Taurus Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

November 11th to 17th

The Full Moon on November 12th illuminates your relationships (personal or business), you have a chance to consolidate them, you have the opportunity to resolve any misunderstandings between you and people important to you. If there were any controversial issues or unresolved issues between you, you are now entitled to a second attempt to clear them, to point them in a more positive direction for you.

Alternatively, you can resume an old relationship, regain some kind of support you lost.

The information flow is very intense, you hear interesting suggestions that bring you back to the past, it is a matter of choice whether you will accept them.

In any case, the period is extremely favorable to transform your life in a more positive direction through cooperation, negotiations, explanatory conversations, which will become an occasion for some kind of stabilization and prosperity at different levels.

Your popularity is growing, you will not lack attention and support and you can take more prestigious positions in the team, your influence will grow. Not everybody will be all that benevolent, but the individuals who harm you will be easily identified, you will have enough resources to deal with their negative impact, remove them from your path, etc.

Your everyday life is very busy, but also effective, you can make a turn or tangible transformation at work, you might start making more money as a result of approval by the people responsible for your prosperity.

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November 4th to 10th

You are in a period where you can strengthen your relationship, if there were misunderstandings, now you are given a second chance to smooth them out. In the process, you can change your line of behavior, but you can expect the same from the opposite side - they will probably also think about some of their destructive decisions from the past.

Relationships created or established now will be reliable for a long time.

You are more likely to take on more prestigious team positions as a result of the support you receive.

You might climb the hierarchical ladder if working conditions allow it.

You might feel a lot of passion, prompting you to make some changes in your life, and in most cases, they will be enriching... You become more bold, ready to experiment, you can discover new and unsuspected powers within yourself.

However, your daily routine is quite busy, even above average. Conflicts in your workplace with powerful people who you're generally better off trying to avoid are not excluded. A direct confrontation is only appropriate if you are aware and have accepted all the consequences. If the differences cannot be overcome, you can end contracts and open a new page.

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October 28th to November 3rd

A leading topic for most of you is your personal or business relationships. With the New Moon at the beginning of the week, a new beginning is being created in this area of your life. In most cases, however, this new beginning will be related to something old that has escalated as a topic in your past relationships. If tension and misunderstandings have escalated, then they will now require clarification, probably by changing your approach in order to get a different and more satisfying result than the present one.

It is possible to have explanatory conversations, hear some news and suggestions that have a lasting impact or imprint deep into your soul and consciousness. Some topic that has not developed properly and yet again concerns the relationship, will catch your attention, it may turn into a leitmotif for a long time, per se until early December and what is happening now is indicative and will determine a big part of the important to you personal or business relationships. All this will set the tone for the coming month.

You should consciously guide the events in the best direction for you, you should be as proactive as possible in this direction. Surprises in your relationships are not excluded, they will show you to whom and to what extent you can count on, what upgrade you need to allow in order to prevent destabilization and even loss.

If this is not a leading topic for you, then it would be your social status and the need to present yourself in the best possible light to assert your credibility with the appropriate positives.

There is tension in your workplace or in your daily engagements, it requires you to overcome increased demands, expectations, and competition. If you manage to do that - you will climb up the hierarchal ladder, otherwise, you may decide to look for another field for realization.

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October 21st to 27th

An increasingly important topic for you is becoming your relationships. The reasons for this may be that they need some kind of updating and changes in order for any tension to be cleared up. This applies to everyone to a certain extent, but it is of big importance to those born in the first decanate. In most cases, you can rely on the kindness of the people you care about. If you want to strengthen your relationships, you will have this opportunity and how they will develop in the future will depend mainly on you. You might have explanatory conversations or hear some news that make you happy.

The ones born in the third decanate of the zodiac sign can experience a magical love, meet a partner if they do not have one and they can also clear any misunderstandings ...

Another leading topic for you may be your professional realization, which at this stage is filled with engagements above the average level, in another case - the requirements and claims to you are increasing, business trips are not excluded or you need to improve your knowledge and qualification. You would have to, more than usual, comply with influential or powerful people. You can handle this challenge, it will help you consolidate your positions, claim your authority and even deal with increased competition, in a more unpleasant way - bad people in the workplace... If events do not develop as described above, then you may decide to change your professional realization and focus on something else that has more perspective for you.

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October 14th to 20th

Your daily routine is still very busy, with no commitments that require additional mobilization to overcome any challenge or difficulty, but with a direct impact on your career development or at least your image. You have a significant chance of coping and even turning the challenges into benefits by trusting more powerful and influential people in your workplace.

If you work as a freelancer, then you will have a chance to raise your income. If the working conditions allow it - you can climb the hierarchical ladder again as a result of the approval you get.

If you want changes that are more satisfying for you, now is the time to act. Anyway, your working conditions are changing in some way and you have to be focused, otherwise, these transformations will only escalate due to external reasons that do not depend on you. Another leading topic for you is relationships, until October 17th you will face a lot of challenges, surprises and sometimes twists and turns, this applies to everyone, but especially to those born during the first decanate.

The aspects of the stars are such that they require some updating, especially if there is tension in the period described above... In this case, it is good to analyze what transformations to cause, which will have a stabilizing and positive effect ...

In fact, during the second part of the week, there is a gradual relief, you will actually strengthen important relationships for you, your popularity will grow, you will, more and more, feel like there is someone to rely on...

You can set a new beginning in your relationship and it will prove to be long-lasting, stabilizing and positive ...

If you are not in a relationship, a friendship can grow into a romance that is also reliable ...

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October 7th to 13th

You are increasingly busy with commitments, and by the end of this week, no additional tasks are to be accomplished, there might be some new working conditions, increased demands from influential personalities... You may need to enrich your knowledge or business trips, which again take your daily routine out of the ordinary rhythm.

Your high initiative will now help you cope with all of the above and even overcome growing competition…

At the end of the week, your chances of being rewarded increase - you get a lot of support, approval, you might also get a bonus, promotion or at least a moral incentive.

You need to keep in mind that you are in a key, transformative period when it comes to your workplace positions. The more proactive you are, even if you have to overcome some difficulties, the more significant success you will achieve. If such a scenario is impossible in terms of working conditions, then many will focus on something else that is more inspiring, appropriate and you will flip through a new page…

On October 9th, Venus, your protector will pass into Scorpio and will intensify your feelings and the passion in your soul. It is not excluded that a person may appear on the horizon to attract your attention. Relationships throughout the week will surprise you with some news, suggestions and explanatory conversations. Whether it will be to your advantage or not - much depends on the trends already accumulated, on your own changed attitude and behavior, what you want... But in most cases, you can count on the goodwill on the other side ...

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September 30th to 6th October

You are in the right period to renew your positions in the workplace, or you will need more than usual to prove yourself to colleagues and powerful people. The reasons may be different - changed working conditions, additional commitments or requirements to you. Whatever it is, some type of mobilization will be very useful to you, if you present yourself in an excellent light, overcome some type of challenge and meet some expectations, then you will consolidate your positions, otherwise, you may be displaced.

Alternatively, you decide to look for a new job to be more successful and happy. During the second part of the week, everyday life becomes more stressed, people can stimulate you, or they can be competitors to deal with, and in the most unpleasant form - they might be irritating people... Be careful and avoid getting into conflicts.

There is an increasing likelihood that you have conversations with important people in the last few days of the period, it may be your partner or another person who makes interesting suggestions.

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September 23rd to 29th

Your daily routine is likely to become more busy and dynamic this week. These may be additional commitments that may arise and may be additional requirements that you must comply with and respond to, and there might also be some bad people around you, competitors that must be eliminated from your path ...

In another case this week, you understand what is blocking your path to success and finding a way to overcome the challenges as you rely on broader support from colleagues, influential people, people with whom you interact in your workplace or on whom your well-being depends... You will not lack approval and support, you can take advantage of it and you can start making more money or you can turn challenges into benefits ...

Alternatively, if the current positions do not suit you, then you can take action to change your professional career, if not immediately, then in the near future, and at this time you can successfully negotiate for your future plans relevant personalities to whom you can you rely on this process. If you are not in a relationship, you can find love in your workplace.

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September 16th to 22nd

Cases involving loved ones (children and partners) - this week are developing quite successfully. If there are any types of changes, they are also considered positive and supportive. It is possible to outline some longer-term transformations of development in your relationship.

Successful interaction with business partners, influential people, or authority figures, including ones who are from you. Possible trips also have a powerful, transformative impact on your love relationships.

You are in a strong period and your dreams come true. This can be related to a chance to unleash your creative potential, and if you are interested - you could have your own business or participate in projects.

Your daily life is moving faster than usual, commitments at work might grow, but you also handle them excellently, meet support from colleagues, present yourself in excellent light, and actually enter a strong, supportive period to take decisive steps that help you climb up the hierarchical ladder or at least to assert your authority.

A flirt at work could grow into a romantic affair if this is something that you want.

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September 9th to 15th

Almost throughout the whole period /until Sunday/, Venus, your protector, transits through Virgo in the "company" of Mercury. In practice, it will make you more talkative, but you will also mix in a rather pleasant way - practical moods, with greater sensitivity and charm.

It is very likely that by the end of the week you will be the center of attention, your words can have a strong impact on others, without exaggeration it can be said that you will also have a dose of luck that you should take advantage of.

It is important for you now to strengthen important for you personal relationships - with partners, children, if you have any, or if you have your own business, your activities are creative, you are involved in projects, then - at this point you will be able to make a breakthrough, to achieve significant success in all of the above. However, unfortunately, you will probably find that not all are so friendly to you - friends, colleagues or outspoken manipulators and bad people - are capable of messing up your future plans to some extent, but you will have sufficient resources to counteract and to deal with it, if necessary. A lot of the events around September 13th show you who and to what extent you can count on…

Starting or strengthening relationships during this time - will be a clear sign of reliability and loyalty for a long time. Ending of some contacts might happen if there is an inaccuracy and you now identify it.

You might spend more money throughout the period, especially in the days of the Full Moon. Those expenses should be well thought out, but it is not appropriate to be in debt or to take any big financial risks.

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