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Article by Astrologer Kesenya

Are you a Fate or Free Will Person? Find out from Your Horoscope!

Are you a Fate or Free Will Person? Find out from Your Horoscope!

Presenting an interesting and eye opening astrology technique explained by Australian Evolutionary astrologer Kesenya. For a personal reading, check her profile:

Feeling like you have no control over your own life? Like all the well intentioned law of attraction quotes sprinkled around your home, never seem to actually work in real life? Or perhaps you are someone who is tired of hearing people tell you “leave it to fate” or “go with the flow” – you’d never get anywhere in life if you did that! You are a walking incarnation of “if you believe it, you can become it!” and “the world is my oyster” instead! What if I told you that, according to Evolutionary Astrology, BOTH fate and free will were actually true? That for some people, life IS all about fate - about letting go and allowing life to flow to them. That no matter how hard they try, predestined and fated life events will always be their companion. And that for some people, life really does respond to their choices. It honors their will and drive to achieve certain outcomes, certain thought patterns and the creation of their OWN destiny . In fact, there are even some people that have a combination of BOTH fate and free will in their lives. Like a railway line running across the countryside, they use both sides of the track to get them where they need to go! So how about you? Is your life more about fate, or free will? And what does this have to do with astrology anyhow?

Interestingly, Evolutionary Astrology teaches us that the measure of fate or free will in a person’s life can be assessed by the position of the planets in their chart. And it is simple to see. By dividing the circular chart into eastern houses and western houses, we have a system that shows on what side of the railway tracks our life tends to lean. Let me give an example….. find the meridian line in your circular chart, represented by the symbology “MC – IC”. Anything on the left side of that line (the side of your ascendant) will be associated with your will power, your self-determination, your personal action that can achieve an outcome. This is known as the Eastern Hemisphere in our chart. Polarically, anything right of that meridian line (the side of your descendant) will represent established forces in our lives, immovable powers, twists of fate. This is the Western Hemisphere. Count up the planets in your chart – how many do you have in each hemisphere (west or east)? If you have a big majority in the east (ascendant side), life for you circles around your intention, the power of your will, and the creation of your own destiny.

While a big swath of planets in the west (descendant) reveals that you must learn to cultivate adaptability, going with the flow, and TRUST that your soul contract is being fulfilled exactly on schedule. And for those with more harmony and balance in their chart (an even spread of planets across both hemispheres) your life will experience both effects – phew! In my readings, I can look at the position of planets in these hemispheres, and how they might play out in your life with regards to fate or freewill.

Knowing this method has enabled me to relax a little more about my own life, which is heavily weighted to the fate side. I don’t have to get worked up when crazy stuff happens – I look at the signs, I trust my instincts, and I also trust my souls contract for growth. People with this signature find that life is more about “random forces striking in critical ways”, so fighting the fated momentum to be relocated to another part of the country, or to be retrenched, or to stop your partner leaving you, is basically a waste of energy. Instead, western hemisphere people should embrace and adapt to wherever the flow is taking them – maybe to experience a fabulous and expansive new culture with that relocation, or to find the job of a lifetime after that retrenchment, or to open up new fields of independence and life direction with the end of that relationship. When you are an eastern hemisphere person you can shape the tone of your life by you action or inaction.

Your own motivation and decisiveness will determine the outcome – sit on the couch all day, every day, watching Netflix and you will reap that harvest in your life. Choose to invest in your skills and talents, master your thought life, get fit, study hard, develop networks of friends and you will reap that harvest. It is entirely up to you – because your life, for good or ill, is in your own hands. So what will you do with this information – will it set you free to trust that the Universe actually has your back? I hope so! Or will it give you the motivation to get out there and make it happen, knowing that you actually CAN! I hope so too!! Where ever your planets fall, just knowing that they make your relationship to fate and free will completely unique is empowering in itself. No longer do you have to pay attention to people telling you that you need more faith in your life to make things happen, or that if you worked harder you would be more successful. And in that, for each one of us, there is true freedom!

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