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January 27th to February 2nd

This week, you can make important, final decisions, take the appropriate steps in your chosen direction, which will affect key issues related to your social status or relationships and at least your reputation. In this process, your environment will be very strongly influenced, it can inspire you with interesting and creative ideas, you may receive support and inspiration.

At the same time, not everyone will be so benevolent, it is possible that there are those who have a negative impact on your social status, positions in a team or can directly become a source of financial loss.

You will obviously have to carefully choose your environment of existence, not be too trusting, although in most cases you will be able to identify the type of dishonesty and avoid it, the trend will grow during the second part of the period and into the next week so that you turn possible negatives into positives.

Your soul is filled with a lot of passion and vivid emotional experiences that may encourage you to act out of ideals or fears, but in both cases, it is useful to seek and find a center for more practical appraisals and for the more distant future, so as not to lose direction ...

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January 20th to 26th

You enter one of the most important periods for you during the year when you influence and determine your social status in the future - career development, marital relations, or at least your reputation. The above has the strongest and most pronounced impact on those born in the first decanate, but also on everyone else to a certain extent. The stars will require some kind of upgrade, and in the process, you must actively defend your interests, be more active, proactive, be more creative, open up to something new and different, get rid of what is hindering your success or your sense of happiness - in general.

Many will gather enough energy and motivation to act and face the challenges, they can start processes, especially after the New Moon on January 24th, which will transform their way of being in a sudden, fast way. You can identify opportunities that suddenly get in your way and turn provocations to your advantage or eliminate them, but you should not prolong them in order to prevent them from sprouting and destabilizing you for a long time.

Your social activity is significant, others are affecting your financial status or are quite transformative. In this process, there will definitely be individuals who will support you, inform you, help you, but there will also be those who will act against your interests and can literally cause you loss - material or moral. It is important that you do not allow them to engage in acts of dishonesty or intrigue, but also be more careful about who you trust when signing financial documents or interacting with individuals that affect your well-being.

You can see the truth, discover secrets if there is some kind of dishonesty in the personal or business relationships, you will be able to identify it, however, it is advisable to be alert... Satisfaction or support, more chances are unlocked by the influence of people far from you - literally and in a more general sense, influential personalities or this might also happen in the event of travel. The more qualifications and experience you demonstrate, the broader your horizons of development and popularity will be.

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January 13th to 19th

You are still in a period where you can get a promotion, moral satisfaction as a result of demonstrating high qualification, negotiation with influential people, including those outside your immediate area.

You have good luck when you travel, you can handle paperwork well, including legal cases, if you are interested.

Your attention is drawn to people who are away from you - literally or figuratively, and in fact, they can transform your life.

In another case, you are dreaming of longer-term development prospects, because there you find more options, you build long-term plans that take longer to accomplish and you set off in that direction.

This week some people may appear - friends or colleagues who support you strongly and surprise you pleasantly, this is true for everyone, but especially for those born in the first decanate. You can take advantage and be more socially active with the corresponding benefits.

During the second part of the period, you may have to fight for your interests more and more, you can come out victorious, if you respond creatively to any provocation, use something different to get a better result. Many will spontaneously respond in that manner, they can suddenly change their direction of development and they can surprise others with their reactions.

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December 30th to January 5th

Most of your dreams are becoming bolder, you are changing your mindset and your future plans. You can be strongly influenced, in the process, by influential personalities or people far away from you - literally or in a figurative sense that will attract your attention with suggestions and ideas...

Alternatively, you can successfully deal with documents, you can sign long-term contracts.

If your plans are related to a promotion, if you have to travel or move for that, show high qualification, you will actually flip through a new page in your life and go a long way, you will move forward in life.

You get interesting, useful news that will actually break the status quo, expand the prospects for you, the question is whether you will accept these changes or not...

You are now more open to the new, the different, you are presenting yourself in an unconventional light, in most cases, it has a positive, liberating effect. In the end, you are affirming the positions that you want and that you are pursuing…

If you have chosen a goal that is right, in harmony with your interests, but also with your desires, then the chance of achieving it will be more than great.

You will feel increasingly more passion, and similar experiences are not excluded, which will transform your life and what you have in general.

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December 23rd to 29th 

The New Moon on December 26th will give you a chance to push the boundaries of what is possible in front of you, to get better social positions, to climb the hierarchical ladder, but this will only be possible if you stick to some kind of moral stance, demonstrate high initiative and creativity, as well as high qualification or strive to learn new things...

If your future plans are related to travel, relocation, then you will get a "green light" that can take you quite far - literally and figuratively.

The people born in the first decanate, but also everyone else, will be more and more creative, will present themselves in a renewed light, will reveal new traits of character and corresponding new opportunities for prosperity.

The more open you are to the new, the wider the horizons will be.

The people around you will act as a stimulus for development or an irritant; increased competition is not excluded, requirements that will encourage you to do your best and take leading or independent positions.

There will also be some people that will provide you with energy or other support.

In this process, some relationships will become stronger and others will remain in the past, you will have to change your positions in the team due to relocations, a new social role, a changed way of thinking, communication that will naturally affect your public position.

You can already feel the "winds of change". You should take advantage of that and guide the events in the right direction. Do not try to keep the status quo that needs to be broken, try to upgrade it or open a new page...

Opportunities are emerging for you to sign new and longer contracts, if you are interested in this, to handle legal cases or to leave behind and old contracts at the expense of new and more promising ones.

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December 16th to 22nd

You are in a transformative period, which at this stage seems to be determined by people important to you, personal or business partners. There may be an energetic personality in your immediate environment that stimulates you to move in a certain direction, and in the distant future. In most cases, the impact will be positive, contributing to your own growth, possibly acquiring improved social positions if your living conditions allow it.

However, sometimes you may feel that certain individuals are aggressively entering your space, or sometimes you may need to comply with them more than usual, they tend to change you, etc. Whatever it is, now is a good time to steer your relationship in a more positive direction. Sharp turns are hardly possible, many of the trends are already set, but you can still adjust and influence them, trying to use the energy of the other person and not oppose it.

The level of coping will also affect your financial status and what you have in general.

You will need to beware of the inappropriate influence of a team in which you exist, friends, colleagues, in order not to harm you or cause you losses.

Ideally, if someone is misleading you, you will be able to identify them, which is always helpful. In another case, you will invest more in yourself…

Venus goes into Aquarius on December 20th and will have a liberating effect on you. Until January 13th, 2020 you will present yourself in a different light that will surprise others. You will attract attention, you will have a chance to positively influence your image, social position, etc.

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December 9th to 15th

You are in a very transformative period and you may be wondering which path to take in the future. The trend may be that you want to change your environment in order to break away from some unpleasant or even harmful influences, during this period you will be able to identify them very clearly.

You have a strong desire to get out of your comfort zone and you can do it by acting more boldly, transforming one of your relationships, attracting energetic, active partners to support you by being more socially active.

In another case, you may decide to travel, or people who are far away from you - literally and in a more general sense, who would have a significant impact on you and can transform your future prospects.

If you want a type of promotion, new opportunities and are looking for them - you will be able to find them to a certain extent, in the way described above.

Many will probably change something in their approach, and in most cases, this change will have a positive effect, even if it is not always wanted…

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