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Kesenya Astrologer

Hello from Australia… please allow me to share a little about myself as an astrologer with you…. I have been studying astrology for 8 years now, ever since Uranus crossed my ascendant and showed me to my true self, and Saturn transited my Moon turning everything upside down (gotta love those big kick butt transits!) What do I love about practicing astrology? I love seeing past lives in the horoscope; I love getting a feel for what upcoming transits might bring people; I love empowering others with more self- knowledge on their life journey; and I love discovering all I can about every kind of astrology out there – Sharmanic, Evolutionary, Jyotish, Western, Ancient, Aboriginal etc…..
When you love astrology, you never ever stop learning! In my previous career, the required skill set was all about analysis and interpretation, as well as interpersonal client relationships. This has helped enormously with the practice of astrology. However, any personal talent in astrology has come from what the heavens have blessed me with - I have Jupiter rising in Pisces, Uranus conjunct my Moon in the 8th house, and Neptune on the mid-heaven – somehow, in the humblest way possible, it all feels predestined to me. I’d love to discover what your chart reveals about you too! My vision is that I may be a resource for you to know yourself better, and understand the journey your soul is undertaking in this lifetime.

I would be honored to walk the stars with you.

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12 Months Predictive Horoscope. (Solar Return) $ 80

What does this year hold for you?    Why not invest in a recorded assessment that looks at the themes of your life in the coming year, beginning at your birthday. Will you embark upon a new area of study? Will you undertake a big journey or relocation? Will you change career directions? Will you meet 'the one'? The analysis includes Solar Return, but also incorporates transits and progressions to get a holistic feel for what's in store for you.    A wonderful supportive tool to guide you in focusing your energy for the coming year, or a beautiful birthday gift for a loved one.   

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1 Hour Recorded Character Report $140

Gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses, your life calling, your sources of joy as well as difficult life areas to avoid. Are you going to find greater happiness as a beautician or as a lawyer? Will you be more fulfilled by a quite, simple life in the country, or through the fast paced networking of a dynamic world city? Are you geared for marriage, or will you enjoy the life of a nomadic traveler more? A recorded character report can provide the insights to truly know yourself, and empower you to take on the world in your own terms! (Recorded Character Reports are roughly 1 hour in length)  

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