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The good and bad indications! Born on 2nd of May 2015, 8:34 am, London

Princess Charlotte's Horoscope

Princess Charlotte's Horoscope

Just a quick look at her horoscope and fate:

Princess Charlotte was born Venus was just rising on the Easter horizon, which makes Venus her strongest and most important planet. We can say that Venus will be her guardian angel.

Venus is the planet of beauty and being so close to her her Ascendant (physical appearance) it leaves no doubt that this little baby will be stunner!!

Venus also grands its people a lot of diplomacy, charm and ability to sooth and calm others down just through sheer loveliness!

Venus will also be responsible for her career-so the little one will be either in something artistic and creative (12th house-imagination) or in speaking about/bringing awareness (gemini) about women(Venus) in unequal position or distress(12th house).

Her Venus is in the 12th house of charity and giving. And she will do this mostly in regards to female issues or matters of art and beauty.

She can also be a peace(Venus) speaker(Gemini)

Princess Charlotte's Moon is joined with the star Spica, which is one of the brightest and most positive stars in the sky-it is known as the jewel of the sky and gives honors and fame. Spica is an indication for success in writing, arts, crafts and/or music.

This is the star associated with Virgin Mary(Isis) and it grands success in all endeavours of feminine qualities: creating beauty, soothing, calming, charming, making life sweet.

Because her Moon(past) falls on this star shows that in previous lives she has been a priestess in one of the female Goddess temples so in this life time the female side of the Cosmos will support her in her mission and even grant her with psychic and intuitive skills.

But let us be objective and check her negative indications. She has Moon conjunct Rahu- a very emotionally volatile combination the most susceptible one to mental illness or as the occultists say-demon possession. In nowadays society such ppl can be very vulnerable to addictions, emotional extremes and channelling some self-destructive behavior, so if her mommy wants to protect her from this, she needs to teach her spiritual and physical purity and protection from young or she can become like a magnet to predatory psychic energies.

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