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Music is a social phenomenon and guess what--its cycles are predictable through the planet Saturn. Check how perfectly it works its agenda in time!

The Astrological Cycles of Music

The Astrological Cycles of Music

This is an interesting research which shows that the major music trends in the world develop every 30 years approximately, which timeframe corresponds with one rotation of Saturn(social order) around the Sun. Let me explain the diagram: the lower amplitude shows the start of a new music trend--which is epitomised by a leading sound/instrument--this is the rebellious stage of a music conception! For example: in the 20-ties --Jazz was the start of a new trend of music which used Saxophone, in the 50-ties Rock and Roll was the start of a new music trend using the electric guitar, in the 80-ties electronic sound appeared with the synthesizer. It takes about 20 years for each of these new rebellious music trends to become mainstream and accepted by all. They evolve into more socially acceptable, wide spread and commercial music variations during these 20 years till we get to the peak of the wave--Jazz and its corresponding instrument-the sax-branched into the Swing of the 40-ties.

Rock and its electric guitar peaked into the Disco of the 70-ies and the Electronic music of the 80-ties, became commercialised as Techno in the 2000s. It's been seen that these new trends start brewing while Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio every 30 years--this is the sign of transformations and regeneration. Saturn rules the social some shift and major social psychological reordering happens in humans while Saturn passes the sign of Scorpio every 30 years approx. Saturn has just been in Scorpio for the last 2 years again, which should mean that a new major wave and style of music has been brewing in the basements, garages or laptops of young people! It usually takes about 5 years for each new style to take shape, so by 2015/2016 we should know the next generation of rebellious music style which will take over the world for 30 years ahead! I wonder what it will be! Any ideas from the more musically savvy ones? But i am super excited to see it develop, as it is about time for new style of music to come it--I am drummed out of my wits from techno and pop!!! I need a music revolution....

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