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Ketu as we know it in the west the South Node of the Moon, is one of the most mysterious and conflicting components in the horoscope. In this article I will try to lift up the veil of secrecy and confusion regrading the South Node.

South Node in The Horoscope

South Node in The Horoscope

Most astrologers know that the South Node indicates the past lives of the native. One of its Vedic symbols is the flag, which means something which has already been conquered and feels familiar. But in Ancient Astrology the South node is regarded as more difficult than Saturn even! Ketu has a strong association with 12th house because they both are connected to the past lives of the native. Ketu's transits(which also cause the eclipses) can trigger separations, losses, detachment, disconnection, confusion, amathy and a sense of emptiness which nothing material can fill in! This is very similar to 12th house experiences. But the good outcome of Ketu periods can very liberating! Like letting go of old bad habits(due to oversatiation, loss of interest, or just inability to further sustain it), detaching from long overdue relationships and situations, turning inwards and becoming more spiritual. Just like the 12th house, Ketu can be devastating for worldly success, sense of fulfillment and manifestation of material results, but spiritual, psychological and inner work, are the positive results of its effects.

Ketu is a very spritual influence, so the only way out of South Node apathy and dejection, is through spirituality and detachment. Because nothing wordly can satisfy the ennui-ed Ketu. He has been there, done that and seen the material, sensual and physical attainment does not fill in the gap within! South Node wants the ultimate experience of merging with God! The ancient texts say that the Ketu position in the horoscope indicates the place where one experiences God for the first time. Ketu is a planet of spiritual Liberation through emotional detachment toward the affairs of the house it is in. Even though that is the biggest boon for the spiritual evolution of the person, it is bad news for his wordly life usually.

For example: someone with South node in the sign of the 7th house cusp of partnerships, needs to learn in this life time detachment from relationships, the Universe can go about this in two ways: by depriving the person from finding a right partner or by giving him such who are disappointing, detached and aloof, or by making the person disinterested towards relationships, in this way after many relationship disappointments the South Node native learns to detach emotionally from this issue and just accept it. Once this is achieved, a good partner can finally come, otherwise the person will be in a perpetual pain cycle regarding the issues of this house or planet Ketu is close with. The Irony with Ketu is that when you stop caring and obsessing over that house, it finally starts giving good results and sometimes even tremendous results. Letting go of our identification of the South Node House will bring success there. But how many people can manage to do this! Usually Ketu matures around 47, so the person naturally let goes of the desires of that house there, but if one works spiritually on themselves they can achieve this way younger!


You can see how successful a person will be at acceptance and emotional detachment towards the relevant area of life though the dignity of the sign Lord of the South Node.Someone with an exalted ruler will be able to achieve this resignation fairly early in life and go on to have a successful manifestation of the Ketu House or planet with it, but it will always had been preceded by some serious doubts and troubles! Let us see a quick mention, what one needs to let go of consciously and detach emotionally in order to start having some posive expriences there, or else the person will be pestered with disappointing experience in thos areas or strong doubts and ambivalence. Click here for your Birth Chart which will show the position of Ketu in your Horoscope Detaching from Ketu in 1st house- Ego, Body, Social Identity, 2nd house-material stability 3rd house-competition, factual information, thought patterns, ability to take decisions 4th house-family, home, property, emotional happiness 5th house-children, creative expression, center stage activities, 6th house--enmity, health issues, arguments and adversaries, 7th house-relationship codependency, parterships, popularity 8th House-help from others, other's finances, emotional stability 9th house belief systems, idealogies, concept, philosophies, knowledge 10th house-career achievements, wordly success 11th house-friendships, gains, elite or secelt groups and networds 12th house-forein places, spiritual search Ketu with Venus-relationships, plasures in life with Jupiter-children, wealth, believes, knowledge Saturn-weakness, complexes and vulnerabilities Sun-goals, career, achievements, Moon-emotional happiness and inner peace Mercury-friends, associates, mental skills and abilities Mars-sexual desires, getting one's own way, new initiative, risk taking


Ketu tends to bring isolation tendencies for people who have it strong-like Ketu close to the Ascendant, Moon, Sun or the MC angle. I personally have Ketu cojunct the Ascendant and I talk from experience. They feel way more like 12th house/Pisces people even if they have strong planets in fire or in agular houses. South node people are psychically very absorptive and sensitive. Their energy is easily siphoned off from others and they can soak negative or positive astral influences from others. They learn to protect themselves by spending long periods alone or away, isolating, meditation or in worse case scenarios substance addictions(just like 12 house, Neptune or Pisces people). They might often be even psychic or mediums. Vey few people really know them well, because Ketu empties, and the others project to the South Node person whatever they want, while the Ketu person reflects this.

They are the empty vessels that others fill in with their projections, imaginations and that is reason that many Ketu people can become iconic personalities as others see in them whatever they want and the Ketu person tends to act out whatever the others project on him. It is interesting watching South Node people behave differently with different people, not on purpose, but just because they reflect what the other expects or feels for them! South Node people need more alone time to cleanse from outer influences, plus time to connect to God, as it is the only way to fill in this emptiness within which otherwise can make them insecure, tortured, ambivalent, doubtful and unhappy souls. The good news is that Ketu strong people can experience the biggest gift-having enlightenment and direct experience of Divine consciousness, usually preceded by some difficult period or loss(Ketu). The best advice for South Node people is to free themselves from desires and big material ambitions, and to live a more spiritual life, otherwise they will go through a lot inner disappointments. The North node people are the ones who attain many outer things in this life through their powerful desire nature, while Ketu people need let go of it if they want to be happy!

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