Taurus Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

June 24th to 30th

Your social activity continues to grow, you are increasingly focusing on the ability to negotiate your interests, create or strengthen relationships. This approach may reveal sudden new and better prospects for development this week, they are valid for everybody but especially for those born in the first decanate.

Some surprising news and suggestions are not ruled out, some of which may be the result of your own initiative and others - because there are people from your surroundings who are very active and affect you in a similar way.

If there were any disputes between you and your relatives or other important personalities, this week they can be finalized, trends will either clear up any misunderstandings or will eventually end relationships or contracts. At this stage, and in the event of any negotiations, you have to be careful not to cross certain limits of good tone, because any conflicts will be sealed for a long time and will be difficult to reverse.

Your expenses at this stage might grow, they may be due to useful investments in your future, a better image, and so on. But it is useful to be careful when signing financial documents if it is possible, you should try to postpone at this stage, it is also good to be careful with manipulations which are still capable of causing losses in a broader sense.

Your concepts of profit may be blurry or unclear. If needed, you should consult with trusted people, professionals and take your time when making important decisions...

Love or feelings can heavily depend on the support you receive - purely material or moral, in the optimal way you will draw conclusions on whom and to what extent you can rely on. Hopefully, such themes do not turn into misunderstandings between you and your loved ones, you should rely on gained experience, analyze the past, it will somehow be a point of reference.

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June 17th to 23rd

The week begins with a Full Moon, which gives you some kind of fullness of knowledge that primarily concerns your financial state or support that you can get from around you, what you can count on, in order to have a positive impact on what you have in general.

Events are moving more in inertia, and it is hardly possible to make sharp turns, but rather to continue building up successes that would be encoded in your material stability and security.

In this process, you may need to defend your interests more vigorously, you might even enter into "verbal fighting" or "wars", in most cases you will be the winners or you would be able to turn the challenges in your favor, there would be people to rely on when needed.

You might hear some important news, you might have similar conversations on Tuesday and Wednesday, which will determine your future path of development. If certain people impede your feeling of happiness, your growth, if current contracts do not suit you, then you can end them or during these days it would be obvious enough that you have to leave them behind or at least to change something radically in your attitude towards them.

Under such pressure, you can change your environment of existence or positions that you occupy.

At this stage it is not advisable to sign contracts, you should be more careful with documents, including legal ones.

Possible trips would be accompanied by tension, if possible, you should postpone them.

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June 10th to 16th

A leading topic for many is the material state, the reason for this may be changing requirements, greater competition, the need to negotiate for your interests, and sometimes increased expenses.

The trend in a natural way will be tied up with explanatory conversations in which you will have to stand up for your opinion, you will probably have to balance between some kind of relentlessness, perseverance, but also flexibility in communication in order to attract more support that would have a beneficial effect on you at different levels, can validate your positions in a team and/or protect you from losses - literally or in a more general sense.

Gradually, you have the chances of winning something, this may be a bonus, a gift, additional sources of profit, options to have a positive impact on these priorities...

However, it is useful to not be too trusting, you should not take any big risks associated with cash flows, if you are going to interact with some type of institution - such as banks, tax, inheritance, settlement of controversial or property cases, then you should be more careful about the details, if necessary, look for trusted people or professionals to consult with.

Important news, some kind of clarity - would shift the layers of the relationships and contracts, some will be strengthened, others will end, the transformations will be lasting, you should be very focused on communication, you should avoid conflicts, in an optimal way you would free yourself from the things that weigh you down and this would happen in a very purposeful way and will be well thought out.

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June 3rd to 9th

The week starts with a New Moon, which can update your financial status. At the moment, it is very much related to the support you get from people important to you, or a kind of reflection of your partner's (personal or business) actions. This in practice means that, on the one hand, it is useful to focus on individuals who can influence you positively and have a stabilizing impact on you, and on the other, if someone is a cause for damage - in a more general sense, then you should consider how to distance yourself from this unfavorable impact on you...

During this and next week you will reduce some of your contacts, create new ones, and this will directly affect what you have in general. Many can generally change their environment, if it is impossible, they would take on new and better positions in a team if they want to distance themselves from certain personalities, and so on.

At this stage, you may have more expenses than usual, and in the optimal case, this would turn into a useful investment in your better image, social status, and even health... Just should not let others influence you too much and to change your interests...

In the second part of the week, your social activity is growing, you tend to fight for what you want and that is the right thing to do, it can become a reason for you to suddenly and quickly make some of your dreams come true and to transform your life. Pleasant surprises and news are a very positive sign that your life will be transformed into a better direction for you.

If not everything is developing just as you'd expect, then you should take advantage of the support of the stars and create this opportunity yourself. Chances are mainly for those born in the first decanate, but also for everyone else, to a certain extent.

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May 27th to June 3rd

Venus is in your zodiacal sign and protects you very strongly. It acts like a magnet, thanks to which you can attract what you actually consider to be of value to you - these can be purely material priorities, but it might also be loved ones, and so on.

In any case, you are in a wonderful time to take on more prestigious positions in a team, many will enjoy the support of influential personalities, friends, and so on.

More distant prospects for development are being created, they may be associated with a promotion, if that is not possible, then you may want to improve your qualifications or change your course of action by moving, even traveling.

Your environment of existence indicates a very strong impact, part of your environment may help your growth, even purely material, but it is not out of the question to come under the influence of individuals who can destabilize you, not openly, but in the form of manipulations. You should be careful and beware of incorrect attitude in order to protect your interests, you should not trust everything heard.

In another option - you invest in yourself, your loved ones and that way you have more expenses...

Some of you feel challenged to enter into "verbal fights" and actively defend your opinions and so it is right in order to avoid losing control over certain situations.

You deal with documents, long-term contracts, you can target legal cases if you are interested in doing that.

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May 20th to 26th

Venus already transits through your zodiac sign, in this sector it is in its greatest power and will act as a "magnet", which would help you to attract glances with greater ease, you would gain sympathy, you would achieve your goals; this statement is valid for everybody but especially those born in the first decanate of the zodiac, who may experience strange enthusiasm, a sense that their lives can be transformed according to personal desires, some kind of liberation from something that weighs them, new opportunities that stand in the way, especially if they are wanted. If old prospects are past their time, other will definitely appear on the horizon.

In a natural way your social activity grows, you use words like weapons, you defend your interests quite successfully, sometimes aggressively, probably and not without reason, but because you are provoked to lead "verbal battles" or in order to not miss out on some chances, to cope with increased competition, and so on.

In the second part of the period, the focus is on financial flows, what you have in general, some of the trends move in inertia, others are now set, and you have to channel them in the optimal direction for you, you will have this opportunity.

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May 13th to 19th

You can get a kind of stabilization, promotion, or satisfaction by being more proactive, communicating with people outside your immediate environment, including influential, powerful people, traveling, coping with important documents, self-promotion, and focusing on more distant prospects of development. I must remind you that the Moon is growing, the Sun is in your zodiacal sign and you are now building an energy program for the whole year ahead. You must be active and make your dreams come true.

Until May 15th, Venus is in Aries, there are intense passions and desires, but only a small part of them are prominent. However, during the first part of the week, you get the chance to make a secret dream come true, it may be related to a person who is a subject to your attention or purely financial flows, for example – you might change your source of income, find a supporter, alternatives to profits that offset some increased expenses.

From May 16th, Venus will transit through your zodiac sign, you will gradually feel its beneficial effect as many may change something in their line of behavior, appearance, you may surprise other people, in most cases pleasantly or in a way that is more favorable for you. With greater ease, you will part with anything you consider to have past its time, at the same time spontaneously and quickly you can attract luck, symbolized by Venus.

It is possible that there is increased competition, but you will become socially more active, you will use your words as a weapon and you will defend your opinion...

In the last days of the period, there is a Full Moon that highlights your relationships, you must analyze what's going on in order to remove any weak links and increase the positives...

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