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  We all heard the news and those astrologically minded immediately wondered why did they break? What was the reason in their stars to indicate incompatibility?

Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. The Astrology of the Break Up.

Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. The Astrology of the Break Up.

Well let us look into their relationship with the ancient Sanskrit compatibility system which I offer as a report. There are 4 big blemishes any of which can ruin a relationship in the long run, the more of these we have the faster a relationship runs its course due to too much stress and friction it creates between a couple. Out of these 4, 3 are great: no outer Obstacle which can block them from being together, no reversals of roles which leads to lack of respect, no incompatible needs-meaning they are on the same wavelength. But they have one of the most painful blemishes between their horoscope, called: “Misfortunes” in my report or also a Karmic Rope. The result of this blemish is that the couple can be having a fine day together and for no reason or only for a small reason, find themselves in a quagmire of confusion, discontent and torn emotions. No matter what they say or do, there exists between them a difficult energetic connection which will pull them down into negativity. The more one of the couple tries to make things better, the worse the energy misbalance gets. It is like being tied with a rope, if one falls down (gets into an emotional funk) he drags the other too and the more they try to help each other the more tangled and confused they get.

In the case of Catherine and Michal they have a Karmic Rope at the Hip(there are 5 possible Karmic Ropes). Here is what the report says about this blemish: “When the Rope is at the Hip, you both have a different sense of value that you find difficult to compromise over which disrupts the focus of the relationship, brings about situations that cause confusion and emotional turmoil and makes one or both of you question what is important to the other. Values are based upon one’s philosophy and believes, so a Karmic rope at the Hip indicates incompatible believes or more often, the incompatibility to live with each other’s believes. Karmic Rope at the Hip, indicate very different ideas of what is meaningful, which results in one or both of you feeling frustrated about what is important to the other. “ Having one of these Ropes can make a relationship so much more painful and rocky, even though their Karmic rope is ¾ eased due to other positive factors which cancel it almost fully. Michael has an amazing Magnetic attraction towards Catherine, which is judged by the signs of the Moons, and therefore he fell in love with her from first sight and told her he would father her children on the first night! Having a Magnetic attraction can keep a couple together for much longer than is healthy sometimes, because the chemistry between the couple is really high, no matter how much they make each other miserable. They also have another strengthening factor to their compatibility—a Sense of Purpose and Meaning together, which is seen from the constellations of the Moons. This can make a couple endure through way more difficulties due to an inner sense of soulmateship and that “it is meant to be”!


So these wonderful connections kept them together for many years and challenges like his cancer and son going to prison. But eventually the constant drama which the Karmic rope creates, wore them down. These Karmic relationships are usually the ones that help us grow the most through learning to compromise in the name of love. A Karmic Rope relationship is usually not the final “till death do us apart one” but a preparation leading the path to the Ultimate One! You can check your compatibility the ancient way here: But even a powerful blemish like the Karmic rope can be overcome if both partners are naturally good at doing relationships. Actually this is the most important thing to check in a potential partner-if they are dating material!

For example Michael Douglas has two difficult influences in his action Centre in the Horoscope. Rahu and Saturn. This really affects his ability to be consistent with his actions and goals and follow through! In his first marriage he was known to cheat regularly and in his marriage to Catherine, he obviously did not have the staying power to consistently fight for the relationship. Here is what the Male Capacity Relationship Report says for this position: “In his relationship this can cause problems as it can make him very intent on making the relationship work until one day he gets another strong intention and then he puts all his energy into that and lets the relationship slide. Or he may be overly enthusiastic about making the relationship work for a time, but when it does not give him the fulfilment he expected, he may just give up on it instead of moving forward in a consistent and healthy manner.” As we can see, it is exactly what is happening now-while Catherine is trying to save the marriage, he has given up on it. Check your male partner’s Relationship Potential or your own, if you are a male here, and find out how you can deal with the difficult influences. How about Catherine? Is she capable of a happy relationship?


For women, it is most important that they have positive and easy planets affecting their emotional centre(4th house) or the heart(the Moon). But in her case we see both of these areas influences by Rahu-the demon planet! This makes for a pained woman overall! (I have this so I know) . Rahu there indicates a woman who swings from one emotional extreme to another! The inner balance of the woman is instable, very sensitive and like a psychic sponge. In fact when the Moon is with Rahu, a person is more likely to suffer mental illness and instability due to hyper sensitivity and roller coaster change of emotions. Catherine is bi-polar. Of course, not all women with this position will get as bad, but they sure are a handful to handle for any man! Check your female partner’s Relationship Potential or your own, if you are a woman here, and find out how you can deal with the difficult influences.

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