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Of course everyone wants to know how his horoscope shows his great wealth. Let us analyse it!

Bill Gates Horoscope. Wealth Indications

Bill Gates Horoscope. Wealth Indications

There are certain combinations which bring Greatness in life, These are called Raj Yogas in Vedic Astrology and are made from combinations of Angular and Trinal sign Ruling planets. It is rare for a person to even have one such in the horoscope without it being blocked or stained in some way. But Bill Gates has 3 such Greatness Combinations. Lord 1 in 10th, Lord of 10th and 5th in the 4th, and Lord 1 and Lord 10th in mutual aspect. What does a Greatness yoga indicate? That such a person acts from inspiration, is basically following their bliss and the Divine inspirations they receive. Many person receives such(if they have Raj yogas-but most of these Greatness Yogas are blocked through "enemy planets", the lords of the 3rd(selfish interests) 6th(material responsibilities) or 11th(conforming with social expectations) so many great ideas and Divine inspirations are never fulfilled because most people will either prefer to follow their own interests, or are financially blocked or would not risk due to social pressure and expectations. But Bill Gates has none of these blockages, so he followed through with his Dharma, fulfilled his inspirations and Greatness Followed.

Besides the 3 Greatness Yogas he also has 8 more other positive yogas-these though give wealth, fame and ability to rule and be like a king! I mean most people only have one or 2 good yoga combinations and one or 2 negative ones, while he has 8 good ones and just one negative. Some of these have names like: Kingly yoga, Mountain yoga, Great Wealth yoga, the Wealth of the 16th Yoga, the stainless Yoga, the Immortal yoga, The goddess of Knowledge yoga, etc, etc. You get the picture! I have seen other people with 7 or 8 positive yogas like Bill Gates, but not nearly as his level, but they had no Greatness (raj Yogas) to trigger all this potential they have into deeds. This is what the Raj/Greatness yogas give--ability to put ideas and inspirations into actions and follow through no matter what.

Bill Gates

The horoscope shows if a person has such potential at all, or if it is blocked in some way. Then again not everyone is destined for great things, and to some extent people who have no Greatness yogas can be very content! What hurts the most is having such Raj yogas and these being blocked by the "bad planets" -lords of 3rd, 6rd and 11th house, because then one feel the call to Greatness, to create something unique and inspired, but never gets the chance fully--material or social responsibilities stand in the way. For those of you who are into Western Modern Astrology: I will just point out his Jupiter with Pluto in the 2nd house of Wealth. Jupiter is the planet of Abundance and Muchness(the largest planet) so being in his 2nd house of wealth immediately indicates someone who will have a lot of resources to pick and choose. Jupiter is also the lord of the 9th house of luck. When the Lord of 9th is is in the 2nd, this is a wealth giving combination. Jupiter also rules his 6th house of debt, so he can take big loans and debts into profit. Not to mention that Jupiter is joined with Pluto--according to modern Astrology Pluto rules all big Ass capitals! I am talking huge money! Whatever Planet and house Pluto conjoins is supposed to be exaggerated and enhanced many fold, in his case it is Jupiter-planet of wealth in 2nd house of Wealth! Voila! But don't go thinking that everyone with Jupiter and Pluto in the 2nd will manifest such big resources! My partner has this and he is no Bill Gates--he works on multi million deals but none of it is his, lol. One needs to have the before mentioned Greatness Yogas and Wealth Yogas that I spoke before in order to manifest proper richness!

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