Aries Weekly Horoscopes

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

November 11th to 17th

The Full Moon of November 12th will illuminate your financial status, it is possible to change it in a positive direction as well, guaranteeing your ability to cooperate, attracting some kind of support from influential, powerful people, and perhaps ones outside your immediate area, including foreigners.

Your interaction with government or financial institutions is also working well, so you should take advantage.

You act with great enthusiasm, it can be fueled by approval, support, opportunities that take shape on the horizon, even with far-reaching prospects and spark your initiative ...

You are in a great time to regain something lost that is still affecting your well-being. You might get ideas from your past relationships, way of working and making money, in another option - this is a chance to catch up with any gaps, to get the right to a second experience that will have a key impact on your career, marriage or at least your reputation.

Against this background, many hesitate in their feelings and true desires, intentions, you may doubt your relationships, in which case you should trust action more than words, more in experience and practical judgments than in ideals, which may now disappoint you.

You may have some increased expenses for travel, for settling documents, or in a more unpleasant form, losses due to bad faith and misrepresentation.

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November 4th to 10th 

You are in an excellent time to make some kind of transformations in your social position - career development, reputation, other leading goals that will have a positive impact on your financial status and what you have in general. You can gain more power — literally or in a general sense — by relying on the support of influential individuals, partners and even institutions. You can make your secret dream come true or you have alternative development options and hidden ways to reach your goals, if you are interested in those, to optimally influence your future development prospects.

The changes made now on the topics outlined above will affect you for a long time and set the tone for development by the spring of 2020. They may be totally in your favor, helping you to increase your prosperity, but it will directly depend on the support you can or should get, and now is the time to act, move on to more successful rails on development or changes that will still have a beneficial effect according to the support you get.

This will not always be easy, it is not excluded that you have to deal with increasing competition, in more extreme forms - fights with enemies who might destabilize your life. To deal with such a challenge, you will obviously have to change something in your approach, be more flexible, the stars require this at this stage, otherwise, it can provoke destructions that are not beneficial for both parties.

Relationships might be put to the test. If there are some differences - you should count on communication, a direct confrontation is unlikely to be constructive.

You make money when traveling, communicating with people outside of your immediate area by self-advertising or traveling, so you can find love if you are not in a relationship.

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October 28th to November 3rd

Throughout the week, you will be very focused on issues that affect your financial well-being. The key to your success at this stage is to be able to collaborate with influential personalities, negotiate your interests, and gain approval and support. You can achieve great results which will help you be successful, but in the process, you may need to back down or review past decisions.

The stars will give you a second chance to positively influence the unresolved cases of the past and affect your security at different levels, mostly material, but not only. A new start, which starts at the beginning of the week, will require just that - to deal with old issues so that you can move on.

Some surprises like sudden income and/or expenses are possible throughout the week. If destabilizing processes prevail over your resources, this will be a clear sign that you will need to allow something new and different, to eliminate the weak links. The people who help you out will be very valuable and expanding the horizons in front of you.

There is a high likelihood that some relationships (personal or business) may become more tense, and those who cannot withstand the test of time will end. Only strong feelings, mental dependence, or clear material interest will help these challenges be overcome and further strengthen the relationships.

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October 21st to 27th 

This week, many will have a strong need for support from energetic individuals or partners (personal or business). The reasons may be different, for example - at this stage, you might not have the energy or time to deal with all the priorities that directly affect your security and authority, public positions.

In another case, there is a tendency for outcomes, and now is the time to channel them in the best direction for you and you would probably need to make some compromise. It is not excluded that you may be in an environment of increased competition, in a more unfavorable form - you might be under the influence of bad people who need to overcome. Whatever it is - the way out of this is for you to find like-minded people, people to help you, to meet some challenges, to achieve your goals.

Ended relationships at this stage are unlikely to recover, but the ones that are consolidated as a result of mutual assistance, understanding, and tolerance will become even stronger in these experiencing situations.

It is good to build common and enriching goals with your loved ones, it will be quite positive as a result, and it will probably become a leitmotif for the next month. Purely material issues will either bring you closer or quite the opposite - it might lead to an end of a relationship. It is up to you, you can guide the events.

You might feel a lot of passion and you should transform that into a profit strategy, in a broader sense, by targeting suitable partners.

Your financial status may be destabilized, you should find the mistakes so as to remove them and if you need to change something in terms of your income and your expenses...

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October 14th to 20th

You continue to be at a key stage in your relationships. The Moon is already decreasing, so most of the trends are already set. Nevertheless, it should be emphasized that your social status or image are very much related to the support you can get from partners (personal or business). Those contacts that are quality and reliable will be consolidated, but at the expense of some transformation, probably by delegating more responsibilities with the important people you interact with, exhibiting more tolerance and even flexibility in communication.

However, if this is not possible and some of your relationships need to be ended, this will be a clear sign that they are past their time, but you will be able to compensate with others by expanding the circle of people you interact with.

Communicating with people outside your immediate environment or influential personalities gives you a chance to break the status quo, overcome some challenge or difficulty and win. Goals that you set yourself in the longer-term help you a lot, including high qualification, advertising or self-advertising and of course - self-reliance ...

If you are traveling, it will also bring you success and good luck ...

Keep in mind that October is the best time to break the boundaries of what is possible in front of you in the way described above - expanding your influence and going beyond the known by collaborating, traveling and demonstrating high qualification ...

During the first part of the week, sudden or increased expenses are not ruled out, but if they are well thought out then everything will be fine.

During the second part of the period - you gradually stabilize topics related to cash flow, you can even find new or hidden sources of profit as a result of the support you receive.

There will be a lot of passion in your relationships, but it will be channeled in the right direction during the second part of the period. You will have a strong intuition, you should take advantage of it and do not neglect your inner voice...

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October 7th to 13th 

Relationships remain a leading topic for you as well as the support that you can get from "others" in general. On various occasions, you may find that your successes, and even your social status, reputation, and chances for prosperity - are highly dependent on cooperation and some type of approval and support.

In another option, you have to deal with opposition and challenges, conditions that might meet you with visionary personalities, partners (personal or business) and people on whom your well-being depends. You can handle all of the above, probably by changing something in your approach, betting on more communication and sometimes compromise. Philosophical attitudes will also help if you expand the circle of people you interact with if you need to go out of your comfort zone and communicate with people outside of your immediate surroundings. Possible trips will bring you luck and relieve you of any tension.

The social activity of most of you is very high, it is appropriate to cooperate in order to achieve optimally good results. However, it is possible that competition and expectations might grow. You should be flexible in communication to save yourself some trouble.

Throughout the week there might be some surprises, whether they will be positive or not, depending on your interaction with others, respectively - you can get sudden and fast profits, but losses (material, moral) are also not excluded.

Don't rush, you should act according to the particular case and remember that by the end of this week you will determine a lot in your personal and business relationships... You can direct the events and the trends will grow for a long time...

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September 30th to 6th October

During this week you can renew your relationships (personal and business), this may be due to external and independent reasons that transform your relationships, and it may be your own wish that requires a great new start in your relationships. This will probably require balancing, even analysis of the past so that you can overcome some challenges and even turn them in a more positive direction.

This may be a kind of catharsis for your relationships, some will be "reborn", but others will become more tense and almost impossible to continue, and may not make sense.

However, if you value someone, now is the right time to show it. It is possible to go through some kind of challenge, some kind of test for "strength and reliability", but if you go through it - you will make your relationship even stronger, much like the crew of a ship that has survived storms and become even more cohesive, with trust in each other.

You have to keep in mind that partners /personal or business/ - can destabilize you strongly or vice versa, the end result will depend on your own communication skills...

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September 23rd to 29th 

You start to understand or feel that relationships play a key role at the moment for your stability, future development and prosperity at various levels, including in your career and the social positions you occupy.

For this reason, many of you will rely on communication, become more socially active, and strengthen relationships that will help them fulfill their desires and high ambitions when it comes to a professional realization.

Alternatively, you need to negotiate, attract like-minded people, and get support to turn some challenges and difficulties into use. In this process, you will, in brighter colors, understand to whom and to what extent you can rely on. It is not excluded that you are aware that there are people in your area who are causing you more damage, can destabilize you severely, etc.

This tendency can cause some kind of cleaning in your environment. It is possible to leave behind people, including those with whom you have interacted for a long time because you realize that they have no place in your future development... Ideally, this is a period during which you can or should clear up old misunderstandings, strengthen important personal or business relationships for you by transforming something in them, look into the distant future and discuss similar topics of prosperity...

You might also decide to travel, go beyond what you know, and that has a positive effect on your relationship.

In another case - you're expanding the circle of your acquaintances, you can have useful or pleasant conversations with people who are away from you, but turn into a bridge for an opportunity, prosperity, and success. In any case, you will not miss attention, you may enjoy goodwill. However, if there are some differences - now it will be appropriate to clear them, you will have that opportunity.

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September 16th to 22nd 

This week you can have a breakthrough in your career development, through initiative and willfulness, concentration - you have a chance to win more prestigious positions in the workplace or you might change something that will have a lasting impact on your social status or at least your reputation.

Most of you are highly ambitious, manifesting remarkable concentration that will guarantee them successes that will last for a long time. This could be a new stage in your professional realization, transformations and achievements now, given trends will have a long-term impact in the coming months, and for some people - in the next two years.

Against this background, there are people in your environment who strongly support you, you can receive nice, useful announcements and suggestions, you can also have similar conversations and negotiations.

You can have more social activity that will contribute to your popularity so that you can attract people to collaborate with and to be mutually beneficial.

Alternatively, you can find love if you are not in a relationship, this applies to everyone, but especially to those born in the first decanate.

This is an appropriate time to resolve any misunderstandings with partners (personal or business).

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September 9th to 15th 

This week, events will escalate, culminating in the days of the Full Moon on September 13th, and will show with a lot of events, news, some kind of changes - a new rhythm of your everyday life, workplace changes. It is possible to have some new and increased requirements and/or the need to enrich your knowledge or to focus yourself on a type of association and support from influential individuals, people outside your immediate environment…

Some of you will be rearranging the layers of the hierarchical ladder, and you will need to take up your new and dignified place by relying on your own high professionalism, type of mobilization and eliminating misunderstandings, misconceptions, hidden, erosive processes /people from your path or circumstances that have accumulated in the past an have been left unanswered or ignored/. Here you will be able to remove them willfully and purposefully at this stage, you will have energy, motivation, and support...

If something is not in your power and is still not developing as expected, then you will need to take more cardinal measures and focus yourself on something else that is more suited to you and more appropriate for your career development, better status, image, etc.

Transformations in terms of work may now turn out to take much longer than you expect. You should monitor and direct the events, you can still actively influence these processes…

It is a good idea to carry out healing procedures, to leave possible bad habits, to get rid of similar influences at different levels of life, you will have enough hints as to what they are.

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