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After I posted my videos on Saturn transits over the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, people started flooding me with questions on how to better deal with Saturn’s heavier and testing energies and how to make the best of its long periods? I have a few simple but live saving tips for you. Read more here

Overcoming Saturn's Transits

Overcoming Saturn's Transits

If you have not watched my videos on how to find when you will pass through your next major Saturn transit and what it will mean for you, here is a link to these: Saturn tranisting Moon, Saturn tranisting Ascendant, Saturn transiting your Sun sign Acceptance and Patience: Saturn is all about teaching us humbleness and endurance. If you are someone who is used to having their own way, then Saturn’s periods can really strain you to the limit because then obstacles get put on your way, things are delayed, projects disrupted or not going according to plan always, and the only thing one can do is learn to accept what fate throws their way(illness, misfortunes, unfair adversary, delays, no matter what) and be patient with the pushing of one’s own agenda. Once you learn to relax and accept the situation, you will have more self control to deal with it rather then exhibit the normal frustration, self pity, negativity or despair which is the initial reaction. During one of my Saturn transits I tried to start a big project-I kept working on it hard but while Saturn was around it never got off-only after it moved away. Having been familiar with what to expect I never lost any sleep over that delay, nor gave my self hard time for not getting it ready on time! Acceptance, you see! And then the hard work you did during Saturn's period pays off beautifully! Trusting in a Higher Power, Seeing the bigger picture.

If you have the big picture in your mind for the further future: even if the situation now might be painful and demanding, you know what you are enduring all this for and the burden becomes lighter. Are you forced to live meagerly and bust your self up working while Saturn is transiting your Ascendant or Moon? Well, if you are doing this because you are starting a new business, relocating or trying to pay the fees of your child’s university—then you will not be bemoaning your fate and feeling sorry for your self—you have a purpose! But if you find your self suffering without a purpose, for example when someone passes away or you loose a close one or a marriage falls apart, then the best option you have is to find a Higher Power/God/Grand Divine plan and learn to trust that this super human intelligence and loving force is organizing all according to a perfect plan, and even if it is very painful and pointless for you now, later on, you will see the beautiful idea behind the current grim events! Your wife left you—you feel so crushed now but a few years down the line, you meet the most wonderful soulmate. Acceptance, again comes into play in such circumstances. Accept that your Higher self or our Lord knows best and is taking you to the right place. Indeed most people re-discover their connection to Higher power and Spirituality during Saturn transits—because the only one we can rely on for relief and help is a Power stronger than us and we feel humbled and crushed enough during Saturn’s transits to accept it!


Leading a simple and moral life: Saturn is the strict teacher, the punisher, the planet of Karma, it helps you see your old mistakes because its periods usually bring the consequences of your past actions: hurt a friend a few years ago and nothing happened? Well, when Saturn comes, you might be placed in a similar position as this hurt friend and you will see what it felt like so you never do it again. Or maybe you have been cheating for a few years now unobserved and without consequences? Saturn comes around and if you carry on with this behavior, it will come back to bite you really strongly now-you will either get caught, your heart broken or your name tarnished in a scandal!


So the best actions during Saturn’s transits are the lawful, honest and godly ones: lying, cheating, stealing, pride, overindulgence, excessive anger and envy will all get you into trouble during this time: it is like a mini judgment day: if you do not clear up slate and repent starting to live more in accordance with the divine laws(the 10 commandments) life will get really tough on you!The prideful ones get their ego smashed, the gluttonous their health jeopardized , the greedy their resources taken, the envious get even more bitter to the point of sickness, the oppressors get oppressed: basically what you have done comes back to you and if you do not repent and try to change your hurtful ways, you will bear very serious consequences during those or further Saturn transits! If you are a morally clean, humble, moderate and hard working person, then Saturn’s transits will be some of the most productive and fulfilling periods in your life, because Saturn might be a hard Teacher but he rewards fairly his conscientious students! Sunshine, fresh raw products and exercise!Saturn’s transits indicate a period of lowered vibrations hence the tendency for negativity, lack of energy, depression and feeling of isolation and separation.

So we need to consciously work on increasing our vibrations through sources high in the life and energy giving, negatively charged ions called-“Prana”. They exists in highest quantity in fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, in the clean air(especially in Spring and early Summer), near natural water resources like oceans, seas, waterfalls, big rivers, and in the mountains. Spending more time in nature will help you beat Saturn’s blues and the lighter, fresher foods will make sure you do not clog your already overburdened and slowed down body with more toxins. Exercise is also a natural mood raiser, and last but not least—actually, if anything, it is the most powerful cure and helper during Saturn’s transits, is meeting and watching the Sun rise-and consciously connecting with the healing energies of the Sun. In all ancient mythologies, the Sun heros-Christ, Horus, Dionysus, St Michael have been the mortal enemies of Satan(Saturn) and have managed to overcome its darkness, hence actual observation of the morning sunrise, has been proven to have the most powerful healing effect on any scarred or broken soul and physical weakness. I personally guarantee it and have tried it!


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