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An example horoscope analysis of first entry into a new home. Here I show you to easily read a chart of relocation and foresee the events to come in the new place!

Moving Homes with Astrology

Moving Homes with Astrology

Right, I just walked in though the door of my new home! Then my astrology mad mind said-“Hey, let’s find out what it’ll be like living here!” I excitedly but nervously typed into the astro software the exact moment of my entry: June 5th 15:37, Purley, London This is the birth of a new chapter for me, so the Horoscope of this moment will show what life will be like in my first ever place! Yikes, what if the stars are inauspicious! I hesitate…but my curiosity takes over! A sign of relief….Jupiter is bang on MC (midheaven)-the highest and most visible point in the horoscope! Ancient astrology books say that as long as you have Jupiter on the Ascendant or MC at the moment of a start of an event, it will be a blast! It saves the whole horoscope, even if there are other horrors in the chart! Of course-Jupiter is the strongest Benefit in Astrology-a planet of success, growth, opportunities, wealth, joy and abundance! And Mc or Asc are the most potent points in the horoscope-like its backbone! A planet close to any of these 2 degrees will infuse the whole chart with its energy! Glad it is the Great Benefic!


But then looking further I see that Mars-the lesser Malefic is close to the Ascendant degree, not as close as Jupiter is to the MC but the Ascendant is an important part. It shows how this place/event will change your life path. Mars there is at first worrying! Mars is the planet of war, arguments and conflict! It is in Libra in this chart-the sign of relationships, I gasp—I should hide the knives or we will kill each other! My partner and I argue so much anyway(poor compatibility), so this must make matters worse!!! But when I think further I start to realize that Mars in Libra is about learning to make compromises in relationships-indeed conflicts will come and strong opinions will clash, but Libra is a sign of agreements and peace, so through conflict we will learn to tolerate and compromise…or I wish so...;) Then again, Mars in the 1st house shows that this home will be strongly under the energizing influence of Mars(what a “coincidence” that the flat number is 3-the Number of Mars!!!) and this means it will make me way more initiative, active and vitalized!

Great, I will finally be able to stick to a work-out regime!!! My last place was number 7-Saturn’s number-which was great for quiet work but very stagnant and slowing down energy which froze me on the sofa for days at a time! I need a bit of Mars’ kick in the butt to get me moving! (update 10 moths in--Mars on the Ascendant has indeed proven as a most excellent influence for having more energy--for the first time in years I am working out and even enjoying it!! Compromise (libra) has been something we argue over, but we reach it with more and more ease) The Ascendant can also show the Eastern part of the place--with Mars there--we have to watch out for fire damage at the Eastern side of the flat(there are 2 fire places in this part of the flat) Ouch Uranus is on the cusp of 7th house of relationships! Uranus is the planet of sudden changes, surprises, break ups! When connected to the house of partnerships, it makes these unpredictable and unstable! It will bring to our relationship an on/off nature! But then again my partner is about to start travelling a lot and be gone most of the time—maybe this is what it means! If he was not doing this, then Uranus would play out as break ups! (update: so far, so good-we have made many changes (Uranus) to our relationship(7th).

The Mars Uranus opposition-a highly volatile aspect-means we are in for a rough ride in regards to our relationship! At least things will get more exciting! The nicer side of Uranus is excitement, novelty and experimenting. It can even make things kinky. Wink, wink! But note to self, hide sharp objects out of reach! Also watch out for domestic accidents-Mars/Uranus hard aspects bring many of these-especially with electricity(Uranus) and fire(Mars). Seems like my partner is more likely to get electrecuted(Uranus in 7th house of partner) and me to get cut or burnt(Mars in the first house of self)! Lo and behold, my partner just informed me he got electrecuted while playing with the cables before I came! (update-many little accidents have happening, but overall it is good-Jupiter on Midheaven, seems to really be protecting the whole place!) If any electrical accidents happen they are more likely to happen at the western part of the flat(it did already happen....) And last but not least Pluto-the King of the Underworld and Crisis is close to the 4th house cusp.

The 4th house shows the foundation and structure of the place. Pluto is associated with plumbing and extensive repairs. Gulp… How appropriate-my partner just called to say that we need to change the whole plumbing and the boiler as it turns out it is very old and dangerous! Here we go! Pluto in the 4th! On the emotional level which is also ruled of the 4th house, Pluto there indicates a lot of deep transformational crises which bring profound changes on the soul level of the inhabitants. Gulp again! Jupiter on the MC--the highest part of the horoscope, also can indicate the roof--Jupiter in watery and leaky Cancer---and with only hard aspects from Pluto Mars and Uranus--I do not want to think about it! (update: 5 months down the line, this is exactly what happened-a massive(Jupiter) roof (Midheaven) leak (Cancer), but again everything got sorted very quickly as Jupiter is also a benefic influence).


Definitely a very dynamic, energizing and life transforming place with all these powerful and cathartic planets on angles of the chart! Not a place to retire in! But surely a place to push the boundaries of our lives through many changes and even drama! At least one thing is for sure—this place will bring a lot of career success and social status advancement indicated through Jupiter on the MC- the point of career and ambition! My best work is yet to come, so stay tuned! Quite true, as I haven’t yet unpacked and am writing this article already! (update-9 months later and both me and my husband have grown in career in big jumps!) So to sum up: when you move to a new place-mark the exact local time. Erect the chart for it and first watch for any planets close to the angles(ASC,MC,IC,DESC)! These will indicate the nature of events and energy predominant in the place. If no planets are at angles then watch which houses are busiest as they will be focal points of activity! Avoid moving when there are many planets in 6th, 8th or 12th house of the horoscope, because these can bring many problems, changes or losses! Avoid having malefic planets like Uranus, Saturn or Mars on angles, unless you want specifically to have the energy of that planet--Mars for assertivess and drive(but also conflict and problems), Uranus for originality and excitablity(but also sudden changes, electrical problems), Saturn for self discipline, quiet time and hard work(but also delays and melancholy and structural damanges) , Pluto for big psychological transformations(but also death(symbolic or real) and emotional drama, or plumbing problems), Neptune for creative evdeavours and inspiration but also water damage, humidity and escapism). I would stick with Jupiter and Venus on angles at any time. Venus is possibly the best influence when it comes to moving to a new place--it is the planet of comfort, luxuty, beauty, love, affection and pleasure. :)

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