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18th January to 23rd


During the first days of the new week, important or significant events may escalate, which are related to more distant development prospects, so that you will be able to peek into your future. People who are far away from you, influential or in power - will have a significant impact on you, optimally - this will be a useful support for you, which can transform future prospects for development and in the right direction for you. You understand how stable long-term contracts are, whether they need to be re-signed, reaffirmed, etc. If you are interested in controversial or court cases - at the beginning of the week you can influence them and direct them above the average level or there will be a kind of outcome.


On January 20th, the Sun enters the zodiac sign Aquarius, this will mark the beginning of a defining period for you - for your career development, social status, etc. For now, you only get the first hints, but in the coming weeks, you may encounter old opportunities to return or transformations that have been paused and escalating again. Analyze what is happening now to choose the right strategy ... Love may seem idealistic or at your fingertips, or it needs a kind of healing, you can influence all this according to your own will and in what direction you direct this powerful energy, your efforts, etc.


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11th January to 17th


The key to your success now is to communicate with influential and powerful people, also those who are outside your immediate or traditional environment. It is a good time to look into the future so that you can put together a complete picture of your life and choose the right direction of development. On various occasions, you will be inclined to do just that, and this will help you find workarounds to your goals, development options, surpass the successes achieved so far or turn some challenges in your favor. Some of you may be driven by a type of transformation that addresses key issues related to social status, career development, or even marital relationships.


When "the winds of change are blowing”, it is better to build windmills that will benefit you than walls that will be destroyed. In other words, if you feel that the status quo cannot be maintained, then think about how you can take advantage of the situation and turn it to your advantage. Most of you will have such an opportunity, you can count on a dose of luck. During the second part of the week, you can receive news or suggestions that will have a strong impact on you and that will be implemented to a significant extent in February, so you should analyze, and guide the events in a direction of your choice. It is also useful to be careful who you trust etc. Demonstrations of high qualifications, possible trips, will also be useful to you or will be accompanied by a "green light".


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3rd January to 9th 2022


The stars give you a chance to expand your influence through the wider support you receive from the team in which you exist or from influential people, friends. There will be those that will contribute to the opportunity to fulfill your deepest desire. However, you will have to be more careful about who you trust, because it may be that certain people are not very open to you, may deceive you, or directly harm you ... Most of you will take an active position, will themselves become a conductor of transformations because you want to break the status quo or because you are provoked to react exactly like that. What helps you is the high qualification, possible travel or communication with people outside the traditional environment.


More distant and future prospects of development are revealed to you, they may still not be very clear or final, but what is happening now, your desires and initiatives - have a wide impact. By Wednesday, enough indicative events can escalate, which relate to your social status, respectively - what supports you, what you need to show more flexibility, adaptability to turn some challenges in your favor. During the second part of the period you do not lack attention, you may be in the center of discussions, but you also have to prove yourself to others above the average level, some relationships will be strengthened and others terminated or you will distance yourself from them, according to relevant analyzes ...


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27th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022


This week you get a unique chance to stabilize or improve your social situation, in particular - career development, you can climb the hierarchy or improve your income, due to sufficient support from individuals who affect your well-being. The ambitions of most of you are growing, and this makes you more socially active, you will negotiate your interests or there will be people who have a strong influence on you, stimulate you in a certain direction, give you ideas, suggestions, etc. Many of you are now experiencing a kind of catharsis, this can bring to the surface additional qualities that will make you stronger, help you gain a kind of power, literally and in a broader sense. On various occasions, you tend to look to the distant future or you can influence it, you can peek into it ...


Some of you will feel a strong desire to travel or break away from your traditional environment, in which case, and if you realize these intentions - you will spend unforgettable moments. In other cases, people outside your immediate environment have a significant impact on you, often making you dream, or help you if you need it. Priorities related to contracts, sometimes legal cases, may become an increasingly important topic, as well as the need to expand your knowledge, to demonstrate high qualifications. All of the above will be the key to success, it can transform your life in the desired direction. You can take advantage of the New Moon on January 2nd to launch such plans. This New Moon brings you a significant dose of luck and will gradually expand your horizons of development, relevant opportunities and you can feel a kind of relief from stress, if not immediately, then next week ...


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20th to 26th December 


Your ambitions will grow and you will rarely be satisfied with the status quo ... You will strive to improve or stabilize your social situation, respectively, this may affect career development, in some cases marital or important relationships. In fact, right now is the time to achieve success that you will rely on for a long time, to tip the scales in a direction you prefer, to reap the fruits of your efforts. If all goes well, you can count on it for a long time. Otherwise, you receive signals for an upcoming sharper turn, if not immediately, then in February. The key to your success now will be moral or material support from people who influence your future development.


This is an excellent period during which you can make a breakthrough in your chosen direction, you can turn challenges in your favor, increase your income or climb the hierarchy and as a result of good interaction with authoritative figures, sometimes government or financial institutions. People who are far away from you, literally and figuratively - will have more impact on you. Otherwise - you will rethink more distant prospects for development and in this process, you may decide to regain something from the past, which again so it is - specific people, partners, or positions ... This may require a change of approach to get a better and different result than before. Travel ideas may arise, in which case they will unlock bright or memorable experiences, the trend will continue next week.


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13th to 19th December


You are in a very transformative period, some of the changes you will cause yourself, and others will enter your life due to external and independent reasons. Part of what is happening will distance you from limitations or burdens so that you can progress in the future so that you can be happier, I would say healthier. This is an excellent period during which you can receive a kind of reward for all your efforts. If you are on the right path, then you will definitely get a chance to climb the hierarchy, to increase your income as a result of support from people or institutions that can contribute to your well-being. Obviously, you will have choices and options. Some will support you, will give you a "green light", this can happen spontaneously and as a proposal, a kind of relationship, but it is good that you are more proactive or persistent in a larger and more distant goal because success will be permanently encoded.


You need to beware of manipulation, dishonest behavior, to avoid people who can bring you damage - moral or material, you will have enough tips, if there are such people, to remove them from your path. However, it is advisable not to be too trusting. Under the influence of what is happening, you will re-evaluate certain people in your environment. Your protector Venus will turn retrograde on December 19th and will remain retrograde until January 29th. As long as Venus is retrograde, you will have a chance to regain something lost or get another and better result than in the past. In a natural way, you will be forced to go back, rethink decisions, to act differently in order to redraw future prospects for development.


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7th to 12th December


By the end of this week, you can join forces with certain personalities that affect your career development, social status, or image. You may also have to meet increased requirements for you, to cope with increased competition. The way you respond to all the challenges described above will have a wide impact, including on your financial situation, security - in general. At this stage, you strongly depend on the support and approval of others. The messages to you are not unequivocal, there are people who support you, but also those who can become obstacles, an occasion for transformation on different levels. You should build a strategy to emerge victorious, not to be overthrown or harmed.


Act flexibly and do not lose further development prospects. In a sense, it can be said that you are at a crossroads in life, the vector of development is strongly directed by someone important to you. For this reason, it is important - who you allow to yourself, with whom you negotiate, who you should stay away from or avoid conflicts, this will determine a lot and for a long time... In your professional realization - your high qualifications, communication with influential or authoritative individuals, including those outside the traditional environment help you. In love - at this stage it may seem that you need to make more compromises or to comply with the person next to you and in practice this is true, but this is a good time to get closer, to clear up any misunderstandings as together deal with some challenges, discuss future plans, etc.


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29th November to 5th December


Your ambitious plans are now strongly supported by an energetic person who is in your environment, this can be a personal or business partner. You can also receive support from the team in which you exist or from your friends. The support you receive from people important to you will help you feel more stable and confident ... Communicating with people outside your close or traditional environment - will bring you positives, will be a conductor of opportunities. Possible trips can still become a reason for success, satisfaction, etc. You are good at issues related to a possible promotion, if the working conditions allow it if you can demonstrate knowledge and experience, also if you need to improve your skills. People around you are currently having a significant impact, including on your financial situation. You should take advantage of the positive aspect of the stars, which will allow you to increase your income if working conditions allow it.


Some of the chances will stand in your way in the form of a resolution, a kind of reward for making efforts so far, however, it is recommended that you are more proactive in this direction, so as not to miss out on any chances. You have good interaction with financial and state institutions, you can handle financial documents perfectly, etc. On December 4th there will be a New Moon with a Solar Eclipse, which will focus you very strongly on priorities that affect your financial situation, and the final results will still depend on the support and approval of people who affect your well-being. You will be able to find such support, in the coming months and weeks your influence may grow, new people may appear in your life to become a bridge to your better material condition. Despite everything, this week and next - you will notice people who are not completely honest with you, can deceive you and even harm you ... So the leading task will be to be careful who you trust.


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23rd November to 28th


You are entering a highly transformative period during which you will show increased adaptability to protect your interests in order to benefit from complex and challenging situations. What helps you at the moment is the support of energetic individuals, personal or business partners. Most of you enjoy such care and can take advantage of it so that they can more easily realize all their intentions. Your influence continues to expand and this trend will increase at the end of this and the beginning of next week.


The more socially active you are, the more options will be revealed to you, if you are looking for them, then they will inevitably arise as a result of the expansion of your influence. The leading topic for you is your financial situation, but it is related to a kind of support, high social activity. The trend is making you focus on stabilization, if not immediately, then at the end of this and the beginning of next week. If someone owes you something, this week they may return it to you spontaneously or as a result of your purposeful efforts in this direction. However, if you have old debts, you will also be reminded of them and you will probably have to pay them off. In love, most of you have gone through a strong metamorphosis, and now is the time for the passions to subside, for the relationship to stabilize.


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16th to 22nd November


This week there is a Full Moon, which is with a partial lunar eclipse, which means that throughout the week there will be enough important or significant events that affect important for you personal or business relationships. If there is a misunderstanding between you and your partner, then now - you can or should clear it, if you wish, of course. Most of you will actually be required to be more adaptable in your relationships, to renew them, to refresh them, so that you remove everything destructive that affects you. In this direction, it will be useful to balance between your interests and those of the other party. What can strengthen your feelings, eliminate differences can be - a look into the distant future development, discussing similar topics, finding a common interest or vision for future development.


Otherwise, you may have the feeling that the other party is not very tolerant, behaves aggressively or inappropriately, there may be a reason for this and it is appropriate to remove it. In any case, on the days of the Full Moon / November 19th, 20th/ - what is happening is widely reflected and difficult to cancel, or it is at least indicative... You should focus on your actions during these days and live your life as you want to and at least in the next about two weeks ... In your work there might be competition, increased requirements, you should avoid possible conflicts to be calmer ... The good news is that most of you will enjoy the support of the team, in which you exist or of friends with whom you can unload from possible tension.


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8th to 14th November


This week you can stabilize and improve your partnership, as long as you want them to be promising. This can happen by discussing more distant prospects for development, you can diversify or refresh your feelings if you decide to change your environment a little… If your vision of happiness and support diverges between you and the person next to you, then this will be more visible than usual and with the corresponding consequences. The unifying rule is that you are in a highly transformative period in love, and the direction depends a lot on your desires, on what has accumulated in the past. It should be emphasized that now you can most influence trends and you can take advantage, then the results will be permanently encoded in your life.


In your work, transformations escalate again, which are very much related to the support you can or should receive from people who influence your career development. You may have the feeling that others are challenging you and in practice this is true. You may choose to respond to increased demands and pretensions, you get help from high qualifications, expansion of your influence, including from some colleagues or high-ranking people, maybe those who are outside your traditional environment. It is important to break the status quo, to go beyond some limits, to look in the long run to choose the right direction. Your popularity is growing, there will be people who will help you, others will "hinder" you, you must carefully choose a strategy, who you allow to yourself, from whom to side, this will significantly determine your achievements and it can become a turning point.


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1st to 8th November


You are entering a very important period regarding your relationship... In a professional aspect, your popularity may grow permanently, but at the same time, the feeling that you have to comply with others more than usual will grow. People who are important to you, who influence your career development, will be able to lift you up, but they can also force you to change your career development, to have a destructive influence on your career development. In order to be successful, you will have to adapt to increased or changed requirements, and this will significantly affect your professional realization, social status... Another leading topic is partnerships. In the life of most of you there is or will be an energetic person who can stimulate you to develop, can excite you, but can also irritate you ... In the optimal case - you will join forces, you will clear some differences.


In another version – you will be reminded of topics from the past, which will cause tension, in a more unpleasant form - conflicts. A New Moon is coming on November 4th, which will renew your relationships, personal or business partnership. This will sometimes happen with an element of surprise, you will be surprised, but you will also be provoked spontaneously. This new beginning in the relationship will grow as a trend in the next two weeks, but it can have a very wide impact, say, for the next six months. You should focus and go with the flow in order to choose the right direction, it is always easier to influence events in the beginning. Your protector Venus enters Capricorn on November 5tg and will remain in Capricorn until March 6th, 2022. So your ambition will increase for a long time on the one hand, but on the other - you will become cooler, restrained, sometimes distant in your relationships, you will only stick to people for whom you have objectively and fairly judged that they are worth it, if this is not the case, then you will distance yourself, you can end relationships that are hopeless. At the same time, you will strengthen those who are loyal, reliable ...


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25th October to 31st


Your partnerships are becoming an increasingly important topic. They are entering an important phase that should transform them and steer them in a more positive direction. If in the past there have been misunderstandings between you, now they appear, stand in your way to clear them, resolve them, etc. This trend grows during the second part of the week and the feeling that the partner next to you is becoming more demanding, demanding, will grow ... This is a time when you will have to take into account the opinion of the other party, this can test your connections for strength, it is a matter of choice how you will react, but this can become a new beginning, it depends on you what will it be. Your professional realization will also enter a phase that will require increased adaptability ...


Your stability in the workplace will depend on the support, understanding of people who affect your well-being. The requirements for you may increase and you may respond to them with the corresponding positives. As a result of a type of approval during the current period, many will be able to increase their income or make positive changes in their career development. But the messages are not unambiguous. If what is happening does not meet your requirements, expectations, if tensions or conflicts, misunderstandings with those in power increase, then you may decide to change your path of development ... But you will decide whether to enter into battles, to surpass what has been achieved or make a sharp turn ... What changes are needed which affect your social situation will be especially evident this week and until mid-November, respectively – you will be required to show adaptability, cooperation, support or to turn a new page.


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18th October to 24th


For some time now, the stars have been directing you strongly to changes that are related to your professional realization. If this is not a subject of interest to you, then maybe it's time to change something in your habits and pay more attention to your health. In any case, you may need some changes that are related to the rhythm of your daily life. For example, you can take a step forward and upward that is related to your career development so that you can take on prestigious positions if working conditions allow it. In another case - your commitments are renewed, it is possible that the requirements will increase, new tasks may have to be performed, the management of your job may change or you might have to travel, move, etc.


Whatever it is, now is the time to meet all the challenges, to turn them to your advantage, and your successes and achievements will have a wide impact, as well as other types of transformations. What is happening around the New Moon on October 20th is very revealing, resolutions, important news, etc. are not excluded. During the second part of the week, personal or business relationships become an increasingly important topic. You are entering a period in which others will have a significant impact on your financial situation, the leading task will be to strengthen contacts that will contribute to your well-being, but also to protect your interests or stay away from those who may cause losses in a more general sense. You will have to be careful who you trust in order to avoid deception, this trend will escalate for a long time, per se by November 3rd, so it's good to work out a strategy in the beginning.


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