Taurus Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

January 21st to 27th 

During this week you could take action to sharply change or influence your image. Reasons may be in your own line of conduct in which you show more passion and initiative in pursuing your goals or manifesting new features of your character that surprise others. In another variation, transformations escalate due to external reasons beyond your control at this stage, but those would rather lead to outcomes of past trends.

On different occasions, you are entering a period in which you have to strive for your own interests, for your better social status. You would have many chances to do that. You would get news, proposals, some of them might surprising. If anything, however, hinders your path to success, then you may get unexpected help, take advantage of different paths that you would consider as an opportunity, alternative or a suggestion.

In a similar way, you could get something significant - you might get rich as a consequence of guardianship by an influential person, partner, settling heritage, and in another case - you could make a secret dream of yours come true, etc.

There are strong passions in love, but on various occasions, you may need to make important decisions, probably because you have to choose, and so on.

However, not all would be so well-meaning to you, be careful when arranging documents and if it is possible, you should postpone trips. Interaction with people outside your immediate environment, including older relatives, requires diplomacy and patience...

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January 14th to 20th 

Most of you prefer to look at a more distant perspective that would allow them, through perseverance and perseverance, to achieve better results, achieve their goals, climb the hierarchical ladder, or at least get out of present and tangled situations, which require time in order to be resolved or it is related to changing the environment...

Whatever is it, you are in a wonderful time to become more resilient and independent of external influences, to act positively on your social status and authority - through constructive judgments, behaviors, and so on. As early as the first days of the new week, you would feel the support of the stars through the help of older and more authoritative people, from old friends, colleagues, and people around you in general. It's a wonderful time to take on new and better positions, to negotiate, to look for and find followers to help you realize your dreams.

It is very likely that you would gain something significant - maybe material but not just, through some kind of care coming from personal or business partners or important people. Alternatives for profit might be revealed to you, especially if you need them.

At the same time, you need to be careful when signing documents, if you have unresolved controversial cases of the past, even legally, they might escalate with corresponding consequences or outcomes. If there are circumstances that hinder your way to success at different levels, secrets and erosion processes, you would be able to identify them in the last days of the week, sometimes with an element of surprise, news, explanatory talks, etc.

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January 7th to 13th 

Most of you are setting higher and more distant goals that can transform their way of existence, thanks to remarkable concentration, practical judgments, and foresight.

There are ideas or chances of promotion, if that is not possible, then many might decide on changing their environment of existence, find a more favorable environment to unleash their potential. It's not out of the question that there would be events, conversations that could lead you to travel and/or enrichment of knowledge, qualifications - all listed above may be the beginning of a long path of transformation, per say, in the coming half-year, and then you would step on a new and a more promising basis for development.

If you really decide on trips, communicate and negotiate with people outside of your surroundings - this promises to become an exciting and refreshing moment with broad prospects for development.

If this is not something you are interested in, then you would get involved in arranging documents, including legal, international, and then you can count on the support of the stars as long as no laws are violated.

You might be reminded of people from your past or those who have not been close to you for a long time and they might play a key role.

The period is enriching for most of you - you can gain support from personal or business partners, from inheritance, using a hidden approach, alternatives to development. The trend will grow until January 20th.

If you are searching for love, you will find it...

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December 31st to January 6th

Most of you have the opportunity to climb up the hierarchical ladder, get a promotion or additional chances of enrichment in a broader sense, but all of this would require you to go beyond the boundaries of the familiar - by meeting more people, taking advantage of someone's support, negotiating with influential personalities.

In another scenario, you are thinking about trips, skills upgrades that would be related to mobilization, possibly overcoming difficulties but also subsequent stabilization.

It is also possible that you are interested in matters relating to the settlement of documents, including legal cases, inheritance cases, etc. In this case, the period is very indicative and a turning point, you could take advantage of the New Moon on January 6th and then, if you have to - you could consciously guide the events in a certain direction...

An energy program runs out, which by mid-February would prompt you to act strategically rather than openly, but ultimately, decisive. This would ultimately affect your relationships or your social situation. The things that do not pass the times test would stay behind you...

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December 24th to 30th                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Most of you would be heavily focused on longer-term development prospects that would mobilize you, help you make practical decisions, mobilize you, and increase your ambitions at times.

In this process, you have to figure out what you have to overcome in the future - it may be necessary to deal with legal cases that protect your interests - legal cases or written and oral contract, etc. Do not give up on conquered positions if you need to find new or different routes to your goals, negotiate with influential individuals, search for new connections, appreciate who you can rely on.

At this stage, it is not recommended to start something new, but only to evaluate options that put you at a crossroads of life and would probably determine your social situation, the environment of existence, positions that you occupy in a team.

Most of you are under the support or the strong influence of a person who is capable of transforming their social status in a positive direction, at least to help them, to guide them if necessary...

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December 17th to 23rd 

During this week there will be opportunities to have a positive effect on your material status by negotiating your interests, taking advantage of secret or unexpected support, sudden alternatives to development are emerging, especially if you are looking for them, the trend may even surprise you as a suddenly unlocked chance.
At this stage, your well-being is directly related to the support that you can get from partners - personal or business, influential individuals, institutions, and that there are people who strongly support you and can become a bridge to your success. You should boost this trend.
A person from your immediate environment might have a strong psychological impact on you, they might attract your attention or change your future plans. If you have a healthy relationship, it could become even stronger. At the same time, the relationships of most of you are at the stage are facing a challenge for endurance, so if there are any erosive processes, they would also be manifested.
If you are not in a relationship, this week you might meet someone who would be especially romantic and someone might tell you something that would touch your heart.
Your popularity grows on various occasions, and you can take better leadership positions in a team - as a result of your own initiative or the support you will get.

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December 10th to 16th

A leitmotif in your life continues to be the relationships, which create a lot of passion and lead to re-evaluations. This week, there are chances to consolidate your relationships by discussing common and further prospects of development, clearing any misunderstandings.
In another option - you may decide to travel, this also has a positive effect on your feelings, and if you are alone - you may encounter love and this relationship would prove to be reliable.
Practical assessments are increasingly prevailing, making you reconsider the value of people and circumstances according to their actions. The trend is so strong that it could put you at a crossroads - whether to fight for your place under the sun and current positions, to cope with the challenges and to turn them to your advantage or to change your environment of existence. As a minimum and in brighter detail, you would manage to see who you can rely on in the second part of the period, with priority on Friday and Saturday, but not only then. These days it would be good for you to protect your interests, to keep away from intrigue in order to avoid losing, literally or in a more general sense.

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