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 You have all heard about the Law of Attraction by now! You get back what you project. But to some it might sound very contraty to the ideas of Astrology of predetermined future based on the planetary movements. Read and learn how both concepts intertwine beautifully together.  

Law of Attraction and Astrology

Law of Attraction and Astrology

Astrology has always sounded fatalistic and gloomy to most people as it has been associated with some all powerful planetary, cosmic influences that predetermine every event in your life.

But with the recent surge of awareness about the forgotten Law of Attraction, we can finally interpret intelligently how the workings of the free will tie up with astrology. But this becomes a more evolved astrology-a holistic approach which main purpose is to empower people, not to scare them about the future.

The Law of Attraction, states that you are responsible for everything that happens in your life. Every event-to the most inconspicuous one- happens because you have attracted it in your life, through your predominant vibration, meaning the predominant thoughts and feelings. If you are depressed and fearful you will keep getting more of that in you life. If you are optimistic and excited you will attract better and better circumstances. Hence usually rich people get richer as they belief money is easy to acquire and it comes to them accordingly with the least effort.

Or some people who are always joyful, not necessarily moral, are so blessed in every respect and successful. Some are always negative, albeit very good in heart, but keep attracting hard events. So how does astrology fit in with this Universal Law-that we are the sole creators of our destiny? Astrology works for everyone, but depending on the awareness and self mastery of the person, it manifest at different levels. A person who follows the law of attraction will still experience the tendency for pessimistic thoughts and hard blocking influence of a transiting Saturn, but instead of giving in to these negative moods and musings, he will take control of his thoughts and focus his attention on exactly what he wants rather than on what he is observing in the current situation and thus change the inevitability of the difficult period which will surely manifest for others who just give in to negativity. The practitioner used to raising his vibrations without the help of a positive planetary alignment, is not vulnerable to the vicissitudes and whims of cosmic energies but chooses to work with them. Planets just focus his attention to certain areas of his life and intensify the desires connected with that sphere for a foreseeable amount of time, during which he is using the higher planetary energies to get the best results.

For example a hard Uranus transit to you MC(career line) might bring uncertainty and unexpected changes in your professional life-loosing a long lasting job, not being able to keep a position down, etc-but these are all manifestations of a deep seated, sometimes unconscious, dissatisfaction with the current career line. You can take this as a blow to your security, start bemoaning your bad luck and worrying but you will keep resonating more and more with the unsettling Uranian vibrations and will keep attracting the same or you can accept the change in a positive spirit and see it as an opportunity to try and discover a more fulfilling vocation, get excited about the new developments. In the second case, you will quickly attract the positive influence of the usually "disruptive" Uranian energy--an unexpected and flash-like advancement of the vocational situation. An out of the blue development which will skyrocket you into a great growth! Astrology can help you map out the periods when it will be necessary to apply more effort for keeping a positive outlook(during hard transits) and the periods when you will be naturally aligned to a state of allowance and abundance so you can manifest with ease the envisioned desire.

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