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January 27th to February 2nd

Most of the basic and structural transformations in your life are behind you, including those that outline longer-term development prospects and affect your social status, generally.

At this stage, your focus should be on establishing useful relationships, as well as your team positions. This will greatly guarantee you the attainment of your goals and desires, even when you are short of other internal resources.

Alternatively, these are external reasons, for example - you need to establish your authority in a new environment of existence, and this will be an occasion to upgrade and enrich your achievements, to get useful support ...

You will probably spend a little energy coping with some documents - financial or legal ones, in which case - you need to be very careful about the details in order to save yourself some confusion, but in a more unpleasant way - to avoid losses.

In another case - people far away from you, or travels might make you more anxious, or might bring some kind of ambiguity for future development. In this case, the rule applies: "do what is necessary!"

You might experience a slight crisis in love, you might doubt your feelings, if there is something secret or a hidden, erosive process - it will manifest itself, so hopefully, this would be an occasion to remove it constructively, and then the relationships become stronger. This is quite possible and the trend will intensify in the second part of the week as well as in the next.

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January 20th to 26th 

This week, your social activity will grow because it will be a useful move to protect your interests and what you have in a broader sense. You will probably know or feel that others will have a profound effect on your well-being - they can turn into a conduit for profit, or vice versa - loss. It depends a lot on who you have allowed for yourself. In any case, the rule is that you need to find like-minded people, people to support your future plans because you are unlikely to go very far on your own... At the same time - you need to carefully choose your company or beware of those who can harm you.

This will be a good opportunity to analyze to whom and to what extent you can count to clear or renew your living environment, to take more prestigious positions, some kind of start in this direction can be expected in the days after the New Moon on January 24th. All the time you will aim very far, it is a nice impulse to expand your horizons of development, to multiply your options for prosperity, especially when you are demonstrating high skills, communicating with influential people, including ones outside of your immediate environment.

However, not all your plans will become a reality, the reasons may lie in your own scattered energy in various, additional and even unplanned issues to resolve, sometimes in the form of a surprise or a secret, erosive process. If there is something that is working against you - you will be able to sense it, identify it.

In other cases, you may not know what you really want, hesitate on which path to take - in love, the profit of material goods, you may be tempted by a hidden or parallel opportunity, etc. In this case, you should trust your intuition, your inner voice, and that way you will actually be presented with unexpected chances, invisible or not noticed so far, they will be right for you.

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January 13th to 19th 

Key events that relate to your career, social status, marriage or reputation continue to escalate during this week, small actions have a wide reflection or what is happening is quite indicative of future prospects.

At this stage, most of you are still working on development trends, and that is good. It is appropriate to go with the flow, take advantage of the chances that stand in your way, remove any negatives in a timely manner, so as not to drag them out for too long, also plan for the moment so that you are adequate to what is happening.

It is possible that there is some kind of struggle for power, you have a chance to be victorious, you can now climb the hierarchical ladder, turn challenges into benefits by relying on some kind of strategy and by pursuing your goals stubbornly… The successes you achieve will last for a long time.

Sudden new chances for profit arise during the week, this may be a consequence of secret support, of past actions, of cooperation, of parallel or unregulated income.

Your social activity is growing, as well as your popularity, there are people with whom you have an active debate, negotiate, some of them will surprise you, even confuse you, they can even cause losses, but others will become a bridge to your dreams...

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December 30th to January 5th 

During this week you will have some interesting, useful ideas that you can discuss with your loved ones, and they can work well for you and your development. It is possible to get such offers, sudden chances of profit or new sources of income to take shape on the horizon, especially if you have been looking for such or have been proactive in this direction in the past months. You will now start to see results and opportunities as a kind of reward…

Anything new in your life may be closely tied to something old, or you may be able to regain a past opportunity if you are interested in it.

You will also miss development alternatives, you can make your dream come true or make plans on two fronts, it is a matter of your own choice.

Your ambitions are increasing at times, but the more significant they are, the further you can go because you have firmly set foot on the ground, you know what you want and how to achieve it.

On January 3rd, Mars, your protector, transits into Sagittarius, and by February 16th, you will have much more fiery energy and enthusiasm. You will "shoot" further and higher during this time, you will see more opportunities than dangers, and you will attract a dose of luck.

You will succeed above average if you travel, demonstrate high skills, communicate with people outside your immediate area, enrich your knowledge...

You will not miss company and support, your popularity continues to grow, so you should take advantage of that.

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December 23rd to 29th 

On December 26th, the New Moon with a Solar Eclipse is coming, which will transform the social status of most of you. The "new" events may be well-known ones or ones that allow all the efforts made up until now to expand and develop your capabilities - to build on your success and relying on already gained authority, experience, etc.

This process must be related to basic stability that is in the face of your home, family or in some way tied to the support of your loved ones, and in some cases, place-of-residence, resolution of household or property priorities. The two spheres of your life will be very much related to one another. For example, career prosperity will affect both relationships at home and vice versa.

This New Moon will have a wide impact, probably for the coming months, even years ahead. As you probably know, it is always easier to influence the events in the beginning, so it is advisable to sow seeds that will produce "fruit" or something you want to have in the future.

However, it is not advisable to move against the wind, as you are unlikely to go far, but rather to follow the course of events to take advantage of current opportunities that Destiny itself will give you. In other words, do not force things but move in the direction of least resistance and in the manner described above.

High social activity, creating and strengthening relationships - will bring you wider prospects for development, will become some kind of a way out of situations or a chance to attract luck, prosperity, etc.

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December 16th to 22nd 

Your dreams are bright, bold, focused on longer-term development prospects and what you do now will have a real broad impact.

A big part of the trends and future development prospects as a direction have already been chosen, it is clear what new opportunities for profit, literally or in a broader sense, you can take advantage of. What you need to do is to continue this initiative, which will be permanently encoded as a result, with parallel, additional chances of raising your standard of existence.

You can now significantly influence your social status, career development, and your relationships by joining forces with people who can contribute to this - influential, powerful individuals, partners, and successful interaction with financial and government institutions.

If you have a specific goal - you will pursue it with great passion, strategically and it will certainly have a beneficial effect, it will prepare the ground for more meaningful transformations in January 2020.

For now, you can feel the transformations ahead, it is advisable not to ignore your inner voice;

By December 19th, you should stick to rules which are more an obligation.

Starting December 20th, your social activity will grow at times, people and circumstances will appear to refresh your daily life, if something has restricted and suppressed you, you will get rid of it or such a process will start.

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December 9th to 15th

During this week you can go through a kind of metamorphosis that will affect your future plans, social situation, the impression you make, the way your surroundings perceive you and these transformations will not be accidental, but it would be the result of changes within you, your line of behavior, etc.

In most cases, the transformations will be positive, giving you the chance to turn through potential challenges into benefits by relying on the support of influential individuals, partners, even institutions.

The guiding condition for your success is precisely the support you can reach - willingly, strategically, with a strong passion that you currently have. You should rely on your instincts, they will not deceive you.

The probability of making more money or earning something significant, finding new sources of profit, and receiving a gift are increasing.

At the same time, you may be disturbed by further development prospects, hidden or erosive processes that affect you. Well, now you can influence them, even by using hidden, different paths to your goals.

However, it is useful to be more careful when filling in documents, especially legal ones, to avoid confusion, etc.

People who are far away from you /literally and more generally/ can cause you to have some issues, you should try to find the root of what is happening in order to take adequate measures.

You will be more and more attracted to travel or you would get out of your comfort zone and you would act in this direction with the appropriate positives.

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