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Each sign has a different way to navigate through the "Waters of life". Find out how you do it. Check your Ascendant and Sun signs

How Each Sign Sails Through the "Ocean of Life"

How Each Sign Sails Through the

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Am I the first one to arrive? Great! Life is boat race and I shall win it--it is my nature and calling! The ocean is infinite! I will rest for a bit on this exotic island, full of temptations and then I am off again to win the race and explore new territories! Don't think you can catch up with me!



I am heading off on a luxury cruise, as soon as I pack my 20 suitcases! Where is my luxury yacht? I am not leaving anywhere without it! If you cannot provide it to me, I will save money till I can afford it! I need to feel comfortable and safe when I sail off, because the journey will be long and I insist it also has to be pleasant! GEMINI I love the ocean, but I might just have a splash around! Why do I need to swim over the whole of it? I am sure, I will eventually get bored, and who knows what other whole set of problems can come up! Clever people like me have invented planes, which can fly over everything and take you straight to the place of interest!



The sea is my element and does not scare me! I have strong claws to make it through! But only, if I knew how and when to set off-which shore to choose, where to head? It’s best that I stay here for now. It’s more familiar and safe! If the right wave comes, I might change my mind, but I will not risk for now!



The sun is so bright! I will stay on this beach to enjoy the Sun till I get a nice tan and the party ends. Then I will book the best suite on a glamorous cruise liner, so others will respect me and I will travel with celebrities. This way I will combine the useful with the pleasant. Otherwise what is the point of this travel over the ocean?



The ocean is so vast. I need to plan and assess everything before I set off-is the ship reliable, is the food wholesome, will there be any storms on the way, will we have the right wind? This will save me many unpleasant surprises. It is insulting for my intelligence to start a long voyage in any other way.



I do not like to get seasick from a rough ride, so I will choose the calmest time-high season-to travel. This way I will enjoy the trip and have the chance to socialize with many holiday-goers. I might meet interesting companions, who bring me pleasure and benefit. It’s most important that I choose the right season, but I am great at doing this and also at having a good time! Scorpio I don’t fear any danger, it actually excites me! I can merge with the turbulent waves or sink into the abyss of the ocean! It doesn’t matter! I seem to encounter more rough waters that anyone else, but I boldly navigate them. My magic strength or Fate will sooner or later take me to the other shore!



The ocean is wonderful during all seasons and I want to get to know them all! In the summer I will bathe in the rays and get a golden tan. In the Autumn I will walk on the beach and the sea will wash away my steps, while I am merging with the scarlet sunset! In the winter I will shiver, but I will not loose my smile brought on by my awe for the ocean’s infinity. In the Spring I will jump again in the warming waters and I will not fear that I will get a cold or be swept away, because I don’t want to miss any opportunities for adventure!



I will sail in calm and turbulent water, as long as the final destination is worth my efforts. In that case nothing can stop me! If I have to, I will become the captain of the ship! Just give me a stunning, high shore, which deserves my attention and respect and leave the rest to me!



I love the ocean and I am not worried that it will rain today, because I know that tomorrow the Sun will shine again! If I am with the right company and many friends who appreciate me, then I will not be discouraged by the turbulent waters on the journey! On the surface, it looks as if I am very adventurous and willing to sail at any time, but actually it is not so! I have researched the best season and beach for me so I don’t ruin my trip!



The ocean is mysterious and it draws me strongly. I love to swim and dive to its biggest depths. I can turn into a fish, dolphin, shark or mermaid-whatever I like, and adapt to the conditions around! Nature has taught me these miracles, and my senses feel all the magic of the water! I might seem frail and gentle as a jellyfish to others, but I can adapt to the Ocean of Life, better than anyone else!

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