Gemini Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

November 11th to 17th

Reorganizations in your workplace are likely, it is possible to rearrange your priorities so that you can consolidate your positions or climb up the hierarchal ladder. In any case, your daily routine is more busy than usual, but also effective.

You may regain the old opportunity or make up for any gaps that have a direct impact on your career or reputation.

The moment is very appropriate to raise your income as the result of approval by influential personalities and partners.

In the days around the Full Moon, which is November 12th, you understand what your past actions led to.

During the first part of the week, you actively participate in debates, you may be the center of attention, but you should rethink or fix past decisions to get optimum good chances for development in the future - you will have such chances.

There may be individuals in your immediate environment who strongly encourage you to develop, others who annoy you, confuse you, change your interests. Clearly need to be careful about who you trust, or be more flexible in communication to protect yourself.

You can attract a person who contributes to your happiness and prosperity. If you're not in a relationship - you can find love.

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November 4th to 10th

The focus is on your professional realization and you might have some reorganizations in this sector, a return to the past to catch up with any mistakes made. In the process, you can rethink old decisions, your colleagues might also change their attitude, but all this must have a positive and I would say enriching effect - you have a chance to turn the challenges into your benefit as a consequence of the support you receive to improve your positions at work or even get a promotion if working conditions allow it.

This is the best time to climb up the hierarchical ladder or to achieve successes that you will rely on for a long time, per se by the spring of 2020, and maybe more. To what extent your ambitious and professional plans are feasible - you understand to varying degrees this week.

You might have some additional expenses in order to make a dream come true, it may be an inevitable investment or a debt payoff if you have any - moral or material ones. It is advisable to be perfect when it comes to financial documents.

In love - you are getting more attention, you will enjoy more prosperity, or you can meet a suitable partner, if you are still not in a relationship, this positive outlook will be preserved almost until the end of November.

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October 28th to November 3rd

There will be some changes in your professional realization or ongoing commitments. In this process, you can consciously set a great new start in this sector of your life by negotiating your interests and demonstrating the best of your skills and abilities.

There may be some surprising situations that show you what is destabilizing you in the workplace, what is out of your control, what you need to work on, change, allow something new to get a better result from the present one, and get out of your way anything that has a bad influence on you. The decisions you have made so far - could be reviewed in the future.

You should evaluate what is happening now, it can be very revealing and can become a leitmotif for the next month - questions that you need to solve, what helps you and what hinders you in your professional career.

You should remove the negatives and work on the positives. At the same time, it is likely that you are reminded of old and unresolved cases, again related to your professional realization. You are given a second chance to act on them in an optimally good way, this will be a necessary condition - before you can move on.

You may need to invest in your own business or in your loved ones in order to get something, you have to give up something else... You should analyze and think, concentrate on what matters most and come up with a strategy. Like other zodiac signs, it is also important for you to seek the support and approval of powerful people who influence your financial status. Try to strengthen these relationships... Relationships at this stage are in the background or you may have some difficulties in that field, they also require a change, psychologically or financially dependence may be a strengthening unit between you. At the end of the week - this trend will gradually improve and from the next one on - you will get more chances to strengthen your relationships, you will enjoy more attention, affection, approval, etc.

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October 21st to 27th

Your daily routine is filled with many commitments, some of which may be additional or surprising, but also testing your resilience in the workplace. You may need to be more mobilized in order to deal with some surprises that may not always be in your favor.

In the best case, you are updating something in your line of behavior and this would lead to better results, stabilization, and turning of challenges into benefits. Positions in your workplace will soon be renewed, at this stage, you will receive first clues as to the direction of development. You should keep track of what is going on in order to steer the sails of your life ship, figuratively speaking, in the best direction and to reach your goals. You will have such an opportunity, you can rely on your way of expression, you will be quite persuasive in your speech, you can build strategies, but your words will be heard and make an impression, which is important. On the other hand, you will also attract people to support you ...

If you are not in a relationship, then a casual flirt with a colleague at work can grow into something more. Some of you feel hurt by loved ones, or you may need to invest more time or money in them. Another option is that you rethink stuff which cools down your passion, but it also helps you to prevent possible losses in the future...

You need to show a lot of flexibility both personally and professionally, you are flexible enough in behavior and way of thinking, so this can help you discover new opportunities for development. However this would not happen immediately, but rather after the New Moon on October 27th...

At this point, it is probably best to take action at the moment in order to protect yourself from challenges, but not to miss out on your chances.

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October 14th to 20th

You are in a very strong period to show your best, to develop your creativity, so that your dream can be fulfilled, become popular, get support from personal or business partners.

In October you can build relationships that will become a bridge to future prosperity and better social positions.

Take advantage of the star aspects, focus yourself on this - to create and strengthen relationships and you will succeed, you will be able to get to personalities that have beneficial effects at different levels of your life. Consolidated or started contacts will now affect you for a long time in a positive way...

Against this background, you will have to make some compromise or pay a price - literally or in a more general sense. It can be an investment in your own projects, it can be in a business, if that interests you, it can be in the loved ones who need your support. During this period you will at least understand to whom and to what extent you can rely on, if there are personalities that cause you more damage, they will drop out of your environment, but as compensation, there will be others who will become a bridge to your successes.

During the first part of the period, everyday life is very busy, but outside of normal rhythm, there might be some surprising engagements at your workplace. If there are people or circumstances that destabilize you, it will be especially visible for you to take action.

During the second part of the week, you manage to turn the challenges into benefits and even win some dividends, higher incomes, moral satisfaction, etc. However, it is advisable throughout the period to strive to be honest in completing financial documents and not to take unnecessary risks in order to avoid trouble.

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October 7th to 13th

A leading topic for most of you are personal and business relationships, grown children if you have any. There can be many reasons, for example - people close to your heart need a lot of attention and maybe support - moral or purely financial. It is also possible that the relationship between you has entered a phase that requires you to clear any misunderstandings of the past.

In any case, your relationships are in a period that requires some fixing. It may be completely positive for you, this trend will grow especially during the second part of the week, you may come to long-term and positive decisions for you, but this will require you to make some compromise or to pay a price - literally or more generally, this condition may have been accumulated in the past in the form of some kind of debt.

If this is not a topic that is important to you, then you can indulge in a hobby or your own business if you have one, in which case you will need investment, sometimes above average. Throughout the new week, your daily routine is quite dynamic, routine work can be very annoying or there are many surprises that will change your plans, but this will optimally diversify and refresh your daily routine. The stars give you a chance to identify new opportunities for profit or professional development if that interests you ...

But also, if there are any obstacles or circumstances beyond your control that affect your work, then this week - you will be able to identify them and this will become a reason to take action, you might cause some changes yourself so that you can turn the challenges into benefits and reduce any tension...

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September 30th to 6th October

Probably the leading topic for most of you is relationships with loved ones /partners, children, if any/. Your relationships require some change or in other cases - to devote more time, attention to them, to help them, including financially.

In another case, misunderstandings in terms of "what I give and what I receive" may arise, as well - if there are any hidden processes between you that have a destructive effect, they will float to the surface.

Whatever it is, now is the time to take all of the above in a more positive direction, overcoming the difficulties by working together will make your relationship even more healthy, and if the differences cannot be overcome, then the relationship might end. Don't lose sight of your goals, if you combine that with patience and some kind of strategy your efforts will be successful.

If this is not a leading topic for you, then you can invest in a business, indulge in hobbies and entertainment. However, it is important that it is helpful to be more careful about your financial situation, not to be indebted, or to take too great risks in order to protect yourself against losses.

On October 3rd, Mercury goes into Scorpio - it will encourage you to look deep into certain processes, to analyze all the pros and cons, this will change your line of behavior, way of thinking, priorities and the way to do this is to use hidden opportunities for a raise or consolidating your positions at work, gain more independence, etc.

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September 23rd to 29th

This week, many will feel the support of the stars, so you will not miss a dose of luck, a chance to make your dreams come true, or to unleash your potential in a way that will be noticed and appreciated.

The period is appropriate to strengthen your relationships (personal or business), if you have children, then they can also become a cause for pride or joy.

In most cases, you will be able to enjoy kindness and support ...

However, there will also be cases where you will transform current relationships, look at them from a different point of view... At the heart of this may be your own analysis of the past, respectively old and unresolved issues, once again, between you and important people, so that you reach a "breaking point" after which you either strengthen your relationship, updating and modifying them or ending them permanently… It is a matter of choice on your part…

In another case, real events escalate to show that you cannot rely (financially, morally) on certain people, and that makes you distance yourself from them or end the relationship in general...

In any case, this is a good time to find out to whom and to what extent you can rely on, if there are weak links and you decide to - you can now remove them by changing something...

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September 16th to 22nd

You still have priorities that relate to home and family, you can make positive transformations in this sector that will grow for a long time in the coming months, and maybe about two years. In the best-case scenario - you could invest, clear up controversial property issues, make useful moves, deal with misunderstandings with your loved ones. Until September 20th, you can most strongly influence all of the above, take advantage of the star aspects to focus on a more appropriate perspective for you in the far future.

After some more critical or transformative moments in your life, you will finally get some rest. The reasons may be in your own changed perspective, as well a changed point of view and you can take advantage of this.

Mood extremes are now being replaced by more communication, but also by the wider support you receive from others.

You are more likely to meet people who can make you happy with what they say, suggestions they give you, etc.

You breathe more calmly, figuratively speaking, you will increasingly feel in "your element" and not without reason, but as a consequence of opportunities, a dose of luck, analyzes such as: "there are always options as long as they are noticed and evaluated". It's like a leitmotif and a reorientation to the present moment.

People close to your heart - children and partners can surprise you pleasantly.

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September 9th to 15th

You are in a very transformative period that affects your basic security, financial status, which is directly influenced by the support you can receive from partners (personal or business) as well as influential people. In this process, the guiding condition to your success is to associate with the right personalities, negotiate your interests, but also remove or distance yourself from those who may be more likely to cause you harm, purely material, or harm your reputation and career. If there are such people in your environment, you will be able to identify them and take action.

If you are in a relationship, have a family or have a long relationship - the period will still highlight the strong and weak links, the person next to you will have a strong, pronounced impact on you, they will somehow determine your vector of development. The direction depends a lot on the already accumulated trends that escalated in the days around the Full Moon on September 13th.

Then other issues related to home, real estate, place of residence become apparent. By September 14th, it's a good idea to invest in your livelihood so that you can optimally channel the stars' support to you. Through practical assessments, some of the changes that you accept or challenge in this sector - you can handle some type of challenges, turn them in the optimum positive direction, and your family and your home might turn out to be a turning point for other and better results, successes at other levels, especially after September 15th. One influences the other so you should act strategically and step by step…

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