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All mothers want to bear strong, beautiful, kind and intelligent children. But only a few manage to do this! The  foundation of the child’s character, appearance and fate is laid during pregnancy, therefore it is imperative that the mother knows the occult and spiritual laws she needs to observe during pregnancy if she wants to bear a special and noble human being or at least more balanced and happy one! Read on what the mother of the future will be like and what the current mother needs to apply!

Spiritual Rules for Pregnancy

Spiritual Rules for Pregnancy

Education of the child starts during pregnancy. This is the period when the child’s form and the structure of its body are being built. It is of utmost importance what feelings, moods, thoughts and food the mother allows and uses during this period! These will affect the face and physical body of the future human which will be a reflection of his/her inner qualities of character.

The Master Beinsa Douno says” through the foods she consumes(physical and mental) the mother defines the future of her child. During pregnancy, the mother should be in the most auspicious conditions: she needs to eat healthy, clean foods while in a positive mood. She should never eat late before bed. She needs to breath deeply, and to think and feel positively. During the stage of pregnancy, the woman is highly sensitive, receptive and imaginative, she needs to create and focus on the most noble, refined and beautiful images, activities, and pleasures. She needs to take morning walks, to observe picturesque views in Nature, to walk in gardens with aromatic and beautiful flowers and fruits trees, where life s growing in abundance.

The pregnant woman needs purity-physical and spiritual, and what is more pure than Nature? She needs to visit clean springs and rivers, and their clean waters should be a reflection of her life. The quiet pleasant nights with a sky full of millions twinkling stars, are also a wonderful environment for the pregnant woman. The woman should educate the child from the womb, where the child has all the conditions to receive impressions, after birth it starts processing these impressions. Therefore the woman’s thoughts and intellectual interests should not be ignored. The most beautiful and uplifting literature should be food for her brain-the lives of wise and great men and saints, inspirational and lofty poetry,. Gentle and melodious music and songs should sound in her environment occasionally, but quietude and peace are also most necessary.

If you the mother wants to give birth a genius child, she should listen to the most sublime and noble music(classical is one such choice). The ancient Greeks were surrounding the pregnant woman only with most beautiful pieces of art, music and views. The woman should not be in a bad emotional state during this period. If she gets easily angry, depressed or insulted by others who have upset her, this will reflect negatively on the child. The mother who allows anger, nervousness, worry, sadness, spite, resentment or gossip(judgment on others)often during the 9 months, should not expect to bear a saint or a very balanced human soul. Children carried in such conditions rarely have loving relationships with their parents and later other people. Many addictions, alcoholism, criminal and antisocial inclinations are also born within the wombs of unhappy, angry, negative or worried mothers. Therefore when the woman conceives she should become a priestess of pure, high minded and noble life!

The mother can mould the character of the child best when it is in her womb, after that it is too late. If she spends her pregnant time in superficial pleasures and activities like partying, gossiping, tv watching, etc she cannot attract a lofty soul or create such a character in the child. Allowing heavy feelings of revenge, hatred and judgment during pregnancy, guarantees that the child will have criminal and lowly aspirations. The future mother should start telling her children while they are still in her womb that they should serve Virtue, Goodness, Love and Peace. These children will manifest these lofty ideals and contribute to the improvement of our world. Just like the bees feed the best honey to a normal bee and she becomes a bee, the same way if a mother wants to raise genius and unique children, she should feed the fetus with the best thoughts, feelings and love.

All these rule also apply while the mother is breastfeeding! She needs to have total peace of mind and focus on beautiful pictures or thoughts while feeding the baby, or else she can poison the baby with the low vibrations of her milk. Having all this in mind, esoteric and spiritual societies insist that only the mother is the answer to creating the “Heaven on Earth” talked about in all prophecies: a humanity based on love, beauty, harmony and wisdom. Mothers will same the world!

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