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How to Find your Passion in Life and Recreate your Career

How to Find your Passion in Life and Recreate your Career

How to Find your Passion in Life and Recreate your Career

I love how powerful and enlightening astrology can be in regards to big life and philosophical questions.

Looking at derivative houses in astrology you can see what can support, destroy or recreated different areas of your life.

For example: social status and influence. It is represented by the 10th house in the horoscope. According to ancient vedic rules, the 6th sign ( using whole sign house system) from any house represents its enemy(something that challenges and undermines the relevant life area), while the 8th house is what destroys and recreates it anew, totally transforms it. 

So looking at one’s social status, when one wants to change it: say you are stuck in a lower social status that you feel you have outgrown(maybe a career path that sucks the joy out of life for you). What should you do to transform your career? 

The 8th house of destruction and recreation  from the 10th is the 5th natal house from ascendant. This is the house of children, play, fun, experimenting, finding one’s passion and talents, which one naturally flows with. 

All one need to do is awaken this childlike fun and willingness to play, to try our different new “games”, but it should not be taken as an end to a means, it should be done because it brings joy in the process of doing.

People might say, oh my, she left her safe and successful corporate job, to fiddle with ..... insert whatever it is you consider your passion (a passion is something you loose yourself in when you do it, you forget about time, place, worries, you enter into the zone. 

Once you start doing what makes you enter “the zone”, this state of flow will create the most abundance and joy for you, way faster than anything else. That’s why 5th house is considered the luckiest by many ancient astrology systems. This is where our Dharma is: doing what we are best at, because we love it, and feeling joy from it, basically living like a child: doing what we love, for the sake of it, not for external rewards. 

5th house is the house of meditation and spiritual practices in vedic astrology (not the 12th,) this means they say playing is the same as mediation and spiritual practices. After all why do we meditate? So we can enter that zone of joy! You don’t event need to meditate on purpose when you are in the flow of doing something you love, that thing becomes your meditation and spiritual practice! 

I always beat myself that I don’t sit down and meditate, I am way too restless for that, but I realized that I do this daily by thinking deeply about astrology or other topics  which I consider so exciting! I just go sit and play with thoughts and ideas and suddenly my husband says I have been in the same position for 3 hours just staring, or writing something. 3 hours?!? Wait, I just sat down 20 mins ago! 

Now that’s the zone....

If you are stuck how to find and feel such a thing and state, it is best to spend some very present time with children( under 12): be fully engaged and play with them,  no expectations, no rules, full abandon, after a few times you will start tuning into their vibration of joy and wonder. This will align you to the heart chakra which rules the 5th house and you will start attracting and realizing what your passion is. This was the first summer I started playing full on with my children (not watching them play) and a miracle started happening: I became way more excited about life and different new and old hobbies I have not done since a child! I can’t believe how much more joyful life feels now! Before I considered for years “fun” to sit and watch tv, but that is being entertained and not playing! We adults are starved of real play time! Consuming beverages and watching others play, sing, dance, have fun is not going to put us in the flow! It is proven to be actually a depressant. That’s how we loose our joy of life. 

No wonder that artists, and creative people, also ruled by the 5th house, are a threat to the establishment (10th house) and are the ones who can fastest destroy(8th from 10th) the old social order (10th)! 

Those in power (10th house: government, elites etc) do not want people with their own creative and original thinking (5th) house, they fear such people like death! 5th house is the house of true radiant intelligence in ancient astrology! What destroys the oppressive rules of power hungry authorities is new ideas, creative people, people who think for themselves, those with their own independent businesses and ideas, people full of passion, or generally happy joyful people who see the world with wonder and full of possibilities just like children do (5th house). That’s why every dictatorial power seeks to control(8th from 10th) the freedom of joyful self expression (5th house) of the people. 

The enemy of establishment and old power (10th house) is the 6th from the 10th: the 3rd house, which rules information flow. Again what is the first thing which dictatorships, bosses or others who want to keep full control do? Control the media, control the internal narrative of the person through the information they allow to reach them. (Burning of books, free information being restricted, propaganda and slogans, - all 3rd house matters.) 

3rd house rules curiosity and research. When you decide to read more on a topic from all types of sources, this can start opening you up to alternative possibilities, skills etc. That can be the first step towards changing one’s social status: get curious about some topic, learn a new skill, research, experiment, discuss freely with others information (3rd house). Curiosity and new information (3rd) starts destabilizing (6th) your established status quo (10th) and when you enter the creative, effortless flow of playing and being while doing (of the 5th house) you destroy and recreate anew (5th is the 8th from 10th) your career and social standing (10th). 

We can look at the sign or planets in the 3rd house in our horoscope to see what opens our curiosity if we still have not found something which puts us in the flow. 

And  then you can check the 5th house for specific clues as to what puts you in the zone and brings to you the joy of life and flow (when you are in the flow everything is a play, you attract things with ease, that’s why 5th is the fortunate house)! 

For example I have gemini in my 5th house: reading, studying, writing, making videos and sharing / playing with ideas is what puts me in the flow. So does knitting (lol another Gemini- hands, activity). My husband has Aquarius in the 5th and what puts him in the flow is learning about complex systems like the markets (Aquarius), but for everyone can be such different things! The ruler of the 5th will also tell you what puts you in this flow which can bring you fortune. 
Say the ruler of the 5th in the 6th might love to farm, organize or nutrition/fitness. The ruler of the 5th in the 10th might love to structure, put order, supervise processes, the ruler of the 5th in the 7th might enter the zone when spending one on one time with another, so they can be amazing consultants, deal makers, the ruler of the 5th in 1st, when they have physical movement, etc. 

And here I am writing another super kind article and forgetting about time and space, totally in the zone( ruler of the 5th in the 3rd).

What/ who puts you in the zone? What can you tinker with and play with abandon like a child?

To learn everything about houses, their rulers and position meanings, derivative house and more, like described above, this is the course for you: Secrets of the 12 houses: 60+ hours of lectures by me:

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