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At  around the age of 18, 37 and 56 Rahu returns to its natal positon. This can have a trampoline effect in the affairs of the house Rahu is natally placed in. Read to find out where your Rahu is what this will mean for you at the ages mentioned. 

Rahu Return! The Trampoline Effect.

Rahu Return! The Trampoline Effect.

What happens to you around the ages of 18, 37 and 56? These are the ages when Rahu returns to its natal position and makes the person embrace and develop the area of Rahu's house while letting go of the affairs of the opposite house. If you help Rahu in its house you can have a frogjump advancement on your path in life in those periods! You can find out what house your Rahu is from the Birth chart calculator as long as you know your time of birth. Then see what house number Rahu is in the same square/triangle with. Like shown on the table below.


Rahu in the 1st house: Around the ages of 18/19 and then again 37 and 56 life makes you focus more on your own path in life, on your own strengths and independence and have to let go of co-dependence in relationships. Your become more focused on your purpose in life and self reliant. Sometimes relationships dissolve or weaken, so your individual path and empowerment come emerge. Rahu in the 2nd house: Around the ages of 18/19 and then again 37 at 56, something will happen to focus you on taking better care of your own resources, assets and finances. You might loose the financial or emotional support of others (parents, business or personal partners, clients, government, etc) that you have been relying on and you will need to develop instead your own financial assets and material responsibilities. But this will make you feel more fulfilled.

Rahu in the 3rd house Around the ages of 18/19 and then again at 37, is a time when you are developing new abilities and skills, learning new information which will help you fulfill your goals. You test your beliefs through trial and error, to find out what really works for you, as well as display your skills, knowledge and talents through active participation rather than through teaching or observation. This is when you focus on what is of greatest important to you and narrow your approach to the appropriate skills and abilities you need in order to make things happen and work. This is a time you develop courage and drive to get your hands dirty, play, test and experiment with your skills and put them into practice! So dive it or else life will “push you into the swimming pull” Rahu in the 4th house Around the ages of 18/19 and 37 and 56, you focus more on your inner self and sense of happiness.

Career and worldly responsibilities can go to the background or even dissolve, while matters of the soul and emotional fulfillment come to the forefront. Many will focus more on family and home or start their own or on achieving emotional security and inner peace. This happens either by your own desire -- maybe starting a family, buying a property, loosing interests in career etc, or through forced circumstances, like loosing a job, or having to take care of parents and family which they were not planning on. Rahu in the 5th house Around the ages of 18/19, 37 and 56, life will make you focus and follow your own creativity and inspirations without listening to what society or others expect from you.

Often this process involves detachment from a social group circle/friends and decrease of social/peer validation and acceptance so instead you concentrate on expressing your unique individuality and talents without external interference. Often around these age Rahu in the 5th house people become more creative and self contained. In some cases the first 2 Rahu returns are be a time when your children(5th house) take center stage for you instead of your social life or when you can have a child. Rahu in 6th house Around the ages of 18/19, 37 and 56 you will find yourself looking into what kind of service you can provide to world and how to become materially more efficient and productive. Many might get involved in extra or new duties and responsibilities or even career. Others might have to give some service and do work which they did not plan for, but by doing it they will feel more fulfilled.

These are periods during which you can also be asked to change your health habits and improve your working, eating and exercising routines. Some health problems might appear, but you will be able to fix these by adjusting your lifestyle. You will find yourself becoming more productive and busy with material responsibly and when dealing with issues like debts, arguments, illness and other such unpleasant issues. Rahu in the 7th house Around the ages of 18/19, 37 and 56 you will find yourself focusing more on relationships. Important relationships can change and become more co-dependent and involved or you might find new partners-usually personal but sometimes also business, who will help you move forward in life.

You will find yourself becoming less introverted and self-focused and more extroverted and other- focused. Some can even start business or do lifestyle changes, which puts them more in the public eye. You might have to let go of certain self-focused and more lonely interests and get involved with others instead. Less time for yourself, more time for committed partnerships! Rahu in the 8th house Around the ages of 18/19, 37 and 56, you will learn how to rely on and trust others more. You will have to embrace help and support from others(spouse, partners, relationships, parents) instead of trying to take care of everything alone. Sometimes it can happen by loosing personal financial stability, so you are forced to opened up to others’ resources and help. Sometimes it might happen through you forming a business partnership or working with others whom you have to learn to rely on financially or emotionally and trust. These will be periods you are developing your emotional strength in the face of vicissitudes and learning to embrace change.

Rahu in the 9t house Around the ages of 18/19, 37 and 56 you will find yourself interested in new spiritual or philosophical believes and opening up to new views of the world and cultures. You might do this through travel, interactions with foreigners, finding teachers or mentors. Your mental picture changes and widens. You find new meaning in life and new purpose. You learn to act on faith and intuition rather than on logic and information. You are asked to let go of overthinking and over-planning and to trust the process unfolding. A journey of a 1000 miles begins by taking the first step and trusting that the Universe will provide the rest if you are just focused on one goal consistently. Rahu in the 10th house Around the ages of 18/19, 37 and 56 you will develop more your career and worldly ambitions. Some of you will start a new career, business or take on extra outer responsibilities.

You are asked to leave the privacy of your home, family and save environment and go out into the world to pursue outer ambitions and be active. This can happen voluntarily or not. But embracing a career focused lifestyle will be of great help and serve as a trampoline for in those periods. Rahu in the 11th house Around the ages of 18/19, 37 and 56 you find yourself focusing much more on social and group activities. You might embrace a new social group/friends, become a member of an organization or become very active in social and peer group issues.

You will open up more to others and become more sociable. It can also be a time of receiving some social validation through titles, hours, promotions, recognitions, etc. This can be also the time, when you willing or unwilling have to present to the world your individual and creative talents without fear of being judged. You can now many some important contacts and networks which serve like a trampoline for you. Rahu in 12th house Around the ages of 18/19, 37 and 56 you will find yourself withdrawing for the hustle and bustle of worldly worries and practical duties. This can happen through illness, retirement, loss of job, escaping reality or in the best case through personal choice like enjoyment of more vacations, sabbatical, long journey, resting, meditations, spiritual journey, creative or spiritual retreat and time alone. You might also relieve yourself of worldly duties and responsibilities through clearing a debt or ending some long standing duty or service to someone/something.

It is advised that you do not resist the process and learn how let go and let God during these years.

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