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This is a continuation from the article about the Ascended Masters Indepth. It is a challenging and deep read! But also very insightful!

Knowing Your Spiritual Teachers

Knowing Your Spiritual Teachers

If indeed there exists a band of wise and all-knowing teachers who stand ready to help people rise above all human limitations, why have most people grown up with no awareness of their existence? Why isn’t the existence of such teachers shouted from the housetops? In a sense the explanation for this has already been given, but let us revisit the important points. The spiritual teachers are Beings who have transcended the dualistic state of consciousness. They have done so by taking full responsibility for themselves and thus removing the beam of duality from their own vision. In thus coming to see clearly, they can see through all of the dualistic illusions, including those used by various power elite groups to deceive the people into giving away their power. It follows that there is an external force that does not want people to know about, let alone connect to, their spiritual teachers. This force is made up of various power elite groups. As an example, consider how the medieval power elite of the kings, the noble class and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church would have looked upon the fact that there are spiritual teachers who are beyond any institution on Earth—and thus cannot be controlled by any force on Earth. Furthermore, people can use their intuitive faculties to contact these teachers directly, and thus they do not need an external religion. It quickly becomes clear that to the medieval power elite widespread knowledge of the spiritual teachers would have been a direct threat to their power over the population. Thus, they would have done everything possible to suppress knowledge of these teachers, and in this case, it was the doctrines and power structure of the church that was the primary weapon.

The Inquisition was a clear attempt to destroy people’s belief in their ability to know truth from within themselves. It was an attempt to use force to scare people into denying their power, and thus uncritically accepting what they were told from external sources, namely the church and its doctrines. In today’s Western world, religion has less power over the minds of the people, yet there are still millions of religious people who dare not look at any idea that is not approved by the doctrines of their church. And no mainstream church recognizes the existence of spiritual teachers, for they all see this as a threat to their existence. If people could access spiritual teachers directly within themselves, why would they need an outer church? Despite the fact that the influence of religion has been diminished, this does not mean that people’s minds are no longer influenced by power elites. As explained, an aspiring power elite developed scientific materialism, which also denies – even ridicules as superstitious – the possibility of spiritual teachers. This philosophy is as negative towards the power of the individual mind as are most mainstream religions, and for the exact same reasons. Thus, it becomes clear that most people have never heard about spiritual teachers because none of the power elite groups that are fighting to control modern society want this to become common knowledge. Yet to fully understand why the spiritual teachers have been obscured by a smokescreen of ignorance, one must also look at the internal factor, the enemy within.

The spiritual teachers do not offer a path that is easy, for they offer a real path towards spiritual independence and self-sufficiency. And one cannot become self-sufficient by leaning on anything or anyone outside oneself. Thus, the path offered by the true teachers is a path that requires one to take full responsibility for making one’s own decisions and learning from the outcome. One must be willing to look at the beam – meaning the many dualistic illusions – in one’s own eye and systematically remove the veil of separation. One must take responsibility for developing the intuitive faculties of the mind, and in order to do this, one must be willing to experiment—even make mistakes. It is like a small child who could not learn to walk if it was unwilling to fall down. To most people this path seems difficult and unpleasant, especially when compared to the path offered by the power elite. Most mainstream religions offer a seemingly easy path with a guaranteed result. If only one accepts the doctrines and follows the rules and rituals of an external belief system, one is guaranteed to be saved. This belief is, of course, promoted by a power elite – the blind leaders – who are seeking to turn the people into their blind followers. Yet even today such an easy path appeals to many people, as does the “path” offered by materialism. For if you are a sophisticated animal with no free will, what is the need to take responsibility for your life?

Yet why does an easy path with a guaranteed outcome seem so appealing? It is because it is appealing to the human ego. Much more will be said about the ego, but for now let it be sufficient to say that the ego is a part of the psyche that was not created by the spiritual beings who created you. Thus, it can never be saved, which means that the road to freedom is a process whereby the real you separates itself from the ego and allows the ego to die. Naturally, the ego can neither see nor accept this. And because the ego has a survival instinct, it does not want you to see it either. Therefore, the ego wants people to accept the outer path to salvation, a path that offers people a “guaranteed” salvation and does not require them to look at the beam – meaning the ego – in their own eyes. Thus, between the power elites without and the ego within, historically, most people have not even heard about the existence of spiritual teachers and the real path that they offer. Yet in this age this is changing, and millions of people are indeed longing for a true, inner path. If you recognize yourself as one among them, then this book will offer you a way to reconnect to your spiritual teachers.

Understanding the spiritual Chain of Being In order to give a fuller understanding of the spiritual teachers, one can take two approaches. One can begin with the situation of most human beings, or one can go directly to the top and begin with the origin of the world of form. We will do both. There are people who are content to live their lives as they have been programmed to live them, meaning they deny their power to be more than human beings and accept the station defined for them by the reigning power elite(s) of their society. Yet there are also people who have a deep inner sense that there must be more to life. This “more” is the possibility of raising one’s awareness – expanding one’s consciousness and sense of self – until one transcends what is called normal awareness by most people. It is the potential to escape both the internal psychological limitations and the external physical limitations that most people have been brought up to see as inescapable. Throughout history, many people have seemingly reached a higher state of awareness – a less self-centered and selfish state of awareness – than is the norm.

Yet what happens to them after they pass from the Earth? What is the point of raising one’s awareness, if it has no consequence after the short life-span offered on this planet? The reality is that when one accepts that the mind is independent of the physical body, it becomes obvious that the mind will survive the death of the body. Furthermore, this opens the possibility that the mind can take on several bodies (in succession) on Earth and thus gradually increase its self-awareness. In other words, the outstanding people of history were not fundamentally different from all other people—as the power elite claim. These outstanding people had simply used their ability to raise their awareness, and over several embodiments they had reached a higher level of self-awareness than the average person. Yet this path is open to all, and those who know there is more to life have already followed this path for many lifetimes. It is thus time to consciously recognize this path and thereby make faster progress. What is the end goal of the path? When one sees the mind as surviving the body, one can begin to see a higher purpose for the material universe. The mind is truly a spiritual being, and the physical body is simply a vehicle that the mind uses in order to experience the material universe and express itself within it. What is the purpose for a spiritual being descending into the denser sphere of the material world?

One purpose is for the spiritual being to grow in self-awareness. Another is for the spiritual being to bring its unique spiritual gift – its spiritual light and individual creativity – to the material world, and thus help raise the material world to the level of the spiritual realm. The material universe serves as a schoolroom, as a kind of laboratory in which spiritual beings can learn how to express their co-creative abilities. It follows that after having walked this co-creative path for a sufficient period of time – perhaps many earthly lifetimes – a being can reach the state of awareness that allows it to graduate from Earth’s schoolroom by passing the final exam. Thus, a being can ascend from the material universe and now become a permanent resident of the spiritual realm, thereby joining the group of spiritual teachers, the ascended masters. By following this path, one being will make it easier for others to do the same. For example, Jesus said, “And I, if I be lifted up from the Earth, will draw all men unto me.” The meaning being that by walking the path and making his ascension, Jesus carved a trail through the jungle of the collective consciousness, thus making it easier for others to follow the same path. And as more and more people follow this path, the trail through the jungle will become ever wider, until it becomes possible even for the general population to recognize that there is an alternative to the “normal” human consciousness.


This path of transcending the human consciousness is the only hope for the survival of the human race. When one begins to understand the duality consciousness, it becomes clear that in duality there are always two opposing polarities. These polarities are locked in an epic battle, and on Earth the two sides are represented by the established power elite and the aspiring power elite. This dualistic struggle can explain all of the warfare, conflict and atrocities seen on this planet throughout history. It is obvious to the perceptive ones that with the increased destructive power of modern weapons, the potential is there for the human race to self-destruct. The only hope is for a critical mass of people to discover that there is an alternative to the illusions of duality. If enough people will follow the path of transcendence, a momentum can be created that lifts the collective consciousness beyond the “fog of war” created by rivaling power elites and the human ego. This is the only truly realistic hope for a better future, even the manifestation of a Golden Age, on this planet. Understanding your source It has now been established that there is a spiritual realm of higher vibrations that is beyond the material realm.

This realm is inhabited by spiritual beings who know their true identity, whereas the material realm is inhabited by spiritual beings who either do not know or even deny their true identity. Yet given that the spiritual realm is made from vibrating energy, could there not be multiple levels even in the spiritual realm? If one were to travel up – in vibration – from the material realm to the first level of the spiritual realm and then through higher levels to the top level of the spiritual realm, what would one find? One would find a string of distinct realms, each with a higher level of vibration than the previous one. At the top level, one would find the highest possible vibration in the world of form, and beyond it is the source of the world of form. This source is what most religions call God. Unfortunately, the word “God” has been used and misused to such an extent that it has almost become useless. Countless acts of abuse and deception have been committed in the name of “god,” and thus it is understandable that many modern people have an aversion to the word, or to the concept that it represents. In order to rise above this aversion, one might recognize that virtually all religions have been influenced by the duality of the human ego, and many religions have become political tools, used by a power elite to suppress and control the population. This has been done by creating a dualistic image of God – a graven image – to replace the Living Presence of the source of all form. As a seeker on the path of truth, one must recognize that if one has grown up with an aversion towards God or religion, this aversion is caused by a graven image of God created by a power elite for political reasons. If one allows such a graven image to color one’s relationship with one’s source, one will actually allow the power elite to control this relationship. In effect, one will have allowed the graven image created by the power elite to become a false god that stands between oneself and the true God.

What, then, is the true God? It is the source of the world of form, but as such it is completely beyond form. Forms are distinct, which makes them seem separate to those trapped in duality. Thus, when the dualistic mind thinks about God, it cannot experience the Living God directly. Instead, it must create a mental image of God, and now God has become a concept. There is a separation or division between the subject – a person trapped in duality – and the object—the concept of a remote, external god. This division exists only in the mind of the subject, but it prevents the person from experiencing God directly. Instead, the person must create a mental image of a remote God, and by its nature this image cannot be compared to a direct experience of the real God. Most religions on Earth do indeed present such a graven image of God, although they often claim that their religion gives the only true image of God. The reality is that a human being is truly a spiritual being, which means that your mind has the ability to go beyond all form and experience the Living God directly. This does not happen through the physical senses but through the intuitive faculties of the mind. Yet this experience is nothing like a sensory experience, through which you experience a separate and somewhat remote object. Instead, it happens only when you surrender the sense of separation and thus cross the barrier between subject and object.

This is what the ancients called “gnosis,” meaning oneness between the knower and the known. The Living God cannot be known as a separate, remote object of linear perception. The Living God can be known only through a direct, inner, spherical sense of oneness between you and the Living Presence that is your source. Of course, the ego will seek to block such a direct inner experience, which is why it can require some time and effort to attain this experience. It may take time before your consciousness has become sufficiently purified from the dualistic illusions, so that you do not subconsciously block the dissolution of the subject-object barrier. Nevertheless, many so-called mystics have had this experience, and the motto of the spiritual teachers has always been, “What one has done, all can do.” Of course, you also have to be willing to have a direct experience of your source, for this is by no means an ordinary experience. As the Bible says, “No man can see God and live.” However, the full meaning is that no human being can have a direct experience of the Living God and retain the sense of identity as a mere human being. Once you experience the Living God, you will know that this Being is your source, and thus your sense of identity will go through a seismic shift. As a result, everything in your life will have to be re-evaluated, and many “ordinary” activities will no longer be an expression of your newfound sense of self. Thus, those who are not willing to make changes, will subconsciously resist the experience. Understanding hierarchy When one goes to the top, one knows that the Living God is the source of all form but is completely beyond form and the limitations built into form. The Creator is one, is undivided, is indivisible.

Thus, God is everywhere present. In fact, the Creator cannot create anything that is separate from itself. The reality is that there is nothing but God. Thus, even the material universe is created from God’s substance and Being, meaning that everything is simply God wearing a disguise. Separation is not possible in reality. It is possible only in the mind of a self-aware being with free will. Yet even then, separation is possible only in a realm where the vibrations are still so low that matter is dense enough to hide the fact that it is an expression of higher energies. In other words, the illusion of separation cannot exist in the spiritual realm. It can exist only in the material realm in which matter seems to have a separate existence. In the spiritual realm, everything seems transparent, and thus it can be directly perceived that everything in a particular realm is an expression of higher energies. A being at the lowest level of the spiritual realm can directly perceive that there is something beyond that realm, and thus the being can follow the light towards its ultimate source. Why then is matter still so dense in the material realm? The Living God – the Creator – is one, is indivisible. In order to create a world of distinct forms, the One Creator expressed itself as two complementary forces. These are often seen as an expanding and a contracting force, as a masculine and feminine force or as the Father and Mother aspect of God. The Creator then expressed itself as a substance that has no form in itself but has the potential to take on any form. This is what science calls energy, although energy of such a high vibration that it cannot be detected by scientific instruments. It can also be called the Mother light or the Ma-ter light. The Creator then envisioned the first level of the world of form and projected this image upon the Ma-ter light, which immediately took on the envisioned form.

The Creator then expressed itself as self-aware extensions of itself. These first beings did not have the full self-awareness of the Creator but started out with a localized sense of self. It was their calling to expand that sense of self, eventually reaching the same level of self-awareness as the Creator, whereby they would become Creators in their own right. These first beings were sent into the first sphere of the world of form with the command to “multiply and have dominion,” meaning they were to multiply their creative abilities and take dominion over their sphere, raising it to a higher level of expression than the one envisioned by the Creator. When this goal was reached, the first sphere ascended to a permanent state of oneness with its source. At this point, a new sphere was created by the beings who had now risen to a higher level of self-awareness and become masters. They used their co-creative abilities to envision this sphere and impress their image upon the Ma-ter light. Yet, as the Creator before them, they had to create this sphere out of their own substance and beings.

Next, the ascended co-creators from the first sphere expressed themselves as self-aware extensions of themselves that were sent into the second sphere and likewise given the command to multiply and have dominion. After some time, the second sphere ascended, and the beings who had raised up their sphere – and in that process earned their own ascensions – now became the co-creators for the next sphere. All of the beings sent into a new sphere had self-awareness and free will. Yet because the first spheres were created out of energies with such a high vibration, none of these beings ever came to believe in the illusion of separation. Yet each succeeding sphere was created out of energies that were progressively more dense, and eventually a point was reached in which some of the inhabitants of the latest sphere used their free will to create the illusion that they lived in a sphere that was separated from its source. They then created a mental image of a remote god in a higher realm, and some of them even rebelled against what they saw as the plan and design of that remote – and false – god. Because of the nature of the duality consciousness, these beings felt completely convinced that their mental image represented reality, and thus they became unreachable for the Higher Beings in the sphere above them. These Higher Beings were the very source of the unascended beings and served as their spiritual teachers. The beings who descended into the dualistic consciousness lost contact with their spiritual teachers, and this process is what is illustrated symbolically in the myth about Adam and Eve being cast out of paradise. Thus, there came a point in which a small minority of the beings in the newest sphere were not ready and willing to ascend when the majority of the beings in that sphere had raised it to the point of ascension. As the Law of Free Will mandates that the few cannot hold back the many, the sphere ascended, and the beings who had separated themselves “fell” into the next sphere that was created by the newly ascended beings. The next sphere thus had a mixture of these “fallen” beings and newly created beings. The fallen beings had more sophistication and experience, and thus were able to set themselves up as leaders for some of the new beings. The new beings started following the fallen beings instead of their true teachers, and this illustrates why many among humankind are still blindly following the members of various power elite groups instead of reaching for their spiritual teachers—who stand ever ready to help those who use their free will to ask for assistance. The important point is that there exists a true hierarchy of beings who have come into oneness with their source and with each other.

This hierarchy of oneness know that all self-aware beings are expressions of the Creator, and thus they are dedicated to helping everyone find the path to the ascension. Yet they are also dedicated to free will and thus will never force or manipulate anyone. In contrast, the fallen beings are trapped in the illusion of separation, which is why they not only reject the assistance of the spiritual teachers but seek to make everyone do the same. They want to be the leaders of humankind, and they want to turn the people into their slaves. Thus, they form a false hierarchy who claim to be the true leaders of humankind. Because the false teachers have no respect for people’s free will, they have been successful in manipulating the population into denying their true identity and the true powers of their minds. Yet their control over the people is based on a very fragile condition, namely their ability to keep the people in ignorance. This is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more people are maturing and sensing intuitively that there is more to life. Thus, the power elite groups on Earth are becoming increasingly desperate in their efforts to prevent the people from recognizing the true dynamics of life on this planet. In fact, in this particular age, there is a great potential for a mass awakening that will break down the veil of ignorance, so the power elites of Earth will lose their grip over the minds of the people. To that end, many mature spiritual beings have volunteered to take embodiment on Earth in this age, precisely to help facilitate this awakening.

These beings have come to serve as examples of how one can rise above human limitations, including physical and mental diseases. Yet in order to serve as such examples, these beings must first follow the ancient call, “Physician, heal thyself!” They must awaken from the sense of identity as human beings and dare to express who they really are, thus inspiring others to do the same. Although this is an individual task, no one is alone in pursuing it. The ascended masters stand ready to help anyone complete that calling and fulfill their reason for being. The explanation for this is that the ascended masters know that all unascended beings are extensions of spiritual beings. Some of the ascended masters have sent extensions of themselves into embodiment. Yet many of the beings on Earth have come from beings from higher spheres than the one immediately above the material universe. Thus, the ascended masters do not want people to see them as so “high and mighty” that they are beyond their reach. Every human being has the potential to make direct contact with his or her spiritual teachers by going within. Truly, the kingdom of God is within you. How the ascended teachers work The ascended masters seek to raise the consciousness of humankind, and they work with people both individually and collectively. They seek to inspire every individual who is open to direct contact through the intuitive faculties of the mind.

Yet they also release teachings that can be disseminated to larger groups of people. In doing this more public work, the masters are keenly aware of the state of consciousness of humankind or of a particular group, such as Western civilization. They are also aware that there are certain cycles in the progression of the universe, cycles that do affect the collective and individual consciousness of human beings. There have been past civilizations that are unknown or denied by current science, and the ascended masters have been working with this planet for a very long time. Yet in what is called known history, the masters have been implementing a gradual, long-term plan for raising the collective consciousness from what was not the beginning but a temporary low point, namely that of the cave man society. Working within cycles that last approximately 2,000 years, the masters have released spiritual teachings that were designed to help people rise from one level of consciousness to the next.

Today, the Earth is on the verge of transitioning from one such cycle, commonly known as the Age of Pisces, into the next, namely the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is designed to be an age of spiritual freedom, meaning that people no longer accept that they need an external institution to mediate between themselves and God. Instead, they go within and find their direct connection to their higher selves, which makes them spiritually independent and self-sufficient. Yet the Age of Aquarius cannot appear on its own—it needs to be built on a solid foundation. In fact, the test that humankind was meant to pass in the Age of Pisces was that of overcoming the dependency upon a power elite, either as mediators between the people and God or as rulers of society. In order to facilitate this growth, Jesus was sent to bring new teachings about people’s ability to establish a direct, inner relationship with God.

That is why he preached that “The kingdom of God is at hand” and that “The kingdom of God is within you.” He also talked about the “Key of Knowledge” which is the intuitive faculties of the mind that give people the ability to know truth through a direct inner experience, through gnosis. Had Jesus’ teachings been understood and disseminated in their original form, the Dark Ages would have been avoided and the last 2,000 years would have been a period of tremendous spiritual growth. Yet, as described earlier, a power elite group took Jesus’ teachings and turned them into a tool for controlling the population. As a result of the suppression of knowledge instituted by the Catholic Church, the ascended masters could not openly bring forth the progressive revelation of higher spiritual teachings that was planned for the last 2,000 years. The plan is always to give a teaching adapted to the people’s present level of consciousness. As that teaching is assimilated by a critical mass of people, a higher teaching is given, and people can use it to raise their consciousness to the next level.

This can then continue until the ultimate goal for a particular cycle is reached, and the Earth can transition into the next cycle. The fact that the Catholic Church suppressed knowledge did not stop the masters from releasing new teachings. However, for centuries this could only be done either through secret societies or in coded form. For example, the ascended master who is in charge of the Aquarian Age is named Saint Germain. In one of his last embodiments he was the secret author of the Shakespearian plays. These plays contain many hidden spiritual teachings, yet in such a coded form that they are difficult to see for people trapped in duality. Because of the suppression of knowledge and the people’s acceptance of this, it was impossible to publicly release spiritual knowledge in a direct form. In fact, it was a spiritual law that such knowledge could not be released until humankind’s consciousness had become more open to new ideas. This openness began to happen in the middle of the 1800s. Thus, the previous law was lifted, and the ascended masters were now allowed to release spiritual teachings in a more direct form, even to make their existence known in books that were publicly available. Since then, the ascended masters have worked with a sizable number of individuals and have inspired the formation of several spiritual movements or organizations. Some of these movements directly talked about ascended masters and openly stated them as the source of their teachings.

Other movements worked more indirectly by understating or not mentioning the masters as the source. Yet all were to varying degrees inspired and sponsored by the masters to bring forth teachings that can raise the consciousness of specific groups of people. Understanding progressive revelation In order to understand how the masters work, it is essential to see that humankind is not a homogenous group comprised of people at the same level of awareness. Humankind is an extremely diversified collection of numerous groups that are at many different levels of consciousness. The level of consciousness determines what people are able to understand but also what they are open to considering. One might say that each group has a certain mental box, formed by the current understanding of the members. Some groups are very firmly attached to seeing their mental box as the absolute truth, and thus they are not open to any teaching that goes beyond it. Other groups are less attached and are therefore open to new ideas that can expand their mental box. Thus, it is virtually impossible to bring forth a spiritual teaching that appeals to all. The ascended masters seek to work with all groups by giving them teachings that can expand their mental box even a little bit. Yet the masters are, of course, always seeking for students who are willing to consciously and deliberately look beyond their current mental box and even rise above any of the mental boxes found on Earth. The masters are truly looking to awaken the many beings who volunteered to embody on Earth in this age, for the specific purpose of bringing about the mass awakening that can help humankind quickly pass the tests of the Piscean Age and rise to embrace the new spiritual opportunities of the Age of Aquarius.

The present book is an expression of this desire to reach the most open-minded, yet discerning, people. In the past, the masters have trained a number of people to receive direct teachings from them. There are several ways to bring such teachings into the material realm, and one is through direct dictation. A person is trained to raise his or her consciousness to the level of the ascended masters and then allow a specific master to speak through the person’s consciousness. This allows the master to bring forth teachings almost as if the master was in embodiment. The condition being that the master must multiply what is in the consciousness of the messenger, meaning that if a messenger knows nothing about a topic, the master cannot give a teaching on that topic. Furthermore, the messenger must have some understanding and internalization of certain concepts in order to raise a chalice into which the masters can pour more wisdom. For example, a messenger must have exposed part of his or her ego before that messenger can be used to bring forth teachings about the ego and the duality consciousness.

The message will also be affected by the messenger’s mindset and use of language. Yet this is not necessarily a limitation in the sense that a given messenger is selected as a representative for the group of people that the masters are trying to reach. Thus, the message will be adapted to the culture and consciousness of the target audience as it passes through the mind of the messenger. For example, a messenger who has grown up in the modern Western culture is selected to bring forth a message for people in that culture, although the message may not appeal to other cultures. Becoming a messenger requires one to rise to a certain level of selflessness, so that one does not inadvertently or purposefully color the message. One cannot have any wishful thinking or even any desire to control the word released through the masters. The entire purpose that the masters have for giving these direct dictations is to give people a lifeline from outside their current mental box.

The willing student can then multiply the talents given and use it to build a stronger personal connection to the masters until an external message is no longer needed. Yet precisely because the ego and the linear mind form a closed mental box, it is necessary for people to have a connecting link to something outside their mental box. The ascended masters are that link for all who are willing to make use of it. Thus, the outer teachings – such as this book – must never be seen as an end in themselves, but only as a means to an end, namely the student’s direct inner contact with the masters. The messenger is a servant of both the masters and the people. Thus, the messenger must never become elevated above the people, or the messenger becomes like one of the blind leaders of the power elite, who seek to set themselves up as intermediaries between the people and the spiritual realm.

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