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Family Karma and How to See it! 

Family Karma and How to See it!

Family Karma and How to See it!

The 14 People that determine your FATE in Health, Love and Worldly Success. 

What affects your HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS and CAREER, in this life time the MOST?!

For sure your past life karma has a lot to do with it, but according to esoteric knowledge and astrology, it is your grandparents that determine the larger karma of your current health and marriage / relationships and the great grandparents and your parents the career. 

Healers and spiritual teacher say that we are inheriting and healing or worsening the karma of our ancestors, and this shows so clearly in the Natal astrology chart. 

The 1st house which rules the health, path in life and appearance is also the derived house of grandma from fathers side (4th(mom) from 10th(dad) and the grandpa (10th) from mothers side(4th). 

While the 7th house which points to marriage and relationships shows our maternal grandma (4th from 4th) and our paternal grandad (10th from 10th).

It is always the generation before our parents’ that is giving us the most karma in health and relationships!

Often you would look a lot more like a grandparent (I look totally like my father’s mom and have similar character to her and the same health issues) while my spouse is a strange mixture of the character, weaknesses and strengths of my dad’s dad and my mom’s mom (7th).

It turns out that if for example your grandma was suffering from abuse in her marriage, was abandoned or something else similarly painful and she could not transform the experience or forgive, it might repeat in your relationship life, so you can have the chance to fix this family karma! If you maternal grandad suffered alcoholism for example, since he is indicated on your ascendant (1st house) you might have to experience this side of neglect to body too. 

Now don’t be mad at your grandparents if your life is not going well. The lesson here is to choose to fix this family karma and then you will heal your ancestors too and this will not be repeated into the life of your children or you after that! 


Our great grand parents are indicated by the 4th and 10th houses, like our parents and usually this means that their emotional health and worldly achievements or failures will affect your own family life and career the most. A suicide of a great grand parent can emerge as a deep depression and lack of joy from life for you at a certain period. It up us to us not to carry on the same patten, because then it will double in negative power for our offspring. 

But the same matters for positive karma. Your great grandma was a nurse who helped in the 2nd world war and sacrificed her health and efforts for the betterment of victims? 

Well then you might inherit a divine healing gift from her and become a top doctor...

Whether we like it or not, we are bound by the actions and karma of our ancestors back to 4 generations. Great grandparents, grandparents, parents and us. The fears, mistakes, traumas but also the victories, dreams and talents of 3 generations (14 people) culminate all in one single person- YOU!! Even the Bible says this...

But just knowing what negative ancestral karma we have agreed to try and put an end to in this life time is already a step towards this process! Or what ancestral gift / legacy we are supposed to carry on and bring out to the world in a more complete form, will give you so much clarity and conviction in your mission in life! 
Often the worldly works of a great grandparent will give you clues as to the career / mission you have in this life too or the obstacles to your worldly success. 

And since you probably don’t know much about the private or public lives of your ancestors, astrology can give you the clues!

For example synastry connections between your or your family member’s north / south nodes and personal planets and houses will show the biggest Karmic energy from past life (south node) or current lessons which you are diving into (north node)

But there is another easy way to see the karma you carry from your family! Just by looking at your Natal chart, you can see the source! 

For example very HARD family karma you have to work through and transmute can be indicated by:

  • difficult planets aspect or conjunct your moon, 
  • in your Natal 4th house 
  • In the 4th sign from ascendant
  • in the 4th sigh from Natal moon
  • -planets in the sign of Cancer: 

Difficult planets are considered: 

  • South node(abandonment, being an outsiders, loss) , 
  • North node(emotional dishonesty, greed, uncontrollable feelings and emotions can addictions), 
  • Saturn(conditional love -“I will love you if” coldness, envy, hatred, resentment, emotional invalidation, poverty mentality, depression, getting stuck in life)
  • Pluto (obsessions, revenge, jealousy trauma, tragedies, power games, control, crime, death) 
  • Neptune(madness, addiction, deception, cheating, irresponsibility, loss, disappearance) , 
  • Mars(anger, violence, aggression, divorce, 
  • -Uranus (rejection, divorce, suicide, intermittent coming and going or affections, ) 

There are things we would call a family curse! If it really is a curse is not clear, but a lot of painful repeating experiences of the same nature for generations have preceded your incarnation before you were born, if such positions exists! 

Would it not be lovely to be clean from these! To be done with them once and for all!? It is enough carrying out own karma! 

In a 5 hour webinar Master astrologer Viktor shows you exactly how to see all this! The good and the bad! The price is now $89, and then does up to $120
You can also order the webinar plus a 30 min reading with Viktor on that topic, just $149!! 

For the webinar: Family Dynamics and Karmic Signatures 

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