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Despite all the odds and different social status, this wonderful couple managed to get married and grab the hearts of everyoneLet's see the indications of marriage in the horoscope of the Prince William and how his wife is depicted there. 

Prince William and Duchess Kate-It was Written in the Stars!

Prince William and Duchess Kate-It was Written in the Stars!

Prince William

Let's check Prince William's horoscope and see how his wife is described perfectly there. The first wife/life partner is showed by the 7th house, its ruler and planets in the 7th house. He has Gemini--a very youthful sign on the 7th house-people with Gemini or Mercury in the 7th house usually tend to marry younger--before 30 or marry someone younger (below 30)-do not forget that he's been with Kate since Uni. Gemini also rules studying, hence they met while studying. Gemini describes someone who is slim, with less curvy shapes but well proportioned. Mercury, the lord of his 7th house, is on the cusp of the 6th house--6th house rules servants or people with a lower social standing than the native, so it immediately means that his partner will be from the lower classes(she comes from a long line of coal miners!!!) but she will be also youthful, bright and intelligent (Mercury in Gemini). Mercury--indicating the wife, is also in its own sign, making it very well dignified, hence the quality of the wife's moral and her looks will be of high level. The closest aspectual influence Mercury gets from another planet is a wonderful trine from Mars--which makes the appearance of the wife more muscular, lean, someone who loves sports and is pleasantly competitive. If it was a hard aspect of Mars, she would have been argumentative or ovely competitive.

He also has the Moon and Sun right next to the 7th house house cusp. (Marriage partner). The Sun is a planet which shines--indicating a partner who becomes a celebrity of their own--someone who stands out and exudes nobility and glamour--a strong character, not to be trifled with, but with a soft and feminine touch (the gentle Moon is there.) The Moon in Cancer in his 7th house also depicts the wife, as someone who will be motherly, with strong family values and fertile. The Moon and the sign Cancer rule the common people of the country, another indication that his wife will be from the commoners, but from a rich or wealthy family, due to the very exact and auspicious trine aspect from Jupiter to the Sun and Moon. Jupiter is the planet of wealth. Venus is also a planet which describes the wife of a man and the type of women he would attract. His Venus is in the traditional and stylish sign Taurus--so a woman with an elegant, feminine and impeccable taste, who never does shocking or extreme things. Venus in Taurus brings beautiful women to a man--and isn't Kate a stunner! Should he divorce and remarry again, his second marriage seen from the 9th house and planets in it, will be really difficult and unhappy as there are only malefic planets in his 9th house-Mars, Saturn and Pluto! So he is better off to stay with Kate!

Unfortunately we do not have the exact time of birth of Duchess Kate but I am sure she will have amazing significations in her 7th house--to marrying a real prince! When I look at their Moon compatibility (the Moon is the most important planet for relationships as it indicates what one finds emotionally fulfilling and what their needs are), we see that both of them have the Moon in the sign of Cancer -- they having similar needs and receiving comfort and joy from the same things. How great this is! Being both in Cancer shows how important family life and traditions are for the two of them! When we look to the most important compatibility technique in all of astrology, the one used to arrange marriages for thousands of years in India, and used in my "Compatibility Report" - an in-depth write-up on any relationship, there's more good news.

Link to the report (

It's pretty amazing that they have it mutually, because often this extra special connection is just form one person to the other, but not reciprocated. And that person will give and give and may not feel like they get as much back - they'll swear they're the one doing a lot of heavy lifting in therelationship. But lucky for them both, she wants to take care of him and he wants to take care of her. And it sure seems like they do. "The Compatibility Report" also says they are "on the same wavelength" - able to want the same things at the same time, and to easily be able to mutually support each other. I don't know their entire "celestial story" as Kate's birth time is not available but it's interesting to note that no matter what time she was born, they DO NOT have a painful issue between their charts called, "Obstacles" which would have made for constant outside interference between them - like other lovers, his family opposing the union, and more...

So that's partially why they were able to merge their lives and become a full couple despite their young ages, her "non-royal" ancestry, and the attentions of other women I'm sure he's attracted... If you'd like to know if the man in your life could be YOUR "future king" check out what the stars have to say about it all by looking at your "Compatibility Report" with him. Do you have the heartbreaking challenge of "obstacles" always in the way? Do you have mutual "innate giving" (or are YOU the one always "knocking yourself out" for him)? Are you on the "same wavelength"? Or are the stars simply causing friction and disconnection between you, no matter how hard you try? Find out here:

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