Gemini Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

January 21st to 27th

Since January 24th, Mercury, your ruler, transits through Aquarius, and you would feel this influence in the form of relief. You might get rid of limitations, restraints, and responsibilities - spontaneously and in current circumstances, but that may be the result of your own decisions and changed thinking, behavior, and so on.

In front of you and in a spontaneous way you would have some opportunities to get out of complicated and tangled situations, sometimes by making a sharp turn, and perhaps you are paying off with old debts, responsibilities - literally or in a figurative sense.

You get a lot of interesting opportunities and suggestions, you would not be missing support, especially if you are looking for it. At the same time, the flow of information surprises you a lot. You must be cautious when negotiating, possibly settling documents, including legal cases, some unforeseen circumstances are not out to be excluded.

An important for most of you person appears in your immediate surroundings of - this might be a supporter, a partner... It is good to negotiate your interests, build and strengthen relationships that would prove long-term, ones that bring you happiness or specific benefits. However, if there are any misunderstandings between you and your personal or business partners, they would also appear in a more severe form, but that might help you part with illusions that have a bad effect at different levels.

Your popularity grows, you take advantage of the aspects of the stars and you might take leadership positions, even if this is not always easy, it is important to carefully choose whom to trust.

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January 14th to 20th 

You are in a highly transforming period that affects your social status - your general or financial situation in particular, which greatly depends on the support you receive from partners - personal or business, influential individuals, financial institutions. It is very likely that you would encounter support that would enrich you - literally or in a figurative sense - to help you take on more prestigious positions in a team. But not everything would go so smoothly, it is possible to identify individuals that really might destabilize you.

As early as the first days of the week you get news that clear things up for you, you know to whom and to what extent you can rely on, it is possible to have conversations or make decisions that are especially constructive and to turn possible challenges to your advantage.

If this is not possible then you may decide to change your environment of existence and this would be considered a positive circumstance.

Your social activity is very high, you fight against competition, you might meet love if you are not in a relationship, including the fact that a friendship could grow into something more.

In the second part of the period, you must beware of unreasonable money spending, it is inappropriate to borrow money and to get loans if you have old debts or unsettled purely material priorities - you would be reminded of them. But you may want to get something lost back, which is the trend that has been encoded in the past and might resolve in an outcome.

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January 7th to 13th 

Most of you may feel pressurized by circumstances that have accumulated in the past or are more produced by "others" rather than by yourselves. This may put you at a crossroads, you need to make important decisions, in particular - who to leave in your immediate environment and who to part with because they bring you more losses (sometimes literally) than benefits.

The good news is that there are people who strongly support you if you need some kind of care. If you are looking for someone to collaborate with, a protector - you could find such a person. By January 20th in the life of many, there would actually be a benefactor, a personal or business partner, who could transform their lives, help them in difficult moments, reveal wider horizons, or be a reason for happiness and satisfaction...

It is useful to be as socially active as possible, although some of the chances in the face of specific people, suggestions, and circumstances would stand in your way on their own.

It is advisable at this stage, however, to avoid any debts, for example, to take loans, etc., because it is difficult to return them. If you still have debts, you would be reminded of them, it would be useful to mobilize and pay them off.

Interaction with state and financial institutions - banks, tax, etc. would not always be easy, it would require attention, accuracy, and precision.

Key events for what you have, in general, are going to be at the end of this and early next week.

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December 31th to January 6th 

A leading topic for most of you would be your material situation and it could be improved for a long time if you manage to attract influential people, partners, sponsors, workplace approval, etc. This is quite possible this week and would be directly determined by your own initiative in this direction.

Still, if you have any debts or if someone owes you something - this topic would be more prominent and would require some kind of mobilization, overcoming a challenge that would then ensure stability. The leading factor is also who and to what extent could you trust.

You should be more careful with documents relating to taxes, insurance, and loans, even inheritance issues, you must carefully choose the people you are cooperating with, whom you trust, and so on.

Competition around you grows, but in your immediate environment, a person may appear who could greatly stimulate you, help you cope with the increased demands or commitments.

On different occasions, there is a growing need to prove yourself more than usual in a team, to strengthen your position or to become more prestigious. Dealing with such priorities would transform your environment of existence, your financial situation, if not immediately, then after the New Moon and the partial Solar Eclipse on January 6th.

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December 24th to 30th

You deal with priorities that are related to your material state, stability at different levels of life, which at the moment depends very much on the material or moral support that you could get from people important to you.

You understand in brighter detail to whom and to what extent you can rely on, evaluate what's going on in order to focus on people and circumstances that would help you to save yourself some loses.

Interaction with official and state structures is not always easy, it is not a good time to borrow things, to be in debt, to lend money, but if you have old debts, they would gradually become a focal point so they could be repaid, deal with them, and so on.

It is not excluded that around your personal or business partners there would be changes that would affect you as well. The key to your success is now to carefully select your environment, remove from your surroundings those who destabilize or mislead you, you would have enough hints in that direction, which might also be a source of prosperity.

Still, at this stage, your own mobilization, flexibility, and constructiveness in your behavior are the cause of your true success and not the others.

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December 17th to 23rd

During this week, your popularity will grow, people may appear who would be considered to be "non-random" in your life and may have a beneficial effect on you for a long time, or the coming years, they might become a bridge to your success. You should negotiate and be socially active in order to boost this trend. You might get suggestions or hear some news that would change your public position.
If you are in a relationship, then you can consolidate your relationship through generous and enriching projects, for example, if you are not married – this might come up as an opportunity, you might discuss it, but it might be something else. Whatever it is, it is appropriate to take advantage of the support of the stars in this field of influence.
If you're not in a relationship, then a flirt might grow into something more serious...
You might also get an opportunity at your workplace to make your dreams come true, you present yourself in a special light, you act creatively and flexible and that is in your favor. In most cases, you find support from colleagues and not only... You are dealing with increased competition, which has recently been a problem for many or overturned the challenges to your advantage.

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December 10th to 16th

Your popularity grows, you often end up being the center of attention or some kind of discussion, and in the second part of the week the trend is getting stronger, people who are looking for your attention want some kind of discussion with you, including past unresolved cases that might come up again, but now they would be much more constructive and in your favor.
By mid-December, you may be faced with the need to deal with competitors that are less open and they are manipulative or dangerous. You should be careful with what such people could cause - especially during the second part of the week, especially on Friday and Saturday. Pay attention to what is happening, identify people and circumstances that work against your interests and remove them from your path.
Taking into account the above warnings, we can add that you are in a good time to stabilize your position in the workplace, you might even get a promotion if your working conditions allow it, but it may also be a moral satisfaction as a result of the support that you will get.
If you are alone, you might meet your love at your workplace.

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