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Did you know that your name can make or break(or at least strongly harm or aid) your path in life? This is age old occult knowledge which I teach you how to use to change your life and give a better foundation for success to your own children. This is not widely spread knowledge, even though it is similar to modern numerology, it comes from more ancient and powerful sources. You can also read my personal story with name changing and how it helped get where I am now!

Is Your Name Harmonious?Naming your Child/Business

Is Your Name Harmonious?Naming your Child/Business

These are teaching from the Universal Master Beinsa Douno, given in his mystery school. This sacred knowledge has been lost and kept secret for thousand of years while the dark period of consciousness descended and humans lost contact with Divine Bliss and Truth, but it has been deemed that we are starting to awaken slowly, so He was allowed to dispatch this sacred knowledge for the future generations. Numerology is one of the ancient arts of the Firt Root Race when spiritually mighty and exalted souls were incarnating on earth and had the Ultimate knowledge given to them directly through seership and communion with the Higher dimensions and Divine principles that created the Universe. Let us fist proceed to calculate your name the old way. Only sum up the letter from your first given name. If you have nickname or a shortened version of your name which other call you most often, check the sum for this one as well, because the daily repetition will be affecting your vibration the most.

1 A 10 J 100 S 2 B 20 K 200 T 3 C 30 L 300 U 4 D 40 M 400 V 5 E 50 N 500 W 6 F 60 O 600 X 7 G 70 P 700 Y 8 H 80 Q 800 Z 9 I 90 R

Now if your name is Ali=1+30+9=40=4+0=4 You have to get to a single number. Then do the same with the numbers of your day of birth—only the day, not the month or year. Say Ali was born on 23rd=2+3=5 Now here are the triads of number: 1-5-7 2-4-8 3-6-9 In order for your life to be successful, your health sturdy and your path smooth, you need to have the numbers of your first name and your birth day in the same triad. In the case of Ali, we have 5 and 9-falling in different triads! Which means that he will often have big contradictions within himself which will make his path harder and more shaky, this will also compromise his health and well-being. The birthday number affects the health and physical body of person and his material circumstances, while the name number influences the personal life and his emotional well-being. When both are in the same triad we have harmony between thought and feelings, inner and outer circumstances, inner desires and outer manifestations of these. Of course, in the case of Ali born on the 23rd, we will see that his life has more challenges and hardships which can affect him as being in a push and pull with himself and life. Ali cannot change his day of birth but he can change his name number, by adding an extra letter to his name, for example: Alli=1+30+30+9=7 Now, 7 and 5 fall in the same triad.

Ali will notice that after he adds this letter to his name, his life will slowly start changing from better to better, success and self believe will come. Inner balance and focused, clear objectives will be followed by consistent, concrete actions and ultimate manifestations of goals. How come, changing the name can have such an impact on life? Well each sound/tone/letter/number has a vibrational correspondence in the cosmos(many of you have probably heard of the music of the spheres-yes the planes, suns and bodies in the universe each have a certain vibration and sound which they emit and move to the melody of, which correspond to certain sound, letter and number. Our ancestors knew these sacred relationships and kept the knowledge of the alphabet only for the initiated and aware. Sounds have creative power(“At the beginning was the Word”) and indeed our ancestors knew sound formulas which could control matter, actually modern physicists agree more and more. The sound of your name, summons vibrations which correspond to different cosmic powers. You need this vibration to be harmonious to your fated birth number.

Changing your whole name or a few letters or even getting a new nickname to match your birth number will make miracles in your life! I was not quite sure about that, so I decided to try it out. My name, Lada, is equal to 9, while my birth number is 5, and indeed till my late 20-ties I was directionless, haunted by addictions and doubts and never having a lucky break in life, usually due to sabotaging myself. Then I decided to start using the professional name Astrolada which has vibration of number 1, and was of the same triad as my birth number 5. I used to have astrology websites for years before that and this never brought me success, but from the moment of starting to sign myself on my emails and videos as Astrolada and more and more people knew me by this silly name(come on, it sounds weird and made up, lol) a miracle happened almost overnight!

Within 3 weeks I gained a huge following, became famous and financially successful and started feeling confident in myself for the first time in life! I stopped many self harming habits,relationships, attitudes which I have been battling with before, but this time I managed to overpower them because I felt more focus of mind and determination! The Astro prefix letters must have given me access into some prevously untapped energies! My friends do not call me Astrolada, but having hundreds of other people associate me with this name and think of my website this way, started sending a strong number 1 vibration into my life, hence it works! It is some magic, I tell you! Even in the Old Testament, Abram wanted children but could never conceive. So God spoke to him and told him He will make his progeny as plentiful as the stars, all he had to do was change his name to Abraham and move to live in a different place(relocation is a topic for another article), and you all know the story of the Jewish people from there on! Or when people are initiated into the spiritual path, they are always given a new occult name by their teacher, which vibration will aid the student reconcile the inner controversies and gain more moral and will power. Changing your Name will change your fate!!

Choosing the best name for your child/or yourself

Baby names

If you want the fate of your child(or your own) to be marked with abundance, harmony and positive growth, then you can give Destiny a helping hand! First of all you will have to prepare three different variations for the name: one, which when all the letters are summed up, gives the number 1,5 or 7, one which gives 2,4 or 8, and one 3, 6 or 9. And of course once the baby is born , depending on the sum of the numbers of the day, you will give the little one the relative compatible name. But there are some extra considerations which you can use to give your child (or yourself) even stronger foundation! The perfect name consists of uneven number of letters, because in this way there will be a middle anchoring sound/letter, which is very stabilizing! For example: So-f-ia. The F balances the person and such a woman will be more grounded and calm. Then, for even more strength and positive influence from diverse cosmic sources, it is best that the name has at least one letter coming from the three different columns: the single numbers(A till I), the 10s(J till R) and the 100s (S till Z). 1 till 9(A till I) corresponds to the highest vibrations of the Divine World(from 5th dimension onwards), 10 till 90(J till R) correspond to the Astral world(4 dimensional space-the Angelic worlds) and from 100 till 900 (S till Z) is the 3 dimensional world, our material world. For example my name Lada has vibrations coming from the Astral and Divine worlds, but none from the Material, so I find it very hard to do practical task and keep material matters in order. You see how letters from the three different columns will make a person more multi-dimensional.

David is an example for a perfect name: it has letters from the three columns and uneven number letters. Also short names, with 2, 3 or 4 letters, will be receiving vibrations from less sources, hence the person will have less diversity in life. Try to name your children with longer names, so their lives, skills and interests will be more colorful and multiple. But if you call your child a longer name like Patrick, do not shorten it by calling his endearingly Pat or Patty! It will be like trimming his wings! You can shorten a name in your daily use, only if the new version’s numerical value changes to become from the same triad as the birthday number! Also stay away from names with repetitions in them like Lilly, Mimi, Pepe, etc So a few rules to follow given in number of importance! 1.Name number has to be from the triad of the birth day number 2.Name preferably longer (and call the person with the loner name) 3.Name containing letters from the three columns 4. Name having uneven number letters so there is balance and the person will be more centered If you cannot follow all of these, then at least make sure you have Rule number 1 sorted out! It will mean all the difference in the world!

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