Aries Weekly Horoscopes

By Celebrity Astrologer Mariana

January 21st to 27th 

The stars will permanently boost your social activity, probably not without reason,  but as a result of received news, proposals, sometimes surprises and challenges from others that prompt you to react. Whatever it is - a part of your environment would make you excited , and the moment is particularly beneficial to act in a direction that would help you strengthen your position in a team, often by relying on support and approval, but also by changing your attitude, at least to certain individuals, or just remove them from your environment.

The aspects of stars urge all, but especially the ones born in the third decanate, to renew their environment of existence. In this process, you could prove yourselves to be leaders who draw attention to yourselves as a result of an original and a creative approach, a remarkable competitive character.

The initiative you are showing now could help you materialize your dreams not only in January but also in the coming months.

You have good luck while traveling, arranging documents, negotiating, including with people outside of your surroundings. All this may be a reason to enrich yourselves - literally or in a more general sense, for example - expand your influence, get a promotion, etc.

However, it is helpful to be careful with intrigue that may mess up your plans. Watch your back, in the optimal way you might reveal a secret.

You are also lucky when it comes to love, at least in most cases, you make your dreams come true and it is not easy for people to say no to you.

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January 14th to 20th 

Throughout the week, your enthusiasm, a fighting spirit grows because you are aware of opportunities that you can realize if not immediately, at least step by step and with reflection in the distant future. But now you can take the first steps in that direction - you are given such chances, or because you feel really pressured by people or circumstances to get the most out of mobilization so you can affirm already won positions, not allow people to take your place, etc.

You can be "warriors" who, through their actions, paves the way for everyone else, influences them, directs them, transforms the picture around. Many people now have some of the most significant transformations in the year, they are to a large extent determined by your initiative and your desires.

Negotiating, dealing with contracts, including legal cases, goes well if you want to expand your reach as you are more socially active, communicate with influential people, people outside of your immediate environment  - you get the "green light" to do that. On possible trips - you would be very busy, and some of you might meet luck or love.

In the last days of the week - old prospects about your social status are coming back, there may be some outcomes. You might get a big prize, or this process would be a turning point if you have not gone in the right direction. If you have lost something, but it is yours, you can get it back, but if it has to drop out your life that would happen spontaneously, and it would make room for another and more promising things. There are surprises, strong and memorable emotional experiences, you should defend your interests, do not lose sight of them, do not give in to provocations, avoid conflicts, and everything will be fine.

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January 7th to 13th 

After the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse, you enter one of your most important periods throughout the year 2019. You can have strong leadership skills, stand up to challenges and overcome them so that you take decent positions in the team in which you work, or at home. Perhaps it would be inappropriate to try and engage in disputes that could disturb your positions, but it would be helpful to balance between your and other people's desires, or any imposed rules, the status quo that has been set in the past by older, authoritative figures.

It's precisely the balance, constructive and practical judgments combined with your fighting spirit that would guarantee you success. Otherwise, you may need to "step out of the battlefield", if not by will, you would be forced to do that.

There is always a way out of every tangled situation. When a door closes, destiny always leaves another one open and often - one with more perspective.

At this stage, something exciting or in the form of a chance can be revealed outside of your surroundings, per se, if you expand the circle of your acquaintances, you rely on personalities away from you - literally or in a figurative sense, if you are traveling.

You can always rely on your high level of qualification, a desire to learn new things - this would be appreciated. Philosophical thinking would also raise you above small obstacles; furthermore, if you look at a more distant perspective, you would not allow any current challenges to stumble upon you.

A love or opportunity to get something valuable to you would take place by January 21st if you do not lose sight of your goals.

Significant or transforming events escalate at the end of this and early next week, you must guide the events In the best possible direction for you...

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December 31st to January 6th 

Most of you are having some major transformations that would have a wide impact and would affect your career development, social status altogether. At this stage, this process is related to mobilization, overcoming some difficulty or limitations. The more responsibilities you take, the more freedom and independence you would acquire, your prestige and authority would grow.

Until January 5th, the Moon is declining, so it is unlikely to start something new, but rather to finish what has already been started, to deal with commitments from the past.

You have a chance to act positively on your income if you co-operate, attract partners, sponsors and negotiate your interests.

Debt priorities are being settled - you get back what is owed to you - materially or in the form of moral satisfaction, in another variation - you pay off your old debts.

As of January 1st, Mars would transit through Aries, this would gradually bring your adrenaline up, unlock your competitive character, desire and ability to fight to achieve your goals and be winners. You would consciously direct the events, the initiative and the changes that escalate would have a wide impact - for the whole of next year and maybe longer. But the impulse for renewal would be felt most strongly after the New Moon and the partial Solar Eclipse on January 6th...

Before that, most of you are splitting up with something that is rather weighing them down, or at least this might refer to a change of approach that would regain your self-confidence.

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December 24th to 30th 

The stars point you strongly into considering issues that concern your social status - career development, social status, or marital relationships. The trend may be provoked by real events that show you in brighter colors - what you need to overcome throughout the new year of 2019, also what you can rely on, what you should concentrate on, mobilize to strengthen your authority and even climb to a higher level on the hierarchical ladder.

News, decisions, external and unrelated circumstances might divide your lives "before" and "after" what happening now, by the end of 2018 and during next year.

A program of priorities is running out for many that started about two and a half years ago. It may be a reason to leave something behind because there is no energy, resources, or sense to continue, or because something new needs a place to set into your life and grow.

In this process, you may also have an escalating need to rearrange your priorities, focus on the most important, for example, a professional realization, but then the personal relationships may remain in the background... and vice versa - if you focus on personal questions your business would be left behind. In the optimal case, you would share important matter with people from your immediate surroundings.

The stars would prompt you to go beyond the limits of the familiar - with new contractual relationships. You must appreciate those who support you, associate yourself with important personalities at this stage - this is the key to success at different levels.

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December 17th to 23rd 

This week, many of the challenges in front of you would become additional opportunities or incentives to implement hidden projects that affect your image and social status; you may simply not disclose all of your intentions, but only bring them out a consequence and achieved results.
In most cases, you achieve your goals through new paths, discover something useful and enriching outside of your immediate surroundings, and so you can fulfill your greatest dreams.
During this week you could find profitable alternatives and if your positions do not allow you to do this, then you would enjoy a secret or unexpected support.
The information flow is very intense, people away from you - literally or in a figurative sense, as well as influential and important for you personalities - are the conductor of ideas, suggestions, opportunities that will broaden the horizons in front of you.
You are doing well in dealing with documents, negotiating. It's a good time for self-advertising.
There is a lot of passion when it comes to your love life, you intuitively feel what your partner wants, and that can strengthen your relationship as long as you want that. Some of you may be tempted by a secret or parallel relationship that would have some long-term consequences or would not be easily ended.
On Friday and Saturday you will be involved in loud debates, if there is something erosive and hidden, it will come up.
On Saturday and Sunday, your mood changes sharply, strong and weak links are identified, so you can consider them...

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December 10th to 16th

The Moon is growing and the focus of your life is to try something different, to produce different results to relieve some tension, to deal with some circumstances that irritate you or seem to be out of your control. Success and coping with the challenges is almost 100% guaranteed, as long as you are more patient, then patience can become the key to overcoming any challenges.
The stars "push" in the direction of leaving behind people or circumstances that bring you more losses, literally or in a broader sense, than benefits. This is especially obvious on Friday and Saturday, but not only then. If there is something dishonest, which destabilizes you, it will manifest itself. Do not be sorry if someone leaves your life during this time, it would become a vacuum that would be quickly filled.
There are chances for you to make more money, to act positively on your social status through support you get from partners or influential people.
Healthy relationships (personal or business) will become even stronger by unifying, enriching goals that are being considered, discussed, launched, and the rest would collapse, possibly and irreversibly...

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