Mariana (substitute for Astrolada)

Mariana (substitute for Astrolada) Astrologer

Celebrity Astrologer

Astrolada: “I trust no other astrologer in the world as much as Mariana. For me she is the best! I send all my friends to her and whenever I have an important astrology question, I ask her for a reading for me. Now that I cannot make readings myself, I have asked her to substitute for me, because she is THE BEST!” 

Celebrities, successfull business people and social figures consider Mariana their guiding light through the maze of life and fortune! This exclusive astrologer has graciously agreed to offer her personal written reports for Astrolada and our clients! I am ecstatic to have such an esteem astrologer, who is also one of my mentors! Mariana is based in Bulgaria, where her amazing skills are constantly displayed on national TV- she maps the lives of important figures and events. 80% of her predictions have come true so far!! 

Mariana is a student of the Russian astrology school, which is proving to be the most progressive, prolific, scientifically tested and accurate astrology in the world now! I am humbled by her skills and almost psychic-razor like insights! I constantly get chills down my spine when I watch Marian work with clients. 
Once a client has a reading with Mariana, they always follow up. 

Here are my services

Answer to One Specific Question $92

Mariana will answer in depth-2-3 pages to any question you might have. 
Once you order leave your birth details and description of your question below

Relocation Horoscope $144

12 Months Predictive Horoscope $299

A month by month in depth predictions for any important or specific topics for the next 12 months. Advice on best decisions and where and how to focus your energy to be successful. 
Once you order you can leave your birth details and questions in the form below. 

Written Relationship Horoscope $177

In depth look at the 2 separate horoscopes of the people in question, and their specific qualities, fates and direction of develop. Then combining the 2 horoscopes and looking at the compatibility between them and the future trends, which predict the most likely development of the relationship. 

Once you order, leave the details of both people in the form below, plus a description of the current situation in the relationship. 

Written Karmic Life Horoscope $350

Covers all important life topics and a break down of how your life proceeds through the different ages. 

Once you order the horoscope, contact Marian from the form below with your birth details and any questions. 

Extensive Written Life Horoscope + Predictions $365

Mariana answers in a written horoscope any number of specific or questions you might have regarding your life, includes character and life theme analysis(Love, career, money etc) and predictions. 
Once you order you can leave your details and questions from the form below. 

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