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Let us check Kim and Kannye’s compatibility with the ancient method of the Sanskrit art of Astrology first and then with the tools of modern astrology for more details.

Kim and Kanye Compatibility

Kim and Kanye Compatibility

I first go to the Relationship Compatibility report and enter their details. This compatibility will show us the major and most important factors between Kim and Kanye which will either make or break the relationship. There are 5 big blemishes which can exist between a couple. If even one of these exists, it can make the relationship more challenging. The first and most irreparable is the so called “Obstacle” which, if present between their horoscope, will make it impossible for them to be together-it will just so happen they never meet at the right time, are never single together at the right time or even if they do, they would not be able to keep the relationship longer than a year, at best! These are the so called-banned relationship—all the cosmos is against you being together! Thankfully K and K are free of this most negative and powerful blemish. The second blemish is called “Misfortunes”. It is a symbolic karmic rope which ties the couple to misfortunes and difficulties while they are together. There are 5 types of karmic ropes which give different types of misfortunes, for example: inability to settle down at one place, financial problems, creative imbalance(inability to have progeny or to tolerate each others' ideas and creative impulses), inability to agree on any decisions, etc.

As you can see any of these is powerful enough to exhaust the couple even though they can be initially strongly drawn to each other. But those misfortunes become a source of violent arguments an dissatisfaction, even though the relationship can exists for more than a few years, still the outlook of such a couple is less than rosy. Usually such relationships are growth oriented—they prepare you for the real partner, polish your rough diamond of a personality, unless both of the people are very evolved or give each other a lot of space and little co-dependency. Fortunately K&K do not have this blemish either! Blue skies ahead overall. Then the third blemish is about having mutual respect. It is best when the Male’s Moon comes before the female’s Moon-the distance from the his Moon to her Moon in anticlockwise direction should be shorter than the distance from her Moon to his, on the circle.

They have it the correct way, which makes him the initiator and gives him the natural male role in the relationship- he will first come up with the ideas and feel her needs, and she will be receptive to his advances and ideas and will feel appreciated as a woman while he- respected as a man. If it was the other way around, Kim would be the one always coming with the ideas and waiting for him to catch up with her(wedding, children, house repairs, holiday ideas,etc), getting impatient, feeling less appreciated. Even though nowadays we like to say that male and female roles are relative and interchangeable, how many women really enjoy being the one who thinks of everything first and having to nag the man to do what she wants! It is best for the man to play the masculine role or the active and initiative side and the woman, even if she is a big boss in her career and a big achiever, to act with him as the receptive and appreciative woman. So they have the energies flowing correctly between them—from him to her. The 4th blemish is seen from the sign positions of the two Moons. The Moon signs should not be in 2/12 or 6/8 sign positions from each other.

For example, one having a Moon in Leo and another in Pisces—6/8, These are less harmonious combinations which will not break a relationship so easily, but will make it emotionally less satisfying. Kanye and Kim have both Moons in Pisces! They have a very similar emotional nature, which is great because their reactions, moods swings and and needs will be very similar-like peas in a pod. So another very positive score for K&K And the 5th important astrological compatibility factor is their over all “Wavelength Score” which is calculated using different factors like sexual affinity, temperament, body nature, friendship, communications, instinctual nature—very complex thing! But the allowable score for marriage is above 17 points. They have 33 points—out of possible 36! One of the highest scores!

Their natures are so similar and compatible and they will mutually energize and support each other, feel like doing the same things at the same time and have synched body and emotional cycles! The 3 missing points for full Wavelength score are due to weaker sexual compatibity—which can decrease with time, but this does not affect the love they have for each other, just the intensity or length of the orgasms-trantric sex is not something which will come too easy to them. People with low Wavelength score, need to spend more time apart, because they tend to drain each other out (not through any negative or painful experiences, just because this is their energetic make up which is not very synched) but Kim and Kanye do not have this problem! So far so good! No, fabulous, actually! Not a single blemish between them and all very positive, friendly and loving energy between them. In case you want to check your Astrological Compatibility with a loved interest click here: Kim's planets are on the inside in green, and Kanye's in blue


Now let us take a look at the lessons that they are here to teach each other. We see this from the positions of Rahu-the karmic lessons. Both Kanye and Kim’s Rahus(north nodes of the Moon) are in the same sign as the other’s Saturn. Rahu shows what energies you will activate in the other over time, what you will get more of! Saturn is the planet of maturity, patience, responsibility and duties. So they have come together to stimulate their more serious and adult sides. It will not all be just roses and glamour—Saturn is anything but glamour: it is the most humble and down to earth planet-and such starts as these, need some of this energy. So this relationship will make them become more low key, humble their egos, make them take like seriously, learn how to be patient, persevering and even limit their freedom-more than any other relationship they have had before. Time to grow up I guess! But because Saturn is a drying up and too serious energy, it is possible that also overtime, the joy of the relationship can diminish but the bond of responsibility will keep them together. Kany’s Rahu is also stimulating Kim’s Sun, which is her career, active and creative side, hence he will help her boost all these in her life for better or worse. Kim’s Sun(the energizes and vitalized that part of the horoscope it triggers in another) activates Kanyes 4th house, which is settling down, putting roots, starting family life! How appropriate! While Kanye’s Sun falls in Kim’s 7th house of marriage and partnership! Her relationship house is in Gemini and of course Kanye is a Gemini Sun.

Kanye is the ideal partner for Kim! Kim started dating Kanye in 2012, when Venus-the planet of love and Jupiter—the planet of new opportunities were transiting in her 7th house of relationships! This happens once in 12 or sometimes even 24 years, so indeed it is real love for Kim! (check out when you will have this transit with my transit calculator) While These same two planet-Venus—the love Goddess and Jupiter—the God of Blessings and Good fortune-were passing over Kanye’s birth Sun and Jupiter, when they started dating. Jupiter also rules children and fertility in astrology, hence the baby on the way too. When it rains it pours! (Gold for some) But actually from his birth chart we can see that Kanye feel in love with Kim way before the relationship took off. He was having his Jupiter transit to natal Venus in the year before-2011 till early 2012, which is a classic transit for falling deeply in love. Kim and Kanye have been friends for 4 years before and I am betting my astrological degree that this was the time they got gotten closer and Kanye realized he was deeply in love with Kim.

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