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Did Hitler really die? Who was he in his past life and wha karmic future awakes him in light of the atrocities he instigated? The exceptional clairvoyant investigator Slava Sevriukova gave us all these answers last century.

Hitler Through the Eyes of a Clairvoyant

Hitler Through the Eyes of a Clairvoyant

This is another direct translation of the fascinating investigations and stories which Slava Sevriukova-a scientifically tested clairvoyant, gave us. Slava predicted with amazing accurancy and clear descriptions the 2nd world war, the fall of communism, the forming of the EU, the twin towers attack and much more! She was considered a saint even while alive and cured and healed thousands of people. Read what she had to say on Hitler.

"Hitler was Nero in his previous reincarnation.(this will explain his obsession with ancient roman culture and direct borrowing of symbolism from it) He had a powerful creative impulse then, but despite his high position in Rome he was not able to realize this talent. This repeated in his last incarnation as a Nazi leader.

Hitler was not killed-he hid and lived till the middle of the 50-ties. He immigrated under a false identity to Latin America. And despite the many illnesses he had at the end of his life, this Evil Genius retains his demonic influence. Till his very last breath, Hitler never repented for his Satanic deeds. He never asked for forgiveness from the souls of the dead whom he sent to death. The evil and twisted thoughts never cease to dance in his mind. This way he piles even more dark karma. This soul will have to answer in front of the Divine Hierarchies for the Genocide against Humanity and Sanity.

Hitler has not been reincarnated back on Earth yet. This will not happen soon. He will be a cast away, bedraggled child who will know neither mother nor father. It will be so because he had left millions of children orphaned. He will be fighting to survive in misery and penury. He will be insulted and beaten, laughed at and ignored. He will have to live through thousands of “injustices” and bear enormous pain. This is price for the suffering of countless human beings whose fate he had crushed. He will pay for the cruelties of the biggest war in the history of humanity which he caused and opened the gates of Hell.

Hitler’s soul, compared to Stalin’s, is not as primitive. The Earth does not pull his so strongly, therefore his re-incarnations will be over longer periods. And this is bad for him because it will take him longer to clear up his karma. He will sweat in pain, cleansing his karma here on Earth. He will suffer also in the Beyond. His dark soul will have many reincarnations on Earth over long intervals. And all of these will be as an miserable, unloved and abused human being. His forthcoming incarnations will repeat systematically till he redeems the accumulated volumes of negativity, in tremendous suffering. Hitler’s soul is that of a huge dark spirit—that of a fallen angel."

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