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January 27th to February 2nd

You have the chance to expand your development opportunities by communicating with people outside of your immediate area, these can also be influential or power-minded individuals who will support your ambitious plans and act as a bridge between you and your future successes.

Circumstances that inspire you may appear which would show you a way out and an option during the transformative period you have gone through.

As for your professional realization - demonstration of high qualification or even enrichment of your knowledge will be appreciated or it will have a positive impact. Against this background, most of you exist in an increasingly competitive environment.

Alternatively, the relationship between you and your personal or business partners may be tenser. During the first part of the period you understand who and to what extent you can count on, who helps your career development and better status, or vice versa - destabilizes you, prevents you from fulfilling your dreams. If you have misconceptions about certain personalities, this will be especially evident then, there are also explanatory conversations that will separate you with some of the illusions.

In the second part of the week and in the next, you will also be able to turn the challenges into benefits, prevent losses in a broader sense. You will also turn out to be victorious in a peculiarly complex environment. However, most of you require a change, a type of mobilization, perhaps a reorganization of priorities in order to preserve your well-being. You should think about that, it will be an individual task for everyone and a matter of their own analysis for the whole coming year and mostly by March 2020...

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January 20th to 26th

Your dreams and desires are bolder, more creative, probably not without reason, and new and broader horizons of development that are emerging for you, including the chances of achieving some kind of promotion, or at least turning potential challenges to your advantage.

Your attention is grabbed by people who are far away from you literally or in a more general sense, you can actively negotiate with them and manage to win some kind of victory, to attract like-minded people who will become a bridge to your own prosperity. But such personas can also act unpredictably, surprise you, if there are secret and erosive processes, they will escalate and affect your future plans.

You also need to comply with energetic people from your surroundings. These can be your personal or business partners who directly influence your reputation and social status in some way. In some cases, this is a symbol of increased competition or even detractors that you need to get out of in order to avoid any negative consequences, and it is also helpful to avoid anything unpredictable.

However, your creative approach, tendency to act in an unconventional way, in an inventive way and by relying on something new and different that breaks the status quo at different levels, will help you actually succeed in making a breakthrough in your chosen direction ...

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January 13th to 19th

Signal transformations in your life that affect your financial status continue to escalate, and this is directly dependent on the support you can get from individuals who affect your finances in some way. You should already have enough clues in this direction, the influence of the stars is not unambiguous, it may be accompanied by a kind of power struggle or the need for some kind of behavioral transformation, approach, in order to get as many benefits of what is happening as possible or turn some of the challenges into benefits.

Obviously, you will have to remove those who are harming you, sometimes in a more radical way. You must take action, but you must also show persistence, a possible strategy to join forces with others that will raise your standard of living, or at least - they will protect you from losses.

In the process, you may have the feeling that you are at a crossroads in life and in practice that might be true, but you have a choice; you need to think about it carefully and in the manner described above.

Alternatively, you may need to deal with inheritance, deal with financial and government institutions and now is the time to act…

There is an increasing likelihood of finding a sudden, surprising way out of complex situations, including ones that you have considered out of your control until recently. It is possible to use hidden methods of influence, to search and find different paths to your goals, including by communicating with people outside of your immediate environment — literally and in a more general sense.

Mercury, your protector enters Aquarius on January 16th - you'll be betting on creativity, inventiveness, you will surprise others, though you can expect the same from the other people too, so you should be more careful, especially when outlining long-term development prospects, which is the case right now.

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December 30th to January 5th

During this week, you can earn something significant, but it will be a consequence of the support you receive from influential personalities, partners, and personalities who have an impact on your well-being.

There may be people or circumstances that may transform your life, future plans, it is not excluded that you can recover something that was lost, that was taken away from you illegally, or that you may return to something old but having a beneficial, enriching effect on your way of living.

You feel a lot of passion which drives you to change something in your behavior, the environment, and you may feel that you are at a crossroads in life and in practice that might be true. So your practical evaluations, interesting suggestions that you will receive will not allow you to lose sight of the right direction.

You will actively take part in any new opportunity that may well be known from the past and here you will be able to materialize it as long as you want, to cooperate, to join forces with the right people.

An energetic personality emerges in your environment who will support, stimulate, motivate and mobilize you…

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December 23rd to 29th

The New Moon, which on December 26th is very transformative for you and will affect what you have in general. You may need to flip through a new page in your life, and this will depend a lot on the support you get from personal or business partners, influential people, etc.

Some of you will be able to bring back old sources of profit, some kind of supporters, allies, people who can contribute to prosperity or a sense of happiness.

Of course, this will not come as a gift, you will be required to make efforts in this direction, and you may be able to repay old debts if you have any moral or material ones.

It is not excluded that you also have to make important choices or think about what you have to give up and/or sacrifice in order to acquire something else that is more significant, contributing to your prosperity in a broader sense.

If you choose the right direction, then in the coming weeks, you will be able to receive a great gift from Destiny and it will have a positive effect on your well-being.

Daily life is tense with engagements, but also very productive, there are some chances for you to show your best, to deal with increased competition or even bad people. Act, rely mostly on yourself, your own initiative and you will manage to cope with all the challenges.

There is growing support for you or people appearing who would make you happy and bring satisfaction.

People who are away from you — literally or figuratively — will bring you happiness, you might also travel.

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December 16th to 22nd

Personal or business relationships are still a leading topic for you. Much of the trends have already been created, but you can somewhat influence the chosen direction, clear any misunderstandings, etc. In the process, you are likely to see people who are important to you from a different point of view. Some of them will make your secret, hidden dreams come true, but others will have the exact opposite effect - they can have an extremely adverse effect on your social status or image and they might mess up your future plans.

Obviously, you will have to carefully choose your company, whom you trust, whom you should guard against. Throughout the week it will be able to recognize some myths where they exist, but the week will also give you parallel opportunities and options.

You may be obsessed with some idea or ideal. You will be able to see to what extent they are realistic.

The period is very dynamic about your professional realization. If you have been experiencing some financial or moral support lately, receiving bonuses, rewards, or wanting to carry out some kind of changes at your workplace, then this may well happen during this period. This would happen as a consequence of your efforts and they will surely produce positive results, they can have a positive impact.

The period is indicative of what awaits you in professional realization or other topics that will affect your well-being. Now is the time to guide future development prospects in a more positive direction, this will help you in January to better deal with the challenges, or they may be to your advantage.

Act and you will succeed.

In the last days of the period, you will feel in your element more and more, people or circumstances will appear who will make you happy.

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December 9th to 15th

Your daily life is very busy, you feel a lot of passion, which prompt you to carry out some kind of changes in your life that will affect your material well-being, social status, career, image, etc.

The efforts you make now can produce great results and the more important your ambitions are, the more strategic you are, the better the results you will get.

The most important prerequisite for your success now is to receive material, moral support from important to you people who in some way affect your well-being. These people can appear in a sudden, even surprising way and remain in your life for a long time, turn into an occasion for future successes and profits, alternatives to development, income, etc. They can also make your secret dream come true.

But there may also be people who will do the exact opposite - destabilizing you, whether it is unconsciously or on purpose. You are still in the defining period of your partnership and what is happening now will show in brighter colors all the positives you can count on, but also the possible erosive processes, even the insincerity that can destabilize you, reflected on your social status. You get the most serious tips on December 11th and 12th, during which small actions are widely reflected, so you should take advantage of the events…

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