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Here are some quick costume suggestion for the different signs to get you into a role playing mood . Just for fun, of course!  

Role Playing and Halloween Suggestions for the Signs

Role Playing and Halloween Suggestions for the Signs


Sexy Aries can not help but show off their hotness! Discreetness is not their forte! They will go as brash and loud as possible and stir up passions. Their favorite colour-red will definitely be part of the outfit! A dare devil attitude coupled with two little horns and a tail and you can bet you have an Aries! When the temperature around them gets higher, who better but a strong, muscular fireman to cool the hot ladies down! All Super Hero, Warrior and military costumes are also ideal for them as their planet Mars rules wars, sports and strength!



This is the earthiest sign of all. The most organic, natural and rich of all. It immediately brings to mind Mother Earth-a lady dressed in the bounty of spring and the richness of Nature. Or why not channel the Taurus in you and dress as a bull fighter!



Gemini are known for their never ending curiosity which gives them an agile mind, vivacious spirit and a youthful outlook. This is the sign that never grows old, they are the Peter Pans of the Zodiac, always ready for a new adventure! Tinkerbell is the female Gemini- curious, always flitting from a place to place, constantly moving. Both characters can fly much alike the busy minds of Geminis. Butterfly and Angel outfits also fit their etherial nature!



Cancer is a water sign and rules the sea, therefore a lot of them are drawn to marine professions. A seaman(woman)'s outfit will be a perfect expression of this sign's energies. Cancers love to cook and usually adore sweets and chocolate: why now dress as your favourite treat!



Leos love to shine and pose. They are the Supermans of the zodiac! Full of confidence and nobleness ready to protect the weaker and give away from their light like the Sun. Leos love to dress up like royalties, after all they are the queens and kings of the signs. Nothing less glamorous than a Cleopatra!

Cleopatra costume


This is known as the sign of service as Virgos are only happy when they feel they are of use to others, therefore they are found in the medical and helping profession. There are more doctors from this sign than any other. Virgos are also known for their great attention to detail and all administrative, very precise mental work is a good career option. The naughty Halloween spin on this one will be the sexy secretary outfit.

Nurse Costume


Couple costume

Here come the classiest beauties of the zodiac. They are relationship oriented and costumes which reflect their greatest ability-to charm others-will best complement their nature. A They have to be beautiful and classy, as anything vulgar or over the top is an offense to the refined sense of harmony Libra possesses. The refined qualities of Libra can attract them to classical styles Ancient Rome or Greece-a sexy Greek Goddess outfit or a luxurious toga would suit them well! Scorpio Scorpio is the real deal when it comes to Halloween, after all their sign hosts this celebration. It is said that at the end of October- beginning of November comes the time when the boundaries between the visible and invisible world are thinnest. This is when the undead rise, the witches contact spirits and perform spell, the vampires come out to feed. Halloween is all about dark mystery, scary powers and psychic control--exactly like Scorpios. It is them who deserve the trademark costumes of vampires and witches!

Vampire Costume


They are known as the free spirits of the Zodiac, it is hard to tie down a Sag. Just like gypsies they can roam physically or mentally all their lives or yearn for living on the road. They embrace diverse cultures with open minds and soak up all wisdom from the four corners of the world-a gypsy outfit or any foreign nation costume will suit them just fine! Their philosophical, high mined natures sometimes give them a guru-ish reputation. Costumes playing with the notion of their spiritual insights will be quite apt.



The most respectable sign is not one for foolish or silly outfits. It is not that they do not have a sense of humor but a more traditional and sober approach reflects better their no-nonsense, dignified nature. As Capricorn is the sign of authority and discipline they will feel great dressed as a principal, teacher or law-enforcer. They can carry off the role of any disciplinarian with great relish. Governors, rulers and other authority figure costumes will also be well received by a Capricorn.



What can you expect from Aquas on Halloween? Everything! They are very original and individualistic and will never have similar costumes to anyone else. Aquas are known for their futuristic eccentricities and love of Si-Fi-so maybe an outer Space visitor or a Star Trek Member! Aquarius have a rebellious side so you can expect to see them dressed as a punk rocker or some other rebel icon or eccentric persona. They like to add some political and idealogical twist to their outfits but they are sure to make you laugh too!

Ziggy Stardust


Pisces being the last sign, has one big advantage-it combines the qualities of all 11 previous signs! They can assume the role of anyone or anything they want and merge fully with the identity of the personified character. Pisces can get away with any costume! But being such a fantasy driven and lovely sign, I usually imagine Pisces dressed as fairies or pricess from fairy tales-Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Prince Charming. Or a sexy slave girl! (but that is probably for adult Helloween parties!). No matter what Pisces put on, then will probably have the biggest blast taking on a different personality!


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