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Another interesting article on relocational astrology with very extreme and clear, real life examples from clients of mine. Astro-cartography shows how your luck changes across the world  

Astrology of Travel and Relocation

Astrology of Travel and Relocation

We already know that the planets and their relative positions to the place of birth of a person have a direct influence on his character, appearance, moods, decisions and life choices. But what happens when one relocated far from the native place? Of course he still will carry the same talents or unresolved issues but by changing the primary planetary energies, he can either worsen his current problems, relieve them considerably or invite the most beneficial influences for certain acheivements. What relocational astrology does is present you with a map of the whole world that points the places where your natal planetary positions will be most influencial. For instance, everyone has the planet Venus, which is responsible for material goods in their horoscopes, but some have it on a very strong place in their chart(hence, they easily acquire money), and some have it very weakly positioned(hence, not much luck in financial endeavors). Of course, it is never that simple, as you have to take the whole horoscope into consideration, not just a separate element, but let`s assume that it is the rule. So if you want to increase the power of your Venus and ability to attract money, you can move to a place in the world where your Venus is much stronger, we call in to relocate under a Venus line. Let`s look at the map of an anonymous client:

She is originally from another continent and while living there had no strongly placed planets(planets on an angle of the horoscope--the angles of the birth chart are the most powerful points), so her potential there was not especially strongly expressed. But then she moved to London and as you can see there is a big converging of planetary lines around the Britain. Having in mind that each line exerts its strongest influence around 300 Mile both sides of the lines, we see that five major planets lines encompass Britain. The planets that have have the strongest effect though are the black Pluto Line and the lilac Neptune One as they are closest to London. So what does Pluto mean--He is the God of the Underworld--he takes you to the pits of Hell, the dark side of things, power struggles, violence, strong passions, taboo subjects, hidden skeletons, illegal activities, obsessions on one hand and transformation, healing, personal power, regeneration, psychological work, big corporations, control of big resources and strong ambition, once the darker energies of the planets have been confronted and worked on. But it is connected to extremes-taking you to Purgatory by force to confront your Demons, so you can come back all purified but toughened.

Pluto there is on the angle that is connected to reputation, career, social status, social image, and sure enough most of the hard manifestation connected to Pluto came into her reality at one point or another. But Pluto is the symbol of the Phoenix bird so whatever crises and traumatic experiences one passes through, the stronger and more brilliant one re-emerges from the ashes ready to tackle on the world! She started moving in circles of very powerful people from the very beginning but shared that she felt somehow daunted and fearful of them-almost like dark lords of the Universe(Pluto). She started taking a job after job but kept loosing them because of power struggles with the bosses (Pluto on the career line).Later she got involved in the illegal business of fake documents and drugs. Managed to extract herself from there unharmed and started her own escort service! She was moving in the higher circles of society so all her illegal career activities had to remain hidden! (all these so far are very Plutonian manifestations connected to the social status/career angle of the chart)

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But as it is always with Pluto, things never stay stable for too long and keep transforming themselves totally! At the same time she started studying psychology(Pluto) with the intention to get to know her self better and make it her career later. Soon after she met her boyfriend who was a very powerful and dominating man(Pluto) and he started to groom her for a big position in his big company. Now she is happily involved in a big corporation(pluto) and finally living the positive, empowering expressions of Pluto! Wow, not boring this Pluto, is it?! It is no fairytale either but certainly keeps you on your toes and constantly challanges you to transform. But I doubt if she would have handled lived through all of these adventures with the ease she did, had it not been for the Neptune and Venus influence close to London too! Both planets have feminine and very softening influences. Neptune makes you look at the world through rose-colored glasses and puts you almost in a dream like consciousness where you live in your own world of whatever you choose to believe. It also makes you very unfathomable and adaptable- you can project whatever image you what to others, they will never be able to see through the veil.

Neptune helped her keep her secrets and garment of glamor in front of society. But it also helped her live through all the darkness of Pluto without realizing the extreme of its negative side. The Venus line helped her be happy, popular, financially successful and protected despite all else. I have seen people who move to live under one of their Saturn lines, encounter a lot of difficulties and blockages. They have to work much harder and longer for less reward but also if the planet Saturn is well aspected in their chart, all this hard work pays off by laying very strong, unshakable foundations. But life will always feel a little bit gloomier and less colourful under this line. Jupiter line territories on the other hand, always present you with plenty of opportunities easily, benevolently predisposed people, chances to expand your horizon and positive outlook. If Jupiter in your chart is well aspected, you will take full advantage of these places and advance your growth, but with a badly aspected one there is a tendency just to live the good life extravagantly and not make much out of all the opportunities, nevertheless one will still feel much better there.

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