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21st September to 27th


An increasingly important topic for you is the family or this is basic security that you need to get from your immediate environment. It is possible that important discussions in this process will escalate, which will concern both your own development and that of your environment. Topics can affect your career development or even domestic cases, as well as ones related to residence, property priorities. On various occasions, your success and your vector of development will be closely linked to the support you can and should get from your partner or influential, powerful figures. For most of you, the key to success or the opportunity to turn a challenge into a positive will lie in cooperating, receiving some kind of help or approval from people important to you, and you need to concentrate in that direction, even and this should be accompanied by a dose of compromise on your part.


If there are differences between you and those influencing your social status, they will be more visible than usual, and the way you react, cope will be decisive and can have a strong transformative effect on your future development. These people can change the scenery around you and let it be in a direction that satisfies you. Ended contacts are unlikely to be restored or at least have a wide impact. All the time, a kind of buffer for possible tension will be your own initiative, commitment to specific tasks that you reject quite effectively. You are more likely to earn something or have a positive effect on your income. This will be a reward or an occasion to make your dreams come true but as a consequence of long-term efforts, which now give real results.


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14th September to 20th

On September 14th, Jupiter will turn direct and by the end of the year will transform your personal or business partnerships, will affect your popularity, important relationships for you. You have long found that your happiness, chance of greater success, and prosperity are closely linked to other people. With the turn of Jupiter, you will have to give them a new and more positive shape, to direct them in a more suitable direction for you. This will probably happen on the basis of compromise and effort, but the reward will be great or lasting. If this is not possible, you will turn a new page, you will end relationships that do not correspond to your vision for future development. Until December you have time to influence and direct, and at this stage, it is appropriate to build a strategy based on the experience gained, tracking causal relationships, etc.


Throughout the week the information flow is very intensive, it will often include explanatory talks, negotiations. After September 17th, they are an occasion to renew your relationship, you can clear up misunderstandings, also - to attract influential support to your side, to conclude long contracts, etc. There are chances to increase your income, but at the same time sudden, unforeseen expenses are possible. In the optimal variant, they will be an investment in your future, in another option - you will see in brighter colors who destabilize you purely financially, in order to remove them from your path.


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7th September to 13th   


Many of you are involved in plots that are provoked rather by other people, by external circumstances, and not so much by yourself, this applies to all to varying degrees and especially to those born in the third decanate. Against this background, this week you will have a chance to turn many of the challenges in your favor. This will be helped by your own high social activity, ability to defend your opinion, and interests with arguments, on various occasions you will have to act exactly like that. The good news is that at this stage your words will have a broader and more positive impact. You will be able to attract influential support, you can clear up any misunderstandings accumulated over time through your way of expression.   


This is a good time to build partnerships that are important to you - personal or business. Probably people will appear in your environment who will give you interesting ideas, will help you, especially if you act purposefully in this direction. Circumstances arise that can harmonize your living environment by discussing common goals that will contribute to your well-being. You can invest in your home or rely on your loved ones - financially and not only. 


Against this background, there may be some reversal in your ambitious plans for your career development. It can again be produced by someone important to you who influences your future development, or it is the "others" - in general, to what extent you receive support from them. Optimally, this will become an occasion to go back to the past and deal with some omissions, to make some adjustments in behavior, performance, a kind of tactics, so that you get a different and better result than the current one. This may give you back an opportunity that you have been striving for a long time, perhaps not immediately, but only in the second part of November and in December, but your actions now will certainly have an impact on your more distant future.


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24th August to 30th


Your social activity this week is significant. The reasons for this are different. For example, there are people who stimulate you to develop in a certain direction, give you interesting ideas and suggestions to take advantage of. In another case - these are your own increased ambitions, which require just that - to negotiate your interests, to attract wider support. The good news is that you will actually succeed, you can suddenly, even surprisingly, get a kind of support that will shape more positive future prospects for development, or you can take more prestigious positions in a team, your popularity to grow and with the corresponding consequences.


However, not everyone will be so kind. If you work in a partnership, then it is possible there might be a kind of struggle for power, supremacy between you and people important to you, which you have to overcome only with a lot of tact, resourcefulness and relying on your way of expression, argumentative speech, etc. In another case, if you have a partner and your vision of prosperity does not match or there are tensions and differences between you, they will escalate, especially in the second part of the week. Let this become an occasion to remove the weak links, not the other way around. Potential conflicts can have a much broader impact than you think or become an occasion for lasting transformations and even ending some relationships. Keep this in mind and guide the events in a better direction carefully, you will have such a chance ...


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17th August to 23rd


There is a New Moon August 18,th which will give you the right to a second opportunity to have a positive impact on your income or career development. In most cases, this will not happen for free but will require increased initiative on your part. The good news, however, is that your actions will be productive, your efforts can be rewarded. The stars give you the "green light" to receive an adequate reward for your efforts, and otherwise, they will not be left without consequences, successes, etc. At the same time, it is useful to distance yourself from influences that are destructive to you. In another case, the competition around you is significant and you may have to overcome the resistance of influential, powerful partners or those who influence your future development. Choose your strategy carefully and act, you have enough advantages to cope with all this.


However, if there are any differences that are more serious between you and important to you individuals, personal or business partners, they will escalate this week. This may require more time, perseverance to overcome, but it is always easier to influence the events in the beginning, stop any negatives in a timely manner so that they do not grow in the future. If this is not possible, then a conflict may form that will affect you in the coming months and may affect your social status. As a last resort - some of you will end relationships that are more restrictive, destructive, play the role of ab obstacle, then - this will be the best solution ...


You will not miss attention throughout the week. You will more easily gain sympathy and approval, and this will shape sudden and better prospects for development. Pleasant surprises from the team in which you exist, friends, etc. are not excluded. During the last days of the week - your social activity increases, people appear who unlock this trend, give you interesting ideas, suggestions, etc.


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10th August to 16th


The stars give you a huge chance now to realize your ideas and plans that directly affect your financial situation. Share your intentions and there will always be people, circumstances to support you. You can now voluntarily make a breakthrough in your chosen direction, to take leadership positions, to cope with increased competition, but the results you obtain will depend directly on your own initiative. Many will intuitively feel this perspective and will actually be more active, will vigorously pursue their goals, will defend their interests, and the good news is that you can succeed. Take advantage of the support of the stars and you can get results that will significantly guarantee you a kind of prosperity in the coming months because the achievements will then develop almost by inertia.


However, even against this background, many will have to overcome some resistance on the part of influential people, this can be personal or business partners. Optimally, you will find a compromise that will be an occasion to join forces and turn these challenges in your favor. In a more unpleasant form, if your vision for future development differs radically, then you will break those relationships that rather hinder your future development. In brighter colors you will find out how durable are important personal or business relationships, how they can be healed as a result of some layering, manifestations of adaptability, finding common and enriching goals - literally and figuratively...


Promising relationships will become stronger, and probably will be transformed in some way, but the rest will be ended. Terminated contacts now, are unlikely to be restored later. It is good to avoid sharper confrontations with people who affect the stability of your social status, career development, etc. Build a strategy, if you can't “jump over” an obstacle, you can go around it and not only... Venus is already transiting through your zodiac sign - you can count on a dose of luck, the trend will grow at the end of this and early next week and will reveal sudden opportunities...


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