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Someone asked to to look at Miley Cyrus because they were having a bad foreboding about her. Let us check her horscope and see what is really happening with her!

Miley Cyrus. Quick Astrology Look

Miley Cyrus. Quick Astrology Look
Miley has the Lady Gaga combo of Moon with Pluto in Scorpio. This means that she is very attracted to the dark and taboo side mixed with a bit of a cheeky and playful tones due to Mercury being part of the Moon Scorpio Mixture! She is susceptible to the dark side and the extreme! These fall in her 7th house of audience and popularity so she is making her name though forbidden and sexually explicit behaviours, trying to break taboos and she appeals to people's lower or unconscious desires. But this is also a combo for powerful transformations so her image will keep changing and she will experience some deep personal crises and reversals which can later make her do some impactful and meaningful transformations in society(if she passes to the higher level of scorpio). Lets hope she gets there!


She also has Venus with Uranus, Venus rules her image and self and Uranus is the planet of shock value, so she loves exploring/exploiting this controversial side of her self and come across as wild! We Will be seeing more of this! There is so much intensity and focus in this girl with all her Scorpio planets and this is the most destructive sign especially in earlier age! Again I repeat, when she matures she can become a powerful catalyst for consciousness but first she needs to go through her personal fall and drama before she can turn from the Scorpio into the the Eagle( the higher manifestation of Scorpio sign) She needs to experience a dramatic downfall, crisis or break down as most Scorpio/Pluto strong people, in order to pass to the next level. She might have one of these in the next 12 months when Saturn passes over your her Sun and Moon! So watch what is happening with Miley, she is about to go through some powerful personal tests and hopefully humble down! She also has a certain combo--Sun and Rahu(the north node) in the same sign, which means that she has an imposed sense(Rahu) of self (Sun) and role in life (Sun) since young. It might be awhile before a Sun/Rahu person find their true power and voice of expression. Usually in her 30ties or 40-ties the realisation of her true strength and what is the most meaningful thing for her to do comes. Right now she will be passing through an Uranus transit to her Venus(lord of her horoscope) so her image will transform in the next 1 year and she might go to a few more extremes, but Saturn's transit will make sure she realises the consequences of her actions and bears their brunt!

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