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January 27th to February 2nd

You are in a very transformative period, during which you can and must build on what you have achieved by introducing something new, it can be related to relationships, whether for business or for profit, to turn some challenges into benefits, to act positively on your well-being and what you have in general. To a large extent, the end result is very much related to your personal partners, influential personalities, so you must first concentrate on this and make the right choice for your future development.

Your daily life can be quite stressful, even above average, the reasons may be in additional commitments or requirements, sometimes forced travel or the need to handle documents.

In another case, it is increased competition or bad behavior in your workplace. In a sense, it can be said that your positions will be tested, this test will sometimes be a win, thanks to which you will prosper even in the coming months, if this is not the case then you may need to sharply change the direction. Be careful to not get a virus, monitor your health and try to avoid tension

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January 20th to 26th

You are entering a very transformative period that will affect your well-being. On various occasions, you may need to prove yourself more than usual in order to make more money, at least to protect yourself from losses. The more support you get, the more significant opportunities you will have to raise your income and protect your interests.

In this process, you may feel that others are behaving in unpredictable ways, they may even surprise you with their behavior and become a conduit of loss, obviously, you should not trust people too much during this period, you should be more careful ...

In another case - because of a changing environment, taking up a new position, testing your conquered positions - you will invest in yourself and this will be considered a positive circumstance. A unifying rule is that you should join forces by choosing your company carefully.

Your daily routine throughout the week will be very busy, sometimes above average and probably beyond normal rhythm. There are no additional commitments or requirements, maybe you can upgrade your skills, demonstrate competency, or perhaps you might be forced to travel, have business trips or deal with documents.

It is appropriate to plan for the moment so that you do not miss a chance but also be able to respond to some provocations. You should avoid being too busy with work, be careful with your physical health, your immunity may be lowered and you may be more susceptible to infection.

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January 13th to 19th

Important transformations continue to escalate that affect your personal or business relationships. It's possible that there are some changes related to the people around you that may affect you too, and now it's appropriate to show loyalty that will strengthen your relationships.

Alternatively, transformations will directly affect your relationship, it is possible to escalate a kind of struggle for power or dominance, at this stage you will probably think that you need to make more compromises and that is true, but you can or should you take advantage of the power of those people that turn into a bridge to your own successes. It is appropriate to generally join forces with powerful people, you will have such a chance as long as you want.

However, if everything is not going exactly the way you want it or expect it to, the feelings are cooling or worsening, then you probably need to think about what you need to refresh in your approach, whether it's worth the price or you generally have to flip through a new page.

Against this background, a person appears in your immediate environment who can make you happy. You will increasingly be able to rely on others, and you may receive sudden, surprising support from friends, people away from you - literally and in a figurative sense.

You can plan trips and this will have a beneficial effect as well as a change of environment ...

During the last days of the week, you may have to spend more money, in the best-case-scenario this will be related to an investment, but it is still useful to beware of the environmental influences that may cause damage.

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December 30th to January 5th

This week you will hear a lot of interesting, enjoyable suggestions that will expand your horizons of development.

The popularity of most of you is growing, this can become an occasion for prosperity at all other levels in your life, personal or business.

Most of you receive influential support from a strong, powerful partner, or supporter, and if you do not have one, then you can find it during this period.

The people around you might play the role of benefactors, giving you a chance to raise your income, realize your ideas, etc.

Your daily routine will gradually accelerate its pace, commitments will increase, but also the opportunity to present yourself in the optimum good light in the workplace, to cope with any increasing competition, requirements, etc.

If you do not have the right job, then you can also seek and find help from certain people who support and approve of you and so on.

The more socially active you are, the broader your development prospects will be.

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December 23rd to 29th

The New Moon on December 26th focuses on your personal or business relationships, which will be renewed, will be given a new vector of development. In the best case, you will build on your current relationships with larger and longer-term, common ideas for future development. For example, you may decide to get married if you have not already, or it may be something else that will contribute to your future well-being.

Very often, important people will be a bridge to your own development and prosperity. You probably just need to focus on the right people who will take on this role. This trend not only concerns your personal life, but it is also related to socially important positions, career development, etc. You will have a chance to attract support, benefactors, especially if you are looking for them.

Some of them will find you, they will come back to you, you can get back an old love if it interests you and this trend will be intensely preserved in the coming weeks, even months.

In the other case, you and your current partner might go back to an old theme of your existence, which in this way will renew your feelings, will be a cause for happiness.

However, this whole process will require some kind of transformation within you. You will change in a natural way and under the influence of your immediate environment. To a great extent, you will be the "captain of your own ship" and the more you transform yourself, you discover additional qualities to the world, the more support and approval you will receive, your popularity will grow with the corresponding positives.

You have a chance to increase your well-being, to gain something as a result of support…

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December 16th to 22nd

During this week, your personal or business partners, take you very seriously, you have the chance to strengthen your relationships, there are strong emotional experiences ahead that can enhance feelings and attachment to one another.

Your relationships are in the process of transformation and now is the time to steer them in a more positive direction for you. You will pursue the thing that is close to your heart, the things you want, with special passion and you, can actually turn it to your advantage. These can be transformations with partners, children, business, hobbies, which will spark your enthusiasm and can turn into more positive prospects for development.

If, however, not all of the subjects described above are developing exactly as you expect, then this means that more serious reforms are needed, but still have the chance to channel them in a more appropriate direction for you.

Still another leading topic for you is a professional realization, many of the trends in this sector are moving more inertia and are set as a vector of development. You can influence them right now through the support you need to get from influential people, even popularity, coming from your colleagues, the people you interact with.

Everyday life may be stressful, beyond the usual rhythm, additional and unplanned tasks may occur, and in another embodiment, these may be additional requirements for you. In any case - the period is indicative, of what hinders your professional realization. If dissatisfaction prevails, you will be able to find something new and more promising opportunities in January 2020. For now, it's helpful to identify and eliminate the weak links, possibly rearrange your priorities to be more successful. You should also be more careful about your health so you don't get a virus...

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December 9th to 15th

Your relationships are going to undergo some metamorphosis this week. The reasons may be in your own assessments, your moods, the way you perceive the other people, or they may be real changes in important to you people - they transform their attitude, there may be some other transformations around them, which affect you…

In another option, your relationships with others change, the way they perceive you ...

There is a high probability of being pressured by strong feelings, but also of rethinking - to turn possible challenges, misunderstandings into positive and clear them up, make positive changes and have some conversations.

A strong, influential personality in your life may appear, a kind of supporter to get your attention or make important common decisions for your future development.

It is very likely that the things happening are positive and consolidating your relationship, and through them, you can gain more power, opportunities, etc.

If, however, the moods between you and some people are rather tense, then they will either require more serious measures or you will have to end them because they are already past their time. The events happening in the second part of the period will show you the right direction.

Your daily routine is quite busy, but at the same time it is not excluded that you might scatter your energy in different directions, it is probably not easy for you to deal with current commitments, and there may be something that may confuse your preliminary plans. Let this be an opportunity to rearrange your priorities and eliminate those that are more harmful to you.

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