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8th August to 14th

The leading topic is your financial situation, the reasons for this can be different, for example - increased expenses... However, in another case, you may be required to make some changes or some kind of renovation that will improve your financial situation. During this week, it may be destabilized due to additional problems, but if you have thought about it, everything will be fine... During this week and on various occasions, you may draw a conclusion that contributes to your well-being, literally and in a wider sense, or exactly the opposite. You may decide to distance yourself from people who harm you, who manifest as unfair competition, who surprise you with their behavior, etc. Let this become an occasion to end disloyal relationships, even financial contracts that are past their time, so you will make room for something new and more promising. In your relationships there might be some very strong experiences, they can cause clarifying conversations, and bring to the surface suppressed feelings. Let this become a kind of catharsis that will heal your relationships that you hold dear. During the last days of the week, chances appear that stabilize you on various levels.

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2nd August to 8th

Venus is in your zodiac sign and accordingly helps you, protects you, gives you a dose of luck and you feel this favorable influence as sudden chances that come your way in the form of suggestions, support, and development options, especially if you need of such. You may play the role of a kind of oasis for those around you, they may prefer your company because you are a source of calm, pleasant company, opportunities at different levels... The period is favorable to assert your authority in a team, strengthen friendships, or to end them. At the same time, you are still in a period where you have to be careful who you let in. Unfortunately, it is not excluded that there are such individuals in your environment who are capable of harming you. You may have to prove yourself to others more to protect your interests, at a minimum see who contributes to your well-being, who you should side with. There will be both, and this can become the occasion for a kind of cleansing that will renew and improve your life. Another important topic is your financial situation, you have the opportunity to earn something important to you, improve your income or make a breakthrough in your career development, but relying mostly on yourself. If you receive a promotion, professional offer, or start a new job - this is a promise of success and prosperity for a long time. It is worth being more proactive in this direction.

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26th July to 1st August

A leading topic for most of you is your financial well-being. Now you can improve it, renew it, especially if you take advantage of the new moon, which is on July 28th. If you show higher initiative, have a clear goal that you are pursuing, ideas for profit, etc., then the stars will support you, they will endow you with a dose of luck that will grow in the coming weeks, maybe even longer. Some chance may spontaneously come your way, you will be required to notice it and take advantage of it. Despite everything, increased costs are also likely, they can also be useful investments in yourself, and in your future. However, it is useful to guard against the influence of people and circumstances that can cause you damage, moral or material. During this week, you may suddenly change your opinion about certain individuals from your environment, because you see them from a different angle, they may present themselves in a different light, act unpredictably and surprise you. Knowledge is always power, you understand who and to what extent you can rely on, who supports you and contributes to your well-being or vice versa. So if someone comes out of your life, you should not regret it, in most cases, it will preserve your own interest, and distance you from adverse influences. Under the influence of what is happening, some of you may decide to completely change your environment, your team, etc. In such a case, additional options will be revealed to you, they will be more promising, I would say enriching...


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19th July to 25th 

From the beginning of the week, Venus will enter your zodiac sign and you will feel the guardianship of this planet as an ability beyond the ordinary - to gain attention more easily, to attract what you most desire, from love to money... Even if there are some challenges on your way - Venus will help you to deal with them more easily and overcome them. While Venus is in your zodiac sign, the rule "Be careful what you wish for, because it just might come true" applies more than usual. Against this background and during the current period, those born during the last decanate, but also all the others to varying degrees - will feel more emotional and challenged to react strongly to any kind of challenges from the opposite side. During this period, you may be required to clear possible misunderstandings with important people, personal or business partners, sometimes - competitors, and even detractors. You can rise to this challenge because the Sun is in your zodiac sign and you influence trends, directing them through your own will, intentions, and desires. The final result will depend on your ability to react rationally and expediently without losing sight of your ultimate goals, rather than emotionally, spontaneously, and with the corresponding consequences. If misunderstandings arise between you and the other party, then you may look deeper for cause-and-effect, you may hear or speak some things that reveal a layer that is invisible at first glance, you may learn secrets and become take advantage of them so that you remove any hidden and negative, erosive processes that affect you if there are any... If now everything is fine in your relationships, then you can congratulate yourself and be confident that everything is ok, so it will be in the more distant future. If you end any contacts, then they are unlikely to be restored. Distance yourself from people who act against your interests, if any, it will be more visible than usual.

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12th July to 18th

The most important event this week is the Full Moon, which is on July 13th. This is one of the most important Full Moons of the year for you because it also covers your zodiac sign... This Full Moon will affect those born in the third decanate, but also everyone else to varying degrees. You will be directly involved in this Full Moon and will influence the outcomes and trends to a significant extent, in other words - the final result will depend to a significant extent on yourself. During almost the entire period, you will be socially quite active, you will share your thoughts, ideas, and desires, which can transform future development prospects, your positions in a team, important relationships for you, and especially your relationships. In this process, it is not excluded that clarifying conversations escalate, you may hear or say words that reveal secret, hidden processes that affect you if any... Some of you may find yourself in situations that resemble a kind of struggle for power or who will prevail over whom with their opinion. If you have common and enriching goals, if love, tolerance, and understanding prevail, then this kind of test will strengthen your relationships. Otherwise, you may get involved in conflicts that will transform or even end these relationships. Act the way you want to live for at least the next two weeks, and maybe much longer, and in the company of people important to you. I remind you that you influence what is happening beyond the usual and it depends a lot - on what you actually want...

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4th July to 11th

On the 5th of July, Mercury will move into your zodiac sign, so it will increase your social activity... If until recently you were more inclined to keep some truths quiet, now this will quickly change. In addition, something can come to the surface, and start to be discussed more loudly... Perhaps some of you will use your communicative abilities to attract attention, and assert your opinion and authority in a team. There is a high probability that in this way you will actually win someone's protection, deal with increased competition, and you will occupy leadership positions in a team. Your words will be heard, with the corresponding resonance and consequences, with corresponding positives for you... Against this background, you are still in a period in which you are rethinking everything valuable to you, from love to cash flows. In this process, you will see the surrounding reality from a different angle, sometimes hidden until now, but this will naturally reveal options for development in front of you. In the last days of the week, your ambition increases, and in a natural way, this can cause changes that are key, and significant, renewing your environment, positions in a team, or these are future development prospects. Part of the chances will stand in your way in the form of suggestions, etc... Some of you may decide to move, change your approach to others, probably not without reason, and this will count as a positive factor...


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28th June to 3rd July


During this week you can get satisfaction, which is a kind of reward for all your efforts so far. If this is not possible, then you will be presented with alternatives to take advantage of. Some of you will get a chance to fulfill your secret wish, which may require more time to be fully realized or, outline, affect more distant prospects for development. It is possible to analyze the past on different occasions, to rethink what to move forward with and what to leave behind, because it is past its time, you will have enough tips in this direction and this week can be very similar to a flipping a new page in your life.


Most of you will have a chance to have a positive effect on your social status, you can climb the hierarchical ladder or increase your income, but you will still be required - to be more adaptable, to cope with increased competition, and requirements, not to allow some oppositions to be an obstacle for otherwise - wonderful opportunities. Be careful in communication. Personal and business partnerships are tested for strength, if you notice weak links - remove them in a timely manner. June 29th is one of the most important new moons for you because it is in your zodiac sign, so - you influence the trends above the average level. Take advantage of this powerful energy to make a breakthrough in your preferred direction, even if it requires you to demonstrate greater tolerance and adaptability.


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21st June to 27th


During the first part of the week, most of the trends are gaining momentum, during which time you can stabilize your financial situation by relying on the support of your loved ones, interact well with financial institutions or receive a kind of reward for your contribution to this moment of effort. At the same time, conducting implicit negotiations can fulfill your deepest desire, alternatives to development are gradually emerging in front of you, especially if you are looking for such. Otherwise, these can be workarounds to your goals. Your ambitions will gradually grow. The Sun enters your zodiac sign on June 22nd. This becomes a key moment that will strengthen your energy, and initiative will have a positive effect on your tone, and the chance to influence trends. You are entering a period in which you are setting trends for next year. Those born in the first decanate, but everyone else to a different degree - will feel a rush of adrenaline. You will be strongly encouraged to make changes that can transform your life. This can be an effort that will take you to the next step in your development, you will present yourself in a different light and, accordingly, the horizons of development will also change. It is important to have a clear goal, because if you do not - the transformations will occur for external and independent reasons and therefore difficult to control them ... So you might end up somewhere else, not where you want. It is important to remember that you are influencing trends more than usual, so the end result will depend largely on you. This week and next, many will have the chance to make a breakthrough in their career development or achieve success, which they will then rely on in the coming months and maybe years.


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14th June to 20th


Most of you may need a break or slow down to make a choice for your development. Many of the trends continue to move on momentum, and what has a place in future development - will return to you as a useful investment, will stabilize, and will lead to solutions that are positive for you. At the same time, the aspect of the stars directs you to balances, so if you consider that certain people are harming you, material or moral, you will have enough clues in this direction, then you will distance yourself from them ... There will be someone to rely on, you will be able to expand your influence or you will allow new people in your environment. What should remain in your life or you should leave behind - you will largely understand in the days of the Full Moon, which is on June 14th. During the second part of the week, you may gradually find alternative development, you can make a secret wish come true, and receive secret or unexpected support that will have a positive effect on your social status, career development, etc. In terms of love - you do some thinking, you can clear up any misunderstandings from the past if you wish and certain limits of good manners have not been exceeded.


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24th May to 29th


Many of the trends in your life now move more by inertia and according to the direction set so far. However, you are in a very strong period, during which you can make a breakthrough in your chosen direction, you can be crowned with success in long-term efforts or the trend is such that it is very similar to climbing the next step to consistent peak you are striving for. This is not a coincidence, so most of the chances will stand in your way, but others you can unlock and your actions will have a wide impact, especially in the second part of the period. During this time, beware of increasing competition, in some cases different interests, which you will have to consciously try to balance in order to avoid any disturbances. You might be reminded of an old friend or a person from the past, this can be an unresolved issue between you and your partner, take what is happening as a second chance, so now react differently and get a better result than before...


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17th May to 23rd


The week starts with a Full Moon and a lunar eclipse, which will brightly illuminate - emotional relationships with your partners or grown children if you have any. It is possible that some changes will take place around your loved ones, which will affect you as well. For example, their professional realization takes on new paths, and this in some way affects you. It may be necessary - training, possible travel, arranging documents and all this is related, it affects you ... In most cases, everything will be for your own good, you will be able to turn challenges in favor, but you will have to pay some price - literally and in a broader sense, in the optimal case - it will be a useful investment, but in another option - you will have to choose what to give up or sacrifice to gain something else and more valuable to you. Under the influence of these aspects - healthy relationships will become even stronger, some of you may decide to get married if you are in a promising relationship ...


But if in these relationships insurmountable differences have accumulated, a kind of disloyalty, then this will surface and separate you from the respective personalities. You get support from people who are staying away from you, literally and in a broader sense. Issues related to the settlement of documents, legal cases, and possible travel are developing well. If you have your own business, then it can also prosper, but some kind of reforms, regulations, etc. will be required. You will succeed if you go beyond the limits of the familiar, use high qualifications...


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10th May to 16th


Most of you receive very strong support from the team in which you exist. You can also expand your influence by interacting with people outside your immediate or traditional environment, if you travel if you attract to your country - energetic, active and enterprising people who will contribute to your own prosperity. You will have such an opportunity, you will meet more empathy from friends, understanding, and approval - from influential or powerful people. You are in a wonderful period in which you can strengthen your authority and take more prestigious public positions. In fact, this trend will continue in the coming weeks and months, so many will be able to make a breakthrough in their chosen direction, which will change your social status, whether you have climbed the hierarchy and achieved professional success or it is something else and very important for you, for example - to commit to a suitable partner.


The options are many and varied like life itself, but the unifying rule is that you are in a very strong period that you will benefit from. So far, you are only feeling the first signals in this direction. However, there may be individuals who try to harm you, with whom you may come into a conflict of interest, but you have strong enough aspects to protect you and help you cope with such a challenge. However, it is advisable to be careful who you trust and to avoid conflicts that can harm you. Interacting with financial or government institutions is not too easy, if possible you should postpone it at this stage, it is not advisable to borrow or lend money.


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