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Here is another fun article I wrote. It might not reflect reality much but if you read it you will learn a bit more about the principles behind each sign and its mode of action. Cheers!

The Signs and Their Choice of Alcohol

The Signs and Their Choice of Alcohol

Who doesn’t love a strong drink from time to time!? Each person has an affinity to a beloved poison of choice.

But here are some cheeky observations and musings of mine categorizing the drinking styles and preferences, according to the 12 star signs.


This passionate, wild sign loves everything with an extra spice in it. Put plenty of Tabasco in a large bloody Marry(more merry than bloody) and you will get their blood(here we go again) pumping! They are the fast movers and shakers of the zodiac and do everything with great speed. They don’t have patience to sip a drink for hours before the effect kicks in. Aries wants everything now! So bring out those obscenely strong shots of tequila and watch an Aries fly up like Superman in minutes and then down like a falling star!


Taurus are the gourmets of the zodiac. Every single sip will be an experience in itself and every subtle nuance of the drink will not stay unnoticed by their sensitive palette. They can quietly and slowly enjoy their alcoholic beverage for hours, fully immersed into the sensation. Taurus love sweet tastes because their ruling planets is the sugar adoring Venus. That is why I picture them with an indulgent cocktail full of crushed fruits and rich aromatic essences. They are also very set in their ways so once a Taurus likes a drink, they will stick with it for years. Male Taureans might not be really into sugary cocktails so they will usually choose a very simple but a palette-potent drink like a barrel matured bourbon on the rocks.


Here we have the most curious and changeable representatives of the signs, so they will be up to try anything new and exciting! If you are in a party and see someone chatting around to everyone while holding a completely different drink every time, then you can be sure it is a Gemini. They will be mixing theirs beverages indiscriminately and when the choices are exhausted they might start sticking with something light and summery—like a lemony gin and tonic or minty Mohito. They might try everything for the sake of curiosity and adventure but as a whole Gemini are not into heavy, intense flavors. Fresh, summery and delicate is the winner here!

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This is the most nurturing and caring sign of all. Cancers are like the matriarchs of the family-making everyone feel warm, safe and protected. They need familiarity and homeliness so no exotic and fancy drinks for them, thank you very much! A well-beloved local beer in the company of bosom buddies down the pub is perfect for Cancer. Or if they are surrounded by their extended family, they would love to welcome and warm everyone up with a home made mulled wine full of apples from the back garden! Cancers are especially prone to using alcohol as an emotional comforter so they should be more careful about repetitive ingestion leading to dependency. Strong flavors or very potent spirits do not agree well with a lot of them as their stomachs are quite sensitive.


Nothings less than Crystal champagne will please our most glamorous friends the Leos. They love to shine and bedazzle the crowds with their luxury tastes and generosity. Even when a Leo can barely afford it, he will order the biggest Magnum and invite the prettiest girls in the club to celebrate life in style! And the waiters better not forget those illuminating, attention-drawing fireworks when delivering the monster bottle of bubbly. Sometimes they like to go a bit over the top while on holiday. You can spot a Leos will something really colorful and grand (not kitsch though) which might look like you have put the sun in a cocktail glass, decorated it with little umbrellas and are sucking it through an intricate glass straw.


While Leos love pomp, Virgoes are just the opposite. They will go for a very subdued and simple cocktail which will be nutritionally balanced and have a lot of goodness in it to compensate for the damage the strong spirit is causing the body. The more mature Virgoes are especially health aware so you can expect certain reserve in alcohol consumption. Another quality of this sign is their high standards of perfection. If you want to impress a Virgo, only the best will do—not necessarily the most expensive and famous brand but a rare selection of exquisite and light white wine will hit the spot perfectly. They are very picky about what they put in their body, and can really distinguish quality therefore it is not so easy to please your Virgo date.

Here we come to one of the most refined signs! Please, no unsightly cans of beer or cider for charming miss Libra! She would much rather sip daintily a sophisticated glass of pink Lauren Perrier or a light Montrachet from the French vineyards. Nothing too common or vulgar for the representatives of this signs. If you want to impress your Libra date, arrange a romantic dinner on a terrace facing the sunset and get an distinguished, recognized white wine with an interesting history which you can tell and demonstrate your high culture. They will be impressed with your worldliness and class. It is unusual for Libras to experiment with crazy new alcoholic drinks. They will normally go for a classic and stylish cocktail with a bit of sweetness in it.


When I think of Scorpios, only one drink comes to mind-Red wine! Its taste is just as intense and deep as the emotions of our bewitching friends. Under their cool exterior, Scorpios have a storm of seething feelings and passions and what is more dramatic than the swirling bloodiness of red wine? Its impenetrable color is only matched by the mystery and darkness surrounding the representatives of this powerful sign. Red wine and Scorpio are all about richness, depth and intensity. The most sexual sign deserves the most erotic drink! Thick, full-bodied, undulating red wine!



If you need someone to test your experimental cocktail recipe from Botswana, you have got your man! Don’t worry, you can mention that the core ingredient is gun powder, that will not faze a true Sag. If anything this is the kind of twist that will get him excited and even willing to light a match and see what happens! Sagittarius are one of the most adventurous signs and anything that expands their experience and outlook is welcome! If they are in Greece they will be sirtakiing away with a glass of Ouzzo and braking plates like a native Greek. If you are in a bar in London and see someone having his tequila with a real worm, you can bet it is a Sag living it up authentically. They are also not shy with the amounts of booze they can stomach. This combination of a fearless spirit and a mighty Jupiterian tolerance is sometimes conductive to trouble so Saggies better try and be more moderate when partying.


Capricorn have a reputation of being stiff upper lips and not much fun, but believe me it is only bacause others envy their style and class. It shows even when it comes to alcohol. It is true that one will rarely see a Capricorn heavily inebriated as they have enviable self-control. Even if they allow it to happen they will keep a proper behavior and look quite sober. Their choice of drink is usually quite traditional as Capricorns appreciate time-tested quality but they also love classy elegance, therefore an expensive, 28 year old cogniac will suit them just fine! Throw in a Havana as well. It is not about the quantity, it is all about the quality here. And as an earthy, sensual sign, Capricorns will enjoy each sip slowly and fully. Refined, accredited wines also become them as they are all about convention and social climbing so nothing outlandish will do for their impeccable reputation.


Here we have an interesting and very contradictory sign! There are two major types of Aquarius-the super modern reformers ruled by Uranus and the more traditional socialites ruled by Saturn. The first ones will be seen in hipster venues with an ultra fashionable drink that might somehow glow in the dark thanks to a new synthetic spirit invented a week ago. The second ones will be hanging out in trendy intellectual and political circles probably as members of an elite club. They will be dazzling the rest with their superior knowledge of all humanitarian and universal topics, while indulging in a Cosmopolitan or Gray Goose on the rocks with a dash of lime. Sophisticated, yet trendy and dandy! And of course, they know all about alcohol! Which one comes from where, goes with what occasion, and have what effect! Others often wish they were as cool as Aquas!


And we come to Pisces, the sign which according to astrology rules alcohol! No, this does not mean all Pisces are alcoholics! But they surely have a bigger than normal fondness of the magic potion. It is only because the representatives of this sign are so sensitive that they secretly yearn to escape the harsh repetitiveness of reality. Alcohol and other mind altering substances give them just that opportunity if even for a short while. It helps them transcend the mundane and see everything as rose-tinted and it also deadens the multiple confusing emotions in them. For that reason I picture the Piscean drink as having a real space-me-out quality and preferably hallucinating influence. Hence-Absinthe! Bottoms up, Pisces! Never forget that the best hangover cure is not drinking at all! But if you insist on poisoning yourself, at least do it in measure!

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