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Will it Last?

Gwen and Blake Love Compatibility

Gwen and Blake Love Compatibility

A Quick Astrology Compatibility

They are all over the news! The sparks started flying around as soon as they met-love from first sign, you can say!

Gwen Stefani has no doubts Blake Shelton is the one for her. Five months after the Grammy winner, connected with the country star, on the set of The Voice, “she’s head over heels,” and they both not afraid to show it!

Now let's look what attracted them to each other!

The first thing which popped up at me was that They have Rahu Moon Conjunction! This is one of the most powerful and connecting synastry aspects! It can create instant attraction, a powerful sexual desire (Rahu) and a sense of craving each other emotionally and physically! They can be literally insatiable (Rahu) for each other's emotional company(Moon) and keep coming together for more and more.

 Rahu Moon synastry is like a hook, which draws 2 people like bees to honey! But Rahu also intensifies the emotional reaction (Moon) they have for each other--they will respond very personally and sensitively to each other and can make mountains out of mole hills! Because this conjunction is in Pisces--they can become overly romantic, overly emotionally invested, remove all emotional boundaries and merge! But they will react over-exaggeratedly and overly emotionally to each other! Such relationships are very emotionally and sexually charged, but also can have extreme reactions and feelings for each other!

So they cannot take each other for granted with this combination or disregard the feelings of the other. Rahu Moon synastry is often met in marriages, because Rahu shows what we need to develop the most in this life time in order to progress, and the Rahu Moon combination in Relationships, indicates that this relationship is there to help them learn and develop emotional intelligence and maturity together and create safe and nurturing environment for each other's needs. Creating a family is often what such people are very drawn to.

Another powerful synastry aspect is the Pluto/Sun/Moon hard aspects which go both ways: His Pluto is is conjunct her Sun, Square her Moon, and her Pluto is square his Sun and opposite his Moon! Wow, what a plutonian relationship! When they are together they exude Pluto!! Pluto is the planet of sexual chemistry in Western astrology, it has a very similar energy to Rahu-the North Node (which is the Vedic astrology equivalent for sexual passions)! At first they will probably not be able to keep their hands off each other--I can imagine the sex becomes pretty intense and wild, possibly even tantric! I had a client with similar inter-aspects with her husband and he used to make her come just by embracing her! lol

So far so good, but Pluto is only the planet of inner demons, obsessions, jealousy, desire to control! With obsession comes addiction to the other person and total fear that they cannot live without them, so controlling behaviors appear--jealousy, spying on each other, power struggles, manipulating each other....This is one thing they should be highly careful about! This powerful intensity of Plutonic relationships can become literally destructive! They will constantly be tearing each other down and rebuilding each other up! Which is a process which can be quite painful and feel like mini deaths!

Pluto relationships always change the 2 people involved on a core psychological level! After it, they are never again the same people! The challenge of Pluto relationships is that they try and change the other constantly.They have to be prepared to go through many transformations together, and this relationship will never be peaceful, quiet and uneventful--Intensity will rule! Often Plutonic relationships cannot last for too many years, because sooner or later the intensity tires or exhausts one of them--nature does not allow so much tearing down and rebuilding of the soul which Pluto does!

Unless the 2 people are already Plutonic themselves-have a strong Scorpio or difficult Pluto inter-aspects.

He is himself Plutonic--Sun square Pluto, while she has A Scorpio Ascendant, so they might be used to such intense feelings and transformations, so they can handle them better.

Their Venuses are in Gemini and Virgo--the will express love somewhat differently to each other--she will show her love by doing practical things for him, by tangible actions(Venus in Virgo), while he will verbalize his affections and charm through words (Venus in Gemini). So this is one area they might clash a bit!

Their Moons are very compatible through! Both in water signs-Pisces and Cancer-so on the emotional level, they will feel very comfortable with each other, can live together harmoniously and will have similar needs and be sensitive and understanding to each other's needs! Their Sun signs are also very harmonious-both in Air signs--hers in Libra his in Gemini! So they will support each others' goals and direction in life, and will have great communication--His Mercury in air and hers too!

They can work through a lot of the more challenging Pluto aspects through communication, discussions. (Mercury).

And last but not least, the flow in their relationships runs in the right direction! The distance from his Moon to her Moon is shorter than from hers to his, on the astrological circle! So he is thrown in the initiating role, while she is the receptive--just like men and women prefer it generally! He will be a few steps ahead in the relationship-offer holidays first, be ready for the commitment ahead, rather than her doing this and having to wait on him to make up his mind! :) Thus a woman feels more appreciated while a man will feel more respected when he takes the lead.

 If would like to learn how to do such astrological compatibility and prediction for relationships, just like me, you can purchase my course on Love and Compatibility--you don't need to know any astrology to understand the course--I walk you through all the steps and teach you all the tricks and best techniques I know from my 12 years of practice! Enjoy!!

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