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  Find out how astrology can help you plan your holidays and locate the most appropriate places to live.    

Deliberate Travelling with Astrology

Deliberate Travelling with Astrology

Find out how astrology can help you plan your holidays and locate the most appropriate places to live. I travel a lot for pleasure and as I am sure most of you who do too, can say the same: some places you love from the start, others you dislike even if they are prettiest of all. Interestingly, astrology explains this strange phenomenon as well! (is there something astrology can not explain!)

It all becomes crystal clear with this branch of the starry lore called AstroCartoGraphy-it is effective as a clockwork! It is basically a projection of your own horoscope onto the globe of the planet. This map shows in which coordinates of the world the different planets of your birth chart will be most effective.

For example: Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, sensual enjoyments. If you want to savour foods that you find delicious, have a very relaxing, easy and beauty filled experience plus maybe a romantic fling you will find all this once you go to a place where your natal Venus is strong. Even if this place is in the middle of a desert the influence of Venus' rays will make you see it like a most beautiful and alluring landscape. I recently went on a holiday to Madrid-my projected Venus passes exactly through this city.

All I can say is that I fell in love with it! People seemed so friendly and relaxed, the food tasted divine, the scenery made me feel like I can retire there, the company I spend time with was delightful, even the air smelled sweeter and I felt more attractive than usual! All Venusian experiences. It was all smooth and wonderful in my eyes.
To give you a comparison: I often visit Paris-the city of romance, great food and beautiful scenery. But I have a much darker planet projected right through Paris--the planet Pluto. It has a heavier and moody vibration, generally intense and disquieting. This is exactly how I felt the moment I landed there. I could see objectively with my eyes that the city was beautiful but I could not feel it with my heart. It evoked a feeling of nostalgia and loneliness in me. I also felt somehow intimidated by the people. It is a very strange feeling, even though I was surrounded by friends, I felt heavy and somehow gloomy. Every time I go, I keep hoping it will change but it still feels like I am in a black and white place:perception is a weird thing!

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If you can not travel much but have contact with foreigners or out-of-towners, you will most probably be attracted by those that come from cities where you have your projected Venus or another positive planet passing. For women the projected Sun line can bring love too, because the Sun represents important male figures. I have observed multiple charts where the person has been or is still in love with people born on their Venus lines. Therefore if you want to find romance on your holiday, go to a Venus place. If you want to get active and have plenty of energy to ski or trek, go to a resort where your Mars line is passing(but only if you have a well aspected and dignified Mars because if it is in a bad shape in your birth chart, then its places will bring injuries or danger from aggression.) If you want to be fascinated by a new culture and bring out the explorer in you, expand your awareness and knowledge or just bond with the locals and soak their customs and philosophy, go to a place where your Jupiter passes, as it is the planet of foreigners and adventure. You you will really open up to what the place has to offer and be protected by the Jupiter influences, so even if you go in the middle of the Amazon, you will fare well and be warmly received by the natives. If you are looking for new opportunities either for business or bonding with exciting people, visit those Jupiter lines, as everyone there will accept you and show you their best side.

If you are an artists, Venus or Neptune places will inspire and entrance you enough to be creative for three. But these are places to get inspiration from, not to work at as you will not be as your most disciplined there.

You need to visit Saturn's line in order to get more organized and in a getting-the- work-done state of mind. But never go to a Saturn place if you want to have fun-you will end up feeling lonely and gloomy instead. Some holiday! Saturn lines are great if you are trying to isolate your self and do some self introspection, serious thinking,work on a project, or get yourself in shape and acquire some self discipline. But I should warn you, if any of your planets are in a bad shape in your natal horoscope, it is best that you avoid those places as they will bring whatever unpleasant experiences are promised, the natural benefics-Venus and Jupiter if in a bad shape will not create any major difficulties but will not bring the expected positive results either.

Therefore it is advisable that you go to a professional astrologer and have your chart properly read so you can be advised which places will be positive or negative for whatever purposes and energies you want to attract in your life.

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