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21st September to 27th


The leading topic for you is personal or business relationships. This week it will become clear - how much you look in the same direction with people important to you who affect your social status, reputation, stability... If disputes escalate, then we will have to remember that you will achieve your goals more easily if you find a way to cooperate, get support, and approval. Then, some difficulties that you have been facing for some time will be overcome more easily, you will find a way to turn them into a benefit. It is likely that this process will be associated with the need for some compromises on your part, you will decide whether it is worth it or not.


Sharper or overwhelming differences can lead to the end of relationships or contracts, which will also affect your future development, stability, etc. But you are creative enough to build the right and profitable strategy. It is easier to influence your relationship during the first part of the period. This can be helped by your own philosophical way of thinking, discussion of more distant and future plans that will inspire you, unite you. Risky days for your contacts can be the days Friday and Saturday when you need to be more careful ...


All the time the information flow is very strong, debates are escalating and let constructive solutions be born in them. In the period of Libra, you always test your tolerance and ability to give and receive help, understanding... An interesting reason for observation. In the second part of the week - a kind of entertainment, hobbies, or loved ones will be a nice vent from any tension. Find a way to make yourself happy in a similar way.


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14th September to 20th    


On September 14th, Jupiter will turn in a direct movement, so you will gradually gain speed in a priority direction for you, which by the end of the year should give you a more prestigious place, you should win a kind of victory, climb the hierarchical ladder, and not for nothing, but as a result of efforts. The transformations you will initiate will have a wide impact in the coming years. At this stage and during the first part of the week you make a kind of resolution, which primarily refers to your professional realization, social status. Indicative events or denouements in this direction are possible.


There is a New Moon on September 17th, which will give you a chance to rearrange your priorities so that you are more effective, to achieve better results than in the past, and this will permanently encode your reputation, career growth, etc. However, you cannot expect quick success. If you strive for this voluntarily, then you will encounter many brakes. However, the difficulties we face always have some benefits. For example, they teach us patience, encourage us to look at important details, as well as to work on our skills and knowledge. Only in this way will you slowly but surely set a new beginning that will take you to the top... This is a good time to start healing procedures, get rid of bad habits, etc.


In personal or business partnerships, explanatory conversations are likely to clear up differences where they exist. In the process, you can find out secrets or trace invisible events that affect relationships that are important to you. This will make some contacts stronger, others will face conflict, power struggles, and opposition of wills in a broader sense, and they will either be transformed or terminated permanently because they do not correspond to the vision for your future development. In love – there might be some surprises, in the optimal version they will refresh the feelings because you will show increased adaptability, able to remove weak links. Otherwise, you may suddenly end relationships that are harming you. Increased costs are quite likely - for loved ones, for entertainment, if you do not cross borders, everything will be fine ...


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7th September to 13th


The stars direct you to reorganize your daily life, show perseverance and not in a hurry, but step by step and striving for perfection in your professional realization as a priority, although it may be another leading goal for you. If you act in this way, you have a unique chance to climb the hierarchical ladder or to establish your authority, to get a kind of satisfaction. In this process and through your practical moods you will more and more clearly identify what is hindering your path to success, you can identify hidden processes that affect you, and you can part with destructive influences, I would say toxic - literally and in a more general sense, as well as illusions, where they exist.  


You have to deal with routine tasks that are not always to your liking. But you can relax in a pleasant company, there will be people to support you, cheer you up. The period is positive to strengthen a personal or business relationship that will make you happy. If you are not in a relationship, you will be able to meet love. You will probably find time for hobbies or entertainment as well, and this will be a useful vent from the tension that has been escalating lately.     


Against this background, it should be noted that your protector, Mars will turn retrograde on September 9th and will force you to slow down, also - to return to your past initiatives, to change your approach, and as a result of a kind of retrospection and analysis. - to change your approach so that you achieve a different and better result than the current one. You will probably get a second chance to overcome some challenges, which at this stage are sometimes like a wall to your high ambitions. Not immediately and everything will develop exactly as you expect, but the chosen strategy, your actions will be reflected and will quickly gain momentum as a solution in the second part of November and until the beginning of January 2021. Until then, you have time to influence, direct, choose ways, etc.


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24th August to 30th


The stars are increasingly making you focus on cases that require self-discipline, which are more obligatory but will also contribute to your better professional realization. Almost all the time, a lot of original ideas and ideas will escalate, which you will be able to put into practice so that you can increase your income or win something important for you. If you need a kind of profit renewal or a financial approach, you'll probably find one right now. Many will build an action plan that they will pursue step by step and will actually succeed in their endeavors. Otherwise, you will rearrange your priorities so that they are more effective.


During the second part of the period, you can more easily identify everything that confuses or hinders your prosperity or has a destructive effect on you... These are options, but also the optimal time to get rid of these influences, as long as they are not ignored. You can also get rid of bad habits or toxic, unhealthy effects - literally and in a broader sense. Against this background and in brighter colors, you understand what you need to change in your approach to avoid some kind of obstacles and restraints you encounter. This will prompt many to rethink their actions to meet a challenge. Another leading topic is the home, the family, which will have a strong impact on you, they will further guide your vector of development with explanatory conversations and decisions that are influenced by your close environment.


At the end of the week, this can be a primary source of energy to transform your scenery of existence - literally and in a broader sense, the direction and in most cases will depend on you. Again, as an option - strong emotional experiences and passions escalate in your soul, which become a generator of powerful and basic changes in your life, and they will affect what you love, value the most, etc. I remind you that Mars is in your zodiac sign, so in most cases, you are "captains of your own ship", so the direction will be determined by your actions. You should choose it carefully, rational judgments will help you, can prevent you from spontaneous and emotional reactions ...


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17th August to 23rd   


There will be a New Moon on August 18th, which will give you the right to a second opportunity to transform something in your social status, based on basic initiative, have a breakthrough, fighting spirit, and the end result will make your dreams come true, help you gain power. - literally or in a broader sense. You can also influence issues that concern your relationships with partners, children, to direct them in a more positive direction for you, as long as you want that. The stars give you a chance to improve your background by investing in your home, real estate, harmonizing your relationships at home, or relying on your loved ones, create a focus of common and enriching goals.


At the same time, a focal point is formed, which shows you what you have to overcome during the rest of the year so that you can defend your positions and win a more prestigious social position. This will happen as a result of perseverance, persistence, concentration, relying on acquired experience, and authority. It's always easier to influence the events in the beginning - choose a long-term strategy, the success you will achieve may not be easy, but it will be sustainable, one that no one can take away from you. During the last days of the week, some type of practical attitudes occupy your attention more and more, you will gradually concentrate on cases that are routine, but very useful for your professional realization, sometimes health...


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10th August to 16th


Most of you are now captivated by a dream that springs from your heart, ignites your enthusiasm, raises your adrenaline and in a natural way makes you bolder, more capable and helps you make a breakthrough. You loudly and almost without hesitation state what you want, and then move on to concrete actions to realize it and in most cases, you succeed. In fact, the present period is wonderful to achieve a goal, to get moral satisfaction, to be happy. And there will always be people or circumstances to support you, you will not miss a dose of luck. Such supporting aspects are not so common - take advantage of them in an optimal way, the achievements will be almost directly proportional to your initiative. However, significant adaptability will be required of you, for example - your development passes to another stage, which puts before you new tasks, requirements, and opportunities. Otherwise, you have to give up one thing in order to acquire another that is more valuable.


It is becoming increasingly difficult for you to compromise and destroy everything that is past its time. What is happening is able to transform your social status or image at a minimum. There are big chances to find your most correct, satisfying "place under the sun" by going through a slight crisis or difficult situation. The period is wonderful to heal your relationships, explanatory conversations are not excluded, and if this is not necessary, then you will find time for entertainment, hobbies that will leave colorful and memorable traces in your mind. Everything is going well for those who have their own business, the work is creative, it brings them satisfaction. However, it will be almost impossible for someone to keep you in one place or force you to perform duties that are not to your liking. You will always find a way to escape... There are opportunities to improve the family atmosphere, relationships at home, to deal with property or household issues, this prospect will intensify next week.   


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