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How Venus will retrograde affect each of the 12 signs in the upcoming Venus retrograde cycle. 

Venus Retrograde. Big Life Style Changes!

Venus Retrograde. Big Life Style Changes!



Venus indicates all the things which we enjoy, reward and sooth ourselves with. When it moves normally forward, we look for these things from outside-love, amusements, good food, drinks, socialising etc.

But when Venus starts moving in retrograde, for 40 days, we internalize these impulses. We either cannot get access to their outer, worldly manifestations so we are forced to look inside for self soothing, or we have an inner realisation, that the life style we had been pursuing makes us dependant and takes things out of our control.

Imagine how many people self sooth(Venus) through harmful substances, unhealthy foods, wasteful habits or addictive unequal relationships. These things are like drugs for us-they are the darker manifestation of Venus. While looking for love and to feel good(Venus) we get entangled such painful lifestyle.

During its retrograde period, Venus brings us the gift of discovering how to self sooth and find love in healthier, less outer dependable ways, more self-reliant and loving ways.

It is not by chance that in occult and spiritual literature, 40 days is the period the avatar is tested(Buddah, Jesus) and then received a higher initiation/state of being/enlightenment. This comes from the 40 days of Venus retrograde, during which we are all advised to go "into the wilderness"-to turn our eyes away from the seductions of the outer world which are so alluring but also trapping, and to find inner resources of joy and peace.

If Venus is retrograde over an important points in your Horoscope-like Your Ascendant, Sun, Moon or your natal Venus, then you will surely have some important life style change preceded by a period of retreat, reevaluation, self-searching and re-assessment of different areas of your life. It often is about a relationship with someone or a lifestyle choice, which has been unproductive and chained you to an unhealthy pattern.

It is scientifically proved that it takes the brain 40 days to rewire its
neurons and paths, so a new habit is formed or an old one released. Exactly the same length as the Venus retrograde period!!

I have seen people stop drinking, start a healthy life style, do detoxes, release old relationships or habits of soothing-whether it is through shopping, clubbing, smoking or binging. An unhealthy natal Venus engages one in such behaviours.

By the end of the process you will feel more self-love, worth and appreciation. You become cleansed and pure. You have shifted to a more self-sufficient source of soothing. And you know what they say-when you learn how to be kinder to yourself and love yourself-others will do it too. That is why these Venus retro periods can be the best thing that ever happened for our love life-even though it might include a period of purging, painful realisations and withdrawal.
But this is the exactly the process which helps us redirect our devotion(Venus) to the right causes, goals or behaviours.

Check your Ascendant, Moon and Sun signs:

If you have Venus going retro in your:

1st house(LEO): big health life style changes. Big changes in the way you show self-love and appreciation and the way you handle love, relationships, fun, amusements, food, drinks, money, possessions, other self-soothing methods. Changes in your physical appearance. Biggest and most important life style changes happen for you! Devotion to a new, more fulfilling path in life! The hard work of preparing the ground of this new path is in the first 40 days.

2nd house(CANCER): lifestyle changes in regards to your financial self-sufficiency and worth. Now you can learn to value yourself more, and thus increase what you attract materially.

3rd house(GEMINI): lifestyle changes in regards to the people you communicate with on a daily basis-colleagues, acquaintances, neighbours, clients, associates. You re-evaluate and change your communication style. Devoting yourself to new more fulfilling interest, hobbies and skills .

4th house(TAURUS): lifestyle changes in how you relate to your family, nearest and dearest. Changes in home, property. Become more self-aware of your emotional needs and finding a way to nurture yourself emotionally better. Devoting yourself to some family member.

5th house(ARIES): lifestyle changes in regards to how you have fun, party, entertain yourself, flirt, enjoy life. evaluating some romantic relationships or your relationships with children. Devoting your self to a healthier expression of self-esteem. Deciding to devote your path to a new creative project or even having a child.

6th house(PISCES): lifestyle changes in regards to your diet, work out routines, health habits. Devoting yourself to a healthier path of living, detoxing. Devoting yourself to healthier work routines and practices or some more meaningful service, especially to others in need.

7th house(AQUARIUS): lifestyle changes in regards to how you do relationships--letting go of unhealthy relationships(personal or business) or behaviours in these and allowing equal and fair such to take root in your life. Re-evaluating a close partnership and seeing it from a different light. Deciding to devote yourself to a healthier path in relationships-might mean making a deeper commitment to an already existing good relationship, or ending a toxic one.

8th house(CAPRICORN): lifestyle changes in regards to how you share your resources and benefit from others. Re-evaluation of mutual/shared financial matters. Do you give too much materially and psychologically to others, while not getting back the same, or maybe you have been taking too much a relying too much on other's support? You will find out now whom you can rely on.

9th house(SAGITTARIUS): lifestyle changes triggered by a transformation of your believes and point of view. You see the bigger pattern in regards to something and decide to devote yourself on a new path which is more meaningful to you. This can involve taking an important life decision in regards to marriage, mission in life, what to study, if to travel, etc etc. The Venus retro period in 2015 is very important and significant for Sagittariuses!!

10th house(SCORPIO) life style changes in regards to your career and worldly responsibilities. You can be re-evaluating a current career path and either devoting yourself to a new one, or more deeply devoting yourself to a current one, both of which will result in social status improvement eventually.

11th house(LIBRA). Life style changes in regards to your social circle. You re-design and re-evaluate the groups, peers and friendships in your life. You either let go of unhealthy such or devote yourself more deeply to existing one which you realise are the real deal. You create healthier socialising behaviours. You can receive some titles, honours, gains and recognitions now, or if no such bonus or reward is coming your way, you will sure have to re-consider if you are putting your efforts in the right place.

12th house(VIRGO). Conclusions and resolutions of Venus matters in your life-from relationships to art projects or so anything to do with women. Life changes in regards to how you let go of things, relax and escape reality. You can transform unhealthy such behaviours/habits into more soul nurturing ones. Good time for relaxing, far away holidays and spiritual, contemplative activities-finding inner peace within yourself without the need of outer crutches and mind/mood altering substances.

The process this summer started from June 22nd and will end at the start of October, when Venus is fully out of the zone of retrogradation. Have you started noticing such changes....

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