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The Astrology of Big Shifts. Progressed Ascendant through the Signs.

The Astrology of Big Shifts. Progressed Ascendant through the Signs.

Your Ascendant sign, which indicates your physical body and direction life, progresses through a different sign every 16 to 20 years. This is when a huge shift in personality, look, health, physical appearance, habits and path in life happen! Your relationships will also change in a big way. You will either change partners or start attracting and being attracted by very different people!



They get more energy, become physically actives(usually after years of being lazy or non-energetic while the Ascendant was in lethargic Pisces) get slimmer, more defined muscles, kick out some addictions or unhealthy escape mechanisms, which Pisces would have inclined them towards.They become more assertive, proactive, initiative.

Absent mindedness, evasiveness, dreaminess are ousted by a more direct approach, no-nonsense attitude, and focus. They might even dye their hair red or get a red tinge naturally or start wearing red.

You will start attracting more beautiful handsome partners, as symbolized of the pretty Libra. Your partners will prefer more together time and that you do everything together, they will be more easy going and compromising, but you might have to make decisions for them and push them!


People get more easy going, they slow down, start pampering themselves more and indulging the 5 senses with rich food, good fabrics, pretty surroundings. Some all of a sudden develop "green fingers", artistic talent, appreciation for shape, color, art or affinity for nature. Others take up cooking or gardening as hobby-more easy, gentle, creative, hobbies and interests. They can become more rounded, curvy in shape, more gentle in expression, more attractive in a feminine way, calmer and start wearing more soothing colors.

Your partnerships will become deeper, more intense and sexual. You might be drawn to more secret, taboo, forbidden or complicated relationships as symbolized by Scorpio. Power struggles and subtle manipulative games will become part of your one to one interactions with others, but this will also tune you to the shadow and deeper side of others. You will attract some very penetrating and powerful partners.


People become more active and busy. They pace of daily life speeds up. They develop curiosity of mind, start learning new skills like a new language, playing an instrument, some craft, software, etc. they develop new interests and hobbies which are more diverse. They can feel and start dressing younger, and even look younger. They become more chatty and communicative, attract a wider group of friends. They can also start travelling more. Sedentary lifestyle becomes less appealing.

Your relationships will lighten up, from the intense Scorpio energy to the "happy go lucky" Sagittarius one! You will start attracting foreign partners, world travelers, free spirits, spiritual seekers. Your partners might need more space to explore, but you will also feel in a more adventurous mood in regards to your relationships.


People become more emotional and sensitive, taking things more personality, but also feeling more deeply. Their inner world becomes richer, more imaginative and vivid.

Their intuition increases. Family lifestyle and home become more appealing and important. Country of origin, history and family traditions take more significance and bring comfort and send of belonging.

The person can become more dependant and attached to others, but some powerful emotional connections and bonds can be made then!

They physical body becomes more rounded, softer, curvier. Women start looking more feminine and fertile but also put on weight. Out life can slow down a bit but the inner world and inner experiences get very rich! One can become more susceptible to colds, phlegm.

Your relationships become more serious, like the sign Capricorn which affects your progressed Descendant. You can start being attracted by older, more experienced or established partners, rather than the free spirited, non committal Sagittarius energy of the previous progressed descendant. You will prefer relationships and draw such, which give you more social status and security but also mutual responsibilities.


When the Ascendant progresses into Leo, a person becomes more confident and start taking more centre stage roles in life, might become more ambitious and start striving towards authority positions. People all of a sudden start noticing this person more, they attract attention, and they can purposefully look for it, by dressing with brighter or more glamorous clothes. They might die their hair a lighter, brighter color or blond, they start paying more attention to their "mane" and often the hair becomes a more focal point in their image. They want to have more fun, play, be creative. Confidence increases, but they might also find themselves becoming too proud or sensitive to the approval of others,

The Descendant signs changes into Aquarius, so you will start attracting partners who are more like your friends, your relationship(s) will be based on mutual goals and vision of the future than on status or binding responsibilities or need for security, which the previous descendant sign of Capricorn. Partnerships with more intellectual, idealogical, progressive, open minded people.


When the the Ascendant progresses into Virgo for a few years the person's image starts to tone down, become more neat, clean, simple, unpretentious, humble. Often the change of wardrobe from flashy, glamorous Leo fashion to classy, pastels or office style Virgo, is very noticeable. The person starts paying attention more to the small details and print-quality and not quantity become the goal. Little imperfections can start annoying the person. Usually the awareness of health and nutrition increases and through need or inspiration one becomes more health conscious.

The Progressed descendant changes into Pisces, so you will start attracting more sensitive, kind, forgiving partners, who are willing to compromise, to go with flow rather than fight, let go and let God. In best cases you can attract more artistic, soulful and spiritual relationships (or such with doctors, healers, ets) in worst case, more lost, chaotic, impractical, "living in their own imagination/ world" who give you mixed signals and confuse you or need you to save them. On the positive side, relationships now can become way more magical and you can feel you have met your soul mate, just make sure you stay realistic.



When the Ascendant progresses in Libra a person becomes more image conscious. The opinions of others and society start to become more important for them and they often find themselves looking for counsel or advice from another. People become more relationship centred (personal or business) and start looking to surround themselves with more people or share more moments with a partners. Even very independent or socially isolated people, become more relationship dependant and seek out others. Life becomes more social and people start mattering more or one's path more dependant on others or their circumstances.

Often interest in art, classics, fashion or design appear. The person becomes more friendly, agreeable and willing to please or compromise. Often the appearance and fashion style improves a lot and becomes more balanced, harmonious. I have seen some amazing transformations, from "ugly duckling" to a "swan" within 2-3 years of the Ascendant progressing into Libra. From unassuming Virgo to the graceful Libra.

Your relationships change into the sign of Aries, so you will start attracting more spirited, initiative, energetic and driven partners. They will act like an engine to activate you and to push you forward. But they might also press your button and provoke you more, be way less compromising and more self absorbed than your previous relationships which were under the influence of easy going, nonchalant Pisces.


The person can become more isolated, introverted and withdraw a bit from the Scene, so they can brood in deep thoughts, observe intensely others and look for answers to profound questions. The person become more questioning of other's motives, and more intuitive in regards to other's private thoughts, secrets, etc.

The depth of the person increases, they often become more interesting, brooding, mysterious, secretive. Their sexual magnetism increases and often attract others more and get involved in intense passionate but complicated relationships. They can start dressing in darker clothes, read crime or spy stories, get into conspiracies and occult, forbidden or taboo things. Their will power increases, so does their ability to manifest and make things happen.

Your relationships change into Taurus, which means you will start being attracted or draw into your life more stable, financially secure and practical partners. They can be more sensual and attractive. Partners will be a source of anchoring and stability for you. They will be more easy going than the previous relationship experiences while your Descendant was in feisty Aries.


When the Ascendant progresses into Sagittarius, one finds themselves, getting more energetic and adventurous. A strong desire for travel, exploring new lifestyle, foreign cultures, other civilisations, believes, philosophies, etc emerges and often life will put these people in situations where they can travel more, have more mobility or access to new/higher knowledge-their horizons start to expand. With this a new, more optimistic and inspired view of the world develops.

After the more brooding, lonely and intense years of Scorpio progressed Ascendant, all of a sudden they feel like they want to live big, dream big, be wilder, more active, take the plunge no matter where it takes them ! They start feeling like they need more freedom, without regard for security and in the process of liberating themselves they often leave behind more limiting conditions or people who were binding them or are not developing as fast as them. They start overlooking details, and look at the forrest and not the trees. Outlook becomes more positive and they spread their wings, but they should also be careful, because the fall from high hurts more.

Your relationships move into Gemini, which means that you will start attracting be attracted to more youthful and younger partners. They will very clever and witty, mentally stimulating and need a lot of change in their life. You will be drawn by people with whom you can share similar interest, topics of conversation. Relationships become less stable and reliable than the previous Taurus progressed Descendant, but way more fun! Sometimes people might even have more than one partners at the same time.


When the ascendant progresses into Capricorn, a person starts becoming more responsible, behave more somber, respectable or mature. Desire for authority and ambition increase. The need for security and long term success becomes stronger, so they become more practical, harder working and start managing their time more effectively.

Often they can get to positions of more authority because if their more professional and reliable attitude.

But the Capricorn progressed Ascendant person can also find himself worrying more for the future, being more negative or fearful. Therefore they start making sure that everything is planned and they are prepared for the worst. At best they become more respected, mature, reliable and career oriented, at worst blocked by doubts or fears.

Often the physical frame can decrease and become more bony, while the person also can become more susceptible to colds, dry of skin, stiffness etc,

You will attract new partner(s) who is (are) more family conscious, settled, emotionally deeper and sensitive(sometimes more needy) and nurturing like a mom / parent. Your main interest in attracting a partner would be to build a family, share feelings, create security and a safe haven for your private lives.


When the ascendant progresses into Aquarius, the person starts becoming more socially conscious-they increase their network and, friends. Can even find themselves being more pre-occupied with the current trends of their peers and get into some more cutting edge fashions or movements. Many people report becoming more interested in what is happening in the world, politics, ideologies, humanitarian and global issues. They can change their lifestyle to reflect their new ideologies-like go green, vegan, grid independent, etc. The change of look and lifestyle is often very noticeable. After the years of buttoned up and traditional Capricorn energy, when the Ascendant moves in Aquarius, the person can make surprising appearance transformations: like get a short hair, paint it in edgy colors, wear more eccentric or cutting edge fashions(latest fads, etc).

Many develop interest in some scientific or tech sphere. They start feeling drawn to groups of people or organisations-they want to become part of something bigger to belong to something which matters.

Your descendant changes into Leo, so you will attract new partnerships with people who are way more glamorous, centre of attention, powerful, colorful, leaders! The partner in your life will be someone who stands out in some way or attracts attention (because of character, appearance, skills etc). Relationships will become way more about fun and romance than just security or emotional comfort (as was the case while your progressed ascendant was in Cancer).


When the ascendant progresses into Pisces, one finds themselves becoming more emotional, sensitive and even psychic. They start, sensing the moods and feelings of others and even picking these up and thinking they are their own. They find themselves needing more time alone to they can recharge. New ways of escaping reality are sought-day dreaming, watching films, drinking, drugs, meditating, sleeping more. Energy and vitality can decrease, so does motivation. At the first few years the foggy and slippery nature of Pisces, can make the person feel lost, confused, unclear about their path. A sense of helplessness and victim mentality can be developed, others might take advantage of the person more as he/she becomes more compassionate, sweet, loving, emotional, vulnerable. It is hard to give direction to life and their actions, they feel like Fate takes them where it wants, but through this they eventually learn to let go and let God and to trust Higher power.

But on the positive side during the Pisces years one usually becomes more spiritual aware and attuned. Artistic inclinations increase, imagination as well. The person becomes more deep and in touch with their soul needs. But it hard to be very active physically or organised in the material world. It is good idea to have some gentle work out or routine to keep them more grounded, but even this is can be hard. Foreign countries of travel can also become more common experiences during this period.

The person sleeps more, spends more time alone, becomes more reflective and retrospective.

The physical appearance becomes more gentle, softer, feminine, attractive and romantic.The muscles become softer and the body more rounded with a tendency to put on weight more easily or retain water. Metabolism slows down.

Your relationships move into the sign of Virgo, so you will start being attracted and attract more organized, down to earth partners, who can balance your "head in the clouds" "dreamy" Piscean progressed Ascendant. You might feel like they are trying to sort you out, fix you, organize your life or are more critical but you will need this energy in your life to keep you on the ground!

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