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“I never have luck with money! I can barely pay my bills!”, “My love life sucks, I always choose the wrong men who make me unhappy!”, “ I am blocked in my career! It is like a curse!” Is that you?

How to Change Your Fate and Difficult Horoscope Indications

How to Change Your Fate and Difficult Horoscope Indications

I hear these sad stories every day, and sure enough, when I look at the charts of the clients they have a trashed significations for the given theme(unless it is someone who is having just a temporary blockage there). It is so hard to tell people this—sure they will have sometime an upward moment in those affairs, but on the whole, they will stay below the average minimum. It is their fate! But it is not so! Actually fate is 75%--so events are predetermined by 75%, which is a high number, but the magic nugget that can overturn the cart is the rest 25% of the so-called free will! I will tell you today how to use it in order to change your pre-destined settings. What is fate? Fate is the default settings we come with in this incarnation, which we exhibited strongly in a past life. If you were a tolerant and kind person, you will continue to be such with no effort in this life and to attract friends and popularity, so your current horoscope will show this. It can easily be predicted that in certain difficult situations, in which another would really make a mess, you would exhibit your inborn tolerance and offset a big drama.

Of maybe you had a number of concubines in a past life when it was part of the culture and now in this life you were born with the setting of having more than one marriage or cheating. Now this is a difficult prediction to say to the person! He/she will fulfill this prophecy, if they follow their preset inclinations. But they have those 25% free will, with which they can choose to behave differently and resist these urges! After a big inner struggle and self-restrain of a few years maybe, one will finally be able to overcome this “inborn default setting” and will be able to keep their marriage, even if the horoscope says, they will divorce. If they choose, say the many mistresses, over the conventional marriage and it falls apart, then it means that the impulses for the first are stronger, so they are supposed as a pre-setting to experience these events in life, as we come here to gather experience including suffering and disappointment at the choices we make, so next time we can be wiser about them.

But for those who cannot accept certain painful repeating situations or problems in their lives here is what to do!! There is a spiritual rule: if you use your free will to work on removing one defect of character or weakness, God/the Universe will fix your difficult “fate-pre-settings” for 3 of other problematic areas! You abolish 5% of your bad habits or weaknesses with personal effort(which is hard—it involves a lot of work), you get 15% improvement of other bad indications in your chart! If you change 25% of your weakness, you have all of your predestined 75% fate change and any difficulties removed! But only saints and holy people achieve this 25% full use of their free will to say “no” to their defects of character and abolish the so called Karma(predestined events). For a normal human, it is an achievement to do 2-3% of a conscious sacrifice of old habits and states of minds in one life and in this way see improvements in their usually difficult areas of life.

Let me give you an example. You gossip a lot, you love to discuss others’ problems and how they screwed up and criticize them! But you have a problem ,say, with your weight or some food obsession like sugar, you also have a problem with staying interested in your career and with getting along well with your mother. If you consciously decide to stop your self from gossiping about others and talking behind their backs, and do it with utmost dedication, even if it takes you a few years to fully train yourself, then you will see that 3 of your other life problems will also evaporate, as if magically!

This is a spiritual law! Make one sacrifice in a totally conscious effort, with sweat on your forehead, for one defect of character and 3 problematic areas in your life will improve!! Doing it half way will not give much effects! Actually the lines of the hand, which show one's fate, start changing as well, I saw mine change from one which gave me no career to one which indicated a strong career within 2 years, when I consciously struggled to overcome another weakenss! And we all are aware of our biggest defects of character, so we can all start working on one at a time(do not go for 2-3, stay with one, as you are only setting yourself up for getting overwhelmed or distracted!!!) and start observing the magic happening in other areas of your life!

NLP, progressive psychological therapy, cognitive therapies, coaching etc can help one tremendously with working on one defect at a time. This knowledge was given to Humanity from the Higher Hierarchies as tools! So make use of these! Prayer, positive visualization and charity (the last one especially if you have financial problems) are the most powerful tools of all for with conscious removal of defects of character and thus changing the difficult fate for 3 other areas of life! Watch this in depth video of my teacher Ernst Wilhelm to see how to change fate with examples:

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