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21st September to 27th


You are entering a strong period to demonstrate your potential, the best of yourself and to some extent, you will be able to count on a dose of luck. Your initiative is quite high, but it will often be aimed at receiving wider support and approval from people important to you, who influence your future development, social status, etc. It is not excluded that in this process there may be explanatory conversations, noisy debates, but in a more unpleasant form - conflicts in which you have to deal with increased competition, requirements for you, etc. You may have to balance your interests with others, rely on communication and tolerance, maybe some compromises, and in fact - this will be the easiest way you can get some kind of stabilization along the way, you will be able to achieve your goals or turn the challenges in your favor.


During the first part of the week you get support more easily, your words are being heard, specific people appear with whom you can reach a consensus, and they can support your intentions with the appropriate positives. If not everything happens exactly like that or you cannot reach an agreement with certain people, then in the second part of the period this will be an occasion for sharper opposition and ending of contacts, contracts, etc. In most cases, this will affect your financial situation. You may distance yourself from an interaction that drains your resources, but there is also the danger of losing a kind of support from which you gain. This requires you to build an appropriate strategy in the long run. Your words are being heard all the time, even if there are some people who stand up to your interests, there will be others who will make you happy or give you a hand if you need help. You will be one of the characters who will be able to benefit even from objectively complex situations.


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14th September to 20th

From September 14th, Jupiter will transit directly in its visible motion and by the end of the year will transform what you have in general, and the end result will be determined emphatically by the support you can get from people who affect your well-being. The success you achieve by December will raise your standard of living, if not everything happens exactly as you expect, then you will turn a new page that will affect all levels of your life - personal and business aspect. At this stage, it is appropriate to build a strategy so that you get what you want by removing omissions from the past, trace the causal links of what is happening, etc.


Your protector, Mercury this week is in tense aspects with Pluto and Jupiter, so like it, you can get involved in a power struggle, literally or in a more general sense. In the process, you will seek to distance yourself from contacts or you will stop them, which cause losses, hinder your path to happiness, success... Your social activity is very high, in most cases you enjoy goodwill, good news, but still, surprises are not excluded, which will show you circumstances that act behind your back and can destabilize you. What happens next will show you what needs to change in your contacts, way of communication, or living environment.


There is a New Moon on September 17th, which will contribute to basic transformations in your life. You will have a chance to heal family relationships, to deal with domestic and property cases... You may slightly reduce the pace of your development or you may prefer to have to stay at home longer, at least - to distribute carefully your time between personal and business priorities.


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7th September to 13th

Many feel that they are at a crossroads in life or their future development on key issues that affect social status - career development, marital relations, family issues - there is some ambiguity, like a "fog" that prevents you from seeing in the long run. This week, however, there are significant clarifications that should not be overlooked. The stars strongly urge you to rational judgments, which on the one hand will show you the right direction, and on the other - can separate you from wrong and deceptive ideas, in a more unpleasant form - illusions. Do not ignore the signs that Fate gives you, even if it requires more decisive measures and basic transformations.

However, the stars give you a chance in the current period to improve the atmosphere at home and with your family. This can happen by investing in your home, clearing up some misunderstandings, relying on each other with your loved ones, and looking in a common, enriching direction. Good time to deal with domestic or property cases or - you may need a break, slow down to stay in shape, etc. A person may appear in your immediate environment to make you a pleasant offer that will make you happy. This is a good time to strengthen your personal relationships...

Against this background, you will find that you can not rely on everyone. There will also be individuals who stand as an obstacle on your path to future success, can transform your future plans. It can also be increased competition, demands on you that do not give you peace, mobilize you. Now many under this pressure will decide to change their strategy, they will have a second chance to get a different and better result. The tension will probably not subside with a magic wand, but what is happening now will have a wide impact on your social situation in the second part of November, and in December, when you will receive a kind of reward, a kind of resolution, and let it make you happy.

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24th August to 30th


Your protector Mercury is in Virgo, in one of its greatest powers, but quite different from your own perceptions. This position can prompt you to look at the surrounding reality from another and no less productive angle. You will be more inclined than usual to think about which of your dreams are achievable and can be realized in practice, which are more in the realm of illusions or are associated with misconceptions that need to be corrected. This trend will grow during the second part of the period and let this become an occasion to get rid of something destructive and having a rather negative impact on your social status or image at the very least.


Against this background, development options will form in front of you, sometimes they will be expected, and in other cases, they will suddenly stand in your way, but as a natural development and because you are looking for them. In another case - many will want to slow down, take a break or take up affairs that are personal, such as home, family, immediate environment, and in fact - you will be able to strongly and positively influence this sector of your life. Lately, most of you also exist in a tense and competitive environment, which can cause them real material damage. Significant events may escalate this week, with consequences lasting until the end of the year. You should stay away from such people or avoid conflicts that will have a wider impact and are capable of harming you. Again, as an option - under such influence, some of you will decide to change their environment, move, etc. This is not a favorable period for being in debt, lending money, interaction with financial institutions is not easy ...


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17th August to 23rd


There is a New Moon August 18th, which will give you the right to a second opportunity to strengthen important relationships for you - personal or business, to establish your position in your immediate environment to impose your opinion, defend your interests or at least not allow to be replaced. Many will feel this message of the stars and will be more socially active, will negotiate, have explanatory talks, share ideas, etc. and in this process they will really get a chance to take better positions in a team, to meet people who will support them - energetically, morally, to help them realize their plans and shape better future prospects for development. Against this background - if you have any debt to certain persons - the need to pay them off will increase. Alternatively, you will be required to end relationships or distance yourself from influences that entail losses - purely financial, but not only.


You will receive tips in this direction, they will show you what measures you need to take to protect yourself from longer-term and negative consequences. At first, during this and next week it is extremely inappropriate to loan money, it is advisable to avoid conflicts with people who affect your well-being. You must build a strategy. As a last resort, you can change your environment. The stars will give you a chance to have a positive effect on what you have in general, to find a parallel, sudden sources of income by relying on your creativity, communicating with people outside your immediate environment, by not advertising all your intentions or by receiving secret support. During the last days of the week you need to slow down, sometimes to think about basic transformations that will change the scenery around you. This is a matter of choice, you will have one.


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10th August to 16th


Your social activity will be very high. You take a very active position, which will often become an occasion to be the center of attention or to attract to your side energetic, powerful people, those who will support your own future development. Many will have explanatory talks, negotiations will reach agreements that will bring you some peace of mind, will guarantee you prosperity or better public positions at least until the end of the year. Against this background, probably one of the most important goals for most of you will be to get more support from others, to heal or to make important connections for you. And the good news is that right now you will be able to realize your intentions.


This will often happen at the expense of increased adaptability, perhaps compromises, the need to give up one thing in order to acquire another and more valuable. Otherwise, this process will escalate into clearing your immediate environment and removing those who do you more harm than good. In fact, this procedure is almost mandatory, otherwise, you can actually suffer losses - moral or financial. You will have enough clues - with whom you should join forces and with whom you must end all relationships, it seems that there will be both types of influences, and you need to build a strategy. The chances of finding additional or parallel sources of profit increase, the trend will grow at the end of this and the beginning of next week.


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