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What will the life and path of the new Royal baby boy be? Let us take a look at his fate and major character strengths and challenges. His future wife and relationship.

Royal Baby-Prince George Horoscope and Fate

Royal Baby-Prince George Horoscope and Fate

The first thing which strikes us with the new baby, is that most of the planets in his horoscope are in situated with the 8th house cusp of psychology, secrets and occult powers. This child will possess an astounding ability to tap into the psychology and inner motives of others-there will be no lying to him, and he will have almost mesmeric and penetrating influence on those in his presence-a very Scorpionic energy-sexy, mysterious, quietly powerful. In worst case such people can be very manipulative, destructive and power driven, in best case they can be healers, transformers of the lower impulses of others, helpers in times of huge wordly changes and cataclisms and have astral abilities(astral projection, foreseeing the future). In his case it is likely to be the higher expression, because of the rare, spiritual and healing grand trine in water his 8th house planets form! Often very little is known about the real life and activities of such people becuse they have many secrets which they manage to keep. In worst cases they are involved in many sordid and taboo affairs and dealings which destructive to the body and soul, in best, they become avid researchers of the hidden truths of life-life after death, occultism, astrology, energy work, spiritual disciplines, etc. In his case the second description is the more correct one, because of all these planets being clustered around Sirus-the planet of great Spiritual energies of the good kind, so this child will be a Light worker, having profound interests in the mysteries of the Univerese and tapping easily into the powerful Kunalini energy which raises consciousness! But in his younger years, it is not exculded that he might first pass through intese changes and even self destructive habits before his higher mission is fulfilled.

Having Rahu-the obsessive planet of desire rising when he was born, plus many planets in 8th house of obsession and desire and Scorpio Ascendant(all of which have similar energy-8th house, Rahu and Scorpio) can make him really emotionally vulnerable to outer negative suggestions and addictions while younger due to a very strong desire nature which needs very little to be triggered. He really has to be placed in very pure and emotinally sheltered environment because he will be picking up easily negative examples, but many times 8th house people need to go through these life threatening and extreme experiences so they can come out on the other side transformed and purified. Enlightment through break down or hitting the bottom first, is a typical manifestation of 8th house people! But this child has a powerful spiritual and occult potential once he passes those hard initiations! He will also be privy to many elite secrets which are not for the common people.

Royal Baby

His life will be full of ups and downs though and sudden changes and reversal one of which will be the ending of the Royal rule of his family. He will not be a king, because the royal line stops with Prince William who was born during an eclipse, which is a sign of ending of a rulership of a dynasty. 8th house people always go through multiple moments of the edge and change of circumstances which make them more powerful and mysterious in nature and eventually powerful agents of trasnformative energies and influences. As you also know 8th house people with good planets there like Jupiter and Mars(when these planets are in the same sign, this is a combination for wealth) have inherited wealth(8th house-other people's money). We should not worry about him financially! :) His marriage partner will be likely with someone from a royal or leadership background, because-Venus the planet of the wife and the ruler of his 7th house of marriage, is exactly on Regulus-the royal star-so she will be someone who is either from a high standing in life or becomes a leader and inspirational figure throuh her own work!

As Venus is his highest planet in the horoscope-standing closest to the mid Heaven, it means that his wife and relationsihps with women will bring him more fame than even before that! His wife will be very influentia, beatiful and powerful figure in society. He will have a more detached and distant marriage with her, because of Ketu-the emptying planet, is with his 7th house of marriage cusp. This also can indicates a very spiritual woman, who is a bit disinterested in material, worldly things, but who nevertheless achieves high worldly status and leading position due to Venus being so high and on Regulus. She will be an iconic figure, simialr to his grandmother and mother, on whom others project their own ideals. Ketu grands this ability to the relevant person to reflect the positive and negative expectations of others and makes them icons. But there will be a lot of karma in this marriage too, so they might end up separating when the karma is concluded, as Ketu usually likes to do. He will be also very attractive in a more mysterious and exotic way due to rising North node(Rahu) which darkens a bit the skin or makes the look more smoky and sexy. If you would like to have your Baby Horoscope personally done, contact Lada at

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