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18th January to 23rd


During the first days of the new week, significant or important events that escalate in terms of partnerships, important personal or business relationships may escalate. What is happening is not accidental, but indicative of a vector of development in your contacts, because on January 18th we are under the influence of the Full Moon, and traditionally it symbolizes a lot of knowledge, some type of solutions, etc. During these days, you can still influence your relationships above average. If your partner is changing or needs some kind of support, you may be part of it, show more empathy, and so the transformations will bring you even closer. If the relationship is not developing exactly as you want or expect these days, then you need to analyze the past in-depth, identify possible differences and weaknesses and eliminate them.


You might have the feeling that you have to make a choice, to make decisions so that you are more stable at different levels and especially - in purely financial terms. You will still be required to join forces with people, which can contribute to your well-being. This may require increased adaptability, but if you cope with this challenge and really join forces with certain people, then - you will be able to multiply your wealth in the coming weeks or you will regain something lost, you will receive a kind of reward ...


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11th January to 17th


Partnerships remain a leading topic for you. This week you may experience a kind of catharsis in them and let it be positive, so it will be if you share more distant prospects of development with your partner, discuss them, dream, etc. Another important topic for you may be your professional realization, now is the time to prove yourself at work, but it is possible that your daily life is out of the usual or traditional rhythm due to additional requirements for you, sometimes the need to arrange documents, travel, take forced business trips or to improve your skills, to expand your knowledge, to change something in your approach, to be more objective in order to turn some challenges in your favor. People around you - colleagues or friends may surprise you with their behavior, but it will help you "set the clock", and respectively figure out who to allow yourself, from whom to distance yourself to protect yourself from moral or material losses. If there are such destructive influences around you, they will be visible enough and this will help you to take appropriate measures.


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3rd January to 9th 2022


The leading topic for you continues to be partnerships. Now you can stabilize them, improve them, clear up any misunderstandings from the past. What strengthens you are possible discussions of more distant future prospects for development, travel, resolving disputes, including legal cases. You do not lack attention, in most cases - you enjoy goodwill and understanding on the part of the other party, even if sometimes it seems to you that you need to comply more with them. Take advantage of this positive aspect of the stars and you will be able to expand your own influence on others, on people important to you. The popularity of most of you is growing, the contacts you can count on are becoming a conduit for additional opportunities. The more socially active you are, the more significant results you can achieve.


Against this background, the daily life of most of you is quite stressful, you may be required to enrich your knowledge to meet new or higher demands in the workplace. In another case, you catch up with additional cases that you have to reject, you deal with increased competition. Just be careful not to overload yourself or get sick in different directions to avoid possible overexertion. You may also be required to be more adaptable to people or institutions that affect your financial situation, especially during the first part of the week. Do not take risks during this time that may harm you. In the second part - you feel more in your own element, it is easier to influence trends.


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27th December 2021 to 2nd January 2022


The leading topic for most of you now is partnerships. Important and explanatory conversations are not excluded, which will heal them, clear up any controversial issues... It is possible to see your partner from another angle or there might be some kind of transformation around them, which naturally affects you. Now you can influence and direct these trends, you will have such an opportunity, although sometimes it will require you to be more adaptable. However, what is happening will have a wide impact and in most cases will be positive, as long as certain boundaries have not been crossed in the past. Your popularity may grow, at the same time, you may have the feeling that you need to prove yourself more to others and in practice it is true, but if you act in this direction, which means that you try to meet the expectations of certain individuals, you will expand your influence and support ...


Your success at this stage depends on others and the more socially active you are, the stronger your relationship, the more significant and desired results you will get ... You can take advantage of the New Moon, which on January 2nd to set a new beginning for relationships important to you, personal or business, and it will bring you pleasant surprises, more chances, sometimes - sudden or able to relieve you of possible tension. Against this background - your daily life is busier than usual, but constructively, if you work - you can prove yourself, there might be some positive changes that will either stabilize your position or increase your income if working conditions allow it. A possible breakthrough in this area will be long-lasting then it will develop by inertia. It is worth being more proactive and this will bring you results, it will not be without consequences ...


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20th to 26th December 


Your daily life is becoming more and more busy with commitments, but you manage to put "order in chaos" or your actions are constructive, directed in an appropriate direction that can help you strengthen your position in the workplace, to achieve success that will have a stabilizing effect, including for long-term income. Some of you will cope with an increased competition or will remove from your path those who destabilize them financially and not only. Against this background, partnerships are becoming an increasingly important topic in your life. Many are likely to focus on the need to stabilize or improve them. You are going through a very transformative period when it comes to relationships. They are rethinking, acquiring a new form and meaning. Optimally, this will become an occasion to clear up possible misunderstandings from the past, to get even closer, including through explanatory talks, which will escalate more and more at the end of this and next week... The direction of development of your relationships depends largely on what you want, but also on the past that catches up with you. You can take what is happening as a second chance... Some of you can get an old love back if it shouldn't have left your life...


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13th to 19th December


Your daily life will become busier and busier, and the week is important for your professional realization. You will have the opportunity to increase your income, to take more prestigious public positions if working conditions allow it. At the very least, you can or should establish your authority in the workplace, gain success, which you will then rely on in the coming months, you will have such an opportunity. Against this background, there may be some confusion in the commitments, because you have to deal with tasks that are out of the ordinary. For example, some of you will have to meet increased requirements, perhaps to improve your skills, others - may travel to settle personal issues or these are forced business trips. Whatever it is, let this become an occasion to rearrange your priorities so that you are more effective, maybe you can get rid of cases that only burden you, you will judge according to what is happening.


It is also good to stay away from possible manipulations and intrigues in the workplace, which can escalate ... You must stop them in time, even by ignoring them or - through another strategy of your choice. Some of you will have the opportunity to get back an old job if they are interested and act in this direction. In any case, you will have the opportunity and options, take action, some of the chances will spontaneously stand in your way. Partnerships are still being re-evaluated, transformed, this is a process that will continue for a long time. Most of you will be met with benevolence and understanding on the part of the other party, even if there are some misunderstandings that need to be cleared up.


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7th to 12th December


You are in an excellent period, during which you can make a breakthrough in your professional realization and career development, you can increase your income or get some news, offer, reward - for your efforts so far. However, there may be some confusion in your daily life, a permanent need to change your plans, because there are additional commitments, demands from influential people or people that affect your prosperity... You may have to travel or you comply more than usual with people outside your immediate environment. Whatever it is, the unifying rule is that now is the time to prove yourself, to rearrange your priorities so that you are more effective, but also not to allow external factors to influence you. It is also important not to lose sight of distant goals, so as not to go in the wrong direction, figuratively speaking... Another important topic for you is your relationships. There are important transformations in this sector of your life. It is possible that changes around your partner are escalating that affect you as well.


In the optimal case - it will bring you even closer, will have a positive effect on passion, affection, the ability to better understand each other - in depth and with the appropriate positions. If everything is fine between you, then this week - you can experience unforgettable moments, you can say some things or hear some things that will make you happy. Some tension may arise due to increased costs, in which case you should not allow purely material priorities to stand between you and your loved ones. If the misunderstandings are different, reveal hidden processes, etc., then this will require much more time to resolve and with the corresponding consequences... The period is challenging or strongly transforming your love relationship.


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29th November to 5th December


You are in an excellent period during which you can heal important relationships, personal and business partnerships. You enjoy more attention, goodwill, and understanding, so now your relationship can move to a higher level, to experience some positive transformation this and next week, this might represent some kind of catharsis, rediscovery, etc. If in some cases - not everything goes exactly as you expect it to, then this will be a clear sign that some differences between you are much deeper and will require much more time to clear up ... In that case, you will need to analyze the past and with a view to the more distant future ... Your daily life becomes more and more fast-paced and busy with commitments.


Defining discussions can take place at your workplace - such as new working conditions, etc. This trend will deepen with the New Moon on December 4th, which can set a great new beginning in your professional realization. In most cases, this will be completely positive for you, will give you a chance to increase your income. If this is not possible, then you can look for and find a new job this week and even more likely – in the next week, this can become a great new beginning ...


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23rd November to 28th


Your daily life is becoming more and more busy with commitments, the focus on your professional realization is becoming stronger. It is possible for old ideas or opportunities to reappear, for example - you can focus on cases that have previously brought you success and satisfaction, you can return to an old job if you are interested. In another case, your efforts to prove yourself in the workplace will increasingly yield positive results and this trend will intensify at the end of this and the beginning of next week.


You may be influenced by a type of guardianship that stabilizes your position or contributes to climbing the hierarchy, your income to grow, and so on. If some commitments only burden you but do not contribute to your prosperity, then this week - you can decide to be separated from them forever, to leave them behind, etc. Another important topic for you may be favorite people - partners, grown children, etc. Regarding these issues - now everything is channeled in an optimal positive direction for you, most of you harmonize, strengthen your relationship, can set a more positive vector of development for a long time. If you are alone, you can find love and it will be long-term, loyal, etc.


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16th to 22nd November


The leading focus for you remains your personal or business relationship. This week there will be people who will inspire you, become a conduit for success, or at least help you in difficult situations and will become a vent for possible tension. But it is possible that there will be some that will create tension for you, or surprise you unpleasantly. In any case, you will get enough clarity - who and to what extent you can count on. You will be required to be more adaptable to a changing environment. It may have changed due to a new position you take on, due to relocations, new people invading your life, updated requirements for you, etc. The more adaptable you are, so that you meet the expectations of you in order to cope with possible competition, but also to protect yourself from possible enemies, the more you will turn all the challenges in your favor. You are required to be more flexible in communication, to balance between your interests and the interests of others, and sometimes to keep a greater distance from people who can destabilize you or to build a plan so that you are less dependent on them.


When it comes to relationships, then you are now in a positive period, so you will have a chance to heal them, to clear up any misunderstandings. Explanatory conversations are not excluded, in which you can tell each other truths or reach a greater depth on a relevant topic and make optimal decisions. Loved ones may require more attention, and in some cases, you may need to invest more time or even purely material goods in them. What is happening now has a long-term and significant impact, in a sense, reversible events during the Full Moon are possible, which includes a partial Lunar Eclipse on November 19th. Try to live the life you want during the next two weeks at least, and probably much longer.


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8th to 14th November


You are in an excellent period to heal your relationships. You will enjoy more goodwill, understanding, and support from the other side. Everything that supports your relationship will be especially visible on Monday and Tuesday, but this is a good time to direct your relationships in an even more positive direction, to clear up any misunderstandings, if any. Possible weak links will escalate on Wednesday and Thursday, stop them in time so that they do not grow in the future.


What can worsen your relationship can be increased costs, differences in terms of income and expenses, but do not allow purely material priorities to stand between you and your loved ones. Throughout the week, you will increase the likelihood of expanding your influence and popularity, it will be useful for you to be more socially active and with the relevant positives, to meet wider support, including from people who are far away from you, literally and in broader meaning. Possible trips can refresh, improve your relationship ...


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1st to 8th November


Most of you focus on the relationship with your partner or grown children if you have any. All this will now mobilize you, excite you, raise your adrenaline, surprise you, put you in unforeseen situations. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if there are some weaknesses and misunderstandings, they will be more visible than usual to take measures so as to eliminate any weaknesses and reduce the corresponding tension. At the same time, you can count on a dose of luck, thanks to which you will be able to direct the trends in the desired direction. In another case, it is possible that everything works in your favor, even if it does not look like that at this stage. Now you can strengthen your relationships, but at some cost, you may feel that you need to show a little more understanding and compromise, walk in a loved one’s shoes and help them.


You can help financially or morally, and this can burden you to some extent. Ultimately, if you and your partner look in different directions, if you can't rely on each other, then this will be more apparent than usual and the corresponding consequences. On November 4th there will be a new moon, which will renew your relationship, at the same time these are indicative days... There may be other relationships in focus, which you will now re-evaluate, if everything is fine, then you can count on the same and in the future. But the people around you, the team in which you exist, may surprise you, but this will be useful knowledge that you will benefit from. Venus will enter Capricorn on November 5th and will remain in this sector until March 6th, 2022. During all this time you will enjoy more support and goodwill, understanding from others - in general, or specifically from your partner... It is possible that a new person will invade your life, and this will gradually become a serious relationship if you do not have one


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25th October to 31st


You are in a period during which you can or must prove yourself in order to fulfill a secret desire or keep what you consider valuable to you. You will have such an opportunity, but this will probably cost you dearly, literally and more generally speaking. The period is suitable to strengthen your relationships or such a need will arise because the person next to you needs more of your attention or you are reminded of topics from the past. Be careful that purely material priorities do not stand between you and loved ones ... Your financial situation, stability to a large extent still depend on, are determined by some type of support you can get from people who affect your well-being so that you can try harder in that direction.


But this may require some compromise on your part ... Increased costs are very likely, in the optimal case these are useful investments in business, in you, in relatives, etc., you need to make an accurate calculation so as to not destabilize yourself financially ... In the workplace, most of you enjoy support and understanding, although it is possible that there is some chaos in everyday life for external and independent reasons. Let this be an occasion to break away from everything that is destructive to you, etc.


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18th October to 24th


The leading task this week will be to smooth out any differences between you and your family members, especially your partner if you have one. If there are differences between you and your loved ones - now is the optimal time when you can adjust the layers between you so that the differences are cleared, to reduce any tension. In order to act in a similar and positive way - you may need to keep a close eye on the events, to peek beyond the visible, you will have such an opportunity through explanatory conversations. I remind you that what is happening now has a wide impact, how you deal with these issues you understand to a significant extent in the days of the Full Moon, which is on October 20th.


During these days it becomes clear how much they support your ambitious plans... In any case - your living environment is changing, this is a process that will have a wide impact, direct it in the desired direction, which will harmonize and improve your comfort by investing in your home, for example, you can make some repairs... You are still in a favorable period during which you can deal with inheritance and property cases, take advantage! During the second part of the week in your daily life, there might be some confusion, misunderstandings at work, and you may need a little more rest, to catch up with personal affairs, etc...


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