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18th January to 23rd


In the first days of the new week, an important or significant event concerning your financial security may escalate. At the moment, your well-being is related to the support and approval that you can or should receive from influential people, personal or business partners, financial institutions. What is happening is not accidental, it is not unambiguous. On January 18th we are under the influence of the Full Moon, it represents a lot of knowledge, a kind of denouement of already set trends. In the optimal case - you will have overcome challenges, behind which - you find many more chances in front of you. You might receive a lot of money, fall under someone's care, enjoy moral satisfaction.


If this is not the case, then - in the coming weeks you will have to make a turn to be more successful or you may need to - change your environment, distance yourself from certain people who rather you cause damage. The Sun enters the zodiac sign Aquarius on January 20th and after that date, you will feel much freer, the feeling of leaving a burden on your back will grow permanently because you identify new chances that are emerging on the horizon, this trend will grow in the coming weeks and will increasingly encourage you to experiment, act bolder, look for and find alternatives that contribute to the feeling of happiness. At this stage - these are mostly ideas, feelings, and moods, but it is good not to neglect your inner voice, it will be a sure guide to future prosperity.


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11th January to 17th


You are in a key period regarding your career development, social status. On the one hand, you have the chance to make positive changes as a result of support from people who affect your well-being and future development, as well as government and financial institutions. On the other hand, your resilience can be tested because you have to prove yourself more to others, meet higher demands, deal with increased competition, and sometimes even outspoken ill-wishers. You can act strategically, avoid conflicts, join forces with those with whom you look in the same direction, have common interests, and can be mutually beneficial. Partnerships are also tested for sustainability, if in the past there are some misunderstandings, something erosive and even secret, unspoken, which ruins your relationship, it will now escalate and let it become an occasion to clear it and leave it behind forever. If all is well in your relationships, then you can consolidate your relationship and expect the same in the future.


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3rd January to 9th 2022


Mercury, your protector, is already in Aquarius and will encourage you to act more unpredictably, sometimes surprisingly, some of you will react spontaneously and unpredictably to possible injustices or what irritates you, hinders your path to success ... This trend will grow next week... You are in a very transformative period, during which you may have the feeling that you are on the verge of a crossroads in life, and the direction you choose will be directly determined by who you can count on. Some of you will have a chance to regain a past opportunity that has a beneficial effect on your social status or financial situation. This will happen as a result of support from certain individuals. But not everyone will be so friendly, it is possible that the competition in your environment is growing or it may be more aggressive individuals who affect your future development.


You may choose to comply with them or eliminate them strategically, it’s a matter of choice and opportunity. Personal and business relationships have a strong impact on your future development, so your future success will largely depend on who you trust, who you allow yourself. Interaction with financial and state institutions requires you to be more careful ... During the second part of the week enough important events escalate and with a wide impact on your career development, social status, focus carefully, you will have such an opportunity ... Partnerships are more emotional, may require a dose of compromise on your part.


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27th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022


You are in a very transformative period. You may have the feeling that you are on the verge of a crossroads in life, and the direction you can or should choose will be according to who and what support you receive, sometimes purely financial, and in other cases moral. And in a natural way, many may engage in dialogues to clear up any misunderstandings between them and certain individuals that affect your well-being, personal or business relationships. You may have to defend your interests or you will try to delegate responsibilities so that you are not harmed... In this way, you can reach great clarity, turn some challenges in your favor, get more support, and so on. You may need to interact more actively with financial institutions, banks, tax, insurance companies. If these are outstanding topics from the past, you can now direct them in a more positive direction. But it is not advisable to take too many risks, to borrow money, in general, you need to be more careful when signing financial documents. Most of you have an energetic personal or business partner, who helps you, stabilizes you for a long time. The time is right to heal your relationship with such a person, even if it requires you to sometimes show more communication, sometimes a dose of compromise ...


It is also possible to exist in a healthy and stimulating competitive environment ... On January 2nd, Mercury, your protector will move into Aquarius and help you shake off the kind of restrictions that in some cases you may have created yourself put because you have stuck to the past or norms and rules that are not always to your liking. With the transition of Mercury to Aquarius, you will feel freer, even due to the fact that it is easier to welcome something new that may invade your life. You change your perceptions, your way of thinking even, respectively - you transform future perspectives of development ... On January 2nd the New Moon is coming and it can have an enriching effect or give you a chance to deal with more complex and complicated cases.


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20th to 26th December 


This week you can receive very strong support from energetic, enterprising individuals who will pave the way for your own and high ambitions. You yourself will be strongly oriented in this direction - to interact actively with people important to you, to negotiate, receive wider support ... Now you will have a chance to attract an influential person on your side, communication with people outside the close or traditional environment is quite fruitful, gives you opportunities, expands your horizons of development, stabilizes you. In the process, you will rethink who you allow, hold on to, or rejoice in. In most cases, your judgments will be appropriate, accurate, and correct, so if you leave someone behind, you will break an addiction that harms you, financially or morally. Or you can get involved in a long process of negotiating with people and institutions to protect yourself from losses. In this case, you will be required to change something in your approach to get a different and better result than before. If you have old debts, you will be reminded of them, but you can also get back something lost that they owe you, if there is something ...


At the end of the year you will be required to break the boundaries of what has been achieved so far, to go beyond the familiar and the status quo, for this you will help or stimulate certain relationships, personal or business, interests, also high qualification, which will push you forward. This is a great time to strengthen personal or business partnerships, especially those that contribute to your prosperity in general and can get you out of the vortex of possible dissatisfaction. Some of the chances will stand in your way, and others - you can initiate.


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13th to 19th December


You are still in a period when those around you have a significant impact and above average. Part of the environment - will contribute to your better development prospects. Communicating with people outside the immediate or traditional environment, these can be influential, highly qualified, or people in power - will push you forward, pave the way for your dreams, or better future opportunities for realization. It is possible that you are reminded of people from the past, old and unresolved topics to escalate and demand that you pay attention to them. Optimally, you get an energetic partner who helps you on different levels. In another option, competition begins to grow, high demands that you must meet.


It is always important to avoid conflicts, to avoid deception, to be careful who you trust, because certain people can destabilize you, damage your social status or reputation. You will be able to identify them at the beginning of the period and let this be an occasion to build the right strategy. The week is important or indicative of your partnership. If there are misunderstandings between you and your partner, it is advisable to clear them now so that you do not drag them out in the future and with the corresponding consequences. If there is something secret or unspoken between you, it will be more visible. What is happening now has a wide impact on your personal or business relationships, a Full Moon is coming on December 19th, the Moon is in your zodiac sign, so at the end of the week there will be a lot of events and news, a kind of resolutions that will affect your relationships or social status, you will be able to influence and direct events – so you should make the most of it.


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7th to 12th December


By the end of this week, your daily routine can be quite busy due to many current commitments that you have to reject because changes in your workplace are escalating, these may be increased requirements for you, the need to increase your skills, and sometimes forced travel, cases out of the ordinary. Whatever it is, if you meet the expectations, deal with some challenges that affect your career development by building a strategy, showing more flexibility, being more proactive, demonstrating your qualities, then - this week you can achieve successes that will increase your income or strengthen your credibility, will be an occasion for positive transformations that you may have to maintain later and for a longer period of time.


Another important topic is your personal or business partnerships. This is a good time to strengthen them, clear up any misunderstandings. If you still look in different directions and your common future is impossible, then this will be more visible than usual. If everything is fine between you and your partner, this will be a great sign, you can count on the same in the future. Your success at different levels depends on the support and approval of others - in general. This support is now being transformed, you can influence it, the time is very right to influence and direct to improve your well-being or to ensure some peace of mind in the future ...


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29th November to 5th December


During this week, your daily life may be burdened with many commitments, even above average, but at the same time - you achieve success, which you can then count on in the coming months, and maybe a much longer period of time, per se in the coming about two and a half years. If working conditions allow it, then this week you can increase your income, or at least you will cope with increased competition, requirements, attract attention and receive approval from energetic or influential people. An excellent period to have a positive effect on your health, if you are interested. Another and leading topic for you are personal or business relationships. The messages to you are not unambiguous, there will be people who will show you loyalty, will help you if you need it. But if there are those in your environment who are a bad influence, this will be more visible than usual and will force you to take appropriate measures this week and next.


On December 4th there will be a New Moon with a Solar Eclipse, which may take you on new rails of development, this may affect your living environment, public positions, and may also affect partnerships. Over the next six months or so, topics that are escalating now will grow, they can transform your life. As you know, it is always easier to influence events in the beginning, from this point of view it is advisable to concentrate on strengthening important relationships for you and clearing up possible misunderstandings, what is happening will have a wide impact, perspective contacts will be renewed, but others which must be significantly transformed or terminated - again, they will give you a sign. Most of you will now take an active position and so it is right, you can get closer to people who can stabilize or improve the future and further promising development. Communicating with people outside your immediate or traditional environment is a conduit for opportunities.


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23rd November to 28th


An increasingly important topic for you is becoming your personal or business relationships. During this week you can get back a person important to you from the past or old and unresolved issues that affect your relationships - may reactivate, but now you should give them a chance to focus on a more positive and constructive direction, this will intensify as a trend at the end of this and the beginning of next week. Of course, the end result depends a lot on what you want, and what has already accumulated in important relationships for you. As a rule, the past catches up with you and you can make an impact if there is a perspective for the respective contacts.


Those that are past their time, under the influence of these aspects - will finally be left behind. Another important topic for you can be your professional realization, if the working conditions allow it - you will get a promotion, satisfaction, some tension will decrease and will be channeled in a more positive and constructive direction for you. Everyday life is busy with many commitments, but now it is quite appropriate to demonstrate qualities, your efforts will have a long-term impact. The stars support you in this area of ​​life and it is worth being more proactive, many will do just that with the corresponding positives.


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16th to 22nd November


The Moon is rising and tending to a Full Moon with a partial Lunar Eclipse, which will be on November 19th. This means that this week in your life there will be important or significant events that affect your professional realization. You may need to adapt to new working conditions, and the more consciously and purposefully you allow something different to be adequate to changed requirements or expectations, the more you will benefit from current situations and turn them to your advantage. At the same time, the stars will urge you to rearrange your priorities so that you get rid of what is destructive to you at work or literally in everyday life. You will have enough tips in this direction so that you are healthier and happier.


Your daily life will be out of the usual rhythm, in brighter colors it will show you what should be left behind. If, however, some of the trends are not in your favor, you may end relationships or contracts that are already past their time, but in that case - you have nothing to regret. If you move in the right direction, then you will now receive enough moral or material support, with the appropriate positives. This is an appropriate period to concentrate on tasks that contribute to your well-being, to clear yourself of something toxic, literally and in a broader sense, part of what is happening will move more and more by inertia... You can expect key events, some type of resolutions, and news at the end of the week. Love is transformed, renewed according to how much you can count on your partner. In most cases, however, you will enjoy support...


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8th to 14th November


You are entering an important stage in your professional realization. You can achieve success, to outline a kind of "light in the tunnel", a way out or solutions to complicated cases, a kind of challenges that you have to overcome in connection with career development, a kind of stability. Now there are chances to turn all the challenges in your favor, but this will be a consequence of your own initiative in this direction, relying on an inventive approach, the ability to peek beyond the visible, to follow causal relationships to make the right decisions.


It is possible to come across some truths that will show you more distant prospects for development, even if not everything is heard, realized to your taste, it will still be useful. Success can bring you support and approval from people who affect your well-being, influential people, personal or business partners… Interaction with financial and government institutions is also good and useful in most cases, so you should take advantage… In terms of love, you are experiencing a kind of catharsis that should strengthen your relationships.


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1st to 8th November


Your professional realization is becoming an increasingly important topic for you. It is possible that your daily life will become more busy with commitments due to increased requirements, new working conditions changed conditions in which they exist, etc. Optimally, you will now be maximally concentrated and mobilized, you will give your best, so you will meet these expectations, sometimes - exaggerated competition, workload and so you will win a difficult victory, you will turn all the challenges into your advantage. A New Moon is coming on November 4th, which will set a new beginning in your professional realization. In some cases, this will mean that you will take new positions, they may be more responsible, also that you are moving to a new stage of your development, and if you are not satisfied with your current implementation, then you can cause some transformations to relieve your daily life from stress.


Everything that happens will be with an element of surprise, so you can suddenly get additional opportunities, but you can also identify hidden dangers. If there is something that works behind your back or is out of your control, it will be more visible than usual, so it's nice around the New Moon and after it, to act differently so as to get a different and better result than this in the past, you may need to be more flexible and creative. It is advisable to build a strategy at the beginning, which can have a wide impact in the future. Your protector Mercury moves into Scorpio on November 6th, so you will develop an additional sense of danger, your instincts will be sharpened, you will be able to track causal relationships so as to guide the end result in an optimal way. For a long time, you are entering a period during which your happiness and well-being will be determined directly by the support and approval of people important to you, who influence your future development, so you need to concentrate in this direction. You might feel less affection or love also passes into a transforming period... It is good to be more careful about your health...


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25th October to 31st


The focus for most of you will be your professional realization. You will feel more and more pressure - to be mobilized so as to respond to new working conditions, increased requirements, etc. In another case, the commitments will grow and this trend will intensify in the next few weeks. At the same time, this is an optimally favorable period during which you can or should prove yourself at work, and the successes you achieve will then grow in the coming months and years. Some of you may have to enrich your knowledge and qualifications, others can travel on a business trip, etc. Still the key to your success or happiness is cooperation, finding support and approval from people important to you, including outside your close, traditional environment, but this may require more effort ...


The messages to you are not unambiguous ... On the one hand, there will be people who will support you, will become a bridge to your success, and on the other - acting erosively, disloyally and will have a bad effect on your positions, social status, etc. In such aspects, you must be careful who you allow to yourself. In terms of partnerships - you enjoy more attention, support from loved ones ... But if you have accumulated misunderstandings in the past, now they will manifest themselves, they manifest themselves as mistrust, alienation, and in more unpleasant form - disloyalty. Analyze what is happening by trusting your inner voice, be focused on the events, and eliminate possible weaknesses ...


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18th October to 24th


From the beginning of the week, your protector Mercury will be in a direct movement, so you will quickly gain speed in a direction that will allow you to influence relationships important to you. At the same time, revaluations are not excluded, which again concern important relationships for you. The reasons for this may be an escalation of a conflict of interest when talking about a business relationship, in which case you will need to develop a strategy to deal with unfair competition, an impact that may cause you material or moral damage, have an adverse effect on your career development or reputation. In this sense, you need to be careful who you trust, you need to keep an eye on the events and build some kind of strategy to turn challenges into benefits and not let anyone harm you.


You fully understand how you deal with these messages in the days around the Full Moon, which is on October 20th. What happens then has a wide impact, so you have to be very careful. Increased costs are possible, optimally this will be an inevitable investment in loved ones or in your business if you have one. It is advisable to be very careful when interacting with financial institutions, it is not appropriate at this stage to borrow money. When it comes to romantic and love relationships, then your relationship can go through a test of strength and loyalty, then everything will move more by inertia ... In the second part of the week your daily life becomes busier and busier with commitments, you should rearrange them so that you are more efficient, but not overloaded ...


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