Cancer Weekly Horoscope

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

June 17th to 23rd

The week starts with a Full Moon, which shows how effective your actions are in everyday life, at work, but not only. Perhaps you have to rearrange your priorities in order to be more relaxed, to not be under too much pressure, to be able to cope with current challenges. Still, during this and next week some topics are running out that have lost their meaning, they have to stay behind you so as to free up space for something new and more promising.

Most of you are drawn to more distant horizons of development - literally or in a more general sense, and that's the right thing to do. The reason for this interpretation is that you may need to set longer-term goals, or you need more time to achieve them; otherwise, trips actually help you relax, there may be people out of your immediate environment who are touching your heart and your soul. Do not lose sight of these distant horizons, you must dream, and your dreams can come true, they would help you focus on the chances rather than the challenges you have to overcome right now.

For now, some difficulties can be produced by your partners (personal or business), your own initiative may be limited by them, depending on your external opinion and approval, and so on. In that case, and instead of confronting you, it is probably best to attract strong personalities to your advantage. Strong and weak links in relationships escalate on Tuesday and Wednesday, you must channel them in a more positive direction for you, the chances of that are growing and are significant on Saturday and Sunday.

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June 10th to 16th

Mars transits through your zodiac sign, this happens once every two and a half years, and it usually means that you are the "captain of your own ship", in other words, you and your own initiative will create new prospects for your development and they will grow for a long time, can lead to promotion, expansion of opportunities to you, sometimes through expansion of your influence, maybe trips, communication with new people, including outside of your close, traditional environment, and you might decide to enrich your knowledge and qualifications, and this will be considered to be a supportive circumstance.

At this stage, you have to overcome some resistance from your personal or business partners, influential or older people. This can happen through purposeful, stubborn but flexible actions so as to turn this resistance into support, some kind of stabilization, Saturn is in the sector of your relationships and requires that to happen...

Through your actions, you will set a new development vector, this is particularly true for those born in the second decade, but it is also true, to a certain extent, for all other people. You will fight for what you want and that is the right thing to do, now is the time to demonstrate what you are capable of, and you have to channel this powerful energy within you in a certain direction in order to remove or avoid possible obstacles /ones that you would create for yourself, and others that the people around you would create/. That way you would have permanent success, you would discover new horizons in front of you, and you would be protected from some tension that may arise in the absence of enough activity.

You tend to reassess your feelings and/or demonstrate only a small part of them and that is the right thing to do...

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June 3rd to 9th

The week starts with a New Moon, which would represent options for development, choice, and so on. The reason for this interpretation is that some of the opportunities for development are already past their time and must remain behind you, but in parallel, other options may be formed, which at this stage are more vague and as a projection that requires more, long-term development prospects to evaluate and outline, and in another case, these may be real changes, with correspondingly modified contracts, negotiations for your future development, maybe traveling...

At this stage. everyday life may be out of the usual rhythm because you need to slow down and pay attention to your own priorities, you may need a break, or at least to slow down. On the other hand, you need to balance between current performance tasks and others that are accumulated over time but are not resolved, as well as people and circumstances, sometimes beyond your will, but which influence you and you have to comply with them.

People away from you - literally or in a more general sense, might get your attention. You must appreciate what's happening, the key to your success is to see the details, take advantage of your intuition so that you do not lose direction and choose the right path of development.

The important thing is that you will have a choice and it will determine a lot, everything will depend on you...

In the second part of the period you get interesting, sudden, often - positive and surprising news, suggestions from which you can take advantage, they would switch up your everyday life and might turn out to be new opportunities.

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May 27th to June 3rd

The Sun and Mercury are in Gemini. Traditionally during this time you end a personal year that shows you, on different occasions, to what end your past actions have led, they may be related to your personal or business relationships, but it might be a social situation that is so determined by your relationships.

This week you can return a man from the past if you are interested in that or a certain important person to you eventually leaves your life. In another case - you may have to make some kind of compromise in order to win something else that is more promising and again determined to a great extent by people close to you...

Your social activity can have a very refreshing and consolidating impact on your relationships. In another option, you get support from a friend, a colleague, this brings you joy or satisfaction, and maybe a friendship can grow into something more...

You do a good job with documents, if you are interested, then you should be careful about the details, there may be something hidden that you have not appreciated so far and could cause confusion.

Far more distant prospects of development on the one hand positively influence your self-esteem, make your dreams brighter, colorful and bold, and on the other hand, you may worry about some kind of ambiguity, the aspects of the stars would show you to what extent you can rely on thing and people, what destabilizes you, and so on.

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May 20th to 26th

The initiative of most of you is very high, and this becomes a reason to take on new and more prestigious positions in a team. People in your immediate environment may surprise you in a pleasant or quick way, you might create and strengthen relationships to bring you benefits or happiness, a sense of satisfaction.

However, a lifetime program of priorities is about to run out, which in the current period would show you in different nuances - what you should leave behind because it is past its time as an opportunity for future development.

You would be more inclined to make judgments, and they would cause you to change something in your approach, remove any gaps, focus yourself on something new, for which, at this point, you get only the "first signals" in the form of ideas, suggestions, alternatives to development.

An increasing part of what you experience or think would remain under the surface, but would accumulate and would be released under pressure so almost nobody or nothing would be able to stand between you and your goals. Your striving would have a long-term impact and can actually bring you to "other rails of development", especially where it is necessary...

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May 13th to 19th

You are in a wonderful time to strengthen your positions in a team or to take on new and more prestigious positions as a consequence of the support that you receive from influential or powerful individuals, maybe personal or business partners. Whatever it is, it is an optimal time to be more socially active, to demonstrate your skills and abilities to groups of people, so you will guarantee successes that will be built on better public positions due to wider support, the higher positions that you get, or the possible change of the environment that would have a similar effect on you.

In the first part of the week, you can influence your reputation, social status - relying primarily on gained success and gained experience, taking advantage of secret or unexpected support, making such dreams come true, alternatives to development, etc. On different occasions this week, there are changes that can bring you to new rails of development. It may be that some opportunities are already exhausted and need to be upgraded and upgraded in order for your development to continue.

This trend will be associated with a gradual change in your line of conduct, you will become more and more proactive, and that would become a reason to guide the course of events, and your action will be encoded steadily and will determine your vector of development in the coming months. There might be people in your immediate environment who surprise you, in most cases - pleasantly, with whom you can interact and be mutually beneficial... Your self-confidence, tone, and energy will gradually grow, it is advisable to set for yourselves long-term goals that you can achieve, you will have this opportunity...

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May 6th to 12th

Your social activity is growing, because of your own ambitions and high initiative or part of the support grows in a spontaneous, natural way, gaining momentum and as a result of your past actions and relevant positions. Whatever the case might be, your environment could often surprise you, it gives you interesting, good offers, but there may be some people who you would need to comply with so as not to hurt your reputation and to preserve what you have already achieved.

All the stronger and weaker links in your relationship will be more prominent, you would also get a better idea of who meets your expectations, who you disagree with when it comes to assessment and desires for future development. You must remove any weak links, you would probably need to think about what you are willing to pay in order to get something else (in a more general sense), whether it's worth the price, and so on.

Your daily routine is still very busy, sometimes with more commitments than usual, but also ones that would now become a direct cause for the expansion of horizons in front of you - through travel, or figuratively speaking - by expanding your own influence.

It is possible that an energy program of priorities is about to run out, to have to be renewed, because it is more stressful rather than vice versa. By May 21st, you understand what you should leave behind and replace it with something else that is more promising...

Indicative or transforming days are Thursday and Friday.

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April 29th to May 5th

Your everyday life is more busy than usual, including additional or unplanned engagements. In this process, you create distant development horizons, which may be related to a desired promotion, the need to develop by arranging documents, traveling, communicating with people outside your immediate environment, demonstrating high qualifications.

And there is something in the distance that worries you because you feel that an energy program is running out and you have to replace it with something new or upgrade all the achievements to this point.

Relatives or people away from you also attract the attention of many, and now is the time to turn those challenges into an optimally positive direction for you, especially during the first part of the period.

In the second half of the week, your social activity is growing, there will be revelations, information that can make all your efforts worth your while and encode your achievements in reputation and social status. In this process, you would have a strong influence on your personal or business partners with which you would have to agree, in order for them to support you, rather than to turn out and to be an obstacle.

If some doors are closed through you, alternatives are gradually opened. But they will still require more than usual to prove yourself to the others, a kind of new beginning that will give you more prestigious positions you can expect after the New Moon on Sunday.

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