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Nikola Tesla was the most prolific scientist to even live. He invented free electricity (for which his laboratory was burnt by the Elite) anti-gravitational, remote control and laser technology and many more! His mind worked in a very different way his horoscope is full of indications for this! Find out what makes a Genius!

The Mind of a Genius: Nikola Tesla’s Horoscope

The Mind of a Genius: Nikola Tesla’s Horoscope
Tesla had an extremely acute sense of hearing and sight and power of visualization so vivid as to mimic reality. He used to say that his inspirations and inventions would come to him in a flash fully ready. Tesla: “When an idea presents itself it is, as a rule, crude and imperfect. Birth, growth and development are phases normal and natural. It was different with my invention. In the very moment I became conscious of it, I saw it fully developed and perfected”, “the idea came like a flash of lightning and in an instant the truth was revealed… The images I saw were wonderfully sharp and clear and had the solidity of metal and stone”


He also had an amazing ability to visualize objects to such an extend that he was was not sure when things were reality or just in his mind. Tesla says: “When a word was spoken to me the image of the object it designated would present itself vividly to my vision and sometimes I was quite unable to distinguish whether what I saw was tangible or not”, “I began to travel—of course, in my mind. Every night (and sometimes during the day), when alone, I would start on my journeys—see new places, cities and countries—live there, meet people and make friendships and acquaintances and, however unbelievable, it is a fact that they were just as clear to me as those in actual life and not a bit less intense in their manifestations.” This sound like astral travel to me-when the astral body (soul) of the human being separates itself from the physical and explores all places and dimensions super sensibly! Now let us look at his horoscope for indications of such super-human and very special skills. I am going straight for the most important position in his horoscope, the powerful influence of the Star Sirius on his Venus and Sun-the most important planets in his horoscope.


Sirius is situated at 13-14 degrees Cancer and is the brightest star in the sky. Sirius was worshipped by every ancient civilization and mystery schools dating back to Atlantis and Lemuria. The Egyptians built the shafts of the pyramids pointing towards Sirius, esoteric societies revered it (and still do) as a Source of the most exalted and advanced spiritual influences, as the home of the Gods of Light and as the centre around which our solar system revolved (it has been proven by science that the oscilation of the axis of our Earth is due to the gravitational influence of coming for the direction of Sirius). Esoterically speaking, Sirius is the Alpha and Omega, the control centre, “the Mothership” of human civilization from where exalted angelic beings radiate their inspirations and evolutionary impulses to the infant humanity! Even nowadays inauguration of American presidents is done when the planet Sirius rises in January and Masonic lodges lay the foundations of important buildings and projects when Sirius is strong-rising or culminating, so they can connect with the powerful energizing impulse of the star.


The most advanced Teachers and Adepts all have to pass a Sirius initiation, either astrally or by having spent lives in the multidimensional realms of Sirius. Some of the most esteemed prophets and figures of human progress have all Sirius influences in their horoscope because it allows them to connect to the most High inspirational and spiritual impulses generated from that direction of the Cosmos. In the same way when Nikola Tesla was born, the Sun and Venus-the ruler of his horoscope—the pointer of his destiny and path, were both aligning with the position of Sirius! He was the receiver of such most High impulses and inspirations: his inner radio was tuned to this 4D Divine station and was able to make discoveries, which humanity is still not ready for like abundant free energy. His inventions are to be understood and embraced in the future when the 6th human epoch(root race) unfolds.


Of course not everyone born around 11,12,13th of July when the Sun is aligned with Sirius, will have talents and skills developed to such extent, but they will surely have a more direct access to Divine and Spiritual wisdom, should they try to.


We saw the most important influences in the horoscope of Tesla, but what made him an inventor and engineer, because Sirius could make one specal in every sphere of culture and achievements. It was his Mars—the planet of engineering and logic. It is with the planet Ketu (south node) in his horoscope, which shows the talents and gifts developed and acquired in past incarnations. Tesla had been working on developing logical and engineering/inventor skills(Mars) for many lives before. Mars also happens to be one of his career planets(calculated by ancient Jaimini techniques) giving him this particular career. What about his inhumanly imagination and ability to travel in the invisible worlds with his astral body? For that we need to see some powerful 12th house planets and influence, because 12th house(12th sign counting from Ascendant) rules the imagination, all invisible worlds and dimensions and access to these. And of course we see there Jupiter! The most prolific and abundant planet—wherever it is in the horoscope it expands this area, it becomes a source of natural and flowing ease and talent. And not only that! Rahu—the north node of the Moon, which acts like a magnifying glass for whatever house or planet it is with, is also there with Jupiter!


We have a double whammy-the most expansive and growth giving planets in astrology-Rahu /North Node and Jupiter, both stimulating his 12th house of imagination and contact with spiritual worlds. He could navigate his way in the spirit and higher dimensional worlds as naturally as we do in our 3D reality, for which he attests himself via his parallel life experiences and interactions and the inability to distinguish sometimes what was real and what just part of his imagination. Nowadays we would call such a person mad and pill him up with suppressing medicine, but such mind means that the 3rd eye is awakened. Indeed Nicola Tesla was a few hundred years before his time. It will be at least 1000 years before most humans would have developed these powerful visualizing and psychic skills, according to esoteric adepts. Why did Tesla die in poverty forgotten by the world and despised by the strong of the day? We all probably know the reason, behind that(his desire to provide free energy for the whole world and liberate us from slavery to the Elite) but where does this tragic ending show in his horoscope?

Nikola Tesla

The last years of old age in life are indicated by the 4th house cusp and planets in the same sign as it. We see that Saturn—the most starving and restricting planet is situated in the square with the IV roman numerical-so Saturn, the poverty bringer, in a real difficult sign(Saturn is very malefic in Cancer usually), is affecting the old age (4th house cusp) of Tesla. 4th house, also rules the country of birth and home, and Saturn’s influence is separative, so he lived most of his life away from home, in hotels with no place of his own and died unfortunately lonely. Now, if you have such a position, do not go thinking this will also happen to you, but it will be advisable to settle away from your place of birth and to make sure you prepare for older age adequately especially financially. People with Saturn in 4th house in Aries, Leo or Cancer in particular, should be careful not to become too alienated from everyone and bitter in old age, as they have a tendency to with this position. But with awareness and willpower, the stars can be changed. Anyway I hope you enjoyed Nikola Tesla’s horoscope and were able to learn some more advanced astrology! In case you want to have your special skills analyzed you can always have a reading with me or one of my experienced astrologers and psychics 24/7 at

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