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According to occult tradition, the numerological value of our name carries its own colour aura. All you need to do it a simple calculation!

What is the Colour of Your Name? Find Out!

What is the Colour of Your Name? Find Out!

Add the numbers of all the letters of your first name and then reduce them to one number. For example: Lolita=3+6+3+9+2+1=24=2+4=6 Indigo

A, J, S – 1 Red

B, K, T – 2 Orange C, L, U – 3 Yellow D, M, V – 4 Green E, N, W – 5 Blue F, O, X – 6 Indigo G, P, Y – 7 Purple H, Q, Z – 8 Pink I, R – 9 9 Gold

1. Red:Very gentle and well-meaning individuals, willing to do anything for their family. These people are not able to hurt a fly because they have a huge heart. Undoubtedly, these are the most loyal friends, and anyone who knows them can tell you that.

2. Orange: Incredible balance between mind and body - these people have exceptional charm and yet are incredibly smart and resourceful. They always attract attention to themselves. Generally, they are one of those characters that when you see, you say "Wow!"

3. Yellow: Cheerful and very joyful people. Capable to inspire positive states in others. At the same time they are very confident and intuitive. They rarely fail in their ventures.

4. Green: Perfect balance between spiritual and physical. They can be both pragmatic and positive. These people are very consistent in their actions and are undoubtedly born leaders.

5.Blue:Unique optimists! These are one of those people who always find Force and faith in themselves to overcome difficulties and move forward without trauma and bad memories.

6. Indigo: They have an incredible desire and will to live. Sometimes they despair, but if they can find meaning, they are ready to do anything to make the impossible.

7. Purple: These people are characterized by an unusual gravity and wisdom. They are firmly on the ground and know perfectly well what is worth their effort. They do not fall for risks and imprudence, so some consider them boring. But the truth is that they are extremely logical and love to accumulate success, while others still play trial and error.

8. Pink: Do not be fooled by the colour that they are romantics, flying in the clouds. On the contrary! Individuals bearing names with pink aura, have a very strong will and spirit. Their problem is that they sometimes tend to be selfish, but are generally good-natured and compassionate.

9. Gold:These people radiate love, joy and understanding. They tend to try to solve the problems of everyone around them, even if it means putting aside their own concerns.

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