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21st September to 27th


You are entering a period during which you will have to consolidate your position in the workplace in order to reap the relevant benefits or at least not allow yourself to be replaced. There is a possibility in this sector of your life that some changes will escalate, to which you will have to show increased adaptability in order to reap the benefits. It is possible that there will be some debates with your colleagues, bosses, people who affect your professional realization. Optimally, this will become an occasion to clear some differences, to "shift the layers", and the delegation of responsibilities will ease your commitments. However, it is possible that disputes, even conflicts, will escalate, if you have hidden competitors or ill-wishers, if unresolved cases have accumulated in the past, they will now inevitably come to the surface and can greatly affect your career development. Build a strategy to avoid tension or end of relationships that could harm you.


Don't let people get you involved in intrigue. If this is not possible, then you can end contracts and contacts, which are obviously already past their time, so that in October you open a new page, which will again affect your professional realization. Otherwise, your daily life is quite busy with tasks, you have to balance between personal and work tasks to perform and let this be an occasion to rearrange your priorities in a more efficient, I would say healthy way. Throughout the period, especially during the second part - you can rely on your family, improve your living environment, the chances increase to find a way out and options for complicated cases that concern - home, family, real estate, etc. Enhance this perspective or make the most of it.


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14th September to 20th


This week gives you a chance to renew your relationships, to strengthen relationships that are close to your heart - with partners, grown children ... All this can happen on the basis of rethinking in the first days and a kind of renewal after September 17th, when the New Moon is coming. What is happening will outline more distant prospects for development, relevant new trends, and you will significantly have a chance to channel them in a more appropriate, preferred direction for you. Practical assessments will help you, a dose of luck, possible trips will have a particularly positive effect. Good time to show off your potential and get a kind of promotion. Cases with your own business or type of projects will develop well if that interests you.


There will also be some transformations in your family and, optimally, they will clear up misunderstandings that have been building up for some time. For example, a kind of renewal or change you provoke will not always coincide with the opinion and understanding, even the interests of your immediate environment. In most cases, you will be able to count on the goodwill of your family and others, so it will be up to you how you act on this challenge. Your creative approach can implant something new, refreshing, improving your background. But if the differences are too great, then certain useful relationships and appropriate support will end, so beware! In your daily life and at work, some tension can escalate, it can be caused by new requirements, commitments, even increased competition. Demonstrate high qualifications, seek support from influential people and you will turn the challenges in your favor.   


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7th September to 13th

The dreams that are closest to your heart will give you strength and enthusiasm to overcome any challenges and to discover new and unknown, wider, more distant prospects for development. This is probably the best time to not overlook that inner voice and urge that shows you the direction and path to your sense of happiness in general. For some of you - this inspiration can come from a loved one, partner, child. For others, an exaggerated desire to reach their potential, to do what they love most, and to focus on a specific goal rather than obstacles. The good news is that this way you will actually be able to achieve your goal, there will be people and circumstances to support you. Probably everything will require more detailed consideration so that you can progress step by step, not very fast, but safe.

Against this background - if there was a specific problem that you have been dealing with for the past two months, you have reported it as something that works behind your back or is out of your control, then from this week you will return to it on various occasions, you will you analyze it, and thanks to this you will rethink your approach, you will change your tactics and this will be considered as a second chance - to act so that you get a better result. Probably not immediately, inertia and resolutions can be reached only in the second part of November and in December, but certainly, your initiative is now very important. It is said that holding on to things is sometimes like a higher plan that keeps us from something else that might be more dramatic, it is just a reason to think... Against this background, you are entering a period during which you can harmonize or improve your environment. existence, because your loved ones support you more and not only... Even in your very daily life and current commitments, there will be some relief.

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24th August to 30th


During this week there will be people and circumstances that will strongly support you, without exaggeration it can be said that you can count on a dose of luck. Most of you will focus on actions that will bring you not only benefit but also emotional satisfaction, you will have a chance to show your best, to develop your potential... You can expect good development in your emotional relationships with personal or business partners, children, etc. You can approach current challenges in an unconventional way, show increased adaptability, creativity, I would say insight, and this will naturally attract attention to you, will give you sudden opportunities.


The information flow is very strong, you will have fruitful conversations and negotiations, you can enjoy more goodwill and positive news, there will always be someone to support you, to touch your heart. However, not all conversations will go so smoothly and with ease... Some of them can be quite emotional, leaving lasting traces and might transform your relationships. In this process, secrets can be revealed where they exist. There might be a struggle for power, supremacy, those who defend their interests with arguments and do not react too emotionally will succeed.


Under this influence, some of you will end relationships or contracts that are past their time. For many, a parallel reality can form - one that is out of your control, one that acts behind your back or requires more time to resolve, or from which you will find a way out only at the end of this and the beginning of the next year. Now, to a large extent, it will become clear what you will have to overcome so that you can take action because it is always easier to act in the beginning.


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17th August to 23rd


There will be a New Moon on August 18th, which will give you the right to a second opportunity to deal with priorities that concern home, family, real estate. In this process, options will escalate, as long as you look for them - you will find them, and sometimes they will spontaneously stand in your way and permanently renew your environment. If this is not a subject that you find interesting, then you will still focus on parallel opportunities for development, you may make a secret wish come true or a large part of your ways of influence may not be visible, but quite effective and leading to basic transformations. Almost all week you enjoy wider support and goodwill from others. Your own original approach and initiative reinforce this trend, so you can have constructive conversations and negotiations, it would be easier for you to push your ideas and desires. You receive good news and suggestions.


The more socially active you are and share intentions, ideas, the more sudden, sometimes surprising chances will unfold before you. In the last days of the week, your self-confidence grows and not without reason, you can count on a dose of luck. Nevertheless, the stars will show you in brighter colors - what you should overcome willingly and persistently until the end of the year. It may be related to strengthening long-term contracts /personal, official, marital, legal, international/ ... Each person will experience a different, individual situation, but it is appropriate to choose a strategy according to more distant development prospects to achieve success, positive transformations, on which you will again rely for a long time ...


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10th August to 16th


During this week, many will have important discussions at home or make decisions that will move to concrete actions so as to resolve issues that have accumulated over time, remain unresolved, or are a chance to improve the atmosphere at home, to resolve domestic or property cases, if you are interested. In this process, alternative or unexpected paths can be unlocked in front of you, which are also in the form of an emergency exit, especially if you need one. You can take action, be more decisive, and this will lead to basic transformations in life and in most cases positive, able to relieve you of some kind of tension. You receive secret or sudden support, especially if you seek it, you will receive it.


More and more people are there to help you and they understand, this will be an occasion for good news, reaching a kind of agreement, creating and strengthening important relationships for you, this trend will grow at the end of this and the beginning of next week. It is good for you to be more socially active, to express your feelings, creative ideas, and they will be approved to a significant extent. However, it is possible that you are worried about something that is associated with more distant prospects of development. These can be long-running disputes, even escalating legal cases, topics related to long-term contracts, etc. During this week, what is happening will reach a kind of refractive phase that will determine much or everything. Don't worry if you have to separate or get rid of certain people or circumstances. In most cases, this will break the bond between you and your stressful, I would say toxic effects.


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