Once the child can read, they should read biographies or watch movies or hear stories about the lives of great men and women, who inspire them. The most important part of their development in this age is to have the right role models. Lives of Great men and women, or heroic and virtuous deeds of everyday people from all times in history should be a daily focus and educational tool for the children. Keep them away from the news which are full of the opposite: negative roles models, the lower nature of humanity, etc.

The educators and parents for children 7 to 14 should be the main role models of inspiration and respect for the child. They should be full of wonder for the world, which imprints on the child as a wonder and joy for learning and life and being better humans. (There are exceptional teachers and parents who have these qualities and they are usually who a child remembers for life, who shape or change the life of the child even with a few meetings only, but unfortunately very few of us the adults can stay in such states constantly and inspire the same in children. Again the whole lifestyle is system is against us). 

Children bond to educators and parents whom they respect, who show virtuous and joyful qualities of character and skill. It entails that adults who educate children should be of a high moral and emotional vibration, who constantly strive to improve themselves and learn, which one day will be the norm- in the 6th post Atlantean epoch (which will unfold in the next 2500 years). 

This way of learning creates in the child a sense of awe and wonder for the world which later in life translates into a healthy astral body: robust mental health, happy states (no depressions etc), emotional resiliency, compassion, great imagination and sense of healthy beauty. 

14-21 years of age 

This is the period Rudolf Steiner said that the mental body of the child unfolds. Now is the time to start introducing analytical and abstract subjects, logical thinking, conclusion, moral deductions etc. If unfolded properly, children become adults who can think independently, question authority, think critically and originally and can Analyse and question any information. Otherwise, they turn into what we call: herd mentality, do as everyone does, consume whatever information is given without critical analysis, unable to make conclusion and connections between different facts, unable to see larger patterns and find meaning beyond the obvious facts. 
God forbid, we develop these abilities! Or else the whole system falls apart….

But there are so many wonderful humans and adults, who have many of these qualities despite the educational indoctrination, despite broken families and childhood traumas. So people heal, people transform. We are miracles. We have all been through lifetimes of trauma, neglect and cruelties yet every time we are reborn, we are given a new chance to heal. But one day, we will not have to battle with traumas and neglect. Clairvoyant vision of the future of humanity depicts wholesome and thriving humans, who will be unfolding their natural potential without the trauma. And it all will begin with a change in how we raise and educate the children, starting from our times…

For anyone interested to read about the description of that future(settlements, food, education, abilities, clothing, work) : “the 6th Root Race” by Charles Leadbetter, an occultist and clairvoyant who describes it in detail. 

Actually all these method of education have already been implemented in the Waldorf schools, which are based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. They are all over the world and are very respected schools, with very different and natural curriculum for the children. In many European countries these schools are even government funded, unfortunately in Usa they are still private but I believe there is government funding for some. 

And after 21 we continue to unfold subtler bodies, which still are beyond our understanding and in a very rudimentary form, they will be focus of the generations in the far distant future. 
But the 3 stages start repeating after 21. 

21-28- again the etheric body becomes more active- these are period we should be more physically active, easier to develop good body and eating habits, connecting with living essences and beings etc 

28 to 35: astral body: the feelings become more active again, many people marry and become parents during these period. Our psychic, intuitive and imaginative qualities are stronger during this period. It can be a good period to work on emotional healing, bonding, to involve the arts, music and inspirational reading in the process, to immerse yourself in beautiful environments. To write create anything which touches the soul of others. 

35 to 42 years of age is when the mental body becomes more active again. Great time for creating original works, creating new ideas and mental patterns, businesses, career contributions. Great time to reprogram the mind, to change thinking patterns and challenge old ways of thinking. Great time to be more analytical and learn to think independently, to question information etc. 

42 to 50
Easier to get in physical shape now, to work on their health habits, the connection to nature, to generate more Prana, to get more alive and active like little kids. 

49-56 again the astral body and so on.

If the first 7 years of the etheric body development were not properly unfolded, then in the repeating ages of active etheric body (like 42 ro 49 etc) health problems and lack of energy start to appear. 

If the second astral period was not properly developed, then when the astral period of the body repeats again in 14 years, emotional and psychological problems appear, relationships issues etc. 

And so on for each phase… 

As a concluding word:… let your children run, be outside, let them interact with nature, let them paint and sing, dance and play instruments, take care of animals and plants….these are not secondary activities but the main tools for their formation of healthy mind, body and emotions…

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