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What to expect from Mars Retro

Mars Retrograde Lessons. Real Life Stories

Mars Retrograde Lessons. Real Life Stories
Mars retrograde periods happen once every 2.5 years for about 3 months, and are known as some of the most intense and stressful times for most people. Big life changes, evaluations and transformations accompany these periods.

This is a 3-4 month period when Mars is super bright in the sky, a big fiery, red star, which shines brighter than all other stars in the sky!
Why are these periods so important and critical?

Mars is the planet of will power, drive, energy, action, assertion. It is our ability to protect what is ours, what is good and fair for us, what we believe in, what we treasure, it is how and in what we direct our energy to. Without its influence people would have no desire or impulse to go after things they desire, to assert themselves, to fight for what is right or what they believe is right. It symbolises our healthy selfishness, which makes sure that we take care of ourselves first.

When Mars goes retro, we go in a reflective mode as to how we have given our power away to people, circumstances, habits, how are are waisting our energy in unproductive actions, people or events. If we do not consciously react to its call to take our power back, to pursue our desires in the right way, to exercise healthy assertiveness, then some conflict or problem appears in our lives, which makes us angry to the point it hurts so much that we have no option but to change things.

People who normally over-assert, over-react, hurry, are reckless or push themselves, thus manifesting an imbalanced Mars, also get into trouble through these qualities of their personality, and are forced to slow down, to correct their actions in a less impulsive way, to try and calm down selfish or rash impulses or else big problems escalate.

Those with under developed Mars qualities, also experience stressful a period during Mars retro, which aims to rebalance their unhealthy use of Mars power, by teaching them how to protect what is theirs, how to fight for what they believe, how to go after what they want, how to deal with problems without fear, etc.

Here I will quote a few of my viewers whom I asked how this last Mars retrograde affected them and most importantly-what they learned and how they think they benefited from its influence. This way you can learn what to expect when Mars retro comes around every 2.5 years and not over-demonize it. Sure, learning Mars retro lessons are hard--they take 3 times more efforts, and Mars is a cruel teacher-he will spank you, he will shake you up, he will tear you apart if you he has to, in order to bring you out of lethargy or to make you recognise and fight your darker more selfish impulses. Mars is like a surgical knife, which cuts away pieces of your "rotting flesh", but the results of its lessons are 3 times more effective and rewarding.

Here is a list of real life experiences-you can learn so much about Mars retro from these:

"Scorpio rising... Mars retrograded in my first house. I learned how to be myself, finally... It's just so good! I'm not ashamed to be me."

"Mars retro gave me the strength to file for divorce and finally stand up for myself and my freedom, and helping me to finally begin working myself out of a years-long depression"

"Mars really showed me where I willingly give away my power. It showed me where I need to be more active and assertive in bringing about own success. It showed me how I give away my power to unworthy people and situations. It was painful at times ( especially when in scorpio) but much needed."

" I had 2 small accidents both collisions in my back; I've to step back an think about my relationship to my boss. He is a very back-stabbing one I've to admit now. Finally I've learnt to go forwards and fight for my rights! "

"Mars was retrograding on my birth mars in the 11th house(house of gains, friends, elder siblings and long term goals) and it made me reevaluate how I am going to increase my income and reevaluate my communications and how they can aid me in my dreams. I really loved this transit. Had a few power struggles with elder sibling but it was worth it"

"I stopped being a push over and work on more if my cup is empty I cant fill another's"

"During the past 3 months Mars has shown me how I do NOT take care of myself - how I prioritise other people, tasks and goals, and how all this brings me down. I have hopefully learned my lesson now and I am already taking a much better care of myself."

"I learned to choose my battles."

I took my power back from people whom I'd allowed push me around and fixed imbalances of power.

I discovered who was a real friend who was not.
I took incredible stock of my life, choices and personal sense of responsibility.
I cut out people who were no longer useful but draining, and now with Mars direct I'm feeling even more self-focused and purposeful.
I started a new web business and am currently working with about 3 ppl to make it happen and big."

"During the Mars Retrograde, I had learned to sit still and take my time with interactions and situations."

"I became aware where I was pouring my energy but not receiving much in return."

"During this retrograde I was able to really put a lot of things behind me and literally throw out a lot of things I was holding onto and it feels so good to have gotten rid of many pointless things"

"I started a new job the day after Mars went retrograde and I was met with multiple challenges starting in early May. I was the topic of multiple discussions by management (in a negative manner) and had lots of conflict in my relationship with one coworker. The retrograde helped me to tone down my response to others as I kept in mind that it was not a good time to wage war against anyone. In my relationship with my new landlord I was able to assert myself and clearly request what I wanted."

"Mars Rx in my 3rd house (leo rising) made me communicate to this a-hole, I was really pissed off at and I just released all that was on my mind."

"Mars retrograde transitioned in my 3rd house (traveling, vehicles, communication, will power) and moon. I got a speeding ticket and it effected me emotionally (Moon in 3rd). As a young adult, I LOVE the rush of driving fast, But I learned that I needed to drive more slowly on the road to protect myself and others"

"I had multiple Mars transits to many of my planets. This retro brought to a near death experience where I had a surgery to save my life from internal bleeding, and blood transfusion, and this happen April 17, of this year, the first day of mars retrograde. Along with that my relationship of 4 years ended when i cam home from the hospital. I also met a soul mate near the end of the retrograde, as well as deepened my spiritual connection with the divine with a more committed practice. The retrograde shifted my life and perspective completely. It humbled me, opened my eyes to areas i needed to change within myself, and when it went direct it brought about a renewed confidence and motivation to launch my own business/website I’ve been hesitant and working on and off for a year now"

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