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The age of the Capricorn 4000 AD to 6000 AD What humanity and life on earth will be like in the distant future. Rare and unique information for the true seekers of wisdom. 

The Age of the Capricorn 4000 AD to 6000 AD. Occult Secrets of the Distant Human Future

The Age of the Capricorn 4000 AD to 6000 AD. Occult Secrets of the Distant Human Future
We have all heard of the Age of Aquarius spanning for the next 2000 years while the spring eqionox is passing through the sign of Aquarius—which will bring us an utopian society of brotherhood, social fairness, material equality for all and scientific advancement beyond our dreams (as are still so far from all this). But some of us want to take a peek at the far away future and unravel its secrets! In order to see what the age of Capricorn will bring to humanity from 4000 to 6000 AD we have to deep-dive into the occult meaning of Capricorn first—you might be surprised what we find out there! Capricorn is a the most mystical, confusing and misunderstood sign. Its original ancient shape is not one of a goat—it is a half crocodile half goat but with just one horn.


The lower-aquatic/reptile side of Capricorn is in water, while the upper is above. Actually the sanskrit name of Capricorn is Makara—which means crocodile. The lower part of this mystical animal, being in water, which symbolizes the astral world (the world of passions and feeling) represents the unregenerate side of human nature—the one which succumbs to lower desires and is at the mercy of its changeable feelings. This lower part has predatory nature like the Crocodile and only responds to the reptile brain in human (the most primitive one which controls material needs and physical desires). So at one end of the scope it represents the really low nature of humans—the animalistic selfish one, which is swimming in the passions of the world. It is not by chance that the Devil—Satan is represented by a goat-which is Capricorn. All ancient orgies of debauchery were celebrated during Saturnalia—in the month of Capricorn.


But what about the upper part of the creature: it is actually an Unicorn! A Goat with a single horn. In esoteric tradition the Unicorn is a symbol of spiritual purity—someone who has become enlightened and has access to the third eye ( the gland situated at the level of the forehead where the horn is coming out of)—instead of depicting Capricorn with 2 horns, the ancient sources described it as having one horn in the middle---2 becoming one: the consciousness of duality in which we now live, evolved into a consciousness of Oneness—feeling and seeing everything as connected. All of a sudden, the boring Capricorn we have learned to think about, turns out to be this most mystical and complicated sign--symbol of the human soul’s transformation from its lower animalistic state of selfishness and materiality (the lower part of Capricorn) into a spiritually enlightened and more pure being, that is connected to everything—the Unicorn.


I believe, you are starting to guess what the big events of the Capricorn age will be. The bigger part of humanity will develop the third eye—the unicorn horn. Most humans will be born highly clairvoyant, with direct access to the universal consciousness of God Unity also known as Christ Consciousness. As they say: the Christ will be born in each. The invisible worlds and dimensions and their hierarchies of beings, will be accessible to almost everyone—it will be the normal state of consciousness for most. But there will be another portion of humanity—a much smaller one(according to the esoteric prophecies), who will fully submerge themselves in their passions and lower desires. They will consciously choose the other extreme of Capricorn—the most materialistic one, defying openly the Divine and wanting to harm others. This will be a way smaller group of humans, who will become so depraved and evil, regressing to almost animal like state—they will even start looking different-their baseness will deform their bodies, their self chosen lower behaviors will be depicted and recognized in their outer form, living in different enclosures and away from the purified and more evolved rest of humanity, as they will not be able to withstand their higher vibrations and energy.

Evil inside

This is when there is will be a split between the evolved souls (the good ones) and the regressing souls (the bad ones). From the Age of Capricorn there will no longer be an opportunity for humans to pass from the lower to the higher states--or as they say in the Bible --to be saved. For the next 2000 years of incarnations on Earth, we can still use our free will to choose whether to do good or bad, but by the age of Capricorn, out natures will have become so defined by our previous karma of either striving for purification, love and kind deeds, or of our striving consciously towards evil deeds, that it will be impossible to reverse the process. But there are so few really evil humans—many do evil acts, but mostly out of ignorance, not out of pleasure. The number of truly dark souls that will draw towards the Evil side fully, in the age of Capricorn, will be much smaller, than the number of humans who will be naturally uplifted towards purer and enlightened consciousness. The ones who are in between—doing bad things, but mostly out of ignorance or weakness, will be helped by the rest of the evolved Unicorn branch of Humanity… the outlook is really positive for decent people! What will happen to the Evil souls that have separated? The occult prophecies say, that they will gradually stop being able to get reborn on Earth, something like an extinction will happen, even though they will be trying to continue with all the methods of the advanced science(like some “alien” races are trying to do now) but they will still become gradually a “dying race” so to speak due to the pollution of their DNA. Their souls will have to wait for the next evolutionary wave because they are given another chance to further their progress. Usually the next wave can take millions, if not billions earthy years. So indeed these souls will be in something like an infinite suspension in hell (the lower astral realms)- by the stories of advanced seers, not a nice place!!! Imagine a state of fear and emotional turmoil, disconnection from the warmth, love and light of the Creator.


But at least God is kind and forgiving, they will one day get a chance to improve again and pass to the next level, during another evolutionary wave--maybe on another planet.... This is the period, which in the Bible and other occult traditions, is known as the Great Judgment—when the good and bad souls are separated. It is not a one day process—it takes over 2000, when there will be no turning back or getting to the Good side. But this will be totally the choice of the regressive souls—they will be offered help many time from the more developed humans, but some will keep denying, till it is too late. Capricorn is a sign of separations and endings, as we all know from astrology—so there will be a separation of humanity in 2 distinct fractions-the highly spiritual and the extremely materialistic who want nothing do with love, God and Light. The sign is also connected to judgment, criticism and punishment for mistakes---repaing karma so to speak-—this is what will surely be happening to the darker humans. Sounding doom and gloom enough for you, in the style of Capricorn? But for the majority of humans, this will be a time of rewards for their long and hard work on Earth over many life times—with the crown of evolution—with the turning point in development---reconnection to the spiritual worlds and becoming part of the cosmic consciousness of One. The Higher Beings will once again become visible to us, like it used to be thousands of years ago. This is a state described in the Bible as God's Kingdom on Earth.


Capricorn in Esoteric literature is known as the Gate of Cosmic Consciousness and also as the Gate of Death—the souls leaving the earthy realms always go through Capricorn. During its age,most of Humanity will be initiated and figuratively speaking—given a visa for the higher world and cosmic states. We will gain the ability to leave the body when we are ready to, so Death (Capricorn) will disappear-we will be in constant contact with the worlds beyond. In the age of Cancer (some 8 000 years ago) human souls lost the connection with the higher worlds, as their natural clairvoyance got blocked and their consciousness become progressively material. It was on purpose---we needed to focus on mastering matter and the visible world for the next 10000 years. We started forgetting that we were timeless souls, that life on earth was just an extension of the higher realities. Death and the fear of death had arrived… That is why Cancer is the sign of the Mother—it gave birth to humanity into the material world—the modern humanity with this current consciousness had arrived. Before the age of Cancer, humans were still on earth, but they were not rooted much into the material—the tangible world was more of a dream state to them, while they experienced the spiritual realms, as the true world. So the age of Cancer-the cosmic Mother birthed us into the material world, so to speak—with an awareness of the material world only, while the age of Capricorn, the cosmic Father(Capricon rules fathers) will help us climb back to immortality and access to the spiritual worlds.

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