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Astrology maintains that the horoscope gives you indications about your past lives through the position of the south node(Ketu). There is just one way to check if this is true-past live regression! So, off I went to test the validity of Ketu in my Horoscope!

Astrology of Past Lives

Astrology of Past Lives
Last Monday I got a present from my best friend: a full past life regression! I always wanted to do it and check if what I see will correspond to the indications in my birth chart. I actually already had had a spontaneous past life remembering when I was 10 and lost consciousness. When I came about, I asked my friends how long I had been out, and was stunned to hear that it was only 2 seconds, because in my mind I was away for years-I went through a whole life in France-it kind of rolled in front of me with details and I knew it was me, even though I looked very different-a 17th century rich and pampered girl. I thought it must have been a very vivid dream and forgot all about it until now. As I was coming under hypnosis, it took me a while to start trusting the emerging images, I kept thinking it might be my imagination, but the more I relaxed and went with what came up, the more vivid the pictures and impressions became-I even started having physical impressions of the 5 senses. And I know it was not my imagination because I would not have imagined these kind of lives for my self!


The first life was in South Asia in the 13th-14th century. When I looked down on my self I was a young male, wearing something like diapers and nothings else! I burst out laughing! I was living in the jungle, sleeping under a tree on a bed of palm leaves and eating a handful of berries. I could see the ruins of abandoned temples which I was staying around. I saw the name Tabu. There were no people in my life, and it felt like I was purposefully staying away from civilization and other humans, because I considered them a nuisance to my emotional peace and contemplative activities! I was trying to learn to be in communion with nature. 15 years later, nothing much had changed-I just had something like a turban on my head, but was still in my diaper loin cloth! I had moved to sleep under another tree and mastered meditation well. I could feel a sense of expansion in my body while meditating, I felt like I was blowing up like a balloon-getting light, stretching my soul further and further! Such an eerie feeling of space within me! I remembered experiencing this often as a child, and I found it very comforting then! I could expand and decrease and play with the size-but then I grew up and it went away. I was so exhilarated to finally understand the origin of this sensation and not think of it as a child's imagination but an actual meditative state achieved after years of practice!


In the next life I saw a decrepit old crone, with a couple of teeth left, messy mad hair and feet streaked with mud! I burst out laughing! Another classy life! I was living in a hut in a forest, away from people, who did not bother me either. The cottage was full of herbs, dried animal bits and many trinkets and other dirty looking objects. This woman was not especially clean and was a hoarder! I knew I was a total loner, healer-but a self taught one, and the privacy of the forest was helping me stay emotionally calm and centered. This felt like central Europe and the name was Bertha. I died alone in prison-I think, I was convicted for witchcraft, which I was not really doing, but my lonely life and herbal gathering, made people suspicious of me. I felt very cold, my limbs were frozen. Took me 2 hours to warm up after the regression!


So I wast starting to see a pattern here! Alienation, inner focus, staying away from civilization! So much of how I am in this life-my fiancee begs me to go out and socialize with girlfriends and even men, so I can break my so loved isolation. The third life was the most interesting, because I re-lived the same one I had seen as child. I saw my pretty plump face, dainty hands, enormous 17-18th century dresses and a big mansion with an imposing, dark mahagony library with many old and even ancient books! I really looked up to my father and he loved teaching me and introducing me to philosphy, theology, science and mostly to occult arts like astrology, numerology, alchemy. I was engrossed in those old complex charts and mouldy books! I remember just reading and reading in my bedroom. This was the start of astrology fascination for me, I guess! This life time was easy and sheltered. There were people coming and going for parties, where the champagne was flowing and I grew a liking for the good things in life(bloody well deserved after the previous scanty lives). There was much laughter and banter, but I was fully sheltered and safe. I was very naive and kind hearted and knowing this, my father was protecting me so that men do not break my heart. I was not seeing the hard side of people, only their civilized and fun nature.


You see, three lives spent in sheltered or isolated environments with focus on inner development and self, avoiding or not witnessing the intricacies of human relationships and especially one to one intimate such. Guess what is the position of my south node (Ketu)-past lives, is in my birth chart? South node in 1st house of self focus and sufficiency, getting self knowledge! And it worked for me in the past, I felt safe there! But in this life time, I have to focus on the opposite house from Ketu-on the North Node(Rahu) which shows the areas of focus and development needed in this incarnation. And that is the house of relationships, public involvement and even polarity! Want it or not, life throws you into the arms of your Rahu house position with constant stimulation in this area, which feels horrifying or overwhelming initially for the inexperienced person. I was so uncomfortable with the advances and attention of boys, that I would not answer back when they asked me something. Totally frozen! If I saw a boy I liked, I would turn around and go in the opposite direction of the school corridor! I was very popular but I felt uneasy with this role, so I withdrew for long hours and days alone without friends-I would go to the fields, climb a tree and day dream about boys I was running away from in school! lol In this life time, the position of the North node gives you fascination with its house(in my case men, relationships and sex) but fear from these too, because you have not done it in past lives, so the experiences of the North node house, throw you off your emotional balance during the first 30-40 years of life, till you learn to do this house right after trying many times! So, despite my wanting to be left alone and just mind my own business, where I felt safest (Ketu in 1st House), life threw me into multiple relationships and daily interactions with hundreds of people(Rahu in 7th House)! Oh Joy! But these experiences and interactions with other people and men, have proved to be the source of most growth and opportunities in my life as long as I do not run away from them! Book your Past Life Regression with Kirsty! Past Life Regression over Skype with Kirsty: £89.99/ $137.30


Kirsty, our online psychic, does amazing past life regressions over skype. She is highly clairvoyant so she can also give you a most spiritual interpretation and perspective on the lessons from your past and present lives. A past life regressions sessions with Kirsty is 80pounds. You can find out what your past life position in your horoscope means, through my series of North node/Rahu in Houses.(Ketu-the south node is always in the opposite house). The videos explain how to calculate your South and North node karmic positions

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