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Did you know that the Earth is a big battery charged with electrons and out direct physical contact with it can reduce a number of illnesses or states caused by disturbed electromagnetic currents in the body?

Earthing-Walk Barefoot to Heal Yourself!

Earthing-Walk Barefoot to Heal Yourself!

Earthing is the practice of staying barefoot on grass, earth, sand, dirt or concrete. Earthing means physical contact with the negative change of the surface of out planet that is made up of a virtually unlimited and unseen reservoir of free electrons. Maintaining contact with the ground, allows your body to naturally receive and become charged with influx of these electrons. And why is this all important? Electrons are the source of antioxidant power which take care of harmful free radicals in the body. (these things that cause cancer and a myriad of other diseases) The electrons from the ground serve to potently neutralize and quench the free radicals, that otherwise steal electrons from healthy tissues and damaging the organs through chronic inflammation.
The Earth is a huge battery producing the those wonderful electrons which serve as anti-inflammatory sources for the body and regulate your health!!Walking or standing barefoot on the grass for a few minutes restores and stabilizes the complex circuitry of your essentially electrical body!

Your self regulating and self healing mechanisms become more effective. Head to toe improvements follow very quickly: Naturally energized and recharged blood. Clogged and thick blood which is a major reason for heart and cardio vascular problems, thins out and delivers more oxygen to the cells. Reduction and elimination of chronic pain Reduction of inflammation Improved sleep Increased energy Less stress. More calmness Normalization of the body’s natural rhythms Reduced muscle tension and headaches Reduced hormonal and menstrual symptoms Acceleration of healing from injuries Try it for a few minutes when you are stressed, in pain or even emotionally hurt. You will see a miraculous improvement of symptoms within 20 minutes! If you do this daily you will discover that a number of ailments of uneasy states quickly reduce and fully disappear! I have also noticed that when I shoot the Astrology videos barefoot in the grass, my mind thoughts are more focused and orderly and my intuition is shooting through the roof! I remember my grandmother telling that they would walk barefoot most of the summer as a preventative measure for disease in the winter! She had just one cold in 30 years of doing this! Take off your shoes and charge your battery up from mother Earth!

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