Cancer Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

November 11th to 17th

At this point, you have a dose of luck that can serve to make your dream come true. You are more likely to regain something lost, especially if you are acting in that direction.

The stars give you a lot of opportunities to act positively on your relationships, clear any misunderstandings, regain old love or feelings if you are interested and want to let it happen.

You have a special charisma or power over important personalities, you should make the most of it…

Issues that relate to your own business, a hobby you want to turn into work or creativity are developing well… Your dreams are brighter, you are developing further horizons of development, on different occasions you understand which of your dreams you are capable of realizing.

There may still be some tension in your home due to repairs, resolving household and property cases, priorities regarding residence, etc. But now all of the above-mentioned are channeled in the right direction for you and can add to your comfort of being for a long time. In most cases, you find support from your loved ones.

Be careful and don't let increased responsibilities to affect relationships.

You may experience some tension because of multiple commitments, it is not easy to put an order in the chaos of your daily routine.

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November 4th to 10th

You are in a creative boom, your charisma is growing, your inner strength and all this becomes a reason for you to fulfill your desires and to receive support if you need one, with greater ease.

The period is great to strengthen your relationships (personal or business), you can shape further development prospects by discussing common projects, dreaming and acting to materialize your ideas. If you start a relationship now, it will prove to be long-lasting and reliable.

Issues related to home, real estate, place of residence, repairs, or a dispute with a loved one, a family member - are still standing, this week, chances are emerging to resolve these priorities, but it is up to you and now is the time to guide the events in the best possible direction, after that it will be more difficult.

In your workplace, you can hope for support, in a sense it can be said that you are now protected by the stars and even if there are challenges, you can turn them into benefits even by relying on a dose of luck.

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October 28th to November 3rd

You are in a creative upsurge, you can rely on a dose of luck, discover sudden options and a way out of complicated situations that deal with issues related to loved ones, partners, grown children, if you have any. There are no surprises in the process, some of them will make you happy, will fix you on an impression, feelings or news that will have a long-lasting impact, per se in the next month, and maybe much longer. What is happening now is significant and crucial for this area of your life.

You have enough ways and mechanisms to influence trends, if there is something that destabilizes your relationships, then you will obviously have to allow something new and different into your life like behavior, communication, and future plans - to get a different and more satisfying result than the present one.

Explanatory conversations are quite likely, and a dose of compromise might be necessary and useful… Questions that relate to your home, family, real estate, or residence — are entering a more acute and transformative phase that requires some changes. Ideally, this is related to repairs, vigorous action that will determine your background of existence for a long time, probably for the next two and a half years, and maybe more. You need to be more aware of your partner's opinion or he/she plays a key role in your stability and vector of future development. It is appropriate to be focused on common and enriching goals that will contribute to the well-being of the whole family. Possible confrontation will still have such a long impact, it is good to have it in mind and to be careful.

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October 21st to 27th

Issues related to home, family, well-being, and comfort of living as well as place of residence will be the reason for most of you to mobilize so that you can handle all the above issues and turn them into a positive, solid foundation on which to step and not only now, but for much longer, probably in the next two and a half years.

The trends created during this period go through the need to be discussed with your partner or other authoritative people relevant to these priorities. You should come to consensus and agreement, even if it sometimes seems that you need to make more compromises, seek and find different paths to your goals... They should not be forgotten and should ultimately contribute to a good atmosphere and comfortable living at home. You should focus on this topic, and if you still cannot agree with your partner, then you should bear in mind that this will be indicative of misunderstandings that will still affect you for a long time, so it is up to you how you target these challenges.

You will more and more easily influence people close to your heart, you can rely on charm, charisma, an intuitive sense through which you earn attention, sympathy, support, and approval... Make the most of it.

Still, those around you may surprise you. These surprises are again indicative of further development prospects, what you need to renew in your relationships, or what relationships you need to end because they are past their time...

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October 14th to 20th

During this period, you may be actively involved with your home and family, for example, repairs are not excluded or a family member of yours may be in need of you, and in other cases, tension or misunderstanding between you and your partner may escalate and requires you to focus on personal priorities so you can resolve them and turn them in a more positive direction for you. You can stabilize your relationship if you make some transformations, so the requirement for some type of transformation will be channeled in the direction that suits you best, will be initiated by you and minimize the likelihood that the changes will invade your life due to external and independent reasons.

Disputes regarding home renovation, domestic or property cases concerning residence, etc. are not excluded. In such a case, you will have to be more tolerant and flexible, and the opposition is unlikely to have the desired result. Now is the time to be more focused.

During the first part of the week, people close to your heart - partners or grown children - can become a conduit of many surprises. Even friends and colleagues are not excluded. Be careful who you trust because this will determine your position in the team.

During the second part of the period, the situation calms down, relationships that have the potential will be consolidated, could undergo some kind of catharsis and renewal ... Romantic experiences that will touch your heart are not excluded.

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October 7th to 13th

An increasingly important topic for you is home and family. This week, you can have important conversations with your partner about future development prospects, which may include priorities such as resolving real estate cases, possible relocations, residency, or this may also be related to urgent repairs.

What is happening this week will show you in what area or matters you will put most effort and concentration into the next two months. It is possible that there might be some tension between you and family members, in which case you should try to stop such processes in a timely manner so that they do not escalate and do not have a negative impact by the end of October, and maybe longer.

People close to your heart - partners, grown children, friends - tend to surprise you. Sudden events, conversations, and news will show you what you need to upgrade in your relationship. Ideally, this will be a process that will refresh your connections, give you more freedom or a sense of such... Whatever it is, the changes will be completely positive for you if you initiate something different and positive in your experiences ...

During this week you can suddenly change your positions in a team or relationships that are important to you. The reasons may be relocations, taking up new public positions or creating new and important contacts, but also the abrupt ending of old ones that are past their time. Whatever it is, this is a wonderful time to build on a new foundation, a new solid base that must be supported by strong relationships, mutual assistance, and support ...

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September 30th to 6th October

A leading topic is your family, your loved ones, or else they are priorities related to real estate, place of residence, etc. whatever it is, the time is right to set a big new start in this sector by making important decisions and by taking definite and transformative steps.

Different opinions and even disputes with your partner will probably escalate during this process. If you are married, you need to carefully clear the differences so that they do not turn into a more serious conflict. At the same time, you should not neglect any escalating tension, it may signal that more tangible transformations between you and your partner or time are needed to deal with the challenges that arise. By going through some kind of test of tolerance and compromise, even mutual assistance, you will strengthen your relationship even more. If that is not possible, then there is a possibility that the relationship will end…

If this is not a subject important to you, then the stars will push you for basic transformations in life that will affect your social status and you should consciously strive to strengthen the relationships that will turn into a bridge to your security and prosperity.

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September 23rd to 29th

During this period, the focus for many will be to positively influence their closest living environment - home, family, etc. You can renovate the atmosphere at home by buying things, doing repairs or finding a way to resolve controversial issues, find a way out of property cases, etc.

This may not always be easy, but it is possible if you rely on communication.

If you have more extreme differences with your partner or people important to you, then they may grow, float to the surface, so that you will have to take more extreme and appropriate measures and clear the differences.

The aspects of the stars are such that they cause some fundamental transformations in your life. It may affect your attitude to the surrounding reality, some type of reassessment in regards to who and what you should hold on to, but this may also be related to who actually supports you or rather plays the role of an "obstacle" to express your true self, weighs you down, etc…

You will have similar hints literally in everyday life - with real help and support from certain people ...

Alternatively, your high level of professionalism and commitment to ongoing affairs is like an outlet for any tension between you and your partners…

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September 16th to 22nd

Negotiating, explaining, receiving valuable information - still plays a key role in your life, which can determine your environment, team positions, relationships, contracts /written or oral/. The trends and transformations that escalate in this process will prove to be long-term and will affect you in the coming months, and maybe years /about two years/. Given this, it is useful to carefully guide the topics of conversation and your future prospects, but also those that relate to relationships (personal or business), they change, so you should evaluate what is happening and channel in the optimum positive direction for you …

Alternatively, you might hear some news about upcoming changes around your loved one and support your loved one, this will be appreciated.

Your high social activity, tendency to fight for your interests can actually turn into a reason for gaining power (literally or more generally), forcing your will and authority or being able to enter into a useful partnership, enjoy the support of a strong, powerful, or authoritative person. Think, be proactive and you will succeed.

There are also positive changes related to your home and family or you will enjoy greater harmony at home.

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September 9th to 15th

You receive a lot of valuable information this week. You should fight for your interests, negotiate and most of you will be able to attract a lot of valuable support from influential individuals or partners (personal or business).

You come to some of the insights that determine your future development. Thanks to your active position you might sign contracts, outline new and more prestigious positions in a team, or you can change your environment, you might end contracts and relationships that might rather hurt you and you do not recognize them as your calling, especially in a professional aspect.

Your workplace is undergoing a transformation, how it will affect you - depends a lot on what you want, as well as set trends. This year, the professional realization of many is transformed, the direction must be positive and long-lasting, but at the moment, if there are challenges that you need to overcome in order to establish your authority, you will have wider prospects for development, then they will be more prominent than usual. You will turn the difficulties to your advantage if you are moving in the right direction or you will change your plans sharply in order to focus yourself on something else that is more suitable for you... What will happen around September 13th is indicative, you can aim by setting specific goals and you can seek and find support, actively share ideas, defend your opinion with communications and stand your ground…

It's a good time to consolidate relationships that are important to you.

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