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Have you wondered what is the truth about the mysterious Mona Lisa-who was she, why did Da Vinci get obsessed with her and then the whole world 5 centuries later? Saint Slava Sevriukova, revealed the secrets of Leonardo and many more prominent figures through a series of amazing clairvoyant investigation of the past.

The True Story of the Mona Lisa Through Psychic Investigation

The True Story of the Mona Lisa Through Psychic Investigation

Slava lived in the last century-a humble folk woman, who could see the past and future as clear as day! She predicted the most important events like WW2, the fall of Communism, the end of the Cold war, the terror attack on the Twin towers, the European Union, many hundreds more. I am honoured to be the first person to ever translate her predictions into English.

Slava on Da Vinci: “I see Leonardo. I see the painter on the day when he receives inspiration for the Mona Lisa. He is walking in a scenic mountainous area. It is summer. He is scrolling on a county path, winding through vineyards laden with ripe grapes. He sees an approaching villager with a cart piled high with freshly cut hay. Next to him his young wife is walking She is not much of a beauty, but…wait…there is some heavenly charm in her…it is flowing from her eyes, face, lips… Magical appearance! It is as if Creation holds its breath in that moment! The painter is humbled and overwhelmed. He falls in love at first sight! Enraptured, his soul drinks her in! But what can he do?! She is married!

In an instant he realizes—in front of him is a charming but pained Italian woman in the grips of her own personal suffering. She is partially paralyzed. The slight smile gently lifting the left corner of her mouth, is a result of a gentle paralysis of the facial nerve. She never poses for him. Leonardo Da Vinci sees her one single time in his life next to the dilapidated cart. That is all! But he is a genius of the brush. Shaken by what he has seen, her image becomes permanently burned into his mind. No, he is not in love with her, he is fascinated by her! Overwhelmed by a romantic longing, relying on the living impression in his soul and trembling, Leonardo is in a hurry to sketch the unusually beautiful face he has just seen. Later, returning to the memory for the umpteenth time, he continues to work diligently on the portrait for years. This is not an experiment for Leonardo. It is not a paid order either. It is a project caused by an unusual state of mind and spirit for him. An impulse inspired from the spiritual might of the suffering woman who has conquered this draining misfortune. This is how the great painter perceives her. She becomes a towering symbol of the human spirit, bearing pain with a smile on the face of the progressing disease, which is still in its early phase.

This is not the end of the story…The master painter continues to work on the portrait for years. He gently conceals the paralysis distorting the face of the prototype. He turns the luminosity of the accidentally met young woman into an increasingly mysterious and fascinating charm. The artist keeps her characteristic posture, the same way he saw her when he met her—holding carefully her mildly paralyzed hand with her healthy one. Life is unpredictable, it creates enchanting magic in sad and cheerful colors. As for Leonardo, he is a highly evolved spirit. A grand adept and enlightened being who has opened new horizons for Humanity. One of the few so called Geniuses who really deserves the title, though he was deemed heretic while living. Every soul stays in the beyond world as long as it needs. As far as I see, Leonardo has not incarnated since then on Earth. I will reveal you another mystery! There is a deeper reason for this “accidental” meeting to be so impactful for the painter and awaken in him such powerful creative and emotional impulses which were sleeping before that. A love from a previous life connects the painter and his model… it is a long story!

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