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I’m very thankful for Finding Nathalia.. I was so lost in masculine mode that I forgot what was to be a real woman and that of course created an unsatisfied life.   I think that’s what  we need most in this times where feminine energy is so misunderstood and getting lost in this patriarcal times , where woman is trying to compete with man and losing its place ;  that’s why I think this society is so unbalanced . All her seminars are amazing and truly healing , and geisha it’s a must, it really transforms your life and your relationships. Thanks to her I feel more heart open and more connected to my true self .

said for Natalia

I had a session with Natalia and she determined my energy for me and pointed out the mistakes ! She is BEYOND AMAZING when it comes to one to one work ! Natalia Kobylkina Is the REAL DEAL!

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Two years ago I was only existing. I was not living. I was a robot, empty inside, doing same routine every day. Deeply plunged in toxic environment at work. No loving partner at home. Lost. Totally lost. And getting seriously sick. I left that job without having anything secured. I was floating for few months.   Last year I occasionally came across a live streaming in FB. The subject was of my interest and I paid attention to the lady, talking so simple and so true. Few days after, occasionally again, I followed another live steam in FB. Subject was different. Lady was the same. She was again explaining complex things really simple.  I was impressed. Can life be full of fun and pleasure ...

said for Natalia

Natalia is an amazing person. She helps me understand myself a lot better and I feel more confident after each seminar and marathon with her. The energy she has is so magical and she passes it on to each and every person that connects with her. Thank you so much for everything you do. Sending you all my love.

said for Natalia

Dear Natalia, I'm very grateful to the universe that it brought you to Bulgaria because there really is a large vacuum for a person who would lead and inspire people to achieve something real in their lives. You inspire countless women to find the strength and wisdom within. Thank you for personally helping me formulate and realise so many things about myself whilst the marathon was in progress.  I'm very happy and grateful that you are here.   

said for Natalia

Natalia, the only thing I can compare you is a superb, supernatural Deity, in a beautiful female image. I had lost myself somewhere in the unknown and did not believe, there is a power on this planet that could bring me back to this wonderful life. You, however, very easily proved the opposite! You made me reborn, you taught me to walk again, you taught me to how to talk again, you showed me that I exist! From now on, on April 1, every year, I will celebrate my second birthday. This marathon made me experience the emotions, I had forgotten that my soul possessed. It made me realize that I am not an object, but a person who deserves to experience every single second in this challenge called life ...

said for Natalia

Hello Natalia. I found your video recommended to me by someone on Facebook. It was about how to get a proposal and it was a free seminar. When you gave the practice of visualizing our parents being happy, I just cried and cried whilst doing it with you. I have not been able to cry since 7 years ago before my daughter was born. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and I have been single for 5 years now. You gave me back my good heart. I have been practicing your technique every night, even when I didn’t want to. This week men have been going out of their way to talk to me and to compliment me and introduce themselves to me. I have been so confused and almost scared that I was getting ...

said for Natalia


Natalia Psychic

World Known Therapist

More than 500,000 people have been touched by Natalia’s work through her courses, lectures, parties, forums and individual sessions.

She received  "The most influential person 2018"  award in Bulgaria.


Natalia has conducted about 2300 trainings for women, men and married couples just in Bulgaria and hundreds more abroad. Her individual coaching sessions exceed 10 000 hours.

Natalia created and delivered the first groundbreaking trainings on the topic of sexology for women, men and couples. She has been conducting trainings in Bulgaria and abroad (UK, Italy, Greece, Thailand, Brazil, Dubai, USA, Bali, etc). Among them is one of the most popular women’s courses – “Happy Woman”.

She is the author of the bestselling book, “69 Tips for Sex by Natalia Kobilkina.” Just during its first month on the market the book became one of the most purchased books in Bulgaria! Apart from this book, Natalia has also written “69 Tips for Happy Relationships” and “The Way of the Happy Woman.” All these books turned into bestsellers and sold out within weeks of being published!

As a nationally recognized expert on sexuality Natalia has extensive media experience. She has repeatedly appeared as a guest on a lot of popular shows.


Now Natalia has columns in some of the most popular women’s magazines “Eve” and “Business Lady”. Her articles are the most quoted ones on relationship sites.

Natalia has an MA in family psychotherapy and sexology from the Research Institute for Family Systems Therapy and Medical Psychology, in Russia. She holds a diploma for “Family therapist and clinical psychologist.”
She has an MA in Business Psychology from the Institute of Business and Law Management, in Russia. She has six years of experience working as a business coach and an HR Director in big international companies like Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Top Gear, Time Out, etc.

She has been coaching for more than 10 years, first beginning with business trainings and then, over the past 8 years, she has been delivering mainly personal development trainings in the sphere of relationships and sexology.

Furthermore, Natalia has gone through 40 personal development trainings (among which, Insight-4, as well as Svagito’s Family Constellations in the French school form Idris Laor and a Tantric Sex course in the France form Margo Anand, both held in France, etc.).
She has gone through three years of group therapy (based on the French School of Family Integrative Psychotherapy and Ericksonian Hypnosis)

Natalia is an NLP master and Ericksonian Hypnosis expert.

Through her work Natalia has managed to change the lives of a large number of men, women and couples, helping them develop more confidence about themselves and their sexuality. That enables people to enjoy their sex life much more and build mature and harmonious relationships.

Natalia helps SINGLE people find the RIGHT PARTNER and have successful relationships, by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills and habits for that purpose. 
As a sexologist she also gives couples the right and really useful tools so they can have a happy life together.

She is married and mother of small child.
”For me, the most important thing is that people are happy. Seeing their lives change, seeing them grow, is something that makes me feel happy too. Thank you for putting your trust in me! I never stop admiring your strength to go searching for and finding yourself.”
With sincere love and deep respect,




"Thanks to Natalia I have received a lots of benefits. I have visited many of her seminars and watched almost all of her webinars and I realized my biggest issue. It was hard. I have cried a lot. But she was all the time with me. She never let go of my hand. I appreciate that! "

"After visiting Geisha’s seminar at the end of the day (I have not known how exactly, it was some kind of miracle) I had the ability to have a child. Now I have 1 years old beast who makes me feel a full-fledged woman."

"Natalia changed my mind at all. She makes me a better person, a better wife and of course a better daughter. 
She gave me the right education about the life, the relationships and the money. She enhanced the quality of my life many times."

"Natalia, thank you so much for being such a great part of my life!!!" 

“What I have learned working with Natalia?
I found a very gifted teacher who combines several modalities of psychology and additional trainings (family constellations and many others), her energy, hard work, her life story overcoming obstacles and challenges herself, accompanied with the spiritual gifts she posses. Combining all of these in her holistic programs, she works with you in a very supportive, life changing and inspirational way. Not only you will allow yourself to change your life, commit to yourself first, but you may find yourself wanting to help others, too. You may also find amazing new friends from all around the world who will open your eyes to new heights.  
Natalia also brings wisdom of spiritual teachings that you can tap together with her, supported by her big heart, humour and compassion.
She keeps evolving and changing, thus motivates you to keep growing in your very own humanity " - Zdenka 

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

Here are my services

Exclusive 1 hour Skype Session with Natalian $499

A single session can transform your self image, love, relationships, finances, career Individual sessions for women, men and couples, Skype-consultations with Natalia Kobilkina
Psychological coaching consultations can help with solving personal, family and sexual problems.
When can they be useful?
 • When you notice that you often have to deal with the same problems over and over again and instead of struggling with the consequences you would like to find the reasons behind them. 
• If you have fears that prevent you from living a happy life.
- When you feel stuck and don’t know how to change your life - if you have a lot of fears and want to clean your energy
• If you want to be more sexually liberated and free. 
• If you often feel frustration and guilt in your communication with others. 
• If you have found yourself caught in a love triangle and/or love addiction. 
• If you don’t feel confident and you want to believe more in your own abilities and power. 
• If you have found yourself at a crossroads, in a stressful situation or a crisis, from which you don’t see a way out. 
• If you are depressed and don’t know how to get your optimism and good mood back.  Natalia can see your energy and to explain why you have this problem and to give you adcises ho you can improve your life.
After session you will have your personal home task and very important to follow this.
More than 300.000 people for last 10 years have worked work with Natalia. 
Natalia's Therapy is real work - be ready to take actions!
The responsibility is shared - Natalia will tell you why you have this problem, if you have some problem in your energy and your chakras and she will give you advice how to change this. But after it is up to you to do take the actions!  If you want to get results, you need to be willing to work on yourself! 
Price: An hour long coaching session costs 499 dollars (the payment for Skype consultations should be made in advance through a bank transfer or paypal). 
3 session on period to use 3 month - 1199 dollars (save 200 dollars)    

3 Sessions within 3 months with Natalia $1199

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